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“The next morning she heard knocking. No one ever knocked at her door.
Why would they? She certainly wouldn’t answer it. But the knocking didn’t stop.”

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Over at BookPage, I’ve a review of Antje Damm’s The Visitor (Gecko, August 2018), a German picture book import on shelves now.

The review is here, and below at 7-Imp today are some of Damm’s 3-D illustrations.



“Elise was scared of everything. She was scared of spiders, scared of people and
even scared of trees. So she never went out. Night or day.”

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“In the end she opened the door. She stared. ‘I’m here for my plane,’ said the boy.
‘Umm …’ ‘And can I visit your bathroom? It’s urgent!’ he added.
What shall I do? wondered Elise.”

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“‘Who’s that?’ he asked. Elise looked at the picture. He waited patiently. ‘It’s me —
when I was young,’ she said with a little smile. ‘I was invited to a dance and I wore my prettiest dress.’ ‘Cool!’ said the boy and he looked around some more.”

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“‘Have you read them all?’ he asked. ‘I have!’ said Elise. ‘Every single one.’
‘Will you read one to me?'”

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“When he got hungry, Elise buttered him a slice of bread. ‘I think you should
probably go home now,’ she said. That sounded a bit sad.”

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“‘What’s your name?’ asked the boy. ‘I’m Elise,’ said Elise. ‘And you?’ ‘Emil,’ said the boy. ‘Bye, Elise. It’s fun at your house.’ He waved goodbye. ‘Bye for now, Emil,’ she said.”
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Final endpapers
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THE VISITOR. English-language edition © Gecko Press Ltd 2018. Translation © Sally-Ann Spencer 2018. Text & illustrations: Antje Damm. Title of the original edition Der Besuch © 2015 Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt am Main. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher.

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  1. Meu filho Rafael, 5 anos, ganhou o seu livro pelo projeto Itaucultural. Amou tanto que pede para eu ler todos os dias. O engraçado é que a cada leitura nos aprofundamos na história. Tanto que estamos pesquisando sobre você e o seu país. Essa leitura está sendo um elo de amor entre eu e meu filho. Gratidão

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