Let’s Hear it for the Boys

h1 February 28th, 2008 by jules

Oh no! You can’t get that wretched mid-’80s song by Deniece Williams out of your head now? I’m sorry. (Mwahahahahahaha).

And I’ve never even seen “Footloose.” I’m a pop culture embarrassment.

Anyway, just a quick note to say that this summer will be the introduction of a new collaborative blog, designed specifically for teen males, and it’ll be called “Guys Lit Wire.” Kelly Fineman did a short and sweet post on this a few days ago, so why mess with perfection. Here’s what she wrote:

The mission of Guys Lit Wire is to recommend books to teenage boys. The goal? At least one post every Monday through Friday by different contributors, for which a stable of at least 21 bloggers will be required . . . I will be contributing monthly columns on poetry collections for guys (and yes, they do exist and many of them are great!) Others have signed on for other sorts of columns in other categories, but additional monthly contributors are needed in order for the blog to go forward. Categories as of now include book reviews, interviews, literary commentary, and more. If you have an interest in signing on as a regular columnist, please contact colleen @ chasingray dot com.

I have committed to once-a-month postings on picture books for guys. And oh no, snap snap, you better not be laughing. Okay, so I know it’ll be difficult, but I’ll do my best to appeal to the art-lovin’ teen males, using the more sophisticated picture books. Think Christopher Myers’ illustrations for Jabberwocky or the tale of contemporary urban violence in Smoky Night.

Anyway, that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. Contact Colleen if you’re interested in contributing. Here’s her informative post from yesterday, updating you on the entire venture.

P.S. I could be terribly wrong about this / my memory could be failing me miserably, but didn’t this all start here or here with Sara? Even if it didn’t, don’t miss those thought-provoking posts.

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  1. Yep, it totally started with Sara’s posts and has now practically taken on a life of its own…the internet is just like that sometimes, ya know?!

    Oh – and you haven’t seen Footloose?! Doesn’t that make you a bad American or something? ha!

  2. It probably does, Colleen. I’ve also never seen — are you ready for this? — “Ghostbusters.” My husband really shakes his head at that one.

  3. Jules, don’t feel bad. I never saw “Purple Rain”…wasn’t that one of the defining movies of our generation as well? Yep, never saw it!

  4. Haven’t seen that either, Tracy. But I did see “Under the Cherry Moon” — and MY GOD that’s a great CD!

  5. Jules, I love you, but that song, THAT SONG. I’ll be humming it until my brains start leaking out my ears.

    I also feel like you should seriously consider seeing Ghostbusters.

  6. I *do* wanna see “Ghostbusters.” In a big ‘ol way. My husband says it’s worth one’s time, as the ’80s classic it is. I’m sure it’s on sale for, like, 2 bucks at Sav-A-Lot (I just made that up — fill in the blank with your favorite mart….how ’bout Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart?), so I should just go get it already.

    I considered finding the Deniece Williams video on YouTube and linking it here, but that would have been a bit much, Adrienne, and then if it made you stop speaking to me altogether, I’d be sad.

  7. Okay, you have to see Footloose, and Ghostbusters and Purple Rain! (Purple Rain is amazing and it’s his life…and Apollonia jumps in a lake. It’s a classic in so many ways… 🙂

    You must also see Top Gun but it’s really hard now as you have to see Tom Cruise as who he WAS and not who he IS now. (It’s almost painful for me to watch that movie remembering back when he was normal.)

    Hmm and Goonies – gotta watch Goonies. And the Indiana Jones movies and the original Star Wars (not the current dreck).

    Maybe I should make a post of “all Americans must watch these movies!!!!”

    Eep – I seem to be overwhelmed by a need to get political these days! ha!

  8. Saw “Top Gun.” Never seen “Goonies” — not all the way through anyway, though I always loved the Cyndi-Lauper theme song. My husband shoots me EVIL, EVIL looks for this and doesn’t understand IN THE SLIGHTEST, but the two times during my life I’ve tried to watch Indiana Jones, I’ve fallen asleep.

    I know, I know. Blasphemy to so many. SOOOO many of my friends. I can’t explain it. I know the movie — and the ones that followed it — are considered amazing and kick-ass and historic and legendary, but I fall asleep each time. No, wait, the first time was when I was, like, ten and just walked out of the theatre in boredom (while my brothers were riveted to the screen), and I just wandered the lobby.

    There might be something wrong with me, I know.

    “Star Wars” — I’m covered. If I *hadn’t* seen all of these (dreck and otherwise), both my husband and Eisha’s husband would never speak to me again.

  9. Oh Jules…somewhere Harrison Ford is crying….

    I’ll have to check the Constitution but I don’t think you can become president if you don’t love Indiana Jones…it must be in the small print or something.


    Goonies rocks – my son just watched it for the first time (at age 6) and LOVED it!

  10. No, somewhere Harrison Ford is blowing a kiss to Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck. Hee hee (seen that video, Colleen?).

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