The December Carnival of Children’s Literature
And Free Books and Such

h1 December 20th, 2007 by jules

Wait. Pssst. Before I get to these two short announcements . . . Did anyone else see yesterday that I am not the lucky winner of a Cow or Pig original painting by Jarrett J. Krosoczka in the Punk Farm Raffle? Bummer. But I’m happy for those who won, who seem to practically ALL LIVE IN THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS. HEY, UNFAIR! For serious, I’m happy for them, and all the money goes to two good causes. Apparently, the most tickets were bought for Cow and Pig (Pig was one I went after, since my almost-four-year-old daughter likes to walk around doing the RAY ROO and RAY REE that is Pig’s guitar-wailin’, so I guess the odds were stacked against me there). And, as it turns out, Cow is everyone’s very favorite; a whole slew, to be precise, of tickets were bought for her painting. It’s always cool to see such reverence for female drummers. BOOM CRASH. And, even though I didn’t win, it was worth it to watch the raffle of me losing, all for Jarrett’s cheesy game-show finger gun and wink at the close of his video.

The December Carnival of Children’s Literature is up at Big A, little a. Kelly Herold did a fine, fine job with it. The carnival this month is about biblio-gift-giving. Enjoy!

Also, Chronicle Books has announced two contests if you’re interested in trying to win some free books — or, bonus!, an author visit — for yourself or your classroom:

First is the Taro Gomi Squiggles & Doodles Creativity Contest. Here’s a bit of info on this contest: “Five Grand Prize Winners will be awarded a deluxe set of art materials, a limited edition print autographed by Taro Gomi, the Taro Gomi creativity collection of books from Chronicle Books, including Squiggles, Doodle All Year, and the phenomenally best-selling Doodles and Scribbles . . .” I’ve received a copy of Squiggles, and it’s pretty kickin’, very reminiscent of The Anti-Coloring Books of my childhood, as I mentioned previously at 7-Imp. Anyway, you or your child has to enter the contest if you wanna win, so go read all about it here.

The second contest is the Ivy & Bean Friendship Contest for elementary teachers and their classrooms in which you can win a school visit from author Annie Barrows (the Runner-Up will receive a classroom set of autographed books). Here’s the info. Very cool, especially for more financially-strapped schools.

Now, if you’re so inclined, go and try to win some free stuff for you or your child or your classroom or another random child who might be starving for some good-quality literature — and stuff to scribble and squiggle and doodle in, to boot.

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And Free Books and Such”

  1. Hey Jules! Thanks for playing! As it turns out, only 3 winers were from Mass. One of the winners was from Washington state, which when you’re under the studio lights and the pressures of hosting a game show, the abbreviation WA looks like MA (It doesn’t help that there is also a Winthrop, MA).

    It was a fun time and I appreciate everyone’s involvement!


  2. Happy to support two good causes, esp. since my children always want to hear those Punk Farm songs. And the whole thing was such a good idea — very fun.

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