Edward vs. Jacob: The Great Twilight Debate
(featuring Eisha and Dana in the first ever
7-Imp Smackdown)

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Seriously, people, do not even look below this line if you haven’t read the books but think you might someday. Spoilers abound, and we make no apology for it. How could we have a proper debate otherwise? Right? Anyway.

* * * * * * *

Breaking Dawn.Since my abduction into the Twilight cult a couple of months ago by my friend Dana Koster, I have frequently commented here on the way this series of books has taken over my life. I know I’m not alone. As Dana put it at her blog, there’s something about “the characters and the intensity of the relationships between them” that makes for very compelling reading. Compelling in the same way that, say, crack is compelling to some people.

The particular relationship that elicits our obsession the most would have to be the complicated love triangle that has formed between our mortal heroine Bella, her vampire boyfriend Edward, and her werewolf best friend Jacob. When last we saw them [SEE, SPOILERS STARTING ALREADY. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN, TWILIGHT VIRGINS], at the end of Eclipse, Bella and Edward were engaged, with Bella having convinced him to turn her vampy after the honeymoon. Jacob, having confessed his love MANY TIMES and been ultimately, but sorrowfully, spurned by a very conflicted Bella, was wolfing it off into the hills, contemplating a future gone feral.

The fourth, and (sorta maybe) final book of the series, Breaking Dawn, is due to be released in a very few days. Dana and I have already reserved our copies for the local big chain bookstore’s release party* (look, she even found thematically appropriate earrings!) and are looking forward to devouring it next weekend, and then finally getting our lives back. But in the meantime, we keep getting into discussions (arguments) about what we want to happen in BD and which man (ahem) Bella should end up with – she’s firmly in Jacob’s camp, while I’m an Edward girl. Since the second edition of Eclipse comes with iron-ons so that readers can publicly declare their loyalty to Team Edward or Team Jacob, we obviously aren’t the only ones discussing (obsessing over) this issue. I mean, look at the response Robin got when she asked about it. So, I suggested we bring it to the blog in the form of a public debate, and see what happens.

(*Apologies, but I tried to reserve it at the local indie and they didn’t seem to understand that I needed it precisely at midnight on its official release date. I ordered something less urgent from them to atone, okay?)

* * * * * * *

New Moon (book 2)eisha (representing Team Edward): It seems almost superfluous for me to even have to state a position here, since Team Edward is SO OBVIOUSLY GOING TO WIN. I mean, hello, did you read New Moon? Bella CANNOT live without Edward. It has been scientifically proven, what with all her abdominal pain and needing to fall off motorcycles and cliffs to hear his disembodied voice in her head and all. It would be the highest of follies for Meyer to put us through reading about what losing Edward does to Bella, and then make us go through it again. Will not happen.

dana (representing Team Jacob): But that’s exactly the point! Love isn’t supposed to kill you and leave you broken, it’s supposed to raise you up and make you happy and not, you know, crush your identity. True Love is great and all, but is it really True Love when your boyfriend won’t let you see your friends? I mean, controlling much? At least with Jacob, Bella has an identity. She’s hurt, but she’s her own person. She has her own interests, she can see who she wants – she’s not a tiny moon orbiting Planet Edward, she’s just… her.

eisha: No, see, LOVE didn’t do that to her, LOSING LOVE did. And after a bit, Edward DID stop trying to keep Bella from seeing Jacob and the other werewolves, because he saw how much it was hurting her. He truly does want her to be happy, and says many times that if she truly prefers Jacob he’ll get out of the way. Jacob, however, never stopped trying to manipulate her into loving him back. To the point of threatening to let the bad vampires rip him up just to get a kiss out of her. To the point of near-date-rape-type assault.

Eclipse (book 3)dana: But I think Jacob has a good point at the end of Eclipse – just because Bella can’t see Edward manipulating her doesn’t mean he’s not doing it. It actually just means he’s better at it, and more dangerous. Jacob is kind of a stupid oaf. He loves Bella and he wants her to realize something he knew all along: that she loves him, too. And so he kisses her like the big blockhead he is. At his heart, though, he’s completely transparent. Edward is always thinking and scheming and I’m not so sure he does want Bella to be happy – I think he just wants her. Is the impending wedding making Bella happy? No, not so much. In fact, it’s a great example of Edward manipulating Bella into doing something she doesn’t want to do. And marriage is a lot more permanent and serious than a stolen kiss!

eisha: I get what you’re saying about Jacob being young and impulsive and therefore not having a lot of finesse in his approach, and maybe deserving a little slack for that. But I honestly don’t think Edward is being manipulative. Example A: Yeah, he worked out a COMPROMISE (not the same thing as manipulation) to get Bella to marry him, but he tried to take it back when he thought it was making her unhappy. And he is really, truly worried about her soul. Example B: That quote from Wuthering Heights that Meyer throws in there, when Heathcliff says:

“And there you see the distinctions between our feelings: had he been in my place and I in his, though I hated him with a hatred that turned my life to gall, I never would have raised a hand against him. You may look incredulous, if you please! I never would have banished him from her society as long as she desired his. The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out, and drank his blood! But, till then—if you don’t believe me, you don’t know me—till then, I would have died by inches before I touched a single hair of his head!”

Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.Meyer doesn’t pitch these literary allusions around lightly – in fact, she specifically refers to one of literature’s great romantic couples in each of the three novels so far. In this particular example, we’re meant to see a direct parallel in Edward’s feelings for Bella, and his desire for her to be happy even when it’s in direct conflict with what he would wish.

Which brings me to another point. Allusions create a sort of shorthand of meaning for the reader, and I think Meyer’s primary purpose in referring to 1.) Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in Twilight (it’s brief, but it’s there), 2.) Romeo and Juliet in New Moon, and 3.) Heathcliff and Catherine in Eclipse is to hammer home for us that Edward and Bella have that sort of timeless, indestructable bond that transcends logic and sense and whatever tragedies are left in its wake. Whether you think Meyer succeeds in convincing us of that… well, that’s another issue. But I think that’s what we’re intended to believe: Edward and Bella are Meant For Each Other.

dana: Yes, I do agree that Edward + Bella = True Love by Stephenie Meyer’s definition. I guess I’m more in the Barthes “Death of the Author” camp – it’s not, to me, about authorial intention, but rather about an objective examination of the characters. And yes, I did just bring Barthes into a discussion on Twilight. I am such a freaking English nerd.

Ultimately, I want what’s best for Bella, which is to say: I want what’s healthiest for her, not what will make her the happiest. Jacob’s really on to something at the end of Eclipse when he describes Edward as an addiction:

“[Edward] is like a drug to you, Bella… I see that you can’t live without him now. It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun.”

Heroin makes heroin addicts happy, in the short run, but it isn’t what’s best for them, and the same is true for Bella. I want to see her on a path that’s not destructive, a path where she doesn’t have to give up her humanity and her sense of self. Isn’t that too much for anyone to give up, especially for another person? And she loves Jacob – it’s not like she just thinks of him as a friend, she really and truly loves him.

eisha: Edward is hot.

dana: Jacob is hotter! His temperature is 109, remember?!

eisha: Dana. Please. I’m not talking about actual physical temperature. I’m saying, dude is HOT. Like, surface-of-the-sun hot. Like, supernova-in-hell hot. In fact, for the remainder of this debate, I will be referring to Edward as The Hotness. As in, what makes The Hotness so very hot is the sense of his barely-restrained passion for Bella that simmers throughout the series. Every time she and The Hotness have physical contact, the reader feels it too. Jacob’s messy attempts at overpowering Bella with his lust – meh. But The Hotness is really, truly sexy.

dana: Granted, my statement was definitely an example of equivocation, but both definitions of hot apply! Jacob is all big and burly and good with motorcyles and alive. The very fact that his blood can boil for Bella, that he and she could reasonably be intimate with each other because they’re both living, breathing creatures is important! I mean, doesn’t sex have to be possible before someone can be sexy? Plus, Edward’s cold in both senses, too: he’s aloof and standoffish, at times, and he’s physically cold to the touch. Maybe I’ve spent too long living in Upstate New York, but dude, keep your cold-as-hell hands away from me.

eisha: Hmm, aloof and standoffish… who does that remind me of? What other smolderingly-hot character came across as cold and snobbish before the heroine really got to know him, which made it all the more intense when his reserve finally broke?

MR. DARCY! Yeah, baby - THAT’S what I’m talking about.(Hint: MR. DARCY.)

I think the forbidden/maybe-even-impossible nature of Bella having a physical relationship with The Hotness makes it even more intriguing. There’s nothing hotter than a guy who seems unattainable. Especially when he actually does pick your fragile pathetic mortal self out of the crowd. And if she gets her way and becomes a vamp too, then her hands will be just as cold, so it’s all good.

So, okay, personal preference aside, who do you think Bella will actually end up with in Breaking Dawn?

dana: Wait, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who’s unattainable? I didn’t get that memo. I think someone [cough*Eisha*cough] has a bad boy fetish! Personally, I think Bella should pick Jacob because a relationship with him wouldn’t be co-dependent and all-consuming. I don’t doubt that Bella and Edward have a deep love of one another – I just think it’s borderline abusive, I guess.

And I’m not ballsy enough to stand up and say: Jacob will end up with Bella! Or: Edward! Or: Mike Newton! (Okay, it probably won’t be the last one.) I’m not sure I even know what the happiest ending would be. Can’t Bella just split herself into two people and be with both of them and everyone lives happily ever after? No? Damnit.

Maybe the unpredictability of Stephenie Meyer’s work is part of what makes it so wonderful. There have certainly been moments where the direction of the plot seemed obvious (seriously Bella? It took you THAT LONG to figure out Jacob’s secret?), but the surprising moments heavily outweigh the predictable ones. I think that’s why I’m salivating so hard for Breaking Dawn – I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I like that. I sort of feel like she could do anything.

So, here’s my prediction: they all die in a train wreck. Some of them are standing on the station, some of them are on the train, and then: BOOM! Everyone’s in Narnia. Wait, crap, that’s not the right series at all. What do you think’s going to happen, E?

eisha: Bella will finally realize she doesn’t have to become a vampire to be immortal if she can just find the Sorcerer’s Stone… No, sorry.

I totally agree with you, D – this series has been full of surprises, and I expect no less from Breaking Dawn. That said, though… I do think that we’ve come too far with Bella and Edward for them not to end up together. Yeah, she says that she loves Jacob too, and could have been happy with him IF there had never been an Edward. But, obviously, there has. And actually, Meyer has provided a potential happy ending for Jacob, too, in that whole werewolf-imprinting-thing. Maybe he’ll lope on up to Denali and imprint on a vampire – that would be kinda beautiful, don’tcha think?

As for how, exactly, Bella and Edward will be together – I’m not sure. I do think she could end up a vampire – I don’t think Meyer is above doing that to get a happily-ever-after.

Or, how ’bout this for a wack-ass theory: maybe Carlisle has been working for the past 400 years on a vampire cure, and he’ll have a little eureka with it just before the wedding. Then Edward can be human again, and they live normally ever after.

Yeah, I don’t really think so either.

dana: I’ve heard a lot of people say they think Bella will become a vampire in this book, but I’m not so sure. The stories are all from her point of view, and I can’t imagine she’d have much more to say beyond “can’t talk, bloodthirsty” in her first few years as a vampire. If she does become one, though, it’ll have to be at the end of the book, or there will need to be a jump in time, at the very least. Maybe both. I think the allure of these books for me was always the impossible love between human and… not-human. I guess Bella’s change could be the justification for ending the story here.

Still, she obviously needs to ditch the bloodsucker and marry Jacob and have werewolf dinner parties and little black-haired babies. OBVIOUSLY.

* * * * * * *

Alas, it seems we aren’t going to come to a consensus here. But it was fun. Thanks, Dana, for bringing your mad English Nerd skillz to this debate.

What about you, Dear Reader? Do you have a vote? A prediction? We’d love to hear it.

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(featuring Eisha and Dana in the first ever
7-Imp Smackdown)”

  1. Now see, I haven’t even read these books, but I still read this (’cause I don’t mind spoilers and how could I not read it?)….

    And, Dana, well….there could be three imps here, ya know? I’m just sayin’. Right now, I can think of at least one other three-gal blog whose ranks we could join. ‘Cause that was just fun as hell to read and, as Eisha noted, 7-Imp’s first official smackdown of any sort. I think you should consider yourself an Honorary Imp and come on and post already ANY ‘OL TIME YOU WANT.

  2. OK, I’ll play, I think I’m on team Jacob–sort of–but I also feel as if I’d rather not have a team. That is, I’d rather Bella end up on her own, or with a human being (!) than with either of these guys, who are both manipulative and controlling, if you ask me. Yes, Jacob’s young and impetuous and that excuses a lot, and yes, Edward’s older and wiser and that excuses a lot (um, maybe), but in the end they both do things–watch her all night, mess with her engine, force an unwanted kiss, etc. –that I find more than a little unsettling. Still, Jacob seems more honest, so marginally more appealing.

    Eisha, I’m intrigued by those literary allusions, too, especially because (if I remember right) Edward explicitly rejects Heathcliff/Cathy, saying they have no redeeming qualities and shouldn’t be ranked w/R&J or Elizabeth & Darcy. And in bk. 3 he makes fun of Romeo as well. I’m intrigued by the way Meyer weaves this suspicion of “true romance” into her very romantic novels. (I’d also note that R&J and Heathcliff & Cathy come to such sad ends that if they are models for Twilight, Bella’s not going to come out on top…)

    Does anyone else think that somehow Bella’s accident-prone nature is going to mean something important, eventually? Like, that she *can’t* be converted to vampirism, or something? I would really hate for it just to be a way to allow Edward to “save” her over and over again…

  3. Oh, ladies! I love this! Be sure to check out Entertainment Weekly’s website today- Stephenie is revealing a spoiler for Breaking Dawn! (Not to worry, I couldn’t resist and the spoiler was something I already knew was going to happen). But I am anxiously awaiting Saturday and have already informed my boyfriend he will need to leave me alone while I read “my” book. 😉

    Sarah, who is so very TEAM EDWARD!

  4. Jules, I think we’ve never had a 7-Imp Smackdown before because you and I usually agree. If you ever do read these, I’ll be interested to see whose side you’ll choose.

    Libby, hmm. You make good points – and I’ve also been unsettled by some of Edward’s creepier tendencies. But I can’t agree that he’s less honest than Jacob – not after the whole “I’ll just run off into battle and not come back” business.

    I have wondered what the significance of her accident-prone-ness might be in terms of becoming a vampire. I had thought maybe she’d somehow retain it, and be the only clumsy vampire in existence, which would be funny.

    Go, Sarah! I’ve been turning down all engagements for next weekend, too.

  5. Early on, when it was just Twilight, Meyer had a snippet on her website that was about after Bella had been changed into a vampire. Authors can change their minds, but Meyer has said that she’s known from the beginning how it was going to end. Jacob was originally never meant to be anything more than a MacGuffin in order for Bella to find out about the Cold Ones.

    That said, I’m with Libby. Instead of having to choose, how about neither of them? Ha ha. I don’t think that’s even an option for Meyer. And really, I think we’d be disappointed as readers if she didn’t choose. We want things for the people we love in real life that we don’t necessarily want in our fiction.

    I remember how intense and passionate love as a teenager can be, but love like that does become all-consuming, like flames. Adults have the advantage of having lived longer and therefore have found more perspective, which is maddening, because they don’t get much of a say in how their children love. Sometimes my mom would get so frustrated with me that she’d say, “Fine, have it your way.” It’s just too exhausting to argue after awhile. And that’s how I feel about Bella too.

    In Sense and Sensibility, the character of Marianne nearly dies after Willoughby spurns her. She wallows in grief and despair, and then walks out into a rainstorm. After she contracts an illness in which she almost dies, she admits to her older sister, Elinor, that had she died, it would have been akin to suicide. I can’t help but wonder if this is what Bella is doing too.

  6. That was vastly entertaining. I’ll be pointing my teens to it, so they can both howl at Dana’s viewpoint. They are nearly rabid for the next book to come out. and will be out for blood if they don’t get their copies early on Saturday. (All werewolf and vampire puns intentional.)

  7. Jules – oh, man, thanks for the offer! I’m totally flattered! Unfortunately I actually keep three blogs already. This wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t also a poet/fiction writer, and tend to shirk those responsibilities for the internet waaaay too often. But I may take you up on this at some point, and since Eisha lives downstairs from me, she’ll be continuing to hear my mouthy opinions for a while. Future smackdowns are highly likely.

    And Sarah, rargh spoilers! Of COURSE I went and read them, and of COURSE they would not go my way. I didn’t really expect anything different, though. I’ll just sit here and cry a silent tear, I guess. *tear*

  8. Ditto what Libby and Alkelda said: none of the above, please! If I have to choose, I’m on Team Jacob, but hello, there are more than two guys in the world! Bella should spend a few years single and/or playing the field as she develops her own interests and self-reliance. Currently, she’s one of the most tedious characters I’ve ever met, and it’s because her entire life revolves around Edward. She’s not in love, she’s an addict. She needs major help.

  9. Alkelda, that is very interesting to know. And yeah, I was the same way – every boyfriend I had in high school was THE ONE… until the next one. Plus, good call on the Sense & Sensibility parallel – that souns a LOT like Bella in New Moon.

    Dana, I predict at least one smackdown this coming weekend. Probably Sunday afternoonish. Maybe we should just go ahead and plan for it, maybe get some dessert or something to celebrate the triumph of Team Edward.

    I’m ignoring those EW spoilers. Not gonna look. I had to quit looking at Stephenie Meyer’s website because she keeps posting different dialogue quotes from BD every day.

    Lisa, dang, that’s harsh. But sorta true – I do sometimes wonder what all these guys see in Bella. But like Alkelda said, I’m much more willing to roll with it in a book than I would in real life.

  10. Eisha, one of the interesting things about the first book was how surprised Bella was that all these guys were taking an interest in her. I loved the whole “why me?” thing at the beginning, and am kind of sorry that seems to have been lost. Of course Alkelda’s right that she’ll have to end up with someone, though–that’s the Austen, rather than the R&J or Wuthering Heights, influence, right?

    I can see I’ll have to get my copy of Breaking Dawn on Saturday so I can keep up with the discussion! I’m not much for midnight book parties, but I can still hit the bookstore pretty early… (I’m ignoring the spoilers, too!)

  11. “…maybe get some dessert or something to celebrate the triumph of Team Edward.”

    Them’s fightin’ words, Eisha!

  12. Right, Libby – and that’s one of the things that makes me curious to read Midnight Sun, the version of Twilight from Edward’s point of view that Meyer is working on next. It will be interesting to see what she’s like from the outside.

    Dana – you, me, hallway, 5 minutes. You may be a foot taller than me, and actually know what the inside of a gym looks like, but I have the righteous power of The Hotness on my side.

  13. There is no doubt in my mind that Bella will end up with Edward in Breaking Dawn, but I really, really wish she’d pick Jacob. Because he is clearly the better choice.

    Don’t get me wrong – I loved Edward in Twilight. But by the end of Eclipse, I was totally in Jacob’s corner. I mean, it’s pretty obvious why Bella loves Edward (he’s hot. And perfect. And hot.), but I don’t think Stephenie has really done a good job of showing why Edward loves Bella. “Her blood is maddeningly intoxicating to him” just doesn’t cut it for me. Jacob truly loves Bella for who she is, not because of some quasi-mystical quality she has. Also, he is warm and snuggly, not cold and marble-like, even if he doesn’t sparkle.

    And I must say, the Heahtcliff/Cathy comparison doesn’t help the case for Edward, IMHO, because Heathcliff and Cathy are two of the most wretched characters in all of literature. I like Wuthering Heights as a novel, but as a love story? No way.

  14. Um, yes, what Alison said. I second all of that – I definitely don’t harbor delusions that Bella is going to end up with Jacob, but I certainly do like that he loves her for who she is, and that he has a human body. mmm, human body.

    Ahem, anyway, agreed on the Heathcliff/Cathy stuff, too. It’s not really a relationship to strive for. I think the Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy angle is a much stronger case for their love.

  15. Oh, I agree about the Heathcliff/Cathy bit. I don’t think Meyer was holding them up as an example for all of us to follow – but when you hear the phrase Wuthering Heights, don’t you automatically think “passionate, undying, impossible love”? Don’t you picture Heathcliff brooding around on the moors, raging that he can’t have Cathy? And I totally admit that I haven’t read the book in many, many years, but I did have the impression that they both might have been better people if they’d been able to be together. Am I off on that?

    And Kellly, I totally typed this in my brain earlier, but it didn’t materialize in the comment, but: wicked punny. And I’m glad to know your teens are on my team. Which is the team of Goodness, Truth, and Light.

  16. Ooh, forgot to mention: one thing about Bella that might explain Edward’s feelings for her is the fact that he can’t read her mind. I mean, really, can you imagine being able to hear every thought of the person you’re in love with? Or being the person who knows that he/she can hear all your thoughts? Might be why he’s never been attracted to anyone before Bella.

  17. I am still not done with book number three (I’m halfway there though, and, well, I skipped ahead to see how it ends because it was that or call in sick to work today, which really wasn’t much of an option as I had a program with over fifty kids registered this morning), and I still can’t side with Edward. Jacob is clearly getting ready to do yet another dumb thing, but I totally get where he’s coming from, and I really can’t get over the whole Edward being dead thing. Being dead is seriously not hot, and the way Edward so smugly always thinks he knows what’s best isn’t hot, either.

    This whole connecting Bella and Edward to other famous literary couples is interesting, but it’s also totally inconsistent. I mean, Elizabeth and Darcy develop what ultimately seems like a healthy relationship–equals deciding to build a life together–but neither Heathcliff and Cathy NOR Romeo and Juliet have anything like healthy relationships. They have obsessions that destroy everyone involved in the relationships, including relatively innocent bystanders. Bella’s relationship with Jacob is less gross, on account of he’s alive (and, I’m sorry, WAY more fun–HELLO motorcycles and cliff-jumping), but that’s no Darcy and Elizabeth relationship, either. Bella’s relationship with Edward, though? TOTALLY of the Heathcliff and Cathy/Romeo and Juliet variety. I don’t doubt that Bella and Edward are going to wind up together, but I do think Bella would have been better off having herself a nice little fling with Jacob and that if Meyer makes a consequence-free happily-ever-after for Bella and Edward, she is not paying enough attention to her own allusions. I don’t *want* to see bad things happen to Bella, but I really don’t see how things can wind up happy, either. I dunno. Maybe I’m just a cynic. In any case, I’ll be in line this weekend, too….

  18. *gasp!* You skipped ahead?

    I don’t think Bella and Edward’s union will be without consequence. She’s already had to go through the Jacob thing, and is facing being cut off from her family and everyone else she knows. But like she says at the end of Eclipse (which I guess you know since you SKIPPED AHEAD), she knows who she can’t live without.

  19. Something that is rather telling is how Meyer has said in a number of interviews that Edward is the perfect guy. Someone pointed out that Edward was sneaking into Bella’s room at night, and Meyer pointed out that Edward didn’t DO anything, ergo he’s the perfect guy.

    More like a perfect tease, that’s what! (Where’s the blow-a-raspberry button/icon when I need it?)

  20. This is why I don’t like Edward: because he’s so perfect. Every time Bella’s around him, all she can think about it how perfect he is, AND HOW INFERIOR SHE IS TO HIM.
    Whereas Jacob actually makes her feel good about herself.

    I can see how being with a perfect guy would make you feel constantly imperfect. I wouldn’t want to be with a perfect guy for that very reason. I want to be with someone who has faults, who has moments of weakness, who has their “inferior” moments – in short, someone I can relate to.

    I heart Jacob.

  21. Miss Erin: I totally see where you’re coming from, but at the same time, “he’s too perfect” is kind of a bad reason to break up with someone. It’s like poising your fork over a completely decadent and free piece of cake, but not eating it because it’s “too delicious.” I mean, I understand the impulse, in theory, but in practice: I want me some of that cake.

    That said, I don’t think Edward is actually perfect, no matter with Stephanie Meyer says. That’s interesting, though, Alkelda, I definitely didn’t realize that she was writing him as perfect, even if Bella sees him that way.

  22. I don’t know a single kid/teen in the Jacob camp. Even my boy readers last school year were all about Edward. And my money is on Edward, too. And even though I read Eclipse pretty fast and a while back, I thought this was already decided.

  23. Alkelda, I try not to think too hard about the Edward-sneaking-into-her-room-just-to-watch-her business. Not just because it’s creepy and stalkerish (which, yeah, it is), but I think it’s actually kind of stupid. Who, WHO, could just sit in someone else’s room and watch them sleep for hours every night? He’d have to be BORED OUT OF HIS MIND, even if he is fascinated by her and by his own unprecedented attraction to her. Seems like he’d at least bring a book.

    Sometimes, thinking about Edward & Jacob – how they behave toward Bella, how she responds to it – I get a little worried about Stephenie Meyer.

    Miss Erin, that’s one reason I was happy to see her rebelling against him in Eclipse by sneaking off to see Jacob. And he’s admitted a couple of times to being wrong and/or having made mistakes – like, when he left her in New Moon. Jacob was able to really upset him by reminding him how much pain he caused Bella. And he was jealous and petty in his treatment of Jacob, too. I think Bella brings out the flaws, ergo the humanity, in him; and the reader sees it even if she doesn’t.

    Amy S., you’d think so, but look at all these people chiming in for Team Jacob! While obviously I agree with you, I don’t think Jacob has gone away for good. If you read the first chapter of BD in the special edition of Eclipse, you see that Bella’s really worried about Jacob. I think that as long as Bella is still human and unmarried, and/or Jacob is still alive, that relationship is going to factor in Breaking Dawn.

  24. Oh, and Dana: mmm, cake.

  25. Eisha–“Seems like he’d at least bring a book?” You slay me! That has got to be the best response EVER in regard to this series.

  26. Simply put: TEAM JACOB

  27. theres no debate

    team Edward!

  28. pls Edward is so fine and they are so good together

  29. Team Edward all the way!

  30. There is no debate on what should happen. Bella has chosen Edward. Yes of course she would be just as good with Jacob, but he was to late. Also, either way Bella could have been hurt. Edward left her because he didn’t want to hurt her. He could have killed her, with a finger. Jacob could have crushed her in a second, and he could imprint on their honeymoon. Bella, has cursed herself. She’s locked in an everlasting doom of betrayals, heart breaks, and danger.

  31. I obviously think that Bella and Edward are going to live happily and forever, but like I feel bad for Jacob. Like, he’s tried so hard to tell her that he loves her, but she doesnt get through to him. Personally, I’d rather be with Edward. He takes care of her, he makes her fall alseep with his lullaby, like hes just too perfect. She’d be lucky to have him. I wish I had him myself. Too bad for Bella being in a love triangle.

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