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One Final Interview Before Breakfast:
Sophie Blackall on Farmhouse

h1 Monday, September 12th, 2022

Hey, imps. If you read my official farewell post from last week — in which I announced that I’m finally going to sit down for some breakfast (which is, delightfully, how Siân Gaetano put it on Instagram) — you may remember that I said I had one more post left. That is today’s post in which author-illustrator Sophie Blackall visits to talk about the making of Farmhouse (Little, Brown, September 2022), which I reviewed over at BookPage.

This book. It’s a thing of beauty. Thanks to Sophie for visiting and sharing so generously.

And thanks, once again, for reading all these years. I’ll be around, still reviewing for various publications. Because picture books are everything.

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One Impossible Farewell Before Breakfast

h1 Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

Hey there, dear 7-Imp readers. It’s been an immensely rewarding 16 years of blogging here at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (that makes the site downright elderly in blog years), but I’m here today to say I’m clearing the coffee mugs, wiping the table, and closing up the breakfast nook.

Blogging here at 7-Imp has always been a labor of love, my hobby on the side. But I find that I have simply run out of the bandwidth to post (and just keeping up with blog-related email became a lot like a full-time job). It has truly been a struggle lately to find the time. But honestly, I’m also interested in reclaiming some of that time, the hours that go into keeping up (what I hope have been) high-quality posts. There are other things I’d like to get back to doing, new things I want to try, and people I want to spend more time with. (Also, there are more books I want to read. Ironically, blogging about reading takes time away from reading.)

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7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #810: Featuring Sergio Ruzzier

h1 Sunday, September 4th, 2022

Hello from the past!

I’m drafting this post early in the week (last week, that is), because we’re off to take our oldest daughter to college. But I’ll be back on Sunday (today, that is). Pictured here is a work-in-progress image from one of my favorite illustrators, Sergio Ruzzier. Sergio says this is from an upcoming book he’s written, called The Real Story, which Abrams will publish in 2023.

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