Brrrring… Brrrring…

h1 April 9th, 2008 by Eisha and Jules

post-itLate-Thursday addendum (because several people have asked): Here’s how our three guest-posts are organized over at Practically Paradise: Intro post about what 7-Imp does and why; Jules interviews Eisha (in which Eisha may or may not tell you about her robotic past); and Eisha interviews Jules (in which Jules may or may not reveal the secret to karate).


“Hello, you have reached Jules and Eisha at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. We can’t come to the blog right now because we’re guest blogging for Diane Chen at SLJ’s Practically Paradise. Our guest posts should go up sometime Wednesday and Thursday, April 9th and 10th. Please visit us there – we’ll be interviewing each other on stuff like the current kidlit scene, the joys and (literal) pains of blogging, and favorite moments from the last one-and-a half years of 7-Imp. Our regular blog will resume on Friday. Please leave a comment…”

eisha: Bleeaaarrrghhh!! Dude, I hate these. Did I sound okay? I think I went southern on “pains,” did you hear it? “Pay-eens…”

jules: Nah, it was… fine. Really.

eisha: What?… No, what?

jules: No, really, it was okay. Kind of… squeaky, maybe.

eisha: SQUEAKY??? Like in rubber ducky? Or like in Frohm? Do you mea–

jules: Hey, did you hit the button to make it stop recording?

eisha: CRAP! No! Which one?

jules: I think it’s thi–


8 comments to “Brrrring… Brrrring…”

  1. Heee!
    You guys are too cute.

  2. Jules & Eisha,

    Excellent job! I’m looking forward to reading your other post at SLJ tomorrow. You two are the greatest!!!

  3. Hello, this message is for Jules and Eisha. You two are simply delicious.
    That is all.

  4. Hi, if you’re there, pick up.

    I know you’re there. Please pick up.

    Mr. Luke Wilson for a Ms. Eisha Imp. Please pick up.

    Society for a Moratorium on Naming Kids Piper for a Ms. Jules Imp. Please pick up.


  5. Funny********I’m calling on SLJ today!

  6. Okay, so your “Sorry, we aren’t here” blurbs are entertaining, too! That some sick talent the two of you have. “Sick” meaning “incredible.” You know, like, “bad” means “good” and “hot” means “cool.”

    Ohhh, I give up. I’m going to reload your page to see if your back home yet.

  7. Oh, even the messages are hilarious! Though I kind of feel like I shouldn’t be listening…er…reading them!

  8. Hey! I’m just catching up on everything. But I’m here, and I’m reading.

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