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Note: The illustration at the top of this page was created specifically for 7-Imp
in July 2007 by illustrator Frank Dormer. Follow this link to see the image enlarged. Many thanks to Frank.

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Spread from WOW! SCHOOL! © 2007 by Robert Neubecker. Published by Hyperion. Posted with permission of illustrator. All rights reserved.

Please Note: For a long time, this page has needed some serious updating. I am many, many years behind on adding the list of illustrators and artists I have interviewed. Once I find Hermione’s Time-Turner, I hope to do so, but I doubt that will ever happen. For now, I leave this page up. If you are looking for a particular illustrator interview, please visit the search box on the right side of the blog template.

Note on Searching This Page: If you are looking for the work of one particular illustrator, please remember that he or she may appear in multiple spots on this page — such as, under the “Seven-Questions-Over-Breakfast Illustrator Interviews” portion of this page, as well as the last portion of the page. (Some people appear in three spots, and goodness, I’ve gotta fix that.) One day, I need to re-organize this (not to mention update the list — see note above) so that an illustrator’s name is listed once, followed by links (in just one spot) to where he or she’s visited the blog, but right now I just don’t have those hours in my day. One day … One day I will. For now, just be sure to do a “search” at this page for the illustrator you have in mind. Thank you thankyouverymuch.

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