7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #81: Featuring Andrew Bannecker

h1 September 21st, 2008 by jules

Jules: Welcome to our weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week—whether book-related or not—that happened to you. I have so many images for you today from illustrator Andrew Bannecker, because a) it was very difficult to pick favorite images from all the eye-catching work he does and b) he very graciously sent a whole heapin’ handful of images from which to choose the ones featured today.

First, we must give credit where credit is due: The ever-resourceful and talented Little Willow will email us at 7-Imp from time to time to let us know she found a kickin’ illustrator whom she thinks we might also adore. So, out of the blue one day, she emails us the web site of one Mr. Andrew Bannecker. And the rest is history — and laid out before you here. I contacted him about doing a Sunday feature; lucky for us, he said yes; and here we are. Thanks to Little Willow, who, incidentally, possesses exquisite taste in illustrators.

Andrew, in his words, is a “collector of old ephemera and just about anything wood and metal.” He works in a studio that is “beautifully cluttered with everything from toy rocket ships to vintage glass beakers full of skittles. {I’ve} been honored to be able to work with clients such as Vodafone, Starbucks, Target, Kashi, Random House, Robinsons, and Harper Collins, to name a few.” His work has also been seen in Communication Arts, American Illustration and 3X3 Magazine.

Many thanks to Andrew for sharing his art work with us today. Let’s take a look, and oh my oh my I know there are so many here and I hope that the site didn’t take, oh, two hours to load today, due to all these images.

* * * eisha’s kicks * * *

Hey there, strangers. I’m sorry I’ve been so scarce lately – my new job is kicking my ass (in a good way). There’s so much to learn it’s kind of overwhelming. I’ve been coming home every night with information hangovers that don’t leave me enough intellectual energy to check my email, let alone do anything bloggy. Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of it soon.

1* That said, I still love my new job very much. Every day I’m amazed by some new treasure I’ve learned about.

2* For example, the Jade Book, which I got to see in person Monday.

Spaced… kind of like Friends, but more surreal, and with five times the pop-culture references.3* In spite of (or because of?) having no intellectual energy, I did manage to watch all 14 episodes of Spaced with the neighbors in two marathon viewing sessions. Jules, you were right – that show is hilarious. It’s especially great to watch with at least two other nerds so you can fill each other in on all the pop culture references.

4* I went to a reading by short-story-author, soon-to-be-novelist Patrick Somerville. I’ve only read a couple of his stories, but I liked them a lot, and the excerpt he read from his forthcoming novel The Cradle was great, too.

5* Dana made me the cutest little crocheted mini-scarf. I can’t wait for it to get cold enough to wear it.

6* It’s maybe not wool-scarf-cold yet, but it’s definitely fall-ish. I’m loving the breezy days and downright chilly nights.

7* I used the “I’m so tired, I have a new job, I can’t possibly cook” excuse to order take-out, like, three times this week. Yum.

* * * Jules’ kicks * * *

Eisha, so glad you liked “Spaced.” My second favorite part, after the gunless gun fight I shared one day, was when Tim yelled all crazy-ass at that little boy about “The Phantom Menace.”

My kicks, in no particular order . . .

1). Alkelda made me and my children some mixed CDs this week that are so good I can’t stop listening to them — and there is so much music, I’m not even done listening to them. She even put a song on one of them that conjured up a ghost for me: Once upon a time, a very dear friend of mine made me a mixed tape (back when people made mixed tapes and not mixed CDs) of love songs before he left for Europe to study, and before he made it back to the States, the waters of the Mediterranean took him in a sailing accident. And I haven’t listened to that tape since. And then here comes—on one of Alkelda’s mixed CDs for me—“Dream a Little Dream of Me,” as sung by Mama Cass, a song which resides on That Tape…and, well, it was suddenly like Drew was here in the room. And it wasn’t painful. It was the loveliest moment of my week. It was a no-holds-barred moment of sublimity, for which I promptly emailed Alkelda to thank.

Here, for your listening pleasure. Just click, turn it up loud, and do a little dance. If it doesn’t brighten your day, well, I’ll just be damned.

2). My family and I went to see Laurel Snyder read yesterday at Davis-Kidd in Nashville (yes, we ventured out, despite the fact that most Nashvillians have lost their minds). She read from her new children’s novel, Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains, which I happen to be reading this week and enjoying immensely. Do pick up this book, really. It’s fabulous thus far. Laurel even had the materials out for children to make crowns, and my daughters had a grand ‘ol time doing that. I completely forgot my camera in our rush out the door, and so instead of getting to post a picture from her reading, I’m posting her picture instead.

3). My former grad school prof/advisor, in whom I think the sun rises and sets, emailed me about giving me a ticket to an event at The Southern Festival of Books (which, evidently, involves a bunch of authors, so maybe I’ll get to see some of our readers) as well as said something about a grad student interviewing me about our blog AND I don’t even fully understand what I got myself into, but for Jinx, I’ll do anything. AND I’ll get to see her at this event. Ever read The Grapes of Wrath? If so, remember this? “And since, when a joyful thing happened, they looked to see whether joy was on her, it was her habit to build up laughter out of inadequate materials.” That’s Jinx, and I’ll forever love her for that. Oh, and not to mention she’s a brilliant children’s lit/early childhood educator.

4). I’m going to be on the Cybils 2008 Poetry Panel, and seriously, people, I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that the folks I’ll be panelling with are poetry EXPERTS, and I’m so lucky on this one, and I will learn so much from them: Kelly, Elaine, Bruce, Laura! And then we pass our nominations on to John, Gregory, Sylvia, Jama, and Liz! Can you see? Can you see how lucky I am?

5). Speaking of poetry, I thank once again those poets and authors who stopped by on Friday to share even more William Stafford poetry—Liz Garton Scanlon, TadMack, and Julie Larios—making me want OH-SO BAD to read even more of his work.

photo by Joel Didriksen from http://kingpinphoto.com/6). May whatever higher powers which may or may not exist bless NPR for posting an entire concert of Sam Phillips this week. It’s one hour and fifteen minutes of her beguiling cabaret-esque, Kurt Weill-touched modern torch songs, each song not unlike a little film noir, and she even sings my very favorite song in the whole world. They even talk to the musicians, and you get to hear drummer extraordinnaire Jay Bellerose talk about the strange and wonderful percussion instruments he bangs about in her shows.

7). One of our readers, Kate Pierson, emailed us for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which I didn’t know even existed, and thanked us for blogging, saying that she learns so much from our blog, that it inspires her to keep up with children’s lit, in particular, and that she loves the art work we show and our interviews, etc. The best part was that she said it shows “the beautiful friendship” between me and Eisha. Aw. Thanks, Kate!

* * * * * * *

Before you tell us your kicks this week, I want to mention one more thing, which blogger Sheila Ruth asked us to tell our readers about: A charitable auction, set up in memory of a ten-year-old girl who lost her life in a tornado in Arkansas in February, began yesterday. As Sheila put it, “there’s a long story behind it, but rather than re-type it, I’ll direct you to the auction site for more information: brightspirit.cmarket.com.” You can also read more about this auction here at the Cybils site. Sheila says the auction has a strong kid-lit theme, with autographed and personal items donated by Erin Hunter, Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, Sarah Beth Durst, and more. So, certainly do go read more about it.

I’m really done now. What are your kicks from this week?

23 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #81: Featuring Andrew Bannecker”

  1. Hello, Andrew! Beautiful work. I love the style you put into even the simpliest of subjects, as well as the colors, textures, and patterns you incorporate.

    eisha: Glad that your job is treating you well! I hope you have enough time after work to relax and unwind.

    Jules and Alkelda: Rock on with the mixed CDs and the music coincidence.

    Jules: Have fun at the event and with the interview. Ooh, is her name really Jinx? If so, all the more awesome.

    Sheila Ruth: Feel free to post about it at the readergirlz forum. Direct impact.

    My kicks this week:
    1) Paychecks
    2) Moderation
    3) Joy for others
    4) Looking forward
    5) A wonderful closing night performance
    6) Support (and conversation)
    7) I have an audition in less than three hours for which I’m preparing now!

  2. Good morning, Wow those illustrations are bold wake me ups. Seriously, cool.
    Eisha, I am so happy your juob os going well and is kickng butt in a good way.
    Jules, congrats on the poetry panel…I was so involved with the conference, I forgot to sign up.
    My kicks,
    1. Conference countdown.
    2. Boxes of goodies arriving at my door.
    3. A sweet husband who picked up walking maps of Portland for me at Powells (for the conference goodie bags)
    4.&5.A weekend of friends: lunch and shopping with two friends yesterday, followed by dinner with college friends, followed by a family picnic today and bookclub tonight.
    6. Listening to Fever 1793. (Laurie Halse Anderson)
    7. Made my workout goal for 2 weeks (it is the little things, isn’t it?)

  3. Happy Sunday, everyone!!

    Love Andrew’s work. The Giant Elephant and shoes are my favorite (LW has excellent taste)!

    Eisha, so glad your job is giving you such joy (take-out is definitely the way to go)!

    Jules, thanks for posting that video. Mama Cass was the perfect way to slide into Sunday. What a set of pipes she had. Glad your moment remembering your friend turned out to be sublime.


    1. Being selected to be a Cybils poetry judge!! Am looking forward to working with everyone, and like you, Jules, I feel so lucky to be in such talented, illustrious company.

    2. William Stafford Day, that would be, this past Poetry Friday. I loved all three 3 poems shared, as well as Jules’ impassioned post. I believe firmly that when you really love something, you gotta share it and shout it, no holds barred.

    3. DH returned safely from London and brought home a new Paddington Bear to add to our family, making it 29 Paddingtons.

    4. Getting ready to interview R.W. Alley’s wife, Zoe, in support of their new book.

    5. Oatmeal applesauce pancakes and bacon.

    6. Wonderful illustrators who come through for you with images when the publisher ignores you.

    7. Got a much needed haircut. Now I’m all set for fall and my parents’ visit in less than 2 weeks.

    Now, I’m off to see that Sam Phillips concert. Yay NPR! Have a great week.

  4. Love the style of that art. Reminds me that there really needs to be a kick-ass rock-themed picture book produced at some point. No cheesy singing animals, either. Something funny and gritty and stylie, with people in (and enjoying) bands.

    Eisha, reading about the love you have for your new job makes me realize yet again that I’ve been in my current job way, way too long (9 years next month). They’ve made it hard for me to leave, but still.

    I refuse to believe that it’s been an entire weeks since last week’s kicks…but:
    1) Finished another YA novel I loved: Belle Prater’s Boy …took a while to get into it, but so worth the effort.
    2) Also read a grown-up book: Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. I picked it up for a superficial reason — vague association with Tegan and Sara (band I love) — and it was sort of painful to read, but compelling enough to keep going anyway. If nothing else, an exercise in thankfulness because his childhood was so messed.
    3) Got fantastic tickets to see Nine Inch Nails, playing in the next town over in December…I’ve been a fan forever and never seen them.
    4) Both daughters started gymnastics this week…so cute.
    5) Had a wiener roast at the beach and watched the sun set…sending off summer in style.
    6) Held the fort here at home while my wife had a getaway in Vancouver. Realized (yet again) that I’m a way better parent when I’m not trying to do anything other than be a parent.
    7) Loving cooking out of the garden.

  5. Eisha, that Jade Book looks amazing. And being a wussy Aussie girl I’ve already cracked out my woolens so you may feel free to share the crocheted scarf love via the post.

    Jules, my mum loves that song! I can hear her singing it now. Thank-you!

    Good luck with the audition Little Willow!

    Jone, I think one of the best things about moving overseas is that I get more packages of goodies through the post now! It’s so much fun.

    Jama, you always seem to have interesting food. Oatmeal applesauce pancakes sound great!

    Jeremy cooking on the beach and in the garden are two things I haven’t done for way too long.

    My list:

    1. Two birthday presents organised and sent BEFORE the actual dates rolled around in Australia.
    2. Just when I was thinking all warm weather was over it’s been a sunny weekend, like a bit of summer gone astray.
    3. Having said that, autumn is nice too. The changing leaves, the wide range of weird fungi and the new wildflowers and berries everywhere are cheering up my walk to work.
    4. After a series of delays we finally caught up with a friend from New Zealand in London last night. Very strange going out at night time with other people, and staying up late! (Although a big advantage of hanging around home is the lack of drunk people lurching around).
    5. I went to the shops and took pictures of myself trying on different dresses so I will not be completely hopeless when I see the dressmaker with the material for my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding next year. (I just hope the people in the other cubicles didn’t hear my mobile making photo noises and think I was really weird/vain).
    6. I just got back from a bike ride along a country lane where I pigged out on blackberries. Yum!
    7. I also just ate some yummy Lincolnshire “poacher” cheese. Sure I can’t find much decent bread over here but the British make some great hard cheeses.

  6. Little Willow, yes, her name is really Jinx. She’s supposed to be retired, but she still works in and around children’s lit and generally kicks serious ass.

    Break a leg at the audition!

    Jone, I know you and Laini have worked so hard on this conference. It’s gonna be great.

    Jama, I KNOW! I could listen to that song to start out my every week. When I heard it start playing on Alkelda’s CD, I hesitated and almost turned it off. It was suddenly 1996 again when I heard the music start and I thought, I can’t do this. But I’m glad I let myself, AND now my girls love it, too. And, yes, she had some pipes on her (in her?), and the song is just so joyful.

    Glad your husband’s back safely, and can’t wait to read the Zoe interview. Oh, and I agree with Emmaco that you eat interesting food always, and that I want to join you for breakfast one day, if I may be so bold as to invite myself over.

    Hi, Jeremy! I’ve been wanting to read Burrough’s new book, his memoir about his father, A Wolf at the Table. I also read Running with Scissors years ago. Evidently, this new one is not tinged with humor, as Running sometimes was, but don’t quote me on that. You may be interested in reading this.

    Oh, and I JUST read that Nine Inch Nails will be in Nashville on Halloween, I think it is. I agree that they’d be fabulous to see live…..And, by the way, I’m still grateful for your words of wisdom on Poetry Friday.

    Emmaco, I admit I picked that Andrew Bannecker shoe image for people like you, Sara, Adrienne, eisha, Jama, etc. (I’m sure I’m forgetting others) — you who have always declared your love for a good pair of shoes. ……Pigging out on blackberries: Yum. And I’m jealous of your ready access to good, hard cheeses.

  7. Can I just say you pick the most wonderfulest illustrators every dog gone week? I look forward to Sundays just for this. (Well… not just. But a lot!)
    My favorite Bannacker here is the hummingbird. And I love reading about everyone’s kicking week. So much good love, music shared and yummy food!

    My kicks:
    1. I am taking two grad. school courses online for my library degree and I am LOVING it. I feel like a college kid again.
    2. My parents take my little guys to soccer and gymnastics on Sat. morning and let me stay home and study. I can’t say how much I appreciate that!
    3. My oldest son turned 21 this week. Holy Cow. I’m so proud of him!
    4. I got to play with new software this week at work and made some fun graphic stories with “Comic Life”. It’s cool easy software for making stories from your pictures and I look forward to using it with the kids.
    5.Cybils!! I’m on the new “Easy Reader” panel and so excited!
    6. At Back to School Night for my kindergartner the teacher specially pointed out that my son’s contribution to the class poem about what they do in kindergarten was the line “joy, joy, joy”. I had to blush I was so proud of my poet.
    7. Tonight I’m making gluten free chocolate cake with icing from scratch. Celebration time!

  8. I forgot to list something that is totally kick-worthy:

    Being the center of a circle of squirrels.

    That’s right! Yesterday, as I approached the library, I chattered as I usually do to the squirrels in or near the trees. One came closer, so I paused, squatted down, and before I knew it, five cute little squirrels had surrounded me in a wide circle!

    No, I am not making this up.

    Jone: I still have to read Fever 1793. I’ve read almost all of her other works.

    Jama: Enjoy the concert!

    Jeremy: Write, draw, or pitch the rock star picture book!

    emmaco: Mmm, cheese.

    Jules: That’s a pretty awesome name. I’ve read two books with that title.

    cloudscome: Hurrah for the happy studies! Happy birthday to your son.

  9. Ooh! I love LW’s squirrel circle!! Just had to say that . . .

  10. I’m glad you enjoyed the mixes, Jules! And Eisha, I can totally relate to the “Too tired to cook” excuse for getting take-out. I’m feeling a little shivery today, and am hoping that it’s just a matter of too little sleep instead of impending illness. Maybe I’ll get to curl up for a wee nap this afternoon, which would be a kick in itself. I’ll keep my kicks short:

    1) Deviled eggs made with bacon (and to compensate, I used yogurt, walnut oil and a smattering of salt in lieu of mayo)
    2) Good voice lesson on Friday
    3) I am doing more string games, and I just KNOW that hanging out with Adrienne next week is going to increase my repertiore
    4) Maybe, just maybe, I’ll teach myself to juggle next year
    5) Coffee
    6) More coffee
    7) Cashmere

  11. I love these illustrations – my favorite is the horse and hummingbird.

    My kicks this week:
    1. Finding the book 17 Things I Am Not Allowed to Do Anymore via your blog, and then going on to share it with a couple of co-workers, who fell in love with it as well. Thank you for the post about Nancy Carpenter that led me to this book! I just love it!
    2. Being organized and ahead at work this week, which allowed me to leave early on Friday.
    3. Biking to work 3 times this week.
    4. Cupcakes from Piece of Cake Bakery for the bf’s birthday – yum! I brought ours home for the bf, his visiting mom, and me – Chantilly, Black Forest, and Double Fudge! They have a dining room with dresses and things so parents and kids can have cake and ice cream right at the bakery.
    5. Driving to Seattle for a friend’s wedding. It was lovely!
    6. Getting to sleep in a bit today after yesterday’s Day of Driving and then getting to do yoga undisturbed.
    7. Baking a complicated raspberry coffee cake for the bf and having it turn out very well!

    Have a great week, everyone!

  12. Woo, Little Willow! Break a leg at your audition. Paychecks are a good thing, aren’t they?

    jone, sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend. And the conference sounds like it’s going to be a blast, thanks to all the hard work you and Laini have put in.

    jama, you have a Paddington collection? I LOVE Paddington. And those pancakes sound delectable.

    Jeremy, ooh, I saw NIN a really long time ago and it was an awesome show. Have fun.

    emmaco, I’m giggling at the thought of other shoppers hearing you photographing yourself in the dressing room. Hee! But seriously, that is a brilliant idea.

    cloudscome, is it any surprise that your kindergartener would have picked up your poetic talent? I think not.

    rm, those cupcakes sound wicked! And I’m so impressed by the raspberry coffee cake.

  13. Glad the new job is still going well, E. And I hope that it settles down a bit soon. And I have to say, jama, congratulations on the 29th Paddington. Such a lovely family you have there. And LW, the circle of squirrels thing rocks. Sounds like a picture book illustration waiting to happen.

    1. I read a bunch of fun middle grade novels this weekend, like Dodger and Me, and the second Moxy Maxwell and Piper Reed books. I also started the first 39 Clues book, and it’s excellent so far.
    2. I had a whim to re-watch Pearl Harbor this weekend. Searched for it on Directv, and to my amazement, it was scheduled to be on 2 hours later, on AMC. How often does that happen? It was great to watch Pearl Harbor again. I love a good fictional love triangle (good meaning: set up so that no one is really to blame).
    3. In need of something to watch while riding my exercise bike, I just started watching the first season of 24, which my brother gave me ages ago. And I’m finding it pretty cool. Just might get me through close to 24 hours of exercise.
    4. Jules, I got some BBAW love, too, and it was very nice. I especially appreciated everyone who came and commented on my guest post at My Friend Amy. Way to show the strength of the Kidlitosphere, guys!!
    5. It’s also been great to see the Cybils getting started, and people excited about it. I’m on the Easy Reader panel (like cloudscome), and looking forward to it.
    6. I got to meet Jackie from Interactive Reader and Readergirlz Postergirlz! We had a lovely lunch in San Jose.
    7. I made baked macaroni and cheese this weekend, on a total whim. No so healthy, but sooo good.

    Happy week, all!

  14. Jules and eisha, thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the auction!

    LW: thanks for the offer of posting on readergirlz. I may take you up on that, even if it means (I think) that I’m going to have to finally break down and join MySpace. O_o Hope the audition went well. The squirrel circle sounds amazing!

  15. Andi/cloudscome, good to hear you’re enjoying your grad courses. And that Easy Reader Cybils panel sounds pretty impressive, too.

    LW, I don’t doubt for a second that you’re making up a story in which animals love and are drawn to you. You know what other song Alkelda put on my CDs? That song that opens the wonderful movie “Billy Elliot”, “Cosmic Dancer” by T. Rex, and the lyrics make me think of you: “I was dancing when I was twelve….I danced myself right out of the womb.” Well, this one:

    Alkelda, you get to see Adrienne again? SCORE. And I hope you’re not getting sick.

    RM, aw shucks. I’m very glad you got a book recommendation from here and that it rewarded you muchly. And, mmm…you’ve eaten well this week.

    Jen, congrats on the Book Blogger Apprecation goodness. I started Dodger and Me and found it enjoyable, but I gotta re-start it, as I got interrupted. And your guest post at My Friend Amy was wonderful all-around.

    Macaroni and cheese is my favorite comfort food ever. We throw in gouda when we make it the gooood and complicated way. Mmmm.

    Sheila Ruth, our pleasure. Hope it makes a difference.

  16. Alkelda, those devilled eggs sound decadent. Hope the nap does the trick, and you feel all better soon.

    Jen, that Pearl Harbor kismet thing is so cool. What if being able to summon up movies on cable is your superpower?

  17. Whoa! That Billy Elliot clip is awesome.

    Jone: When I saw “Laurie Halse Anderson,” I had to look her up because I was confused, thinking of the artist/ musician Laurie Anderson, whose stuff I love. How is Twisted? That one looked. . . um, twisted. . . and Wikipedia has a suggested soundtrack for it.

    #1 A couple weeks ago, potty training fever hit our house when Joey decided he wanted to wear underwear. I missed 7 Imp’s Kicks that week because I was up to my neck washing toddler clothes and licensed character underwear. Being able to shout, “No more diapers!” from my rooftop is worth 7 kicks. . .

    #2 We went “camper-ing” and learned that Joey, who just turned three, is a marshmallow-roasting prodigy.

    #3 Thanks to 7 Imp for introducing us to Mini Grey. The boys love Traction Man and Ginger Bear, and they randomly burst into unintelligible rhymes they make up that all end with “and the dish ran away with the spoon.” We all loved The Twin Giants, too.

    #4 My husband and I watched Kite Runner.

    #5-#6 We had someone over for dinner who worked at an international school we had worked at in Mozambique a few years after we did. It was really cool to hang out with her. And when I asked her ahead of time if she had any requests for dinner, she asked for Indian food. The dal and coconut veggie curry that I made were okay, but I’m really excited that the chicken tikka masala rocked because that was only my second attempt at it.

    #7 I caught the end of a rummage sale today, and found a saucer that was missing its teacup but that goes with a teacup I have that was missing its saucer. Plus, I thought I would be paying $2 for a teapot, $6 for sheets, etc., but when I went to pay, she looked at my bag of loot and asked for $1. I had packed my bag with some books, 2 teapots, a puzzle, and lots more. Walking out, I asked about a stationary bike (I just started looking for one for this winter), and they said, “If you can use it, you can have it.” I’m glad I have tamed the collector monster in me, or I might have undone two years of downsizing!

  18. Jules, I totally agree about baked mac & cheese. My grandmother used to make it for me, and it will always remind me of visits to her house.

    And Eisha, what a great superpower that would be! I’m going to have to try it again, and see what I can do. I’m thinking Titanic. And Shakespeare in Love. And… We’ll see.

    I so wish you guys were coming to the conference next weekend!

  19. IT’S NEXT WEEKEND?! I thought it was later. Whoa. Shows you how out-of-the-loop I am.

    Kathe, why now, your kicks are exciting, indeed — and not just ’cause I would give my arms right now for my youngest to be potty-trained. When I talk to her about it or try, she says, “but I don’t wanna be a big girl.” Now, let me tell you, she’s also so puddin’ cute that you want to just take a bite out of her, right? And you look at them at that age and think, no, don’t grow up anymore!, so it’s like SHE KNOWS that “I don’t wanna be a big girl” bit is gonna work on me.

    But, still, I’m. so. tired. of. diapers.

    And, mmmm: Indian food. The best. I haven’t had a good saag paneer in a while. I gotta do something about that. Did I even spell that right?

    You say you like the “Billy Elliot” clip. Have you seen the movie? Oh lordamercy it’s so good. I’ve been wanting to see it again lately. That and “American Beauty” — not sure why. Probably just ’cause they’re so stinkin’ awesome.

    I’m so glad that you got good book recs from 7-Imp. Wow. Hearing that your children liked them is the best. And I’ll have an interview with Mini Grey very soon.

  20. Only One Kick!

    I’m late again this week. It’s hard to wrap my mind around my kicks of the week when I’ve been focused on the sorry state of affairs in which we see our country and many of its financial institutions at present. I’ve spent a lot more time reading political blogs than kidlit blogs lately.

    Jules, I am certainly excited and happy that you’ll be serving on the 2008 Cybils poetry-nominating panel with me this year!

  21. Thanks, Elaine! I’m going to learn so much and am thrilled to be on that committee with you all.

  22. Gracias, everyone!

    I haven’t seen Billy Elliot, if you can believe that. I want to see it.

    Jen: I’m glad that you and Jackie got to meet. 🙂

  23. emmaco, your blackberry bike ride trumps my beach cooking any day. And really, I wasn’t cooking in my garden; was just enjoying pulling things out of it and using them in the kitchen — my favourite part of fall.

    Thanks for that link, Jules — the new book sounds even more depressing, but I remember being curious about his father in Running With Scissors. He’s this weird background character throughout. Not sure if I’m curious enough to slog through an even darker memoir…I will admit to skimming at times in the earlier book, when it was either too mundane or too disturbing.

    And yes, Nine Inch Nails would be even better on Halloween, I bet. I’m really excited. Eisha, super cool that you are (were?) a fan too. It’s certainly not for everyone — many of my friends who listen to a wide range of music won’t touch NIN, and I’m always a little bewildered by it.

    Little Willow, I have no idea where I’m going to find the time to pitch/write/draw that rock ‘n roll picture book…but if I can’t, I hope someone does at some point.

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