Blogging for a Cure, Day 31

h1 November 14th, 2007 by jules

Below is today’s Robert’s Snow schedule.

The above ’07 snowflake by Kristina Swarner wasn’t on the initial Blogging for a Cure list, so it was not assigned to a blogger to feature. I’m pleased to show it here. Just look at that lovely snowflake! And Ms. Swarner’s portfolio. And this, too. And here’s an ’05 feature at Embracing the Child. Her work is not familiar to me, but I have now found a new illustrator whose books I must explore. I really like her style. According to my web search, her most recent illustrated title is The Bedtime Sh’ma: A Good Night Book, written by Sarah Gershman and published this year by EKS Publishing. She also illustrated Doris Gayzagian’s One White Wishing Stone: A Beach Day Counting Book in 2006 (published by National Geographic) and 2005’s Before You Were Born (Roaring Brook Press), a retelling by Howard Schwartz of a Jewish legend in which Lailah, a guardian angel, places the indentation that everyone has on the upper lip just before a baby is born.

If you missed them, you can read yesterday’s features here. If you read the features early in the morning, you might want to go back and read the Lee White feature by Josephine Cameron at Please Come Flying, since Josephine “got a late-breaking interview in from Lee,” as she put it. Thanks, Josephine!

And don’t forget this page where all the features are being compiled in one spot.

Here is today’s schedule:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007:

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