7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #80: Featuring Jody Hewgill

h1 September 14th, 2008 by Eisha and Jules

Jules: Welcome to our weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week—whether book-related or not—that happened to you.

What a pleasure it is to have here today award-winning Canadian artist Jody Hewgill. Jody first came to my attention when author Tanita S. Davis, aka TadMack at Finding Wonderland, posted this over at Readers’ Rants in July. It’s the cover concept for Tanita’s 2009 novel, Mare’s War, and it was created by Ms. Hewgill. (That cover is pictured here below.) Fortunately, Jody agreed to a Sunday 7-Imp feature. Pictured above and opening our post this morning is “Portrait of a Lady with Fox ” (acrylic on masonite panel — and how much do I LOVE that Jody included her medium of choice for each painting? A whole lot, ’cause a} it’s fascinating and b} I didn’t have to guess, as I usually do). Jody tells us, “{this is a} visual commentary on the environment, and a play on Leonardo da Vinci’s classic painting. It’s a depiction of my vision of a modern classic beauty.”

Before we see a few more pieces of art from Jody, a bit more about her: Jody, who is a native of Montréal, Québec, has been painting and illustrating since 1988 and has worked on a wide variety of assignments including book covers, editorial illustration, theatre posters, and retail interior murals for clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. “I have never illustrated an entire book…because I haven’t been offered anything as of yet where I feel I could flex my creative muscles,” Jody told me. “But I am hoping something juicy will come along soon. I have illustrated the covers of many books for adults as well as for young adult.” Jody graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and currently teaches illustration there. Several of her posters are included in the Permanent Poster Collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., and her paintings can be found in several private collections throughout North America.

“I am immensely curious about the emotional inner workings of human beings,” she shares in her artist’s statement. “I am very inspired by the novels of Ian McEwen and literature that explores the darker side of the human condition. My aim is to create images that express elements of mystery and theatricality. My work often references pre-Raphaelite masters, but it’s also an amalgamation of many influences. Sometimes it deals with the whimsical, narrative or surreal, and incorporates elements of pop culture, ancient symbolism, and folklore. But whatever direction I decide to explore, I’m always intent on expressing the emotional content of the message through gesture. My figures tend to have a sculptural quality to them, and I believe this is due to the influence of Miles Tyrell, an apprentice to Henri Moore and my sculpture professor in Montréal.”

“Notorious”; 8″ x 8″ acrylic on maple panel. Created for “Know” show,
the Art Fair 2007, Miami, Florida

Jody also notes that she will be a guest host on the Windstar on February 15, 2009, in the Caribbean, where she will be giving a lecture/demonstration and that six of her paintings are currently in an exhibition called “Le Favolose Matite Colorate nel Mondo,” touring Italy. “It is a exhibition that is showcasing forty-three women illustrators from around the world. The art critique Virginia Baradel writes this about my work:

The Canadian Jody Hewgill’s feminine figures seem to be she-giants who know the ancient codes and weapons of seduction, but who invert their course, fully undertaking the initiative: this feature makes the artist’s female heroines disturbing, superwomen who completely bury fatal attraction to sacrifice themselves as “heroines” of the past.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this comment, perhaps something is lost in the translation, but I do like the word ‘disturbing’ attributed to my work.”

“Camouflage Bride”‘ 12″ x 15” acrylic on masonite panel. “Inspired by a Gainsborough painting, this is a double play on the concept of a reluctant bride and
the state of our world.”

“The Bride”; 18″ x 8.5″ acrylic on gessoed board, “commissioned by Amazing Stories magazine to accompany a short story about Frankenstein’s Bride. I fell in love with the first line of the story ‘I was born brilliant…’ The eyes in the flowers represent the watchful gaze of the doctor and Frankenstein who follow her every mood. The bee balm flower which she holds in her hand was discovered on a walk in the woods of Northern Ontario where we have a cottage.”

* * * eisha’s kicks * * *

Most of my kicks are going to have to do with my new job at the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections.

1* Everyone has been really nice to me so far. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m the most ignorant person in the building, which is actually great – I’m going to learn so much there.

2* My immediate supervisor has told several people in my presence that she hired me because she thought I was funny in the interview.

Leadbelly and Stella. He killed a man, then wrote a song that got him pardoned from prison, people.3* On the first day, when they showed me into my office, I saw 17 file boxes piled around labeled “Leadbelly.” Yes, that Leadbelly. I just happen to be a bit of a blues fan, and was thrilled to find out that my predecessor had been processing this donation of Leadbelleana, and I will probably be working on it too. I spent Thursday afternoon reading through papers from his FBI file.

4* Other amazing things I found out we have in the vault include a first folio Shakespeare, and one of five known handwritten-by-Lincoln copies of the Gettysburg Address.

5* A non-job-related kick: the husband and I had yummy eggplant parmesan at a get-together with the neighbors.

6* I finally saw Eastern Promises, and I just cannot believe how good Viggo Mortensen is in it. The man is a freaking chameleon, and such a believable bad-ass.

7* Love the art. LOVE it. I want to commission Jody to come and paint murals all over my walls.

* * * Jules’ kicks * * *

I’m gonna keep things short, friends, because—as of Saturday night as I’m typing this—my wee puddin’ punkin’ angel head of a two-year-old is sick. She’s all hot and feverish. Poor thing. And I’m also under the weather myself and feel like something the cat drug in, as they say. I’m also behind on blogging, behind on reading, behind on blog-reading, and just generally clueless this week. Suffice it to say, kick-wise, that a). I’m so happy Eisha loves her job and that finally a library recognized someone special (and wicked funny) when they saw it and that b). Jody’s art work is superb. Also, Red looks a lot like Eisha up there. Not the eye and hair color but pretty much the rest of the face.

My final, quick kick? See the art above that my four-year-old made? I hope I’m not turning into someone who is constantly posting kid-art (that is probably neat only to the parent), but I got a particular kick out of this. She drew her family (crayon and a bit of collage there), and in case you can’t see it, I did a little detail here: She depicted her mama holding a coffee cup. Hee. She knows her mama well. (And, despite what it may look like there, I promise I don’t normally wear my hair like Don King.)

I hope everyone’s well and happy. What are your kicks this week?

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  1. Jody Hewgill’s work is fabulous. Thanks for the introduction to it.

  2. I do love that picture of Red Riding Hood. She looks like she’s up to something I want to be a part of.

    Eisha, Your job is so cool. I’m smiling for you.

    Jules, I love kid art. I think you should just go ahead and keep posting it. I hope the wee one and you feel back to rights soon.

    My kicks:
    1. My house cleaner started this week. She’ll be coming to clean once every two weeks. This is currently the best thing about my life.
    2. My trip to Seattle last weekend was way interesting.
    3. Plus I got to meet Alkelda! And she brought me special coffee!!! This was the best part of the trip.
    4. I got to work from home on Wednesday, which was a treat.
    5. My BFF and I got out to see a free sneak preview of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Thursday night. I haven’t read the book (GASP!), so I can’t say how true it was, but it was a great film–thoroughly entertaining.
    6. Last night, I had friends over to play games. That was fun.
    7. For the party, I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe (from Cook’s Illustrated: http://www.cooksillustrated.com/recipe.asp?recipeids=1270&bdc=15240), and it was really, really, really, really good. Really, really. I think I’m going to go have one of the leftovers now.

  3. There is soomething evocative of Hewgill’s artwork. Thank you for sharing.
    Eisha, so glad to hear the first week of the job is going well.
    Jules, love the art work from your punkin! Hope little one is feeling better.
    Adrienne, could you bring chocolate chip cookies ot the conference? Ha!
    My kicks:
    1. I get to introduce Naomi Shihab Nye at the library media conference (2 weeks after the blogging conference)
    2. Our day trip to Seattle last Sunday. The perfect day. Perfect weather, perfect walking around Pike’s Street Market. Perfect ball game.
    3. First grade Rowan (a red head spitfire) told me that he would take my job when I quit. When asked if he would be ready in 10 years, he said yes. Isn’t it great that my principal has someone to to replace me. (He will be 16)
    4. A totally random spinach, rice, black beans and oil/vinegar salad I threw together.
    5. Having a practicum student who is going to do some back burner projects for me.
    6. The grandgirls made it through a week another week of preschool (and so did the moms, one barely)
    7. The northwest weather. I hope it holds through the end of September.
    Have a great week.

  4. Knew I forgot something in the salad: Feta Cheese!

  5. I appreciate Hewgill’s art, and really like the cover she did for TadMack’s forthcoming book. Also, the coffee-cup collage is perfect for you, Jules. Eisha, your new job has access to treasure troves! How lovely.

    My kicks:

    1) The Elizabeth Mitchell concert yesterday was quite good! When I went to say hello afterward, Liz and her husband, Daniel Littleton, remembered me from emails. My daughter wants to have a playdate with Storey, their daughter, who performed with them. Storey is endearing.

    2) I received a nice note from Donna Freitas, the author of The Possibilities of Sainthood.

    3) I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but I’m almost done with the second pair of black trousers I’m sewing for this year. You all know how hard it can be to find the right black trousers that fit and can be worn for either casual or dignified events. Each pair has a dark, dark grey on black pattern– one has fossil ferns, the other Art Deco curliques.

    4) I am determined to learn the Cat’s Cradle sequence including the solo Cat’s Cradle sequence. Adrienne said it took her a month to learn it. Knowing how much time it could take helps me plan it out.

    5) Sleep.

    6) My guitar chord-barreing is coming along.

    7) Somewhere in the next twenty minutes is my first cup of coffee.

  6. Oh, how pretty! Jody, I really like your style. I can’t pick a favorite picture from those featured here. Your cover for Tanita’s novel is lovely, and Little Red looks so kickin’.

    eisha: Rock the new job!

    Julies: I hope your munchkin feels better soon, and that you get over the icks and ahead in the game. Cute art!

    Adrienne: Read it! Then I can ask you to list the differences between the book and the film. 😉

    Jone: He sounds determined and ready.

    Alkelda: The design sounds pretty.

    My kicks in chronological order:
    1) Last Sunday’s matinee
    2) Writing articles
    3) Writing some more articles
    4) The Brimstone Network giveaway
    5) Seeing catalogue promotion for Gaijin Girl: Dreams of the Dead
    6) Catching up on sleep
    7) Sold out show last night!

  7. Oh my. That art is outrageous. What a treat…and Canadian!

    My first attempt at seven kicks…this week:
    1) One-year-old son Ezra mastered “NO” while shaking head vigorously
    2) Spent two afternoons at the beach, once when I should have been working
    3) Finished up the second week of homeschooling our daughters…scary and cool
    4) Re-read and thoroughly enjoyed The Chrysalids, a genius post-apocalyptic YA novel we studied in Grade 8
    5) Made plum jam
    6) Working our way through the amazing Planet Earth DVDs
    7) My parents called to offer to take all three kids off our hands for the afternoon. Bless ’em.

  8. Eisha, eeeeeeee!!!!! What a great job! I was away last week so the multiple exclamation marks are to make up for my tardiness.

    Jules, I hope your punkin head daughter is better soon.

    Adrienne, I’m jealous of your cleaner. But forgive you as you gave a cookie recipe.

    Alkelda, you can make trousers? Such a useful skill!

    1. We just returned from a lovely 8 days traipsing around Switzerland and Paris. A photo post will be forthcoming, but highlights included hiking in the mountains, fondue, impressionist masterpieces and a marmot.
    2. After the first day the weather was lovely. It was so sunny in the Alps I got to wear sunscreen and a hat!
    3. SO MUCH yummy bread and cheese
    4. I ran out of books to read on my holiday (mostly because I read Sherwood Smith’s long King’s shield much faster than I expected). But luckily I got some English books in Paris, one from one of those cute bookseller stalls next to the Seine and a couple of others from the wonderful Shakespeare and Company.
    5. There was a fire in one of the eurostar channel tunnels on Thursday night (luckily no one hurt, it was a truck that caught on fire) which seriously disrupted services for the next couple of days. Fortunately we only had to leave an hour or so early on Saturday afternoon and didn’t even get home much later than expected.
    6. Although it was nice to see our houseguests, it’s also good to have our house to ourselves again!
    7. I just ordered some prints of photos that I’ve been procrastinating about for ages.

  9. Oh. That art kicks some iconic butt.

    I’m not too wordy today, because I’m rather fried from helping with a fundraising car wash in the 95 degree heat today. The hottest day we’ve had in a month, and I’m standing in it with a bunch of lethargic teenagers. (I suggested they do car washes at NIGHT when the biorhythms are peaking. )

    But I do count an email from Joyce Sidman among my kicks this week. And gingerbread.

  10. Ohhhh. *happy sigh* I love Hewgill’s artwork. It’s fantabulous!

  11. Hi, everyone.

    Rachel, thanks! Glad you like it.

    Adrienne, do you mean board games? Man, I love a good board game, especially Pictionary, but Eisha can attest to how dangerous I can be in that game.

    I only saw an ad for “Nick and Norah…” last night, and it looked great. I’ve also not read that book yet.

    Jone, I could hardly get past kick #1. Tell her Jules at 7-Imp says hi. We’ve corresponded a bit, as she was going to do an interview here last year and something came up. One day, though….one day, maybe she’ll do it.

    And continued good luck to your granddaughters and daughters with preschool. My four-year-old comes home and says things like, “TODAY WE LEARNED HOW TO SIGN THE LETTER A IN SIGN LANGUAGE!”, as her teacher is teaching them to sign the alphabet. And I’ll say, “that’s great, but you know mommy taught you a year ago how to sign the entire alphabet and you already know it?” And she’ll say, “BUT MISS KIM TAUGHT ME!!!” Ah yes, the teacher validates it.

    Alkelda, so glad the concert went well and it was enjoyable. I’m not surprised.

    LW, sold-out show. WOOT! And thanks for the get-well wishes for my wee girl (and thanks to everyone else, too.) Her fever broke today. Whew.

    Jeremy! I’m so happy you’re leaving your first kicks! Those Planet Earth CDs are something else, huh? We’re still working our way through them, too. I’d love to hear more about your homeschooling some day…and congrats on a kid-free day to do adult things — or just rest. Whatever floats your boat.

    Emmaco, Shakespeare and Company wasn’t actually hyperlinked, but it looked like you meant to, so I did it and I hope I did it right! I’ve been there, too, so I’m pretty sure I got the right place. Loveliness that place is. And, as usual, will you adopt me so that I can travel with you?

    Sara, those two kicks totally make up for eight, especially an email from Joyce Sidman.

  12. P.S. Thanks, Kelly! Man, I miss your blog — and lots of others. I’m so behind on reading my favorites. Big ‘ol sigh.

  13. Hey, Rachel! Thanks, we thought so too.

    adrienne, OMG, I want a house cleaner too. My mother-in-law is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I need help hiding the squalor I let her son live in. Also, SQUEE! You met Alkelda! Jealous!

    Jone, I’m also jealous that you get to meet and introduce Naomi Shihab Nye. What an honor! Also, that Rowan sounds like a pistol. Thanks for recruiting him into the profession.

    Alkelda, SQUEE!! You met adrienne. Isn’t she awesome? And I’m so impressed that you can make your own clothes.

    Little Willow, WOO to the sold-out house! I bet it’s tales of your magnificent performance that’s drawing ’em in.

    Jeremy, thanks for joining in! Your son Ezra sounds just about ready for the Pigeon books by Mo Willems – he can really practice his “NO!” with those. And how come I’ve never read The Chrysalids? I better do something about that.

    emmaco, are you serious? A marmot?!? How cute! And I can only imagine all that yummy cheese… I can’t wait for your photo post.

    Sara, for serious, what are they thinking? You just go put your feet up and have some lemonade. Maybe a nap.

  14. Jeremy: I’m stoked that your son is named Ezra. That was my grandfather’s name, and had we had a boy, would have been our son’s middle name.

  15. Kelly F., I know! I want Red up there on a t-shirt.

  16. Eisha, so glad that the new job is going well. Hope you and your daughter both feel better soon, Jules. Adrienne, I started having someone clean my house about a year ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Enjoy it! Here are my kicks.

    1. I re-read Roald Dahl’s Matilda, just for fun, on Roald Dahl Day (yesterday).
    2. Aerin’s contest at In Search of Giants.
    3. Hurricane Ike didn’t do as much damage as it might have. Our friends who live in Houston, and their home, are safe (though without electricity, it’s not looking too good for the tropical fish).
    4. Mheir and I got dressed up and went out to dinner on Friday night just because. We even took our own bottle of wine. When they asked us what we were celebrating, we couldn’t give an answer, but we should have said “life”.
    5. I’ve been having great e-discussions in response to my review of Introvert Power. Lots of introverts out there among my fellow bloggers.
    6. Last night we were invited to dinner at the home of new friends, and we had lovely food and conversation. And I got to talk children’s books with their kids.
    7. The Cybils are getting underway, and the KidLit Conference is fast approaching.

  17. OMG, yes, adrienne, jules gets so enthusiastic at Pictionary that she has nearly broken my hand with her high-fives many times. All that sign language really gives you some intense palm muscles, apparently.

  18. Jules – I’m sorry your little one is feeling puny. My two are finally getting over nasty colds, the kind that meant Ruby needed 2am cuddles and snuggles. I hope everyone is better soon.
    Eisha – I would love to see Eastern Promises. I have a rather intense crush on Viggo Mortensen – even when tattooed and gangstery.

    My kicks this week:
    1 – Ruby is crawling!!! We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know it would be so funny to watch. She does it “commando” style, but it puts us more in mind of a legless zombie desperately trying to catch up with the escaping human. Now we need to buy gates to keep her out of trouble.
    2 – Cy has been rewriting the classics. Instead of “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”, we have “Garbage truck, garbage truck, what do you see? I see a dump truck looking at me…etc…etc.” We are so happy that he has discovered the joy of playing with words.
    3 – the Ting Tings are our new favorite band. The whole family likes to rock out to “That’s Not My Name” and Ruby recognizes it even when I song it.
    4 – My job just keeps getting better and better. The community college environment is fabulous, as you can get to know students quite well and I have even been recognized at the Manchester Starbucks. Didn’t get a free frappucino though.
    5 – My Mum. Without her, my kids would be running (or crawling) around naked. Well, that’s not quite true but she does buy most of their clothes because she a) really enjoys shopping for them and b) feels guilty that she can’t look after them when I work like she did for my sister. Of course, I would rather have her next door as opposed to an ocean away, but boy, she really has good taste and Cy and Ruby always look cool.
    6 – Reading great non-fiction. I recently finished “The Worst Hard Time” by Timothy Egan. The Dust Bowl was a period in US History that I knew very little about, and this book was an eye-opener. I highly recommend it.
    7 – Reading good fantasy for children – I am about halfway through “The Amulet of Samarkand”, the first book in the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It’s a lot of fun. The funny thing is, I really don’t like SF or Fantasy books written for adults, but I can’t get enough of the kid’s stuff.

  19. Hello!

    Thanks for featuring Jody’s art today. Wow! Love the Mare’s War cover and the Camouflage Bride :).

    I am officially jealous of Eisha’s new job. Leadbelly? I love the blues! And Jules, glad your wee one is feeling better — hope you’re back in the pink pretty quick yourself.

    My kicks:

    1. My DH called me from London! Wait a minute, that’s not a kick. I should be there with him :(. He’s there on an “emergency” business trip. Hah. Still, I marvel that a little cell phone can reach across the Atlantic!

    2. Saw a spotted fawn and its mother.

    3. Reading some inspiring Donald Hall poetry essays.

    4. Saw “Surviving Picasso” the other night.

    5. Love the generosity of Poetry Friday commenters: Elaine Magliaro suggested two poetry books, and Liz Scanlon shared a bears song!

    6. Working on an interview (posting it tomorrow) with my writer friend, who just published her first book. She’s got bread pudding!

    7. Tea and gingersnaps!

    Have a great week!

  20. Pictionary=the most intense game ever. Like, the final move is an all-play, and some word like “house” determines THE WINNER?! So, it’s down to WHOEVER CAN DRAW A HOUSE THE FASTEST. Oh I can barely take it even talking about it.

    Someone in my family took pictures once of me playing a Pictionary game, and in most of them I’m up off the floor, many feet up in the air. No kidding. I just can’t sit down during that game. There’s always awkward silence during team-forming, as no one wants the Pictionary Spaz on their team.

    Jen, glad your Houston friends are okay. As I type, we’re getting Ike rain. And I’m so glad you and Mheir had a lovely, wonderful dinner out.

    And I had no idea it was Roald Dahl Day yesterday. My daughter has picked up “Dang and blast!” from Fantastic Mr. Fox, which we read recently.

  21. Zoe and Jama, I just missed you as I was typing.

    Zoe, yay for Ruby’s getting around and for Cy’s word play. And I’m so glad you’re still enjoying your job.

    And I saw an interview with Viggo once in which he shared this tattoo on his wrist, I believe it was. His son, as a child, had drawn something like his initials, and he had it tattooed. Cool, huh?

    Jama, I have not heard of “Surviving Picasso,” but it sounds good. Do tell more. Looking forward to your interview, as usual. Let’s hope I actually get to read blogs this week.

  22. Thanks for fixing the link, Jules. My brain is obviously failing at the idea of going back to work tomorrow. I had heard of the bookshop but thought it sounded pretentious until I stumbled upon it myself and realised any place with rooms of reference books just for reading and a messy bookstore below can’t go wrong.

    Eisha, I actually meant to delete out that photo post bit (I copied the list from my LJ) but of course you’re welcome to look when it’s done too 🙂

  23. Jules,

    “Surviving Picasso” is a Merchant Ivory biopic starring Anthony Hopkins as Picasso. It’s pretty old (1996), and I never knew it existed before. It’s more about his personal life — featuring the important women in his life (behind every great man is a woman). I liked the French backdrop and learning about his personailty. Um, yeah, womanizer. Great “artistes” always seem to get away with this kind of thing.

  24. Thanks, Jama. I’ll have to look for it.

  25. Jen, you and Mheir really have your priorities in order. Way to celebrate.

    Zoe, it’s weird, I never thought Viggo was all that attractive except as Aragorn… until I saw Eastern Promises. Holy crap, that man is hot. And you see a lo-o-o-ot of him in that movie, too. Also, I totally loved the Bartimaeus trilogy. I had the same experience with SF/Fantasy – loved it as a kid, hated it when I tried to graduate to “grown-up” writers like Anne McCaffrey and Robert Heinlein. Then I rediscovered the good stuff as a children’s librarian.

    jama, Surviving Picasso sounds great. And yeah, you should be in London. I think your husband owes you a trip.

  26. Ohh, that artwork is wondermus! I especially loved “Summoning the Fates” at her website. Powerful stuff.

    Eisha, the new job sounds divine!

    Jules, hope the punkin puddin head feels better! (It is so nice to know I am not the only one who uses those terms of endearment.)

    LW – congrats on the sold out show!

    Adrienne – congrats on the housecleaner – we are still trying to find one.

    Jone – jealous of your day trip to Seattle – mine comes next weekend!

    Alkelda – those pants sound lovely.

    Emmaco – Paris? The Alps? Wow!

    Jen – That dinner sounds wonderful – how joyous!

    Zoe – bewteen the kids and the books – sounds like an awesome week.

    Jama – I loved Surviving Picaso – I thought Anthony Hopkins was so amazing in that – and I saw it right around the time the huge Picaso exhibit hit LACMA, which gave an extra added perspective.

    My kicks:
    1. Biked to work 3 days this week – Yay sunshine!
    2. Finished On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan – I am now addicted to his writing.
    3. tried a recipe for chicken stuffed with ricotta, spinach and cranberries – and it was quite good.
    4. A girls’ spa night last night – ahhhh.
    5. A day at the beach with magazines and a good friend.
    6. The bf made homemade beef jerky and it was good!
    7. Dinner with the bf after a day away – ahhhh.

    Have a great week!

  27. Jules, I hope you and your little one both feel better soon. And, Eisha, I continue to be jealous of your job. Leadbelly AND Lincoln AND E.B. White?

    My kicks, in no particular order–
    1) the artwork above. Love Little Red, especially. I just re-saw Hoodwinked over the weekend and got a kick out of their take on her, all over again.

    3) (that one above was really two, wasn’t it?) Reading everyone else’s kicks. I always come in late here, but that does mean I get to hear about everyone else’s interesting weeks.

    4) new friends for dinner Saturday–good food and good company.

    5) which was good news because we’re going to be working together this summer in Oxford (yay!) as well as during the year. Everyone got along great (kids as well as adults) which bodes very, very, well.

    6) Yes, I’ll be teaching in Oxford again this summer, as I did four years ago. I’m over the moon about it.

    7) I made it to Monday with all my prep done. It’s always touch and go around noon on Sunday…which, I guess, is why I’m late here!

  28. Love the art this week!

    Eisha, it’s good to hear you are so happy in your new job.

    Jules, I hope you and the little one will feel well again soon.

    I’m late again this week. I have just one kick–but it’s one that makes my heart happy. On Saturday, my husband and I took another couple–who are two of our dearest friends–out for dinner to celebrate the husband’s birthday–a birthday none of us thought he would be around to celebrate. The husband, S, was diagnosed with a rare and virulent form of stomach cancer more than 21 months ago. He was told he had just 2-12 months to live. After his first round of chemotherapy, S decided to go with homeopathic treatment. His last two tests showed negligible growth in his tumors. I’m hopeful now that S will be around to toast in 2009 with us.

  29. RM, a day at the spa AND the beach? Ooh, jealous. Have fun on your Seattle trip next weekend, and do come back and report.

    Libby, congrats on your Oxford/teaching news. That’s fabulous! Kickin’ new friends might be even better. And, yes, it’s fun to read all the kicks, huh? It’s the best thing about blogging here. And I love leaving the post up at the top of the blog on Mondays, so that we get to hear more kicks (maybe) from others.

    Elaine, THAT IS GREAT NEWS. Downright joyous! Good for him! I know you must be so happy.

  30. 🙂 Indeed, gorgeous artwork; I LOVE that there seems to be a story behind each and every piece. When I am rich (bwa-hahaha!) I’m going to buy some of Jody Hewgill’s prints, but until then, I’m going to be happy with that book cover. Thanks for showing more of her MOST AWESOME work.

  31. I hear ya, TadMack. When I strike it rich one day (ditto to the bwa-hahahaha), I will probably spend most of my money on art. If I strike it rich before next year, I’ll take that Windstar cruise and hear Jody speak, at the very least.

  32. Jone, If I pack the cookies in my carry-on, I’ll just wind up eating them as a recreational activity on the plane.

    Alkelda, We’ll practice solo cat’s cradle next week. When I said a month, I should clarify that during that month, I carried a string and a photocopy of the directions with me EVERYWHERE and would practice whenever I had a minute or my hands weren’t busy. The plus side of this is you’ll hardly ever run into anyone who can do it, and people are always impressed.

    Little Willow, I will! And YAY to that sold-out show!!!

    Jules, Yes, board games, although no Pictionary this time. And just so you know, I’d totally choose you for my team, even if you do spend much of the time in the air.

    RM, Emmaco, and Eisha, I’d share my cleaner with you if only I could.

    Jen, I’ve had this on my mind since you and Tricia talked about hiring cleaners (on this very blog, I think). I would have never thought I’d be in a place where I could do such a thing, so I’m feeling very fortunate. It’s amazing to me, too, how quickly it has created space in my life.

  33. Jody does some of the best Theater posters in the business. She was an inspiration to me

  34. […] Hewgill’s Portrait of a Lady With a Fox,featured on September 14, 2008 […]

  35. came across this website Jody…remember you as a teen ager and so proud of your success as an artist. continue your great work and all the best…anne gookin

  36. […] this morning. (I don’t think I’ve featured a portrait artist since the talented Jody Hewgill in 2008, but don’t quote me on […]

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