LAST FIRST Snowflake Title
Alko Selina "Snow Taxi" by Selina Alko
Allen Joy "Within Reach" by Joy Allen
Alley R.W. "Paddington at Paddington Station" by R.W. Alley
Alsenas Linas "The Clauses" by Linas Alsenas
Alter Anna "After The Snow" by Anna Alter
Apple Margot "Sophie Snow" by Margot Apple
Bailey Sheila "Frosty's Moon" by Sheila Bailey
Bakal Scott "The Joy of the Future" by Scott Bakal
Base Graeme "A Bundle of Love" by Graeme Base
Beier Ellen "The Little Match Girl" by Ellen Beier
Beith Laura Huliska "Three French Hens" by Laura Huliska Beith
Bell Cece "A Lion in Winter" by Cece Bell
Berger Carin "A Snowy Celebration" by Carin Berger
Berlin  Rose Mary  "Skating Penguin" by Rose Mary Berlin
Blackall Sophie "Flying Fox and Three Babies" by Sophie Blackall
Boiger Alexandra "Hurry Up, Rose!" by Alexandra Boiger
Brandon Theresa "Her Royal Highness" by Theresa Brandon
Brett Jeannie "Race for a Cure!" by Jeannie Brett
Brewer Paul "Joking Around" by Paul Brewer
Brickman Robin "Wings for Cancer's Cure" by Robin Brickman
Brooks Erik "Lucy's Pups" by Erik Brooks
Bush Timothy "Hello Snow" by Timothy Bush
Carman Bill "Rabbit Warrior" by Bill Carman
Cecil Randy "Supportiveness" by Randy Cecil
Chang Michelle "Murphy's First Christmas" Michelle Chang
Chodos-Irvine Margaret  "To Be Like the Sun" by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Choi Yangsook "Peach Heaven" by Yangsook Choi
Chrustowski Rick "Snowflakes are Yummy" by Rick Chrustowski
Coffey Tim "Christmas Wishes"  by Tim Coffey
Conger Holli "Santa Junkie" by Holli Conger
Cordell Matthew "Snow Caps" by Matthew Cordell
Cote Genevieve “Printemps” (springtime, in french) by Genevieve Cote
Decker Cynthia "Peace on Earth" by Cynthia Decker
deGroat Diane "Gilbert says 'Hi" by Diane deGroat
Demarest Christopher "L'Hommage a Degas  - Little Ballerina - La petite Dauseuse" by Christopher Demarest (sp?)
Denos Julia "Red Bird's Hope" by Julia Denos
Depalma Mary Newell "The Nutcracker Doll" by Mary Newell Depalma
Dillard Sarah "Snowstorm" by Sarah Dillard
Dippold Jane "Snow Angels" by Jane Dippold
Dormer Frank "Wunkala-Wuff" by Frank Dormer
Doughty Rebecca "Flake With Holes" by Rebecca Doughty
Dulemba Elizabeth "Give A Little Push" Elizabeth Dulemba
Dyer Jane "Baby Snowflake" by Jane Dyer
Dyer Brooke "Sleep, Black Bear Sleep" by Brooke Dyer
Eaton III Maxwell "Pinky's Red Scarf" by Maxwell Easton III
Ebbeler Jeff "Runaway Snowflake" by Jeff Ebbeler
Edelson Wendy  "Expectation" by Wendy Edelson
Eldridge Marion "Shante Keys" by Marion Eldridge
Emmerich Peter "Shh… Don't Tell!" by Peter Emmerich
Fleming Denise "Snow Dance" by Denise Fleming
Floca Brian "Lightship" by Brian Floca
Fortenberry Julie Fromme "First Snow" (#1) by Julie Fromme Fortenberry
Franson Leanne "Gretchen’s Snow" by Leanne Franson
Friar Joanne "Special Delivery" by Joanne Friar
Fulcher Roz "Sledding Penguin" by Roz Fulcher
Gall Chris "Dinoflake" by Chris Gall
Garrison Barbara "Max and Boris Dancing for You!" by Barbara Garrison
Geis Alissa Imre "Hope in Winter" by Alissa Imre Geis
Graves Linda "Katerina's Dove" by Linda Graves
Greenseid Diane "Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall, And A Great Winter, Too!" by Diane Greenseid
Gurney James  "Snowasaurus" by James Gurney
Gutierrez   "I Love Me New Boots!" by
Hartung Susan Kathleen "Dragon Gift" by Susan Kathleen Hartung
Hassett John "Geographic Compromise" by John Hassett
Haverfield Mary "Snow Tasting" by Mary Haverfield
Hawkes Kevin "The Lion and The Mouse" by Kevin Hawkes
Heiberg Anette "Happy Snow Day" by Anette Heiberg
Heyer Carol "Merry Christmouse" by Carol Heyer
Idle Molly "Jolly Old St. Pinniped" by Molly Idle
Iwai Melissa "The Newlyweds" by Melissa Iwai
Jacques Laura "Rain Forest Wreath" by Laura Jacques
Jamieson Victoria "Jerry performs 'Carmen'" by Victoria Jamieson
Jin Susie "I Love Ice Cream in the Winter" by Susie Jin
Johnson Donald B. "Henry Skates on a Pond" by Donald B. Johnson
Kahn Sara "Triple Luck" by Sara Kahn
Kangas Juli "A Cozy Night for Cuddling Up" by Juli Kangas
katz karen "Let It Snow" (#1) by Karen Katz
Keiser Paige "Reflection" by Paige Keiser
Kiaulevicius Rolandas "Octopus" by Rolandas Kiaulevicius
Kleven Elisa "The Paper Princess And Her Friends" by Elisa Kleven
Koffsky Ann "Jerusalem of Peace" by Ann Koffsky
Kono Erin Eitter "Wisconsin Snow" by Erin Eitter Kono
Kopelke Lisa "Super Oscar" by Lisa Kopelke
kulka Joe "Wolf's Coming!" by Joe Kulka
Lang  Cecily  "City Snowflake" by Cecily Lang
Laroche Giles "Compass and Cormorant" by Giles Laroche
Lee Karen "Luck and Hope" by Karen Lee
Lehman Barbara "Snow Day!" by Barbara Lehman
Lies Brian "Free Fall" by Brian Lies
Lin Grace "Flower" by Grace Lin
Long Sylvia "Hot Cocoa and Ginger Cookies" by Sylvia Long
Macaulay  David "Star of Wonder, Star of Light" by David Macaulay
Mack Jeff "Pensive Pig" by Jeff Mack
Magnuson Diana "Woodland Flower Spirit" by Diana Magnuson
Magoon Scott "Loch Kindness" by Scott Magoon
Mahoney Daniel "Alfie Goes Bananas" by Daniel Mahoney
Marble Abigail "Making Snow!" by Abigail Marble
Mavor Salley "Circle Dance" by Salley Mavor
Mcguinness-Kelly Tracy "First Snowflake" by Tracey Mcguinnes-Kelly
McLennan Connie "Blue Morpho" by Connie McLennan
Miller Susan "The Tree" by Susan Miller
Minor Wendell "Nibble Nibble" by Wendell Minor
Mitchell Susan "Wishing" by Susan Mitchell
Moffat Judith "Hedgehog's First Snow" by Judith Maffat
Murphy Kelly "The Great Crab Hunters" by Kelly Murphy
Newbold Greg "Pip's Letter to Santa" by Greg Newbold
Newman Jeff "The Christmas Hair" by Jeff Newman
Nez John "Blue Swan, Pink Owl" by John Nez
Nielson Ginger "Penrod Penguin & his "ice pod" by Ginger Nielson
O'neill Philomena "Santa's Helper" by Philomena O'Neill
Ortakales Denise "O Christmas Tree" by Denise Ortakales
Parker Gretel "Snow Rabbit" by Gretel Parker
Paschkis Julie "Winter Birds" by Julie Paschkis
Patterson Annie "Little Girl and Rabbit" by Annie Patterson
Peterson Mary "Snowy Snooze" by Mary Peterson
Petruccio Steven James "Sea Star" by Steven James Petruccio
Phelan Matt "She Never Misses" by Matt Phelan
Pickering Jimmy "Skelly's Wish" by Jimmy Pickering
Powell Consie "Kisses from Cora" by Consie Powell
Qualls Sean "Snowbird" by Sean Qualls
Rex Adam "J. Lo" by Adam Rex
Richard Ilene "Maude" by Liene Richard
Rogers Sherry "Deck the Halls" by Sherry Rogers
Roth Stephanie "Annamouse, Willamouse, and the Snowfall" by Stephanie Roth
Sanderson Ruth "Let It Snow" (#3) nu Ruth Sanderson
Santat Dan "Chillax!" by Dan Santat
Sayles Elizabeth "Titania's Flower Bed" by Elizabeth Sayles
schachner Judy "Skippyjon'"Snow Flake' Jones" by Judy Schachner
Schimler Amy "Hanging Popcorn at the Beaver  Lodge" by Amy Schimler
Schwartz Carol  "Penguins" by Carol Schwartz
Simon Annette "Let It Snow" (#2) by Annette Simon
Sloat Teri "Arctic Christmas" by Teri Sloat
Spangler Brie "Blue-Haired-Lady" by Brie Spangler
Stein David Ezra "The 'Mane' Event" by David Ezra Stein
Stephens Janet "I am not a snowflake, I'm a dog!" by Janet Stephens
Stringer Lauren "Winter is the Warmest Season" by Lauren Stringer
Swanson Maggie "The Birdfeeder" by Maggie Swanson
Takahashi Hideko "Snow Day Fun" by Hideko Takahashi
Tankard Jeremy "Lucky Bird" by Jeremy Tankard
Tate Don "You'd Better Duck!" by Don Tate
Taveres Matt  "Sunset over Manana Island" by Matt Taveres
Teague Mark "Larue Skating" by Mark Teague
Tenney Shawna "Your Fairy Godmother is Here!" by Shawna Tenney
Thermes Jennifer "The First Snow!" (#2) by Jennifer Thermes
Vargo Sharon "Song for a Prince in Pajamas" by Sharaon Vargo
Vitsky Sally "Christmas House" by Sally Vitsky
Waites Joan "Beauty and the Best" by Joan Waites
Wallace Nancy "Snow" by Nancy Wallace
Watt Melanie "Scaredy Squirrel Snowflake" by Melanie Watt
White Lee "The Gift" by Lee White
Willems Mo "Yikes!" by Mo Willems
Wohnoutka Mike "Happy Snowman" by Mike Wohnoutka
Wolff Ashley "Kachinas Bearing Gifts" by Ashley Wolff
Woodruff Liza "Shoveling" by Liza Woodruff
Young Amy "Emmalina the Mud Fairy" by Amy Young
Zenz Aaron  "Winterdragon" by Aaron Zenz