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7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #642: Featuring David Ezra Stein

h1 Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Cover art
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Hush, Little Bunny (Balzer + Bray, January 2019), written and illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist David Ezra Stein, is a new take on a traditional lullaby. And as many classic lullabies do, it reminds children that their caretaker is there to protect, comfort, and nurture — unconditional love in its purest form. Here, we have a small rabbit with its father, who plays with, protects, guides, feeds, and amuses his child — all told in the same sing-song rhythms as the lullaby upon which it is based.

David visits 7-Imp today to share some of his process images, as well as final paintings from the book. This is a sunny, light-infused palette with many full-bleed spreads that invite readers into the natural world to explore with the creatures. I love to see the energetic lines of David’s work. Let’s get right to it so that the art can speak for itself, and I thank him for sharing. (And be sure to scroll down to see Bun Bun.)

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What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Daniel Egnéus

h1 Friday, June 14th, 2019

“When the sun rose, the peppered moths dozed on lichen-covered branches.
Silent, still, they hid.
Someone else was looking for food.
Who was the best hidden? Who would survive?”

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Over at Kirkus today, I’ve got a new book celebrating math by Spanish author-illustrator Miguel Tanco.

That is here.

* * *

Last week, I wrote here about Isabel Thomas’s Moth: An Evolution Story (Bloomsbury, June 2019), illustrated by Daniel Egnéus. Here today at 7-Imp are some spreads from the book.


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Sea Sirens

h1 Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Over at Chapter 16, I’ve got a review of Amy Chu’s graphic novel, Sea Sirens (Viking, June 2019), illustrated by Nashville art Janet K. Lee.

That is here, and here today at 7-Imp are some spreads from the book.


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7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #641: Featuring Ashley Bryan

h1 Sunday, June 9th, 2019

— From the poem “Kookoorookoo! Kookoorookoo!”
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Blooming Beneath the Sun (Caitlyn Dlouhy/Atheneum, April 2019), featured here today, evidently sprung from illustrator Ashley Bryan’s love of the work of 19th century British poet Christina Rossetti. Gathered in this cheery book are thirteen of her children’s poems, ones that primarily celebrate animals and nature. A couple of lesser-known poems, “Mother Shake the Cherry-Tree” and “Lie-a-Bed,” feature families (the latter illustrated with a woman who seems to be working magic on a child). Most of the poems are Rossetti’s most accessible, child-friendly, nursery rhyme-esque ones — such as, “Who Has Seen the Wind?” (included below).

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What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring K-Fai Steele

h1 Friday, June 7th, 2019

“‘Maybe it’s weird for you, but not for me. …'”

Over at Kirkus today, it’s moths and natural selection and adaptation and gorgeous art.

That is here.

* * *

Last week, I wrote here about K-Fai Steele’s first book as both author and illustrator — A Normal Pig (Balzer + Bray, June 2019). Today, K-Fai talks a bit about the book, shares some early sketches (and a couple of deleted scenes), and shares some final art from the book. I thank her for visiting.

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Bear Came Along

h1 Tuesday, June 4th, 2019


I’m sending you to the Horn Book’s site today for a review I wrote of Richard T. Morris’s Bear Came Along (Little, Brown, June 2019), illustrated by LeUyen Pham.

The review is here, if you’re so inclined to read it. It’s a mighty entertaining tale, this one.

Until later this week …

7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #640: Featuring
Up-and-Coming Illustrator Heidi Aubrey

h1 Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

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It’s the first Sunday of the month (hello, June), which means I’ve a visit from a student or newly-graduated illustrator. This morning, I’ve illustrator Heidi Aubrey. She studied at the ArtCenter College of Design and has just signed with an agent. Heidi sent along some art, as well as a bit about herself, and I thank her for sharing this morning.

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