Blogging for a Cure, Day 23

h1 November 6th, 2007 by jules

Below is today’s Robert’s Snow schedule. The snowflake pictured here is Peter Sís’ 2004 snowflake, entitled “Fish.”

Did you see yesterday’s features? Anna Alter shared — in her feature at The Longstockings’ blog — a series of photos depicting the creative process for her snowflake. And to see the second lovely lion snowflake in this year’s auction, go see Jo Whittemore’s feature of Cece Bell and her snowflake. All the features were a treat to read; thanks to all participating bloggers.

Here is today’s snow schedule. Yes, it’s a Snow Day again:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007:

Don’t forget this page with the master schedule of all the features thus far.

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  1. What a great snowflake. I just found out yeasterday that Annette Simon is not only donating a book to my library but also as a give away for those who comment on my blog on Friday.

  2. Yahoo, Jone!

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