7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #3 (formerly known as Seven Good Things Before Monday . . . Roll with us here, folks)

h1 March 25th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Yes, we have to make an executive decision and go with “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks” as the title for the new weekend series, formerly and temporarily named Seven Good Things Before Breakfast. Both titles are good, we think, but Michele (at Scholar’s Blog) suggested “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks” (the “kick” coming from Kick-Ass Things That Happened to You During Your Week), and we just love it. For any new folks, the idea is that we simply share The Good in our lives this week.

And how do you like the image? It’s Tenniel’s image of Lewis Carroll’s The White Queen with Alice (from Chapter Five, “Wool and Water,” from Through the Looking Glass), here telling Alice that “{w}hy, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Later, she mumbles something to Alice about 7 Kicks before breakfast, too, but that part was deleted from Carroll’s text (Alice fans, don’t send hate mail. We only jest).

Anyway, blah blah. Sorry. Here are our lists:

Eisha’s list: As you probably know, I was out of town last week, and unable to participate in last Sunday’s Good Things. So I think I get to count two weeks’ worth of goodness.

1) My family. I am really lucky to have so many great relatives. My mom is so strong and generous and funny; my Aunt Carolyn is sweet and quirky and just as generous, if not more so; my Aunt Sherry is exactly who you want to be sitting next to at a party; my sister is smart and funky and thoughtful and vivacious; my brother has a huge heart and always comes through when you least expect it; my sister-in-law is so together and beautiful and tolerant of all our weirdness… then there’s my cousins, uncles, etc., etc… oh, and don’t even get me started on my husband’s family…

Mom & Bibi2) My mom’s dog. She only got Bibi a few months ago, and I had met her for the first time at Christmas. She was too shy and freaked out by the general merriment going on to come out from under the table then, but last week when I was staying there Bibi and I became very good friends. She’s so adorable and affectionate. I wish she hadn’t eaten that petrified dog poo that last time I walked her, though. I really could have gone forever without seeing that.

3) Jules. While I was home I got to call on her and Blaine, and they made me yummy pizza, and Miriam and I had an impromptu puppet hide-and-seek game, and Ada sang “Hush Little Baby” for me, and it was a perfect night. I really wish I could hang out with Jules & Co. more often.

Ally4) Babies. Suddenly my world is crawling with babies. I got to spend time with Jules’s little toddlers, of course. But also my cousin’s baby Ally was at the visitation last week (this is the 6-month-old granddaughter of my aunt who passed away), and OH. MY. GOD. This is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. She was there for about 5 hours, and was just passed from person to person the whole time, and she never got fussy or anything, except once or twice when she got hungry. And she has the sweetest little angel head. Plus my brother’s wife is expecting their first baby any second now (I’m going to be an aunt!!!), plus my other cousin is expecting in June, and seriously, my ovaries were just screaming by the end of the week.

5) Sleeping late on Saturdays. From Fall ’05 through January of this year, I was either working at my library school’s library or in class on Saturday mornings. Even after 2 months of freedom, I still get a delicious, decadent thrill every Friday night when I realize I don’t have to set my alarm clock.

The Prestige6) Finally finished The Prestige by Christopher Priest today. My husband’s reading it too (we decided we wanted to read the book before we saw the movie). I can’t wait for him to finish it so we can talk about it. It’s pretty good – kind of Houdini-meets-Jekyll & Hyde.

7) My husband got some very good news career-wise. It’s too soon to share it, but it’s big, and it means a lot of changes are coming. We’re both very excited about it. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I can. Actually, Jules’s husband got some good news too, and I’m just so thrilled for them.

* * * * * * *

Jules’ list (in no particular order):

1>. Clean water, hot food, sunshine, and non-ashen gray snow (when we do actually get snow). Yup, I just finished reading Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, thanks to this review by Kristen at pixie stix kids pix. Granted, it fills me with a bit ‘o panic and makes me wish I owned a bomb shelter, chock full ‘o food and bottled water. But it still makes my list, since we currently are not surviving on canned soup alone — and the moon is where it’s supposed to be, thank you very much.

2>. Visiting — albeit briefly — with my friend, Susannah, who has had entirely too much loss in her life recently but is now all happy, shiny, gorgeously pregnant.

3>. Betsy Bird at A Fuse #8 Production tagging me and Eisha as “thinking bloggers.” Honestly, I usually don’t pay attention to the “tag” stuff (don’t have an intense dislike for them either; I just read ’em, smile, and move on), and I guess we should be tagging forward and such. Uh, maybe Eisha and I will put our heads together one day soon and do that, but I’m just flattered that she considers us big thinkers and puts us in a category with J.L. Bell of Oz and Ends. Yeesh, do we deserve that? He’s devastatingly smart, and we say “dude” entirely too much.

4>. Finally getting around to watching HBO’s Angels in America on DVD, complete with a wordless cameo by Maurice Sendak. There are some strong performances here (particularly Al Pacino’s chilling one as Roy Cohn), and the whole thing is ambitious (still, after all this time, this being a film adaptation of Tony Kushner’s stage script, which dominated Broadway back in the early ’90s) and impressive. See it, see it.

5>. The Fats Waller CD I have from the library.

6>. A friend sharing a great poem — “Two Moments with Strangers” by Charlotte Matthews — with me and Eisha. You can read and hear it here. Thanks, Shannon.

7>. Solitude. I love My Girls, but they’re currently running around full-steam ahead in the park with their father, and I have some time alone, bringing to mind two favorite quotes: “I have a great deal of company in the house, especially in the morning when nobody calls” — Henry David Thoreau; and “Solitude never hurt anyone. Emily Dickinson lived alone, and she wrote some of the most beautiful poetry the world has ever known . . . then went crazy as a loon” — Lisa Simpson.

What are your Good Things?

‘Til next week . . .

22 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #3 (formerly known as Seven Good Things Before Monday . . . Roll with us here, folks)”

  1. Eek, it’s always scary being the first to comment.

    My list for this week:

    1. The major happy event of the week was that I met both of my supervisors (one meeting involving flying to another town) and we’ve decided my PhD is almost done! The end is in sight for my thesis!
    2. Give the fortunate coincidence of one PhD supervisor living in the same town as my Dad, I got to go visit him the same day.
    3. My sisters ended up accompanying me due to one sister’s ability to get us standby flights (i.e.: cheap tickets where you get booted off if someone wants to buy a proper ticket) so we all had a great time eating and chatting all night.
    4. I had lunch with a friend who read my copy of Megan Whalen Turner’s The Thief and enjoyed it enough to want to read the next book. Is there anything better than converting people to your favourite authors?
    5. I successfully made a Spanish Omelette for tea – eggs and potatoes, what more could you want in a meal?
    6. I found a 40% off voucher in time to buy my sister a travel guide for her birthday present (don’t you hate it when you remember later?)
    7. We cleared out the study’s wardrobe and now feel self-righteous and organised rather than fearing we’ll be crushed to death when opening the wardrobe door.

    Thanks Eisha and Jules!

  2. Happy Sunday, Jules and Eisha!

    1. I was ecstatic when one of my favorite children’s poets emailed me to tell me he loved the poem about Pluto that I posted at Blue Rose Girls! Here’s a link in case you’d like to read the poem:

    2. I wrote back to the poet and asked if he’d like to do an interview with me for the blog. He said he would! I’m just a little excited!!!!!!!!!

    3. I made plans to have dinner on Monday with Grace Lin and another favorite children’s poet–Janet Wong. Janet’s going to be in Boston for an event sponsored by The Foundation for Children’s Books on March 27th.

    4. There was a terrific surprise waiting for me when I stopped by Banbury Cross, my favorite children’s bookshop on Saturday: a gift certificate from Tricia of The Miss Rumphius Effect! How great is that? She called the bookshop all the way from Virginia!

    5. I bought a load of great new children’s books at Banbury Cross on Saturday: Henry’s Freedom Box; Calendar by Myra Cohn Livingston; Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear; Vinnie and Abraham; Bats at the Beach; My Cat Copies Me; Big Is Big (and little, little): A Book of Contrasts; and a few others. I also got Nibble Nibble. You have got to see Wendell Minor’s illustrations for the book! It’s a perfect baby gift.

    5. I was asked if I would like to be interviewed by two lovely lady kidlit bloggers. Let’s see…I can’t remember the name of their blog. Jules, Eisha…can you help me with this one?

    6. The Executive Board of our reading council met last Monday–and the treasurer and I were able to give the other board members good news about the state of our organization.

    7. I was able to think of six K-A things that happened this past week.

  3. 1. My crocuses are blooming.
    2. My to-do list is a manageable size again.
    3. Borders is having a 25% off Teacher Appreciation Sale. That’s my kind of appreciation!
    4. I got an email from Elizabeth Winthrop yesterday!
    5. I am more than half way to being able to swim a mile again after 3 months away from the pool following back surgery.
    6. Spring break is only a week away.
    7. Did I mention that spring break is only a week away?

  4. My seven:
    1. I turned in my travel request to attend AASL Fall Conference in Reno. Hopefully, I will get the early bird rates.
    2.Laini Taylor found a preview copy of her new book, Blackbringer for me to read.
    3. I went new daring with a new haircut and color.
    4. Sabina I. Rascol will be at school for a 3 day poet-in -residence event this week.
    5. Two fifth grade boys who have not read a book this year are fighting over the new graphic novels I have in the library. Their teacher says they are actually reading.
    6. I discovered that my school blog is listed on 7 Imps blogroll, thanks!
    7. My tulips about about to bloom.

  5. Hi Jules and Eisha. I loved your lists this week, especially Eisha’s heartwarming one 🙂

    Let’s see…I’m having a good week.

    1) My husband made it back from his seminar in one piece.
    2) The kids and I saw him for a few hours and then made out trip out west with little trouble.
    3) It’s great to be in Southern California! It’s warm. The parrots are chattering. And, the kids are talking to other adults–Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Kara!!
    4) The wiki children’s book is really taking off
    5) I got another author e-mail (this time Olivia Birdsall)
    6) I have 10 books to read and an empty day 🙂
    and, most important,
    7) My six year old who has refused to learn how to read until now is finally learning how to read!!!

  6. 1 – Jules and Eisha adopted my crazy sleep-deprived name for this spot… ! I’m laughing so much I can hardly type !

    2 – It’s 6 days and 27 minutes until the start of Doctor Who’s season 3 – and I’m not a BIT excited !!

    3 – I finished chapter 2 of my third Who novella yesterday AND typed it up !

    4 – I watched Billie Piper in “Mansfield Park” this afternoon, and yet again regretted ever daring to doubt her acting ability.

    5 – My brain’s fizzing with story ideas – I thought I was running out of steam, but every time I think that I prove myself wrong by having another couple of ideas ! Mind you, if I stopped reading books, watching TV shows and generally slept for 2 months, I’d still have enough ideas for another half dozen stories. Should I be glad or freaked ?

    6 – A couple of weeks ago someone gave me a bunch of CDs they no longer wanted and I can’t stop listening to Julian Lloyd Webber’s Made In England – it’s THE most gorgeous double CD !

    7 – I just finished re-watching the whole of Season 1 of “Doctor Who” after my sister loaned me her DVD boxed set last weekend. Though they don’t feature David Tennant (“my” Doctor), they’re still great viewing…

    Did I hit seven yet ? Oh yes… And relax…

    Kelly, great news about your 6 year old !! Must go and check the Wiki Children’s novel !

  7. Hey, nice lists, everybody.

    Emmaco, you’re right, there’s nothing better than converting people to your fave authors. Except maybe sitting up all night eating and talking with sisters.

    Elaine, congrats on scoring praise and an interview from a fave poet! Well done!

    Mary Lee, thanks for reminding me about the Borders sale. I was going to see if my ALA membership card would get me in…

    Jone, isn’t that a great feeling, when you convert a reluctant reader? Ooh, it’s the best.

    Yay, Kelly! I’m sure you’re so relieved. I can’t wait to read this kid’s reviews…

    Michele, I think you and my husband (a fellow Dr. Who-aphile) would have a lot to talk about.

    Thanks for sharing, everyone!

  8. Ditto to what Eisha said. Love your lists. I look forward to them every week. I hope our regulars come back and add this week, too. I’m missing them already.

  9. Hi ya ladies! Here are my 7 things:

    1. I decorated my porch for Easter/Spring today and it looks pretty. It’s one of the best things about where I live — all the porches are right up against the street, so when you decorate, people actually see it. And I see it when I come and go, which makes me smile.

    2. I talked with my brother today and he is planning a visit. This is the brother I rarely see, and he has some good things going on in his life right now that I want to be able to hug him over.

    3. I was able to pull off an impromptu visit to friends yesterday, and it turned out to be the best dose of refreshing conversation and laughter that I’ve had in a month. Such a good way to spend a Saturday!

    4. I finally got my Christmas decorations put away in the attic. (Yeah, yeah, I know…)

    5. I got an email from a New Jersey small-press journalist who read my “Lives in Letters” post from last week and is interested in writing a newspaper article about me. I don’t know if anything will actually come of it, but it was very nice to hear from him. And to discover someone new who reads my Lives in Letters posts.

    6. I overcame my bashfulness in a few different scenarios this week.

    7. I started a new contest on my blog — Silly Words Contest. I’ve also proclaimed this coming Saturday as Silly Words Day, so be sure to dress appropriately.

    Thanks for this — it is fun remembering these things.


  10. 1. This quote: “It is never dull around the library, which I consider to be the family room of the school.” —MsMac (I wrote this down earlier in the week because it made me so happy…I didn’t know MsMac would be posting here too!)

    2. The local newspaper gave cameras to students at my daughter’s school and asked them to take pictures. This is the fabulous slide show that resulted. (I think my daughter’s feet might be in there somewhere…)

    3. Laughing my head off at the Brotherhood 2.0 vidoes, which I just discovered. Loved the piano playing and wild dancing to the theme from The Office.

    4. Going to the Virginia Festival of the Book and getting to be on an SCBWI panel about children’s book writing. The audience asked intelligent questions! We gave semi-intelligent answers!
    Wine was had afterwards! And a great glob of carrot cake!

    5. This lovely story of an artist who “mended” an abandoned house:

    6. The Wilmington Star did a story about me and Letters From Rapunzel. I was called a “hot rookie prospect” and my husband will not let me forget…

    7. “Saving up” good things for this list each week really adjusts my attitude. Yeah, 7-Kicks!


  11. Only two things that really stand out:

    1) Saturday was one of those really rare, once-a-month-at-best days that didn’t start with an alarm clock. I was up at 0830 anyway, but it was soooooo nice not to hear the alarm….

    2) The dryer turned out not to need major surgery or replacement after all.

  12. Hi Jules and Eisha,
    Time for positive energy to come out.
    Good things:
    1. My parents are on their way to visit me.
    2. Beautiful, gorgeous weather that makes me want to lie outside.
    3. Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha this morning.
    4. Getting an $1100 computer for only $250
    5. Getting two new readers for my blog.
    6. Finding out I have a friend who is a mortgage broker.
    7. Sateen bedsheets.

  13. Eisha has a Whoniverse fan in the house ? Is he really, really addicted like me, or just slightly addicted ?

  14. Um, for my number #5 above, you’ll have to paste the whole absurdly long link into your browser to see the house. But it’s worth it.

    And as for the ghostly “7” I left floating at the bottom of my post, I think that must have been an echo. Or maybe a shout-out, like on Sesame Street: “This post is brought to you by the number 7!”

  15. Sara, I fixed your comment so that it links right (I hyperlinked the word “this” in “this lovely story”).

    Also, everyone, LOOK! Here’s the article about Sara — I did some Inspector Gadget work and found it. Yay, Sara, you hot prospect you . . .

    Don’t hate me, Sara, for sharing; I hope I’m not embarrassing you.

    That film from your daughter’s school was neat. Was she the one in ballet slippers or sandals? She has lovely feet; you should be proud. What a great-sounding school! The students in that film, I dunno, seem so confident and smart and not afraid to be Who They Are. I want my daughters to be that way; Sara, I’ll take free daughter-raising advice any ‘ol day.

  16. Well, Michele – he doesn’t write novellas for the Dr. Who enterprise or anything, but he owns a lot of videos/dvds and his favorite Dr. is Tom Baker. He even has the scarf. I suspect he married me because I look slightly like Romana II – he’s mentioned the resemblance a couple of times. How’s that for addicted?

    This comment is brought to you by the number 5 and the letters W and Q.

  17. You’re not embarrassing me, jules, but if anyone ever meets me in person and says the magic words “hot prospect”…well, that person owes me a glass of wine. Or a shot of tequila. Or at least a cute little cocktail napkin.

  18. Huh–randomly reading this and found I’m being dicussed. Need to read this blog more often….

    Michele–yes, I’ve been a Who fan since the mid-80’s when my local PBS channel showed them. Haven’t seen the new series yet–but series one is in my Netflix queue. Seen the new action figures?

    Oh yeah…books…blah blah blah…

  19. Oh, uh… hey, honey. How’s it going? Didn’t think you read my blog unless I specifically told you to… heh, heh.

  20. Jules, you definitely don’t need any daughter raising advice!

    My seven …. umm,
    1. a deaf women’s retreat all weekend in Pigeon Forge — 65 women from 7 states.
    2. my BlackBerry — how did that old phone commercial go? “Reach out and touch someone”
    3. Living vicariously in Venice: my daughter is there right now and Catie said our book club’s next book is a mystery set in Venice.
    4. Getting the DVD “Bit of Fry and Laurie” today from Netflix. That dreamy sexy Hugh Laurie looks so young in it– I’m a HOUSE fan.

    It’s difficult to think of any more because ’tis Wednesday. I would be happy to know how to use Bold and Italics in my comments on this blog. If I learn this week, can that be number one for next Sunday?

  21. I’m so late that I’ll just wait until next weekend… But I did want to second Jules’ #1 item about being thankful for clean water, sunshine, etc. I also just finished Life As We Knew It, and it really affected me deeply. Scary, but amazing, too, in the way it makes you look at your life and surroundings. I kept listening to the book while I was out walking, and having to come in and eat something, because, you know, I could.

  22. Hi, Betty! To answer your question, you can format text in the following manner:

    <strong>text you wanted bolded here</strong>
    <em>text you want italicized here</em>

    To link to a URL:

    <a href=”insert URL here”>text here for what you have hyperlinked (call it whatever you want)</a>

    For the hyperlinks, you’ll notice the URL goes in quotations, and when you type or paste the URL, don’t forget to include the “http://” part or it won’t work.

    I love reading everyone’s lists. Thanks to all . . .

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