A Short Entry (of Sorts) in my Holiday Round-up

h1 December 10th, 2007 by jules

It’s Sunday night, and I’m trying to talk about a book here, but I’m too distracted, playing around at the web site of The Poetry Foundation. And I found the short poem “Christmas Tree Lots” by Chris Green. It’s not exactly uplifting, so if you want such a thing right now, look elsewhere. But, even as someone who has a real, live tree currently in my living room (trying its best to stay alive with the water we give it), I really like this one — and I always like reading the other point-of-view. The entire poem is one huge metaphor that evokes sadness, but I can still appreciate the poet’s craft. It’d be almost pointless to put an excerpt. If you’re so inclined, you can read the entire thing here.

Consider this my late entry for Poetry Friday, since last Friday we were having too much fun chatting with MotherReader. Actually, I take it back: Poetry doesn’t have to be relegated to just Fridays. Enjoy.

P.S. My Web search of Chris Green took me here, “Hair Tips for Poets,” quite an enjoyable read. And I’m really intrigued, as this link also tells us that he has an anthology of poetry entitled The Sky Over Walgreens — 2007 even. How can you not love that title? I’ll have to explore this.

4 comments to “A Short Entry (of Sorts) in my Holiday Round-up”

  1. “Hair Tips for Poets” is brilliant. Thanks so much for the Monday morning jump start!

  2. Love the Christmas tree poem, even if it does send me into paroxysms of guilt…

  3. Yeah, Liz, but we could also write a counter-poem about the down sides of having artificial trees. Well, if I were a poet with an ounce of talent, I would. As it stands now, my attempts at poetry would frighten everyone.

  4. Somehow I doubt that, Jules. More like pithy and poignant, I’m betting. Give it a whirl…

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