7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #65: Featuring Up-and-Coming Illustrator, James Hindle

h1 June 1st, 2008 by Eisha and Jules

Jules: It seems like just yesterday that we started featuring student or newly-graduated illustrators at the beginning of each month here at 7-Imp, but it’s already June. JUNE, I tell ya! And this is our sixth one. Yeesh, before you know it, it’ll be December and snowing. Where does the time go?

And we’re happy that illustrator James Hindle agreed to share some art work with us. He sent us a handful of images, but how can we not open up with cupcakes? (And cupcake tattoos and a cupcake belt buckle, at that. Has Fuse, the self-proclaimed cupcake fanatic, considered these things?). This is “Bake Sale” from 2007. James, who lives in Massachusetts, has some more illustrations and comics featured at his web site, WorryStories.com, and here are some of the ilustrations he sent us for today’s feature (the first, untitled; the second, “Bed Head”; and the third, “The Tall Man,” all from 2007):

Untitled, 2007

Bed Head, 2007

The Tall Man, 2007

He also gave us free reign to choose whatever we’d like that we see at his site, and I just have to include Tailypo here. Anyone familiar with that old Appalachian piece of folklore might appreciate this one, which I found at James’ sketchbook page:

James has comics, dating back to ’04, at this page of his site and more illustrations featured here. He even, apparently, does an occasional painting. Can’t you just see some of James’ work in some YA novels, especially graphic novels? We thank him for taking the time to stop by 7-Imp today and letting us feature him. We also wish him the best of luck and hope to see lots more of his work in the future.

* * * * * * *

As a reminder, our weekly 7 Kicks list is the meeting ground for listing Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week — whether book-related or not — that happened to you (as well as featuring new artists like James). You — yes, you reading now — are more than welcome to leave your kicks from the week, whether you’ve ever done so before or not.

* * * * * * *

* * * eisha’s kicks * * *

1* I saw the most recent play my husband designed, and it was incredible. I Am My Own Wife is a one-man show about an actual person, Charlotte von Mahlsburg, an East German transvestite who managed to survive the Nazi and Communist regimes while collecting enough antique furniture to build a museum. It was totally fascinating, and the actor Vince Gatton was amazing. My husband’s set was pretty cool too.

2* We saw the new Indiana Jones movie, and Prince Caspian too. Both good, but I’m a little sad about some of the divergences from the book they did with Caspian.

3* The art this week is very cool. I love the girl with the book.

And I’m just gonna leave it at that. It was a good week, but fairly quiet, so not much to report. How ’bout you, Jules?

* * * Jules’ kicks * * *

1). I’m

2). taking

3). a

4). blog

5). break

6). this

7). week.

Yes, I’ll miss you all, but I really need to take some time off to just read. There are so very many fabulous-looking books, all rife with potential, sitting and waiting on me, twiddling their thumbs, staring at me expectantly…and I need to take a big honkin’ chunk of time and read them. In fact, I should probably take more than one week, but we’ll see if I can even last this long.

I blog about books, but I’ve been blogging too much and not reading enough. Yeah. Weird. I guess it’s all the interviews and picture book posts and illustrator features (which, to be sure, I enjoy tremendously). Those good-looking novels are about to give up on me, give me the middle finger and huff off, if I don’t attend to them. So, I’ll be back next Sunday (oh, and—for the record—I’m not speaking for Eisha here. She may post. This is Jules’ declaration here), and I wish everyone a good week.

What are your kicks this week?

26 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #65: Featuring Up-and-Coming Illustrator, James Hindle”

  1. I am glad that the girl reading from James’ website. i can see him illustrating graphic novels easily.
    Eisha, I want to see both those movies but not sure when I will get to it.
    Jules, I want a break to read endlessly, too.But I have to study for the final part of the national boards. A three hour exam on June 14th. 5 questions, 30 minutes to answer each.
    My kicks:
    1. The ever growing sign up list for the Kidlitosphere Blogging Conference.
    2. Signing up for the Oregon chapter of SCBWI.
    3. Engrossed in Emily of New Moon at Laini’s suggestion.
    4. First phone interview with author, Katie Davis and 5 students. Too bad the recording was inuadible.
    5. The school play will be performed tomorrow. Three fifth grade girls wrote it.
    Have a great week.

  2. I meant to say: I am glad you included the girl reading illustration from the website. I need more coffee.

  3. Happy Sunday and Happy June!

    Yes, very hard to fathom how fast time flies. I hope you ladies know you made my day with the cupcakes picture. I like how it surprised me — one doesn’t associate tatoos with cupcakes, kind of like a biker knitting baby booties or something. Eisha, so glad you loved the play and the movies! Jules, you more than deserve a blog break. Enjoy your reading!!

    Also been pretty quiet this week, but here are a few kicks:

    1. DH found a tiny adorable box turtle walking up our front walkway (shell about 1″ diameter).

    2. Went out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant yesterday, and had one of my favorites, oyako donburi.

    3. Recently saw “Infamous,” and really liked it. Actually I’m crazy for anything about Truman Capote or Harper Lee.

    4. Loved the interview with Kerry Madden! Her favorite word is “blueberry!”

    5. Just started reading Clementine’s Letter and liking it so far.

    Now, a moment of silence, please: my lemon herb plant has kicked the dirt.

    Have a good week!

  4. Mmmm. You had me at “cupcake tattoo”.

  5. These will be quick! I’m glad you’re taking some time off to read, Jules and I’m glad you got to go out and enjoy entertaining events, Eisha.

    1) Plants continue to thrive despite the cool weather out here. I need to plant more lettuce today.

    2) I’ve got nine public gigs, most of them booked through Third Place Books, leading up to December.

    3) Not so much a kick as a relief to see the end of a nasty cold/sore throat. If anyone has ideas for long-term remedies to protect against future sore throats, let me know them, please. All the hand-washing in the world still only goes so far.

    4) I found a black cardigan I can wear with just about anything. I used birthday money for it.

    5) I got to hang out with a friend and her kids yesterday after my gig yesterday (she babysat), and it had been a long, long time.

    Oh, gotta head out now! See you later….


  6. Jone, to be clear, this will not be an endless-reading break, though I’d love something like that. My reading is always very, very prone to interruption, with two wee kids, unless it’s after they’re asleep. This is why I don’t do MotherReader’s 48-hour Reading Challenges yet (I’m sure my husband would take the girls and go away for 48 hours, but that’d bum me out a bit). When they’re older….when they’re older…

    Anyway, but I will try to just stay away from all blogging this week when I normally blog but could be reading instead. Maybe I’ll actually finish ONE NOVEL! A novel concept, indeed.

    Good luck studying, Jone. And kudos on all the work you’re putting into the conference. You and Laini. And enjoy that play.

    Jama, sorry about your plant. Bummer. And I enjoyed that Kerry interview, too, but as I was just telling Eisha, she made that interview easy, ’cause she’s so blazingly cool. You know what my favorite part of that interview was? The answer to the Pearly-Gates question. I don’t even believe in actual Pearly Gates, but who doesn’t wanna hear “I love you” all the time?

    And, as I was just telling Jen Robinson yesterday, I gotsta read me those Clementine books already.

    Alkelda! HERE’S A KICK, EVERYONE: I needed to know how to sing a going-to-the-moon song for children for a story time I’ve volunteered to do at the public library here on Tuesday (Ronald McDonald cancelled on the summer reading program, and I’m stepping in — how could I say no to subbing for Ronald McDonald? Holy McRibs, keep him away from the mckids anyway to mcbegin with! Thank heavens I’ll be there, seriously. Even if I suck, anything’s better than Ronald)…..excuse the rant. Anyway, Alkelda and her devastatingly cute daughter MADE ME MY OWN VIDEO, singing the song for me, sitting in their home, demonstrating it, teaching me how to sing it, and saying, “Hello, Jules!” I have my VERY OWN Alkelda video. I feel so special.

    Anyway, as I was saying…Alkelda, congrats on all your gigs. Nine? Rock on, you.

    Thanks for visiting this morning, everyone. Have sunny, happy, prolific (or not — that’s okay, too) weeks.

  7. Jone, that’s so cool – I bet Katie Davis gives good interview. And I echo Jules in saying good luck on the boards exam. That sounds grueling!

    Jama, you have my deepest condolences over your plant. Alas! Some plants just are not meant for this world. But… I wanna see a picture of the tiny box turtle!

    Alkelda, I’m something of a black cardigan collector, and I applaud you for such a great find. Also, I wish I knew of anything to stop a sore throat from happening in the first place, but I gargle with salt water when I have them, and sometimes it helps. My mom has also suggested gargling with a mix of honey and vinegar, which I haven’t been brave enough to try.

  8. This week had a lot of suckitude, so I am extra-grateful for my 7-Imp jolt of positive today.

    Jules, Yay to reading! I love blogging, but there’s no doubt that it gets in the way of my other reading while also adding more titles to the list of things I want to read. It’s a conundrum.

    Eisha, Good companion piece for the Narnia film:

    Jama, I read Clementine’s Letter just this morning. Loved it!

    Alkelda, Way to go booking gigs *and* making videos!

    My kicks:
    1. I had a Memorial Day party at the house on Monday that went really well, partly because I relaxed a little bit and decided that it was okay that I didn’t get to vacuum the entire house before everyone arrived and that it was just fine to make my friends’ husbands drag the lawn chairs out of the shed. I get caught in that I-must-do-everything-and-I-must-do-it-all-by-myself thing. But people don’t care as long as there’s something good to eat, and there was plenty that was good to eat.
    2. But I did clean out the back gutter by myself. It needed to be done, and I always feel like such a grown-up when I clean the gutters.
    3. I got to go out to see the Sex and the City movie with my BFF on opening night. It was fun.
    4. My friend Jen who inconsiderately lives far away in NC was in town this weekend, so I got to hang out with her and her parents last night, which led to…
    5. Going to Udder Delights, one of my favorite places in the whole wide world that sells homemade ice cream. Here’s why it’s an extra-good kick: they closed last year because one of the owners had breast cancer and had to go through treatment, but she’s all done now and better and so they were able to reopen. She was there, and she looked so happy. Woo to that.
    6. This is kind of a pre-kick, but I was contacted this week about the possibility of going to do some homeschooling workshops in CA this winter, which is really exciting. I do not get over being surprised and pleased that anyone even asks me to do this sort of thing, and I think it will be fun if it works out. CA is a big homeschooling state, and I’ve been wanting to spend more time there.
    7. My BFF just called to tell me she’s bringing me a latte. She spoils me so.

  9. I wasn’t overly impressed with the new Indiana Jones, Eisha, but am hoping to see Prince Caspian while it’s still in the cinemas.

    Enjoy your blog holiday, Jules! I’ve been doing the opposite, lots of reading and not enough blogging.

    That box turtle sounds adorable Jama!

    Alkelda, I’ve been searching for a black cardigan (or even a light jacket) for weeks now and can’t find anything! Any hints?

    Good luck with the exam Jone!

    My list (for two weeks seeing as I didn’t make it here last week):

    1. We had a lovely last weekend with our houseguests and they arrived safely back in Australia.
    2. We went for a night walk at the reserve and got to dissect owl pellets first. My owl had eaten two voles and three shrews, greedy thing.
    3. The guide had a bat detector that picks up sonar so we saw lots of Pipistrelle bats. These are so small I originally thought they were moths that the bats were chasing! Very cute.
    4. The latest flowers to appear are foxgloves, which are popping up all over the place.
    5. We went bike shopping for my partner yesterday, and after gritting our teeth over spending more than we had originally wanted, found that the shop had last year’s model of the bike (the same bar the colour!) for 60 pounds less!
    6. I brought the bike home by train, and after deciding I needed a book to read on the journey found two great secondhand books in town for 50p each (it was a fifteen minute trip so obviously I didn’t need two, but it was for charity!)
    7. More asparagus feasting has included a yummy homemade asparagus, goat cheese and rocket pizza.

  10. Enjoy your blog break, Jules! I hope you get some wonderful reading done. Eisha, I love the girl with the book, too. But the cupcakes! Very cool. My kicks:

    1. I second Jone’s kick of appreciating the ever-growing list of sign-ups for the Kidlitosphere conference (I have no organizational role, but I’m planning to attend, and so I’m thrilled that other people are attending too).
    2. I’m also excited about the blogger events that Betsy/Fuse and Susan/Wizards Wirelss have put together for the upcoming ALA conference.
    3. I got an exercise bike this week, and I’ve ridden for 50 minutes or more for each of the last three days. I’ve needed this for a while, because I had to stop walking due to a knee injury, and it feels great to be doing SOMETHING about being out of shape.
    4. The Celtics are in the NBA playoffs, for the first time in practically forever. And I got to go to a Red Sox game last weekend when they were in Oakland, thanks to my friend Cory, who got us tickets.
    5. I’ve just started three weeks with no trips and no guests, which is basically an eternity relative to my life this year. Not that the guests aren’t enjoyable when they come, but I’m kind of looking forward to some time for the BH and myself, and some time to work on the blog. I’m already catching up a tiny bit on reviews.
    6. I’m all set for next weekend’s 48 Hour Book Challenge. I’m hoping to take Friday off from work (though my work doesn’t always cooperate with such plans), to start early.

    Hmmm … seems like most of my kicks are more along the lines of looking forward, rather than things that actually happened already. But considering I’m generally a bit of a pessimist, that’s not such a bad thing.

  11. I’m not usually on the computer much on the weekends to join in the 7-kicks fun, but I always enjoy the posts when it pops up in my reader on Mondays. And since I’m stuck sitting in front of a computer this afternoon with a sleeping baby on my lap, I thought I’d add my kicks for once 🙂

    – It is an absolutely gorgeous day, and earlier we put the baby in the bjorn and walked up to a restaurant for lunch.
    – The baby was very well behaved while we ate. Our waitress was suitably impressed with her adorableness.
    – Now she’s sleeping!
    – Also, I’ve become obsessed with etsy.com. There are so many creative and talented people out there. It’s so inspiring!

  12. Adrienne, that’s great about the owner of the ice cream shop. I bet that made the ice cream taste even better. Congrats on that workshop request, and I hope that latte was good. I’m glad you stopped by to list kicks.

    Emmaco, mmm to that pizza. Glad you had fun with your houseguests, and I didn’t realize there could be bats that small.

    Jen, congrats on the exercise bike and for using it, more importantly, ’cause we got one and it’s collecting dust. Seeing as how I really need to get in shape, too, I’ve gotta do something about that. Hope you get an early start on that 48-Hour Book Challenge after all….(oh, and you know what? I’m a pessimist at heart, too. I think some people might be surprised by that. Not my husband. He hears the worst of it. It’s not a fun way to be either. I’m jealous of the optimists of the world.)

    Mindy, HI!! So good to see you here and read that the baby’s doing great. Yay for wee babes who will stay calm and let you eat out in peace!

  13. P.S. Adrienne, speaking of McSweeney’s….as I was telling Eisha recently, there’s a reference to children’s librarians who read McSweeney’s in the movie “Juno” (actually, I think it was people who read McSweeney’s who want to be children’s librarians). Did you see that film? That part made me laugh outloud and, well….think of a lot of my friends.

  14. I loved Juno. I went to see it with the other children’s librarian who I work with and I was all hitting him after that one, as we are both children’s librarians with a fondness for McSweeney’s. I think there was also something about playing the cello, which I don’t do. Sadly.

  15. Eisha, to see your husband’s work on stage–what a thrill. I can’t even begin to imagine the work and creative muscle involved in designing a production. Wow.

    Jules, a whole week to read! That’s as good as cupcakes. (Love that picture!) I’m watching my daughter build a bookcase as I type this. She’s moving into her new place, and I’m helping, and yes, there’s a bit of internet, so I stopped in to see Kicks. Woo-hoo to all good things this week! Now, back to helping—I don’t build things, but I can unwrap, and I have a large van, good for hauling things. And I brought chocolate bread. I feel like a good Mom.

  16. adrienne, thanks for the McSweeney’s link – that’s hilarious. And I’m glad your party went off so well.

    emmaco, I also covet your pizza. Although the owl pellet thing almost put me off it.

    Jen, congrats on finally getting some home time. And good luck on the reading challenge.

    Mindy, how lovely for you to join us! I’m also glad that the baby is doing well – and behaving well, too!

  17. Sara, you’re an EXCELLENT mom. Chocolate bread! I’m calling you next time I move.

  18. Ditto re: girl + book picture = awesome. Go Jamie.

    Eisha: Kudos to your husband! That sounds like an intriguing show. Best of luck to all involved.

    Enjoy your break, Jules!

    My kicks for the week:
    1) Making phone calls which needed to be made
    2) Getting things fixed
    3) Walking
    4) Writing
    5) Indulging a little bit
    6) Cocoa
    7) Hydration

  19. Ok… I’m going to give this list of seven a try for the first time.

    1.) James Hindle being featured here. Sign em up now, publishers! I think he’s got a real good handle on the “young adult, coming of age” vibe.
    2.) Being inside Books of Wonder for the first time ever.
    3.) Having my nephew giving me a quarter for my birthday.
    4.) Getting public engagements out of the way! Always make me nervous.
    5.) The season finale of Lost, which is kind of a bummer too.
    6.) Hearing the details from friends who got to go to the BEA.
    7.) James Hindle being featured on 7 imp!

    Have a good rest Jules, and congrats to your husband’s set design Eisha! How cool is that?

  20. Emmaco: My one hint is that, when you find that cardigan, pay the money if you can. I’ve tried sewing a cardigan, and getting the fabric to drape right is HARD, plus there are all those fitted segments that look so simple when you wear them but again, are hard to make. When you find the black cardigan you’ve been waiting for, recognize the pearl of great price for what it is. (Okay, I know Jesus wasn’t talking about cardigans when he told the parable of the Pearl of Great Price… maybe the cardigan is the Garnet of Significant Indulgent Spendiness).

  21. Yes, Sara, with chocolate bread, you can’t go wrong.

    Little Willow, cocoa. Mmm.

    Kelly, thanks for visiting!

    Alkelda, I wore a black cardigan to work every day at my most recent school library job. One of the teachers started referring to it as my uniform. You’re right — One just has to have a good, black cardigan.

  22. Alkelda, those are wise words indeed 🙂

  23. Jules, the key to using the bike for me so far (and I’m only up to 5 days in a row of using it, so we’ll see what happens) is to offer myself entertainment. If I watch something on TV that’s entertaining enough to keep my attention (say, the Grey’s Anatomy finale), then I can do it. I’d like to listen to books on MP3, but I’m not sure if that will be diversion enough, with sitting in one place. We’ll see….

    The good thing about being a pessimist is that you’re rarely disappointed because something turned out worse than expected.

    Eisha, it is so so great to have some home time. Though I find it’s slipping away rapidly.

  24. Man, we wish we’d thought of cupcake belts. Love the post, love the site!

  25. Why had I never heard of chocolate bread before? Is it more of a sliced bread that tastes like chocolate, or does it have the consistency/dessert-esque air of cake?

    LW, bread fan

  26. LW, it’s from the Great Harvest Bread Company. They call it a “tea loaf.” Soft, like banana bread. There might be a store near you. http://greatharvest.findlocation.com/search.aspx

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