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One Very Possible and Very Festive
2011 Holiday Illustration Before Breakfast #1

h1 Thursday, December 1st, 2011

“That Christmas Eve Ma and Pa and all the children scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed before they put up a very little tree from the market with no more decoration than two candles and a tin star on top. All the pennies in the purse had been spent on pens and pulleys and a bit of brown sugar. But the flat was clean and neat, and each child had a present, if only a little one, and the oatmeal was delicious. ‘But it isn’t much of a holiday feast, is it?’ said Pa sadly. ‘Ah, but think of the money we saved,’ said Ma, and she gave him a kiss because it was Christmas.”

Here’s an idea: There are some holiday picture books I’d like to share here at 7-Imp—I like doing that this time of year—but if did a typical post about each one … well, I just wouldn’t have time for that, unless I, say, neglected my children and work-that-pays altogether (not to mention—this just in at the 7-Imp news desk—the edits I now have to do on this work-in-progress).

Anyone can throw images up at a blog and walk away, which is why I always like to provide commentary of some sort or another about the images and the book in which they reside. Or invite creators over and have breakfast chats, etc. etc. and all that.

But, THAT SAID, in the interest of time, these holiday images will be just one (sometimes more than one) image from the book, a brief summary of the book, and the cover. Just a zippy-quick little series of holiday illustrations, since I enjoy seeing what illustrators are doing in the way of festive picture books.

Entry #1, on this first day of December, comes from Brock Cole’s The Money We’ll Save (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, October 2011), probably my favorite holiday title of all and a great picture book no matter what month of the year it is. Dang, I could say a lot, because I adore this book and am generally an enthusiastic fan of his work, but I’m going to have to stick to my economy of words here. (Be strong, Jules.) Read the rest of this entry �