What’s Right with Children’s Literature?

h1 June 18th, 2012 by jules

This morning, the tables are turned.

I’m visiting Children’s Literature Network, and questions are being asked of me. “What’s Right with Children’s Literature” is Tom Owens’s wonderful column in which he asks folks, 1) What’s right right now with children’s literature? and 2) What could be done to make that good “better”? I highly recommend exploring his archives to hear what others have to say.

Here’s that link, and I thank Tom for asking me to stop by. I took some coffee with me.

4 comments to “What’s Right with Children’s Literature?”

  1. Yea, Jules! It was a pleasure to turn the spotlight your way today. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  2. Nice to see you there!! Good answers :).

  3. “A bit of mystification never hurt anyone.”

    I am doing the jazz hands and spirit fingers for that.

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