Seven Good Things Before Monday #2

h1 March 17th, 2007 by jules

an  illustration of The Frog Prince; Walter Crane; 1900So, it looks like we for sure need to make a real series out of last Saturday’s idea to highlight Beautiful and/or Kick-Ass Things That Happened to You or That You Read or That You Noticed This Week. Yes, that was last week’s working title for the series, but it’s a bit cumbersome, eh? What do you think of Seven Good Things Before Monday? Feedback, anyone?

So, yes, that idea really took off with all kinds of folks chiming in and wanting to discuss A Bit of the Good. As Betsy Bird put it well when she mentioned this series idea over at A Fuse #8 Production, “{s}ometimes we’re so smothered in snark that we have a hard time appreciating the ‘nice.’ And I’m talking actual ‘nice’ here. Not ooey-gooey saccharine-filled ‘nice.'” To that Eisha and I say: word and for shizzle. We don’t want things to get ooey-gooey. We’re not fans of ooey-gooey. Yup, as we mentioned last week, it’s this simple: the world is scary, the news is depressing as hell. I, for one, have children. I’m worried about the world in which they’re growing up and the world of their futures. We can do something about some of the problems, but we can also take a moment to notice The Kick-Ass.

So, my list is below. But first, three things: 1> Eisha is not able to participate this week. But I hope she will be able to next week. 2> Let’s move this from Saturdays to Sundays, whaddya say? Can we cyber-gather on Sundays? That will give Eisha and me more time to compose these weekend lists — and give you one more day in the week to notice Some Good. 3> THANKS to everyone who participated last week. Please come play again. And we want updates anyway on sharing glamour shots, doing nice things for yourself, big moves, drumming, daughters getting scholarships, Dalek-shaped cookies and everything else we missed . . . you know who you are. Update, people, update! Oh, and add this week’s Good Things.

I humbly submit . . .

* * * * * * * My Seven Good Things Before Monday * * * * * * *

  1. The very last sentence of The Book Thief
  2. Jacqueline Woodson’s Zena Sutherland Lecture — “How Do I Come Home Again?” — in the current issue of The Horn Book:

    Sometimes, when I write, I close my eyes as my fingers fly over the keys. When my friend James saw me typing once, he said it was like The Matrix. I know this writing thing is a gift, although I don’t know why it was the gift I was given. I know it became clear the first time I heard Ms. Moskowitz {Woodson’s third-grade teacher} read “The Little Match Girl,” when everything in me wanted to do what Andersen did, to feel again the way Andersen made me feel.

  3. Author Bonny Becker telling me that our interviews have sparked dinner-table discussions at her home, her 18-year-old daughter helping Bonny pick out her favorite swear word. But, best of all, her husband’s response to the last Pivot question: If there’s a higher power waiting for Bonny’s husband at the Pearly Gates, he wants to hear, “we have high speed wireless” . . .
  4. The moment in The Higher Power of Lucky in which Lucky is lying down in the dugout after having poured mineral oil into her ear to kill the bug in her head, and Miles “reads” Are You My Mother? to her after she tells him, “I need you, Miles! I need you to help me!”

    “‘A mother bird sat on her egg,”’ Miles read, and sighed deeply, his voice full of wonder.

  5. The thought-provoking discussion that stemmed from this post at Roger Sutton’s blog (from this past Wednesday) — with the perfect post title, too. Eisha and I have our own reasons for primarily posting about the books we like (“primarily,” because sometimes we just gotta speak up), which I won’t get into here. But nevertheless that doesn’t mean I can’t say that Roger’s thoughts on the matter made a lot of sense and have made my Seven Good Things list, ’cause Roger can take topics like this and speak reasonably about them and moderate them well — and professionally so (so can Kelly, who began the conversation, really).

    I have typed this before on our blog and then deleted it, as it looks like nothing other than pure and unadulterated sucking up, but I’m going to just say it: Thank heavens Roger is President of All Things Horn Book — rather, that he has a presence and voice in this field. He’s a breath of fresh air.

    There. I just said it. And I’m not sucking up. Never met the man.

  6. Speaking of sites that mix positive and not-so positive reviews . . . The Excelsior File is one of my top-five favorite blogs. David Elzey willingly and fairly and respectfully rips a book a new one when he feels it deserves it. I hope he doesn’t take this the wrong way (as it doesn’t sound like a compliment but is one), but I think he is refreshingly surly (smart and discerning, but surly in just-the-right-amount). Anyway, he’s made my Seven Good Things list, ’cause of this — he’s reading a Grimm story a day and intends to post about one each week (more if he can). He’s already done The Frog King, Or Iron Heinrich (which got me all inspired to mount to the Web an old grad school project, my annotation of that tale. If, by chance, you look at it, just ignore “The Quiz” page; it’s embarrassing on many levels) and The Virgin Mary’s Child. I love this idea. I would like to be a Grimm’s scholar in another life (Elzey and Kristen at pixie stix kids pix have also been thoughtfully discussing graphic novels this week — I believe it began here with her review of Polo: The Runaway Book — which I love and had planned on reviewing, but oh my just read Kristen’s excellent review instead — and then went here and here).
  7. Lastly and quickly, five more things lumped into one, as I’m at Number Seven already: a> I get to see Eisha this weekend. I’m sorry that she’s back home for a funeral, but at least, since she’s back home, I get to see her; b> I introduced Haven Kimmel (object of my and Eisha’s hero worship) to Naomi Shihab Nye’s beautiful poem, “Famous,” and even got a thank-you for it. She described reading the poem as a “gift.” That makes me happy; c> the daffodils blooming in our yard and my daughter’s sunflower blooming on our kitchen table; and d> and e> combined: these lyrics (“Happy Birthday”) from the new Innocence Mission CD next to a photo of my daughters dancing ’round the room, exuding great joy — and this is shortly after my oldest turned three:

    “When you wake up sun will shine.
    We will not go under any cloud.
    Let balloons go up in town,
    ring out every bell.
    Happy birthday, beautiful,
    all the birds of this day
    sing a song, sing a song.

    Dream of trains carrying you
    through the state parks with the cherry flowers.
    When you wake up it will be
    the beginning of the world.
    Happy birthday, beautiful,
    in the fields of this day
    hear a song, hear a song . . .”

    I should probably stop here, as I should ask for permission to type the lyrics in their entirety. Go here to read the rest.

    What are your Good Things? (And you can visit Robin on Fridays to report something nice you did for yourself weekly — I need to work on that one). Cheers!

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  1. First of all, love the title for this weekly post. Keep it.

    Second, your daughters are the sweetest things! Look at that big smile on blue girl! And even though we can’t see red girl’s face, I love the action shot of her dancing. What a joy.

    Third, sorry about the funeral, Eisha. Hope you and family are doing all right.

    Fourth, thanks for the shout out on my Friday thing. I’m really serious about encouraging us all–women in particular, and moms in extra-particular–to practice doing nice things for ourselves every day, even if they are small things like never settling for a bad cup of coffee.

    And fifth, this was a good week for Lost, don’t you think? Especially that last scene with Jack and the football. Finally we’re back to some serious intrigue.

  2. Thanks, Robin. Yes, I enjoyed Lost this week, particularly the last couple seconds, but if I discuss it, Eisha might kill me. Shoot me down. Dead.

    Robin, you didn’t name any Good Things — unless it was Lost. Got any more? I always like hearing yours.

    Thanks for complimenting the photo. My mother gets the credit.

  3. I’m just catching up on blogs after being out of town, but this is a fun idea! I am, however, sorry to see the term “kick-ass” removed from the title. Maybe “Seven Kick-Ass Things Before Monday”???

  4. Okay, Adrienne. Feedback is good. Thanks. I’ll remember that. And — remember — Eisha’s out of town right now (well, out of town for her, but in town for me), so I’ll have to catch her up and run it all by her when she gets back. I can’t go off all half-cocked and pick a title without my blog peep/partner-in-crime. But I’ll tell her that.

    Where are some Good Things, Adrienne? I never meant for this to be just me rambling off mine. Share your shiny stuff from the week — doesn’t matter if it’s not literary or profession-related.

    Thanks for visiting . . .

  5. Okay, here are my good things:

    1. I’m so so SO excited to be leaving on my very first ever book tour tomorrow. I begin in San Francisco. My book isn’t out for another several months, but the publisher has sent advance copies to a bunch of book stores and librarians and reading groups, and now I get the chance to go to five different cities in five days and talk to two different groups in each city and not sleep very much at all but that’s okay because this is so beyond my dreams as a writer and can you tell I’ve already started administering caffeine to get me through this?

    2. I got this month’s issue of my favorite magazine, Women’s Adventure, which I always sit down and read cover to cover because it’s all about real women, not emaciated models and celebrities, who are out there in the world trying new sports, visiting exotic countries, deciding to make more time for yoga so they can do more adventures, etc. Pam Houston has a regular column in there, and I always love to read her perspective on life and risk and dogs and men. And female friendships–she’s always got lots to say about that.

    How’s that for a start?

  6. I like the name! (But I think I went over seven great things last week, so I’ll try to restrain myself this week…)

    1. The article in the Washington Post about juvenile offenders performing Macbeth for the mayor of DC and other city officials: “Nobody wants to be thought of by the dumbest, worst thing we ever did. Tomorrow, when you’re up there, we will say, theatrically, that something wicked this way comes.” (article by Marc Fisher,

    2. Driving six teenagers to crew practice. One picks up my book, reads the last page, and asks me a question about the ending. Big discussion ensues about reading endings first. One girl says she wants to know if a book will be worth her time. Others argue against. MTV is cited for “killing brain cells.” One kid explains to another what an Achilles heel is. They ramble into why Koreans love golf so much. I revel in it all as I silently drive and listen.

    3. My fifteen-year-old did NOT outgrow the new dress pants and dress shoes we bought him before he got to wear them today at the Science Fair.

    4. I decided that not knowing where my next book is going is okay. I would rather feel lost than trapped.

  7. Okay, wasn’t fully expecting to see myself mentioned in someone else’s list of good things so that’s kinda thrown me. Muchos gracias, however.

    I’m gonna have to jump on the Sunday bandwagon as weekends tend to be when the family stuff happens and that’s when I anticipate good things to report. So I’ll be back.

    I guess to that end I’m probably still going to end up mentioning beinf mentioned on your blog as a good thing. How’s that for a snake eating its own tail!

  8. Ooh, that’s right, Robin! Can’t wait to hear about the trip — travel safely!

    Sara, your lists are always kickin’, yo. Thanks for the article link. Sounds great. Off to read it. Did your daughter hear about her scholarship yet?

    Oh David, I’m relieved that you liked my compliment. I think surly is always good (but surly with a smart purpose and not just surly-snarky . . . oh I’m just going to shut up now), but I was hoping you’d not interpret it the wrong way.

    Okay, gotta go work on Monday’s blogger interview and then go out and play with my daughters (and return two shirts to an unnamed large clothing chain who, apparently, thinks all women are anorexic).

  9. No scholarship news yet. She has to go for an interview in April, along with five other candidates. Cross your pens and pencils for her!

    Here’s a more specific link to the Washington Post article:

    If that doesn’t work, the article is called “Young Inmates Strut Their Stuff Upon the Stage” (Washington Post, March 15, ’07)

    Oh, and when you’re returning the shirts, would you casually mention that since we can now talk freely about scrotums and other body parts, there is nothing to be ashamed of in selling pants with actual butts. Thanks. 🙂

  10. Sara, I need to compliment you on two things:

    “I decided that not knowing where my next book is going is okay. I would rather feel lost than trapped.”


    “Oh, and when you’re returning the shirts, would you casually mention that since we can now talk freely about scrotums and other body parts, there is nothing to be ashamed of in selling pants with actual butts. Thanks.”

    I am an appreciator of good lines, and you got ’em, sistah.

  11. Hey…two compliments! Add those to my good things list.

  12. I love the title for your weekly post. Here are my good things this week:

    1. I had some wonderful people stop by my blog with such encouraging words…nothing like finding some support and hope when you’re feeling a bit down.

    2. I was ready to give up on Grey’s Anatomy and was thrilled Thursday’s episode was deliciously shocking.

    3. My second grader is making lots of progress in school and had a spelling test Friday which reviewed 75 words. She got 90% correct!

    4. We rented the movie “Akeelah and the Bee,” yesterday and I just loved it, loved it, loved it.

  13. 1. The Girl Scouts roller skating event that my troop hosted went well and even collected a little money.

    2. There were two Coronas in the fridge when I got home from said roller skating event.

    3. Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful, just like spring.

    4. I had Tuesday daytime off so I could read in the sun.

    5. Then the weather was so nasty on Thursday that no one showed up for the library’s English conversation group, so I set quietly in the meeting room and read a book instead.

    6. Though yesterday’s “issue” blew me out of the water, I felt like I got a lot of support from blog friends, some I didn’t even know I had. That part was awesome.

    7. Okay, this one has a little story, but on Thursday a co-worker got a huge chocolate cake for his birthday. It was in the kitchen all afternoon. I had dinner at 5:00 and looked forward to getting a piece of the cake later that evening shift. But when I went to get a piece, the cake was gone! He had taken it home with him. I was so disappointed that I told another co-worker. Well, the next day he brought the cake back again, but I wasn’t there. But my nice co-worker friend cut me a piece and put it in the fridge for me to have today because she knew I had wanted a piece. That was so sweet. So was the cake.

  14. Wow, so many great posts here! That’s my #1. A group of smart people in one place talkin’ about the good/kick-ass (I like both title options). It’s so great to hear about all the kick-ass stuff in your lives.

    #2 Vivian. I am so with you on Grey’s. I was totally going to dump it after that stupid 3-episode Meredith dying business. (I agree re: Akeelah too, though I sobbed through the whole thing.) There’s nothing much on tv I like at the moment (what with the whole absence of Project Runway, the only show I’ve ever cancelled my life for), so I was really pulling for Grey’s to pick up.

    #3 Kids. What beautiful kids, Jules! I am one of those rare people who really does love children. Most of ’em in fact. Sometimes more than my own, when mine are acting up 😉 I just love talking to a kid. I love that they’re not always logical and that the conversation goes in unexpected directions. I’m about to become an aunt for the first time and I swear I’m so excited.

    #4, and most important: Good friends in the kidlitosphere. I really like that over time I have actually become FRIENDS with some of these blogging folk. I find that amazing and wonderful.

    #5 Indian food. If I had to pick one cuisine to stick with for the rest of my life it would be Indian. (Sushi would be close, but I don’t LOVE all Japanese food like I love all Indian.) I could just point and order from an Indian menu and be happy. Kids and I had Indian after a busy day of haircuts, music lessons, and five hours at the rink. And it was delicious as usual.

    #6 My poor husband arrived at his destination safely and without trouble. He’s thrilled with his hotel room and location. (This seems like a normal thing, but my guy is slightly agoraphobic and stresses out weeks before having to travel, which he usually never does without us.)

    #7 It’s 7:45pm. One child is asleep and the other is reading in her room. I have a stretch of hours during which I can go through my e-mail and then read in quiet. Can you tell I wore them out today? Hooray for me!

    Thanks, Jules and Eisha. And I think Sunday is a perfect day.

  15. 1. My cat, first and foremost.
    2. I took my weekly trip to the library today.
    3. Certain emails made me laugh and smile.
    4. Most of the books I read this week were good.
    5. Food is tasty.
    6. Vitamin Water is tasty.
    7. Celebrating successes of others I know or knew.

  16. 1. Good kissing. Nuff said.
    2. Being mentioned on two of my idols’ blogs this week.
    3. Beautiful weather for taking walks.
    4. Laughing at MST3K Hamlet on Friday night.
    5. Watching some amazine teens do Irish jigging at their school for St. Patrick’s Day.
    6. Talking to the God of the universe and hearing back from him.

  17. I love reading everyone’s lists – what a great idea! I don’t think I’ve commented here before, so hi Jules and Eisha! My list:

    1. Four of us managed to stay awake for our Lord of the Rings movie marathon at our place yesterday. Even with cocktails being served!
    2. An online friend is lending me her copy of Martine Leavitt’s “Keturah and Lord Death” – she’s posting it all the way from Ireland to Australia. A surprise offer that made my day!
    3. We have a bunch of beautiful red daisies on the table. I enjoy having flowers around so much (especially now I work from home) that we decided to make more of an effort to buy them. I guess this could go on Robyn’s “do something nice for yourself” Friday list!
    4. I made some yummy chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies from a new and easy recipe.
    5. A long lost book from my childhood was identified by my best friend. In retrospect, I should have asked her about it in the first place seeing as we probably read most of the same books at that age!
    6. I bought the second part of the Planet Earth documentary series! And it was on special! David Attenborough goodness at a reasonable price.
    7. Somehow, we are starting the week with a (relative to usual) tidy unit. An amazing occurrence that is not to be sniffed at!

  18. Greetings! I’ve visited Seven Impossible Things before, but this is my first time commenting. My seven good things:

    1) First request to do a birthday party after I posted a link to my storytelling services on my neighborhood listserv.

    2) Eavesdropping on my 3 year old daughter as she set up her dollies to perform “Annie” after we attended a production in which the oldest cast member was 11 years old.

    3) Playing “Ob La Di, Ob La Da” on guitar while a friend accompanied on violin.

    4) My husband, who brought me a hot toddy this evening as I lay sick in bed.

    5) Rereading the first chapter of All Of a Kind Family for the first time since I left New York.

    6) Fabric stores.

    7) Other people’s cooking.

  19. I’m not sure I can come up with 7 things off the top of my sleepless head (howling gales and pouring rain are a nightmare when you live in an attic and the roof is a mere foot above your head !)

    1 – I went to a book-signing session yesterday, and although Diana Wynne Jones was too poorly to attend, I had a good time.

    2 – I finished the first chapter of my third novella (and this despite being out for most of yesterday).

    3 – It’s less than two weeks to the start of “Doctor Who” season 3.

    4 – David Tennant and Catherine Tate did the funniest sketch on the BBC’s “Comic Relief” charity TV marathon on Friday night.

    5 – Someone I’d only just met telling me they loved reading my Blog ‘cos I read and review the kind of books they love. (*Blushing furiously as I write this*)

    6 – One of my workmates is leaving at the end of the month but has made me promise to email her more of my stories !

    7 – Two publishing firms emailed out of the blue and asked if I’d be interested in receiving their books to review.

    Ooh look, I managed seven after all !

    Oh and I definitely like the “7 Kick-Ass Things Before Monday” title – we can then refer to it as “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks” ! *grins*

  20. Hi, everyone. Wow, thanks for playing. This is really fun. I like reading everyone’s lists and am grateful you’re sharing them. Your lists are really great.

    Welcome to the new folks who commented — Vivian and Lindsey and Emmaco and Alkelda. I keep meaning to update our blogroll but have been putting if off, as all our links over there need some serious revision.

    Sara, I forgot to tell Old Navy that some of us have asses. Sorry I forgot. Your comment made me laugh. I’ll cross fingers and pens for your daughter, too, by the way. And thanks for the complete article link (Washington Post).

    Vivian, thanks for all your visits to our blog. I’m sure Eisha will really appreciate your well-wishes (at another comment you left) . . . I got addicted to Grey’s Anatomy for a bit without meaning to when my daughter was a newborn, and then they annoyed me, too (one of the interns stealing a heart or whatever she did, and she’s still there??) … and now I’m just bitter that, ’cause of that, I’ve missed most of 30 Rock, which is wicked funny and smart.

    MotherReader, I don’t get to sit and read quietly enough like you got to this week. That’s nice.

    Kelly, we also love Indian cuisine in this household. Mmmm, saag paneer.

    Little Willow, do tell what good books you read last week — actually, we can just visit your LiveJournal to find out . . .

    Lindsey, welcome! OOH LA LA. Nice and subtly saucy post. Are the points about good kissing and the “God of the universe” getting back to you related, or were you being theological, by chance? . . . Love your site! How is it that I’ve never before heard of or seen The Pop-Up Book of Phobias?

    Emma, welcome! I’m also jealous that you had a movie marathon. Too hard to do with two wee ones in the house, but one day . . .

    Alkelda, welcome! What stories do you tell at b’day parties?

    Michele, I LOVE “7 IMP’S 7 KICKS” . . . I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I’M SCREAMING THAT. Thanks. I’ll ask Eisha what she thinks . . . your list is particularly great, too, esp. points number 2 and 7!

    Thanks again to everyone for coming to play. This is fun, and I’m glad you’re all not leaving me alone to ramble about my Good Things all by myself, what with my logorrhea and all. I wonder where last week’s folks are, just ’cause I want updates — how is Alan’s and Wendi’s big move coming along? Is Andrea still baking? Where’s Kristen (LOVE her blog)? But that’s okay. Maybe they’ll show up and update us.

    Thanks again . . .

  21. My Seven Good Things:
    1. I read The Liar’s Diary by Patry Francis in one sitting and attended a wonderful party for her last Sunday.
    2. I figured out that I could write drafts for my blog when I have time to post during the week when time escapes me.
    3. Had so much fun interviewing students about their reading choices for a new weekly feature on my blog.
    4. Created a power point presentation of my photos and writing from my other blog to give a talk(no internet access).
    5. Finished Piccoult’s My Sister’s Keeper. I am probably the last person on earth who has read it.
    6. Read aloud an excerpt of Laini Taylor’s new book, Blackbringer to fourth graders. Mesmerizing.
    7. The sun shone in the northwest this week.

  22. Hi Ladies,
    What a great idea this is! I was a bit shy about posting last week, but so many good things happened this week, I must share.
    1. My students returned from spring break. Hey, I missed them. Campus is too quiet without them.
    2. I scored a set of tickets to see the Kodo Drummers for a group of teachers I have been working with. Some even took their kids. EVERY teacher sent a note of thanks the very next day. Talk about feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
    3. I received a $1700 royalty check for the web-projects my students and I have created over the last several years. I immediately put it in our department discretionary budget so that I can send some students to a conference next fall.
    4. One of my favorite students came thank me for writing letters of recommendation for her and to tell me she has been accepted to every graduate program to which she has applied.
    5. I attended my first seminar to prepare for my upcoming trip to China. The folks I will be travelling with are terrific, and I am very excited.
    6. I had lunch and went shopping with a friend I haven’t seen in ages.
    7. Finally, and best of all, Elaine Magliaro, one of the fabulous Blue Rose Girls, sent me an e-mail message and offered to send me an extra copy of a poetry book she has, just because some of the poems will fit well into one of my thematic books lists. (And because she’s so darn nice!)

    Thanks, Ladies, for helping me to focus on the good things this week.

  23. In no particular order…

    1. An author checked out a review of his book on my blog and reported kindly about it on his blog. He called my review “brainy” but I prefer to think of it as “muscular”.

    2. Nachos and Monty Pyton & the Holy Grail. We have done our jobs well when the 8 and 10 year old girls laugh throughout, and they really liked the movie.

    3. When I was too ill to follow-through on my promise this weekend, my sweetie made chocolate chip scones.

    4. The mention as one of Jules’ favorite places to visit. Just when I was beginning to doubt if anyone even read my blog. I really needed that this week.

    5. In the fray of this week’s discussion about the sensitivity of reviewers and authors this week I wrote a dreadful comment for Roger Sutton’s blog that either I was too hungover from poker night to have actually sent or Roger in his infinate wisdom refused to post my inane comment. Either way, man, am I grateful.

    6. Snow. It’s been a bad winter for snow here in New England — as in not enough — and it was nice to have. Just enough, not too much.

    7. I managed to cook 2.5 (out of 3) great Greek meals from a cookbook I checked out of the library. Very happy with the results, and that they went over well with the fam. I thought the moussaka was a little bland so I’m only giving it a half.

    Let’s hear it for all the goodness!

  24. Jules– to answer your question about what stories I tell at birthday parties, I gravitate toward “pourquoi” folktales and stories in which fools (i.e. all of us) come out on top. With toddlers, I use a lot more story-songs like “Jenny Jenkins,” and “Ten in a Bed.” The latter is enhanced by the strumming of one E chord.

  25. ooh I’m glad you liked “7 Imp’s 7 Kicks”, Jules ! Sometimes I come up with better things when I’m sleepless ! ;-D

    (I liked 2 and 7 on my list too !)

  26. This has been a really good week, but the highlight was definitely going to read and tell stories to my Godson’s class this past Monday. I really, really had fun, specially reading them the first ten pages or so of The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. They didn’t quite know how to take it at first, but then some of them started tittering, then more, and then they were all laughing right out loud. I love watching kids’ brains catch on to something like that.

    It was also fifty degrees here two days in a row.

    I also saw a really wonderful traveling production of Annie, one of my favorite musicals of all time (and, okay, yes, I am a complete sucker for musicals).

  27. Hi again. Jules here.

    MsMac, welcome! Good list — did the 4th graders enjoy Taylor’s book (or the excerpt anyway)?

    Tricia, welcome, too! Your list just plain and simple rocks. I mean, duuuude, you had a good week.

    David, I’m tellin’ ya, I echo your let’s-hear-it-for-goodness comment, ’cause I’m currently reading Life As We Knew It, and, man, this is my great fear, esp. now that I have children — that something like what happens in the book will happen to our society and we’ll all be living like there are zombies outside. I just started the book, but it’s already terrifying me (in a good way, as in the book’s written well) and making me grateful for things like clean water. Oh, and I have Kristen at pixie stix kid pix to thank for me reading it, ’cause her review of it piqued my interest.

    Good list, too, David.

    Adrienne, LOVE that Dahl story.

    Oh and Alkelda, I took a grad course in storytelling and have a soft spot in my heart for it.

    Thanks again for all the participation. I hope I didn’t skip thanking anyone, esp. if you’re new. If I did, I didn’t intend to.

    Cheers to all . . .

  28. 1. I moved into my house!!! It’s actually starting to sink in that we bought a house now that most of our stuff is there. Also, I never realize how many books I really own until it comes to moving and one whole pickup load was book boxes.

    2. I got to see my family. They came up from Chi-town to help with the move.

    3. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. A great moving day. Today’s not so bad either.

    4. Hubby is setting up the drums in the living room of our now nearly empty apartment (except for this computer and some other random stuff). He’s excited to record the sound with the acoustics of an empty room with hardwood floors. Maybe we’ll have another jam session, and I’ll get to practice my skills!

    I’ve loved reading everyone’s lists! This is great!

  29. As you may recall, one of the highlights I wrote about last week was spending time with Joseph Bruchac. Well…this past week I got to spend time with his talented and–ahem–tall and handsome son Jim. Jim co-wrote five books with his father and–like his dad–is also an award-winning Native American storyteller. I wrote a blog article about Jim and posted it this morning–then headed off to South Boston for the Saint Paddy’s Day parade. Fortunately, we have a relative who owns a condo on the parade route so we didn’t have to stand out in the cold.

  30. Oh my. Am I late?

    1. Someone I love who was struggling is now getting much-needed help.

    2. My much-dreaded meeting on Friday turned out to be a positive experience.

    3. Motherreader hooked me up with her Interview Meme

    4. Three different people told me they read and like my blog — people I had no idea were visiting

    5. My neighbor brought me dinner, and then came back with a folder full of memories from her 70 years living in this town.

    6. My incredibly lovely niece turned 21 this weekend. I couldn’t make it up for the party because of the weather, but I’ll see her in a couple of weeks when we go to Manhattan to see The Pirates of Penzance!

    7. I made it home safely from a harrowing 4-hour ice-storm drive on Friday afternoon.

    This is such a great series. Keep up the good work ladies!

  31. 1. I love Indian food, too. Just thinking about it makes me happy. Indian food and Southern food are my favorites.
    2. One of my first cousins popped into town unexpectedly. We had fun visiting with him.
    3. We watched birds out the back window instead of TV this morning. We’ve set up 3 backyard feeder, and the cat is beside himself with bird lust, leaping straight into the air to chase them at times. He is inside, but cannot help himself.

  32. It’s still Sunday night, so I can post!

    1. Seeing Miri and Ada’s photo in this blog tickled me.
    2. Friday, Deborah Wooten (professor of reading at U.T.) came to do an in-service on reading strategies. She brought stacks of picture books! The Deaf Musicians, and many many others. Naturally I spoke up at the end and told the audience about this 7-Imp blog. Then we rushed on the stage and got our grabby paws on the books and went ooooh and ahhhhh.
    3. TiVo copied Grey’s Anatomy. I’m with Vivian and Kelly about that. Love the show, and House too.
    4. Book club during the week at Tressa’s new home, it looks like a chalet — these gatherings are marvelous and warm the heart.
    5. Saw Babel yesterday. I give it 5 stars out of five. Am glad I refused to read the reviews, so it was all fresh to me.
    6. I’m a magazine junkie, so Women Adventure that Robin mentioned is one I’ll have to hunt up.
    7. Cat on my lap, bedtime soon, a cozy pillow and mags on my nightstand beckon. Life is good.
    Wishes and prayers for Eisha and her family.

  33. I’m squeezing in just under the wire for Sunday on the East Coast.

    1. I started listening to The Boyfriend List, and I love the way Ruby reminds me of my own high school self (not so much the actual experiences as the insecurities, but still…).

    2. The second to last paragraph of “From Cover to Cover”: “The critic John Rowe Townsend says, “Good reviewers of children’s books are probably scarcer than good writers of them. And it is almost as necessary that there be good and effective writing about children’s books as that there should be good children’s books. Conceivably, indeed, it is necessary in order there should continue to be good children’s books.” What reviewer of children’s books wouldn’t love that.

    3. I have my 7-Imp interview coming up, and enjoyed putting together my responses.

    4. I have an interview with Margo Rabb coming up on my site. I loved Cures for Heartbreak.

    5. I don’t have to travel again until Friday.

    (ok, these last few are looking forward, rather than looking back at the week, but they are things that I’m happy about right now.)

  34. 1. Squeezing into 7-imp minutes before midnight!
    2. Reading the climax of “The Call to Shakabaz” (Amy Wachspress) with my laughing, agonizing, shouting, 100%-into-the-book 7-year old!
    3. Receiving a fresh-off-the-pen copy of the not-published-until-November2007 sequel “Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger” (Lee Edward Fodi) and watching my husband drive my two daughters completely wild each time he has to stop reading it
    4. Deciding to ask for a leave-of-absence from work to help an out-of-country family member
    5. Having a working car battery at least once today
    6. 7 whole days without homework (March break!)
    7. my family (ok, this is ooey gooey, but it’s true!)

    Thanks for this energizing segment!!

  35. Thanks, Mindy, Elaine, Nancy, Susan, Betty, Jen, and Andrea! Great lists from you all, too. I flippin’ love this series idea, if I must say so myself.

    Mindy, congrats on moving in. Elaine, thanks for the Jim Bruchac link. Nancy, YIKES on the ice-storm drive. Yeesh, I’m glad you’re okay. Susan, I’m glad you all are feeling well now in your home (I assume Junior’s all germ-free now and feeling good again). Jen, congrats on the travel break, and we hope you like your interview. Andrea, happy March break. And, Betty, I just LOVE YOU. I presented with Deborah Wooten once. She’s great. Thanks for mentioning our site. Isn’t The Deaf Musicians great? Hello to Tressa!

    I got to visit with Eisha tonight, as she’s in town but heading back. She’ll have lots of reading to catch up on.

    Thanks, everyone! We’ll start doing this on Sundays from now on, but don’t feel rushed to get responses in by Monday. Ain’t no thang if you send your lists after Sunday. But doing it on Sundays gives you one more day to think about The Kick-Ass.

  36. Yes, some of my fourth graders, especially the fantasy lovers, were into the excerpt from Taylor’s book.
    Agree with those commenting on Grey’s Anatomy. Loved reading everyone’s list.

  37. By the way, Andrea, listing your family is not ooey-gooey. I do have a picture of my daughters up, after all.

    I’d like to be a fly on the wall when you all read to your children. Wait, now I sound like a stalker, but what I mean is that your children are so obviously book-crazy. It’s great.

  38. Hi Jules, God of the universe means the actual God, the one and only, who speaks to me in the quiet moments of the day. Thanks for asking.

  39. I only have two things, but on this gray and rainy Monday they did cheer me up.

    1. I discovered 7 Impossible Things. Well, I’ve been meaning to come over here for a while, and the good things thread linked to by so many people made me come over and actually read, if only for a moment while taking a short break. I can’t believe I didn’t pop by before!

    2. I moved this weekend. I have a LOT of stuff. And people actually showed up to help! They were so nice about it, and it was so nice to have strong people to move the big furniture in a matter of a few hours. It’s so nice to have people you can rely on for stuff like that, especially when you’re not 100% on the health scale!

    Looking forward to catching up on past posts when I get the chance (which may, of course, not be until after I’ve unpacked, grumble grumble).

  40. Welcome, Stacy! Good luck getting settled, unpacked, all that. I don’t envy you.

  41. Little Willow’s revamping the Fire Escape for me! Hooray!

  42. Would have commented on this before Monday but I didn’t see it until just now….

    For me, getting the news that USS San Juan (SSN 751) wasn’t really lost completely tops everything else that happened last week.

  43. Ooh, Mitali. Lucky you! I have no doubt Little Willow will do a great job.

    Welcome to The Old Coot, too!

  44. I’m going to pretend this is for next Monday. And, I don’t have 7 yet, but I think my #1 good thing for the week was discovering the book Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree. I can’t seem to stop talking about it.

  45. Wah. None of my libraries here has it. Oh well, I’ll get it somehow.

  46. We’ve got a grand total of 1 book in the store. I think that’s going to need to change.

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