7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #42

h1 December 23rd, 2007 by jules

Hi to all, and happy holidays! We’re not exactly listing kicks today, since it’s such a busy time of year. But for anyone who might have stopped by (and you’re still welcome to leave your kicks), here’s a 1915 illustration by Arthur Rackham, a bit of Charles Dickens in the spirit of the holidays. Since the Edwardian times featured rather prominently in my post from yesterday, I figured we’d quickly feature the man considered the leading decorative illustrator of the Edwardian period.

My big kick is that my family and I get to visit with Eisha and her husband today. I think I even get to meet her punkin’ head sugar britches nephew, whom she loves so. Happy happy and merry merry whatever-you-celebrate to all our readers and our 7 Kicks community. We’ll be on a holiday break for a while, but we’ll see you soon!

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  1. Wishing all a wonderful season of festivities. How fun is that Jules that your family and Eisha’s get to meet up over the holidays.
    My two weeks of vacation is beginning with bronchitis and being sick. Hopefully with rest today I will be good to go tomorrow and the next day.
    Good wishes all.

  2. Oh, Jone, feel better!

    Jules and Eisha, A big ol’ happy holiday to you and your families. Here’s hoping that 2008 is a year filled with much beauty and joy and slightly inappropriately-themed picture books for us to discuss.

  3. Have a great Christmas, J&E. Enjoy being together. My kick is seeing family and friends this week, too. OK, and Furlongs chocolates.

  4. Love the picture! I have the Rackham (new edition) and love it. My kick will be to re-read John Goodall’s An Edwardian Christmas while eating See’s chocolates, which I have to fetch. *Where* is my lady’s maid when I need her?

  5. Jone, oh no. Get better soon!

    Adrienne, we WILL do our book list in ’08. We will. We will. And it’ll be so fun.

    Jen and Candice and everyone, happy holidays!

  6. Oh I LOVE this picture! So much!

  7. Thanks, Erin. Happy holidays!

  8. Hey, all! B. and I made it to my mom’s safe, and Jules and her family did indeed come over yesterday. I hope the rest of you have something at least that awesome happen to you this holiday season. Feel better, Jone, and Happy Merry to everyone!

  9. It’s always so nice when you two actually get to be in the same room together. Have a wonderful time!

    Thanks for all your ridiculously hard work this year, blogging your fingers (and minds) off. Enjoy your break. Refresh yourselves–you deserve it!

  10. Happy Christmas, guys. Thanks for your wonderfulness!

  11. Happy holidays, everyone!

  12. Thanks for the Dicken’s illustration! I missed seeing the 1940s version of a Christmas Carol on TV this year. Dare I confess – the only book I knowingly stole from the library was a copy of a Christmas Carol – because it had such cool illustrations!

  13. Can I put in a late, but happy kick? I got a little notebook computer for Christmas and I’m so happy. Can’t entirely work it yet, but still happy.

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Thanks for a fun year at 7Imp, Jules and Eisha! We appreciate all the hard work you do to provide us with reading material.

  15. Have a wonderful New Year’s!

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