Blogging for a Cure, Day 28

h1 November 11th, 2007 by jules

Below is today’s Robert’s Snow schedule.

Pictured here is R. Gregory Christie’s 2004 snowflake, “Christmas Dew.” Not only do I love this snowflake, but I just finished Ann Patchett’s new novel, Run, which is so entirely and perfectly wonderful (and I may not review here at 7-Imp; I might just cut myself a break from reviewing every dang thing I read). Anyway, this is exactly how I imagined the character of Kenya (from Run) looking. Exactly. When I stumbled upon this flake just now, I thought, I know her.

If you missed them, you can read yesterday’s features here. All the illustrators featured yesterday were interviewed, and you don’t want to miss Amy Young’s beautiful snowflake. So, if you missed them yesterday and are trying to keep up, go read ’em and enjoy — and don’t forget this page where all the features are being compiled in one spot.

Here is today’s schedule:

Sunday, November 11, 2007:

5 comments to “Blogging for a Cure, Day 28”

  1. Very nice post! Not much going on this sunday, except my normal routine of teaching sunday school. Stop by my blog of you can!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. […] you missed them, you can read yesterday’s features here. Yesterday’s write-up featured the second dino-flake I’ve seen in all the snowflakes […]

  3. Snowflake girl looks real — down to the shine on her forehead and the lopsided smile. What a cutie.

  4. Glad I got to see that little girl! What a cutie, is right. I love his work.


  5. The smiling girl looks so darn real that I expected her to jump out. I felt her presence. She throbs with life.

    This is the FIRST time I was on your blog & I commented on River of Words & now the snowflake. Whatta web site! Thank you for helping children’s writers & artists. muriel

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