7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #76: Featuring Eisha’s Birthday!

h1 August 17th, 2008 by jules

Welcome to 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks, where we invite everyone to share Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week—whether book-related or not—that happened to you. And we feature some lovely illustrations. Today is special:



You knew I’d use a marquee tag for that, right?

I’m throwing you a birthday tea party (with apologies to Sir John Tenniel):

Eisha, thanks for being my BFFABBBE — that’s Best Friend Forever And Best Blog Buddy Ever (expressed in my best fifth-grader manner)! And that’s BFF since…well, wow, for about seventeen years now. And my BBBE for two.

Here we are — Then and Now:

This is an old photo I found. It has to be….let’s see….circa 1993 or ’94? We were at a Nashville (or Knoxville?) bus station. Here are my burning questions:

  • Why did we have a stranger stop and take a pic of us at a bus station?
  • Who is that guy behind you and will he be pissed at me for putting his picture on the Web?
  • Why didn’t you talk me out of wearing leggings? These ladies would have fun with me (if I were, uh, famous).

Us, last year at the Chicago kidlit blogger conference thingy…

Also, as you know, we always celebrate our birthdays here at 7-Imp, and it’s getting more challenging each year to find a special way to surprise you. But I thought of something I wanted to try for an online birthday surprise, and my technologically-savvy husband actually made it a reality. I found this old video of us, and he managed to take it from its home on an old VHS tape and get it online. This involved moving the VCR and attaching it to my computer somehow, and it involved cables and wires and such whose functions were beyond me. When he transferred it over to YouTube so that I could share it with you, things got a bit funky. As you’ll see when you watch it, when we move our mouths, it looks like they’re getting eaten by the computer screen. But this was the best we could do, not to mention I can also email you, Eisha, the original .wmv file (where things are very clear, all pre-transfer-to-YouTube).

This video may be funny to only us, but by way of explanation to our dear 7-Imp readers: Back in college (meaning that this was also circa ’93 or ’94) there was this student programming event in which some video-making gig showed up. You could dress up, pick a song, and pretend to make a video. And it probably goes without saying that Eisha and I were kinda surly about it, since people around us were being WAY too enthusiastic about it all and making videos to things like Whitney Houston songs. Let’s just say we were feeling a bit contrary about the entire affair. (But, really, it was the early ‘90s, and how much can one person take of Whitney’s “How Will I Know”?) But then we decided to make a video after all when it occurred to us that we could do one of Mike Myers’ terribly funny (as in, terrible yet funny) beat poems from the movie So I Married An Axe Murderer.

The one we lip-synced was called “This Poem Sucks.” I like how we evidently felt that beat poets should have cigarettes, and so we rolled up some paper and made some that are unrealistically and entirely too big. Eisha’s on the left in this Grammy-nominated performance, and the two friends in the middle…well, they shall be unnamed, since a) we’ve lost touch with them, unfortunately, and b) they could sue me for this, right? I dunno. Weak laugh.

So, here’s the video, Eisha, for your birthday: A big ‘ol trip down memory lane (there’s some static and stutter at the beginning, but hang in there):


One more little gift: I know you love Adam Rex’s books and his all-around awesome-ness, and I don’t know if you’ve seen his new Frankenstein book yet. So, I asked him if I could post this image from that book today; Adam said sure and asked if it was because you’re a vegetarian or a lycanthrope. As far as I know, you’re just the former — but also a librarian, of course, and a Rex fan and, again, I just thought you might get a kick out of it:

(I think it should be a purchase-able bumper sticker like this one.)

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EISHA! I hope it’s a great one!

* * * * * * *

I wasn’t going to list my kicks (and Eisha felt weird leaving hers in a separate draft-post, which I had asked her to do so that she wouldn’t see my surprise), but we want others to list their kicks, as usual. ‘Cause, seriously, if we don’t get to read your weekly kicks, it bums us out. We look forward to them that much. So maybe my kicks will encourage you to leave yours along with birthday wishes.

Also, please join me tomorrow when I will feature today’s scheduled illustrator. She graciously let me re-schedule, since I didn’t want to distract from her illustrations with our partying down. So here are my kicks…

1). Eisha’s birthday! I’m very grateful for her friendship. You know that friend with whom you can share things you can’t tell others? And you like so much of the same stuff that you can maybe finish each other’s sentences sometimes? Or with whom you can share, say, a really sick joke or something totally goofy and she will laugh right along with you? And she’s probably the only other person you know who would laugh as hard as you’re laughing? Yup, that’s her.

2). Fudge pie (my idea, but my husband—the better baker in our home—carried it through).

3). Re-discovering the PERFECT “Figure 8” by Elliott Smith, a CD I wore out in 2000. I’ve been listening to it all week.

4). Chronicle Books released a promotional video for Suzy Lee’s Wave.

5). My interview with Suzy Lee and some other 7-Imp interviews we have lined up in the near future.

6). The excellent taste the author of this book has. It’s called 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, and the bottom of the book’s cover lists some “essential music.” It totally says “Sam Phillips, Fan Dance“…Yes, fine print does matter.

7). The other pictures of Eisha at her birthday tea party. I also have my husband to thank for photo-shopping her face in for me. I figured she should be Alice, but she could also be the Mad Hatter or the March Hare (with even more apologies to Tenniel).

This, to be sure, is overkill, but I’m having trouble comin’ up with a seventh kick that’s not about how cute and fun I think my kids are:

What are your kicks this week?

61 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #76: Featuring Eisha’s Birthday!”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EISHA!!! What a great birthday post. I like her as the March Hare the best, BTW. And that video is too funny.

    Did I tell you I had a dream about Adam Rex? He was visiting my school and I had to make all the arrangements. It was an anxiety-about-going-back-to-school dream but he was funny and everyone loved him.

    My kicks:

    1. Bluberry pancakes
    2. I got my signed ARC of “life is a verb” by Patti Digh in the mail. I’m loving it.
    3.My six year old son Buddy passed the 100 sight word mark. He is so excited to count up his word cards every night!
    4. Buddy brought his summer reading list of books to the bank and they gave him $35 in a new savings account. Combined with his birthday money he is a rich man.
    5.Then we went to the book store with another list of books read and they gave him a free book. This reading stuff really pays off!
    6. Mary Hunt quoted me and posted a photo of one of my quilts. She is my hero. http://www.moneyrulesdebtstinks.com/?p=370
    7. The weather has been perfect this week. Sunny and not too hot. We have breakfast or lunch in the sun room every day and delightful naps in the early afternoon. Every day is a treasure.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EISHA!!! Here’s to good friends!

    Jules, three cheers for your husband!

    My Kicks

    1. Preparing foods for and looking forward to our trip to Maine. You can see pictures of the beautiful place where we’re staying at this post at Wild Rose Reader.

    2. Two of our closest friends–whom we’ve known for nearly 50 years–joined us here on Westport Island on Friday.

    3. Two more old friends will be coming today.

    4. We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Boothay Harbor last night. My husband had the crab chowder for an appetizer–to die for…and I had the filet mignon with gorgonzola sauce for an entree. It was sooooooo good.

    5. This morning we’ll have pancakes with my homemade blueberry sauce–and tonight we’ll have boiled lobster.

    6. We’ve had some clouds and just a little rain since we arrived–otherwise, the weather has been gorgeous.

    7. Spending time with great people who have been our close friends for decades.

  3. Happy Birthday, Eisha! I second Jules’s Grammy nomination for your performance. You totally rock that black outfit and the attitude. And jules, I think the static and stutter is the perfect intro…gives it that rough edge, you know? 🙂

    Kicks this week include:

    -finally getting to curl up with Tanita’s book, A La Carte. She writes about beets! And gingerbread! Now if only I could steal her from Scotland to make those recipes for me.

    -memorizing Shakespeare. I felt brain dead at first, but the old gray cells pulled through.

    -Thai food for lunch with a new writer friend.

    -my roommate at SCBWI LA sold her first book!!

    -a long-time friend of ours takes command of a fighter wing in Alaska tomorrow

    -twenty-four years tomorrow, baby! That’s how long since I said the best “yes” of my life, to my husband on a very hot August night at 8:00 pm in a chapel on Langley Air Force Base. The bridesmaids wore mauve (very 80’s) and we danced to the Tennessee Waltz afterwards.

  4. OH MY GOD.

    I have literally been trying to type a response for five minutes but I keep busting up lauging. Serious, tears are streaming down my face here.

    Jules, I am so touched, and honored, and amazed at how many different ways to embarrass me you worked into this one post. You’re complaining about your leggings? Aren’t those the overalls I stole from our theatre’s costume shop? I look exactly like someone who LIVES in that bus station. What would the fuggers say about that?

    I love you so much. Seriously. Thanks for the funniest birthday ever.

    cloudscome, congrats to Buddy and the 6-year-old for their reading accomplishments.

    Elaine, glad you’re having such a lovely time in Maine.

    Sara, are you in a play? Or just memorizing Shakespeare for fun? Either way, that’s awesome. And 24 years! Major congrats! Here’s to the next 24 and beyond.

  5. Oh, also, I should mention that I’m on my way out to Massachusetts this morning to pick up my husband from his summer theatre gig. So I’ll be away from the computer most of the day, but I can’t wait to read everyone’s kicks when I get back.

  6. […]                 Happy Birthday, Eisha!  […]

  7. Andi, congrats on that quilt shout-out. I can’t wait to see the things you’ll create (assuming you post all kinds of pics, which I hope you do). Seven cheers for Buddy, too. And blueberry pancakes. Between you and Elaine, I’ve decided what to have for breakfast this morning. Three guesses….

    Elaine, can I live with you? You all eat so well and know how to live it up. I went and read your post and promptly drooled. So glad you’re going to this beautiful home on the coast in Maine and that you’ve had good times with friends. Nothing beats that.

    Sara, happy upcoming anniversary! I still haven’t cracked Tanita’s book, but if she writes about beets, I’ll have to hurry (“the beet is the most intense of all vegetables” — Jitterbug Perfume — did I get that quote right?). And congrats to your roommate!

    And, yes, Sara….Eisha rocks the bad beat poetry, doesn’t she? If anyone’s interested, there’s another from the movie, ’cause I’m sorry, his righteous, Deep Poet look at the very end as he’s blowing out the candle cracks me up. I’ll attach it below.
    (I had the biggest comedy crush on Mike Myers in high school, during his SNL years.)

    Eisha, so glad you’re surprised. Party party party party, as Elephant & Piggie would say…

    Jone, OLORDAMERCY that virtual cake looks deliciable (as my daughter would say).

  8. P.S. Sara, I LOVE that you danced to The Tennessee Waltz after you said your vows.

  9. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Eisha. I hope today is full of feel-good things for you, and that you have a lot of fun. I hope, too, that you celebrate you.

  10. Ohhhh, and Jules and Eisha–your video is funny and neat! I enjoyed it.

  11. Happy Birthday Eisha.. I left you a nibble here: http://maclibrary.edublogs.org/2008/08/17/a-happy-birthday-shout-out-to-eisha-at-7-imp/
    Jules, what a wonderful tribute. I do not think we can ever express enough gratitutde to our firends. I recently talked about my college friends here: http://deowriter.wordpress.com/2008/08/02/upon-reading-a-book/.
    My kicks:
    1. Getting to almost 50 titles for the “Top 100 Poetry Books” for a school library in such a short time.
    2. The farmers’ markets. Fresh marrionberries, peaches, flowers, and art. Chuck and I went to two yesterday. Fabulous.
    3, Moving my Deo Writer blog to wordpress in a “be brave” moment. The plan is to add a page for my (gulp) handcrafted jewelry to purchase.
    4. Naps, the kind where you fall asleep with book in hand.
    5. Growing list of those coming to the conference.
    6. The conference logo and other items for purchase created by both Laini and Jim: http://www.cafepress.com/kidlit08. Especially love the response to some cranky writings about adults reading kidlit lately.
    Have a great week.

  12. Happy birthday, Eisha! :o)

  13. Hey, Eisha, happy birthday! My own birthday was two days ago. Hear us Leos roar … meow! Okay, not quite a roar, but I haven’t had my first cup of tea this morning.

    Hope you have a great one.

  14. Stolen from my favorite Hallmark card:


    (I’m sure you can imagine how cute the illustration was…)

  15. Aw, Ruth, that is one of my favorites as well the Hippo Birdie…

  16. OMG! SCREAM!!

    Happy Birthday, Eisha!!

    This is the coolest birthday post EVER. LOVE the video, Jules’ leggings, and Eisha’s overalls. I think I like Eisha as Alice best. Hey, I know. Let’s send this post to Peter Tork! 🙂

    Happy Anniversary, Sara. Tennessee Waltz is indeed the perfect song for you two. And have fun in Maine, Elaine. Don’t you just love that? Maine Elaine? Elaine in Maine?

    My kicks:

    1. Jules and Eisha, Eisha and Jules. Friendship is everything, and yours is so inspiring.

    2. Had lunch with a writer friend. Delish curried chicken salad sandwich with raisin bread.

    3. Saw Mr. Donnelly, the groundhog, after not having seen him for months. He stood up on his hind legs and surveyed his domain. Then he waddled along.

    4. Watched Little Willow’s interviews on Readergirlz TV. Did I know she was so young? It was such a kick to see her at last!

    5. Watched “Ratatouille” as part of my research.

    6. I’ve become addicted to Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. I didn’t realize before that it was a makeover show. Love seeing all those British restaurants and pubs.

    7. I have a brave thing this week!! Drum roll, please . . . I killed a giant spider! Because we’re in the woods, we get a lot of HUGE insects. The spiders are the scariest. I came up the stairs one night, and there he was on the top landing. Gargantuan. At least 4″ in diameter and furry. Thick legs, not the type you could swipe up with some kleenex. I froze in place. Couldn’t scream for my DH because he wasn’t home. I stood there contemplating what I could hit the monster with. Backed downstairs slowly and got my heavy duty fly swatter. Tiptoed up, he was still there. Said a few hail marys (I’m not even Catholic) and swatted to save my life. Thanks to my 7-Imp Spartan shield, I’m here to tell about it today.

    Happy Sunday, Have a great week, Happy Birthday, Eisha, SCREAM!

  17. Hurray and Happy, Happy! Hope you have the best birthday ever, Eisha!

    Last week was rather a blur, so I don’t know how I can extract 7 kicks without taking a month to do so. Instead, I shall look forward to the week ahead and start my list here:

    1. Friendship – the kind that is so clearly shared by the lovely ladies of 7-imps. It makes the world a warmer place (but in a way that Al Gore would like.)

    Here’s to many fabulous future birthdays and fabulous future birthday posts!

    Andrea & Carolyn & Julia – the Three Silly Chicks

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday! Sounds like the day and the year ahead are off to a fantabulous start. My kicks

    1. Watching my daughter master the waves and body surf

    2. Watching my daughter & husband laugh like crazy when the ocean “ate us up, Mommy”

    3. Riding the waves as a family.

    4. Lightning over the ocean

    5. Sleeping in late and having the coffee ready.

    6. Reading a book just for fun.

    7. The Olympics.

  19. Happy birthday, Eisha!

    And woo hoo to Jules and her husband for that video. I had to watch it twice. It makes me want to watch So I Married an Axe Murderer for the 1000th time.

    What a fun Sunday to come back to. I’ve been on vacation, so I missed Brian Pinkney and the kicks last week. My week has been very kicky:
    1. First, I first spent a few days in Boston.
    2. While in Boston, I shopped.
    3. And visited friends.
    4. And went on a Duck Tour.
    5. Then I went to Cape Cod for a few days.
    6. While in Cape Cod, I pretty much did nothing, aside from go to the Edward Gorey house, which was awesome. (Did you know Edward Gorey was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan? He was, and this makes him just that much cooler.)
    7. As if all that vacationy goodness wasn’t enough, this morning Susan from Wizards Wireless (http://wizardswireless.blogspot.com/) is in town for a wedding today, so I got to have a nice leisurely breakfast with her and her husband this morning. Great conversation, great coffee, great food. Perfect cap to a great week.

  20. Thanks Cheryl, Tarie, Anne, Ruth, Andrea, silly chicks, and everyone for partying down with us.

    Jone, I missed your kicks earlier, though I did see your yummy post for E. Congrats on the poetry kick — I just went back and added a comment that we must not forget ANYthing by Naomi Shihab Nye. And congrats on your brave-ness. I look forward to seeing your jewelry.

    Jama, aw thanks for kick #1. And I totally get your spider moment. This is how I am with adult-sized roaches. Like, I start to hyperventilate and almost pass out, and I entirely understand the courage it takes to try to get a spider like you saw or the kind of roaches that I occasionally ran across in this house when we first moved in. You described it well. The freezing up, the trying to work up the courage to get it. Oh lordy. Anyway, woo hoo you did it!

    Terry, sounds like you all had a blast at the ocean. And kick #5? One of the simple (and most fabulous) pleasures of life, yes?

    Adrienne, I’m glad your trip was so great — and that you got to see Susan. I covet your trip to the Edward Gorey house.

  21. P.S. Seriously? Leggings with nothing over them. A sweater. A leather jacket. Why didn’t someone slap some sartorial sense into me? And, E, I don’t remember where you got the overalls, but they’re great…And, ooo ooo, those Chinese cloth flat slippers you’re wearing in that pic that I also used to wear all the time? I couldn’t find them for yeeeeeears and FOUND SOME YESTERDAY! Woot! But I digress…

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EISHA! Hope you had a great day, though I’m sure seeing that old photo must have ensured it – it’s so cute! (although why is it in black and white? Did you edit it to make it seem older and the fashion justifiable, Jules?)

    That video was great, though I kept wondering why your bongo playing friend couldn’t dig up some black pants.

    Elaine, the place in Maine looks lovely and your list of food you’re taking very yummy.

    Jama I am quite fond of insects but appreciate the bravery you showed anyway!

    1. We saw David Attenborough give a talk last night!
    He was fantastic. And then there was a book signing!

    2. I wasn’t overly impressed with a new choc-chip pecan cookie recipe I tried out but everyone enjoyed them! I guess you can’t go too wrong with chocolates and pecans.

    3. Lots of chores done like dropping my lovely bicycle off for a service (it’s been making grindy sounds when I change gears, eek).

    4. New winter pansies have brightened up the backyard. Speaking of which, a rogue pansy has joined the sunflower in the gravel – my not weeding is justified in spades!

    5. I have spent the week organising a holiday in September, and have found some affordable places to stay and some great places to visit! (well I think I have, wait until my kicks in September and we’ll see!). It was tiring but fun, sometimes I think I am a frustrated travel agent at heart.

    6. I have been missing drinking sparkling wine with my sisters, so bought a mini bottle for myself and enjoyed it with fruit and cheese and crackers in the backyard this afternoon.

    7. We have house guests arriving tomorrow and the house is looking very neat!

  23. Happy Birthday, Eisha! Love the tea party pictures. And love seeing the whole celebration of friendship in this post. And Happy Anniversary to Sara, too. And Happy Birthday, Anne. My birthday was actually this weekend, too. So there’s a bit of a children’s book bloggers who are Leos thing going around. And really that, and the celebration of friendship that I see here, are enough kicks for one week. But I also got to read a lot.

    Wishing everyone a great week!

  24. Emmaco, the photo is actually black and white. Go figure. It was Eisha’s camera, I believe. I altered the photo in no way. Though I guess I should make it perfectly clear that I DID alter the Tenniel images.


    And I have been wanting to track down the bongo-playing friend for years, so once I find him already, I’ll ask him about his pants for you.

    Chocolate chip pecan cookies sound great to me. I’d take some if I were there…

    As usual, your kicks, Emmaco, are kickin’. Yay for rogue pansies…


  25. Oh my God, I wish I could have included that overall picture with my overall post earlier this week. Amazing. Amazing!

    And that video is perfect. You do realize that your fake cigarettes look more like gigantic joints, right?

    Happy birthday, Eisha!

  26. Easily the best online birthday message I’ve ever seen. (And likely to be one my 7 Kicks for the coming week.) The two of you are just amazing. Happy b-day, Eisha!

    Video: Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Ferlinghetti must be sitting around on their cloud and feeling rather (as the expression goes) gobsmacked. Like, Huh? Was THAT what we started?!? 🙂

    Some kicks:

    1. Becoming resigned to the fact that we (apparently inescapably) now have a Yorkie.

    2. Spent a lot of dull but important time yesterday on writing-career-management. Feeling virtuous is always a kick.

    3. Smelling the pulled-pork cooking in the crockpot.

    4. Haven’t seen a second of the Olympics. But I have gotten a kick out of how excited people are about it, especially in a not-too-nationalistic way.

    5. Finally relented and tried a new beer which cost, like, $12 for a FOUR-pack — and it was love at first sip.

  27. P.S. Forgot:

    6. The knighting of the penguin.

  28. eisha:
    Happy birthday to you,
    My computer says I don’t have Flash even though I do,
    And won’t let me send a Hallmark card to you,
    Happy birthday to you!

    e&j: The picture and the questions it prompts = good writing exercises. Could be the start of a funny story or something more sinister. (Think of bus/train station happenings in Acceleration or Jumping the Cracks!)

    I admire and envy your long-time friendship.

    The video is cracking me up. I saw that movie once on TV, while I was up late doing homework, I think, so I wasn’t really watching it. “WHOA! MAN!” was said by some folks I knew. Also, because it must be said, Anthony LaPaglia is always awesome.

    Adam Rex has just earned points with me for the TOFILLAGER.

    Happy anniversary, Sara and Spouse!

    Jes: Yes to the knighting of the penguin. Go Scotland!

    My kicks for the week:
    1) TCM’s Gene Kelly movie marathon today (which could be ALL of the kicks, and turns, and twists – Oh, how I wish I had worked with him!)
    2) Securing new websites and clients
    3) Updating sites
    4) Getting through crazy-busy workdays
    5) Nudging someone who is supposed to be helpful
    6) Sleeping for eight hours one night
    7) Ranting and crying and getting it OUT

    Gene Kelly is now singing about dig, dig, digging for your dinner and mentioning groceries, which I was about to go acquire, but I don’t want to leave my house when Gene Kelly is on my TV.

  29. P.P.S. Was just down cleaning up the kitchen when I suddenly thought You knucklehead — you just wished happy birthday to a sweet vegetarian and then in the next breath rhapsodized about cooking meat…!

    I’m sorry, Eisha!

    (And Jules, if you’re moderating before E. gets back, feel free to deep-six the whole rotten matter. Including this!

  30. Happy Birthday, Eisha! What a fabulous post!

    Coming up with kicks, though I’m not sure it will be 7–

    1) we found out we don’t need a new bathroom floor (though we do need an exterminator for the -ick!- termites)
    2) I got an email from the publicist at Penguin for *Paper Towns* who read my post in which I complained about not getting an ARC. One’s in the mail. Yay blogging!
    3) and I got a bunch of books from Bloomsbury and have enjoyed the first two. It may be a while before I get to the rest, though, because:
    4) one syllabus down, one to go. classes start in eight days.
    5) began two new knitting projects that are both fun and complicated.
    6) a very bad situation with a sort-of-no-longer friend got much better this week. ’nuff said, but I’m glad it’s over.
    7) the Olympics. I love me some televised sports, especially ones I don’t normally see. Team handball, anyone?

  31. Cheryl, thanks!

    jone, that cake looks ridiculously good. Do you know how much I love blackberries? THIS MUCH.

    Thanks to Tarie, Anne and Ruth. And Anne: Happy Birthday, and GO, LEOS!!! ROWRR!

    jama, yay! I’d been worried about Mr. Donnelly, you hadn’t mentioned him in so long. And your be-brave moment impressed the hell out of me. NO WAY could I swat a 4-inch thick-legged spider. WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION? HA-OOH! HA-OOH!

    Thanks, Andrea & Co. Friendship is a worthy kick, indeed.

    Terry, you just made me want to go to the beach so bad. Lightning over the ocean? Awesome.

    adrienne, so glad you did the Duck Tour! I loved taking our visitors on that when we lived in Cambridge.

    emmaco, I think it’s black and white because I was pretentious. And in no way can you go wrong with chocolate and pecans.

    Jen, GO LEOS (again)!!! And Happy Birthday! We three should have had a virtual party!

    Dana, I don’t know what to tell you. Please don’t judge. I was young and… evidently homeless.

    JES, puh-leeze. I live with a man who can eat an entire sashimi party boat by himself, I think I can handle a little reference to pork. Besides, it’s your kick, I’m not here to judge. I’m curious about the beer, though – what is it? Any beer that’s worth $4 a bottle must be MAGIC.

    Little Willow, I know! I’m totally gonna get a Tofillager for next Thanksgiving. Yay for Gene Kelly movies – he was indeed a formidable talent. Like yourself.

  32. Libby! Sorry, we were posting at the same time. I’m glad you got some goodness going with your not-quite-friend. And that you’re getting Paper Towns.

    I’m just gonna complain too. I haven’t gotten a copy. Penguin? Hello? Hook me up!

  33. Happy happy birthday Eisha!!

    That video was simply AWESOME! Eisha, you were so rockin’ the attitude with your fake cigartte as you stepped up to begin. It was just great.
    So I Married an Axe Murder is one of the best seriously silly movies ever, right up there with Three Amigos.

    That video and Jules’ birthday tribute have to be my first kick of the week – just wonderful.

    And its been an odd week, so no numbers for me this time. But I tried a new recipe today – zucchini and raisin muffins made with zucchini from my garden – yum! Smittenkitchen strikes again with another can’t miss recipe.

    Its been 100 degrees here 3 days in a row, so having air conditioning in one room has been heaven.

    Jury duty was fun and a breeze, and although I didn’t get called up for a jury panel, I did finish Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan, and it was wonderful. It had bits that made me laugh out loud, and it is not exactly a comic novel. His writing is very precise and very real.

    We’re supposed to get a thunderstorm tonight – that would be lovely after all the heat.

    Again, happy birthday Eisha! And Jules – Bravo! What a wonderful birthday surprise to give a friend! Have a great week!

  34. Long time lurker, first time poster! I am a devoted fan of this website, and not just because my husband went to graduate school at UT with Jules’ hubbie, and we have enjoyed visiting with them and their girls (it’s been a while, Jules). I haven’t contributed before because as wonderful as being a SAHM is, there is not a lot to write about when living in small town Tennessee with a distinct lack of things to do. But finally, I have seven kicks to post because:
    1) I have a new job! I am a reference librarian for the local community college. My first professional position after getting my MS in Information Science at UT. YAy!
    2) My new job! I have been there two weeks and I am loving it. My colleagues are so wonderful and everyone I have met on campus is super friendly.
    3) My eldest, Cy, just turned 4 and it was the best birthday so far. Every gift was gratefully received and he is having a whale of a time playing with garbage trucks and tools.
    4) My youngest, Ruby, has mastered the art of sitting up by herself, and at 7 months, is not far off from crawling.
    5) My husband made a compilation CD for Ruby, featuring 12 songs with Ruby in the title, by such wonders as Jerry Lee Lewis (“Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby”), Rolling Stones (“Ruby Tuesday”) and my personal favorite, “Ravishing Ruby” by Tom T. Hall. He also included a bunch of songs expressing his love for his baby girl, such as “The Best is Yet to Come” by Tony Bennett and “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers. I almost cried when I listened to it. Who knew I married such a sap?
    6) I finally finished “Breaking Dawn”. Like Eisha, I’m a little disappointed, but glad to know what all the fuss is about. The Twilight series is worth the hype.
    7) Emmaco’s weekly 7 kicks from England. As an English ex-pat who can’t get home as often as I would like, I love reading about home and how much you are enjoying yourself over there.

    Wow, this is a long post. I promise not to ramble so much next time.

  35. Eisha: “Whew” he says re: the vegetarian near-faux-pas.

    The beer: Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA (“India Pale Ale”). (But there’s nothing pale about it. I mean, not Guinness-dark, but I wouldn’t want to drive looking through a glass of it!) I love the brewery’s slogan: “Off-centered stuff for off-centered people.”

  36. Happy birthday! I appreciated the video. I remember that for a fund0raising carnival in college, one dorm had the make yer own video feature, and let me tell you, if we weren’t sick of “Ice, Ice Baby” at the beginning of the evening, we definitely were by the end. It was a good idea to have the cigarettes be extra large so that they would actually show up. Hey, in the Ring opera cycle, the ring is always much, much bigger than one would wear in real life.

    Then again, I’ve seen some pretty large rings.

  37. eisha: Gene Kelly’s career proves to me that what I want to do is possible. He was so talented and he was respected and known for all that he could do.

    Welcome out from the lurking shadows, Zoe, and congrats and kudos on your awesome week and new job!

  38. ZOE! No way! I am a) surprised you read our blog but oh-so happy (you should tri-review something with us one day), and b) so glad you stopped by. I always ask Blaine about you all, and were your ears burning last weekend? We visited Knoxville and saw Jamie & family and Clarke, and Clarke asked about you all.

    I can only imagine how awesome Ruby’s mixed tape is. I remember from visiting you all that Fred has great taste in music. Anyway, let’s all try to visit some time….but now I’m rambling to just one person. (I’ll email you offline).

    Dana, I TOLD you I had an embarrassing video. Mwhahahahah–wait (evil laugh interrupted). I guess she thought the pic was embarrassing, too, even though I didn’t think it would be.

    JES, I love the statement “feeling virtuous is always a kick.”

    Libby, that is a great story about Paper Towns. I wanna read that, too. And sorry about your termites. Yuck. But it happens to the best of us.

    RM, I’m glad you reported on your jury duty. I was wondering how it was going. And I join you in wishing for a good (but safe) thunderstorm. And those raisin muffins sound very, very good.

    HI AGAIN, Zoe. You just made my day with your visit here. And big congrats on your new job. And happy belated birthday to Cy!

    Alkelda, “Ice, Ice Baby” would be fun to lip sync in a video *now* — maybe not then, as it played in the world about every 30 seconds, right?

    Little Willow, were your ears burning the other day? I keep telling my husband I want the girls to take tap dance (if they’re interested), but he keeps conjuring up images of, say, JonBenet Ramsey-type pageant-type things when I say it, but I keep conjuring up images of the COOL kind of tapping, as in Gene Kelly. And I keep telling him he needs to TALK TO YOU ABOUT IT.

    And, Little Willow, like Jama mentioned, I’ve seen you on Readergirlz tv, too, and your 13 Reasons Why reading was very, very good. Woot!

  39. Happy Birthday, Eisha!!!
    Today’s my sister’s BD too, and my wedding anniversary. It’s a GOOD DAY.

  40. Happy birthday, Eisha!

    Any chance for a follow-up performance? C’mon. Do it for your FANS. 🙂

  41. You two look so arty cute 90’s in that picture– nothing wrong with that. And your video is far less embarrassing than the ones I appeared in: “skateboarding” to “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” “No Sleep till Brooklyn,” and a NIN video which I pray has been destroyed.

    Here are my kicks:
    1. a trip to the zoo

    2. a date night with my husband: a new thrift shop, an awesome burrito, and The Dark Knight at the drive-in

    3. cherry bomb peppers in our CSA box got the song “Cherry Bomb” stuck in my head

    4. I accidentally got sucked into The Adoration of Jenna Fox before I finished The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I don’t know how many books I’m reading at once now. Have I no discipline?

    5. I made tomatillo salsa, which I have been wanting to try for a long time. It was disappointing– until I used a dab of it to garnish a crazy dish I made with red lentils, leeks, parsnips, and coriander.

    6. I saw an old-fashioned push-mower on the curb. I almost chickened out and left it because it was on my in-laws’ street, but I swung around and got it. It’s a heavy sucker.

    7. My husband did something really sweet on our way home today. He missed our turn and went to the used bookstore because I had commented that it would be worth it to get our own copy of the book of which I was reading in the car.

  42. Jama: Thanks! I’m older than I look, I swear it! 😉

    Jules: I will gladly praise tap in an effort to change your husband’s opinion on the matter. MAKE HIM WATCH GENE KELLY. Rent movies or hit YouTube and watch Gene. And Cyd. And Ann Miller. And then more Gene.

    More for Jules: Thanks re: rgz tv. I was really amped about reading as Hannah.

  43. […] Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast a blog about books « 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #76: Featuring Eisha’s Birthday! […]

  44. Eisha, belatedly wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

  45. rm – er, thanks? I’m totally gonna put “rocks a fake cigarette” on my resume. And OMG, I saw The Three Amigos on tv again last year, and realized that I still could quote along with almost the entire movie. Oddly, you were the second reference to Ian McEwan I heard yesterday – I’ve got to read him already.

    Hey, Zoe! Thanks for breaking out of the lurkdom. Ruby is a great name! How awesome of your husband to make such a great mix for her.

    JES, that’s a good slogan indeed, as is “I wouldn’t want to drive looking through a glass of it.”

    Alkelda, excellent point about the cigarettes and rings. Yeah, I bet we totally did that on purpose.

    Stacy, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And happy birthday (and GO LEOS!!!) to your sister, too.

    Tammi, uh… no. But thanks for asking.

    Kathe, we seem to have had the exact same taste in music. I heard “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” on the car radio yesterday, and was screaming and headbanging along so hard I almost missed my exit. We must meet someday. Also… you have a drive-in? JEALOUS.

    Susan, thanks!

  46. a day late and a birthday short. hb, eisha.

    (oh, and THANKS for reinserting that long-forgotten memory of the the line “i-want-to-be-bet-tey’s-bar-ney” from “…axe murderer,” jules.)

  47. Sorry I’m just now reading about this post. Funny, I was going by the bus station in Nashville a couple of weeks ago and thought about meeting you and Julie there. Such a long time ago, but you’re both cute as ever. I’m anxious to see this video. Hope your birthday was good. You’re a lucky girl to have such good friends, and they’re lucky to have you. Love you, Mom

  48. Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy!

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    Go eat some cake….I just did 😉

  50. Hey, david e, thx!

    MOM! Oh my goodness, you actually commented. You swore it would never happen, and yet you just up and did it. Best birthday present yet.

    Thanks, Fuse #8, for yet another ’90s reference!

    Shadra, I’m so full of sweets at this point I may be set for the rest of the year. But you go on and have another piece.

  51. I can’t believe I missed this! Hope you had a Happy, Happy Birthday! May this year be filled with undiscovered awesomeness!

  52. Hey, I think those overalls might have belonged to me at one time. You are great in the video!!!! Belated Happy Birthday!!!! Love, Aunt Carol

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