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h1 January 5th, 2008 by jules

Hey, everyone. Jules here. I just created a new page at the blog, one that lists the blogger interviews we have conducted thus far. It’s here. Why did I do this? Because, as I was thinking back on 2007, I remembered that our New Idea in ’07 was to do that blogger interview series, and so now we have a page that links to all the thrilling Q & As! And don’t think we won’t continue to add to it, ’cause boy howdy and howdy boy, there are lots of bloggers we still want to chat with and ask about their favorite sound and all that. True, we don’t read every blog in the kidlitosphere, but when we’re done chatting with the many folks left we want to cyber-visit, there’s always featuring new bloggers, too (as well as featuring those blogs that have been around a while and which we wish we had more time to read), which would also be fun.

It’s kinda neat to look at that page and re-visit some of those fun interviews.

I was going to tell you about my two New Ideas for ’08. I can’t help it. When January rolls around, I find myself wanting to launch something new here at 7-Imp. But my eyes are crossing from coding that new blogger interview page. But I can say this: Tomorrow one of our new features of sorts will be revealed. Maurice Sendak won’t be stopping by or anything (a gal can dream), but I am pretty excited about this New Idea for ’08. So, visit our kicks tomorrow to see what it is, if you’re so inclined.

Until then . . .

P.S. For the record, I also recently created a new page that compiles all our Author Interviews as well as Featured Illustrators.

P.S. It’s making me crazy to have a post without an image. Ah well.

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  1. Quite an impressive list. I like you having it all in one place, where I can find it if I need to know about someone (like before a conference or something) or reference an interview. Thanks!

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