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Thank you, America! And…


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  1. I’m adding another WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! to our very own post!

    It’s a NEW DAY!

  2. If at no other time in our lives, I hope that all of us can live like writers for the next few days and take careful notice of the history we are living. Although I have never once “hated” my country, I now have a new respect and a new hope for America.

  3. I just can’t believe it!!! Hurrah, hurrah!!!!

    My hope is that the world will see us differently now – less like yahoo-cowboys and more like open-minded, generous, caring people, correcting our course after eight disastrous years. I’m so proud of us. And what a lovely speech Obama gave. I am really looking forward to having a president who can speak eloquently.

  4. To both Shannon and Julie, I say: AMEN!

  5. GO ROCK OBAMA! CHange is on the way!

  6. Jules,

    I’m with Julie! I still find it hard to believe that Obama won. I never thought that I’d live to see the day when an African American would be elected president. Maybe a new–and better–day has dawned on our country.


  7. Elaine, I thought of you last night and wished I could have seen your face!

  8. I bought my children doughnuts for breakfast (big 0s) to plant the memory of today more firmly in their heads using a variety of neural pathways. Yippeeeee!

  9. This is HUGE!!!!! I am so happy!

  10. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to stand on top of the WORLD and shout, “THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT!” This is such a blessed feeling, and such a blessed day.

  11. YES WE DID!!!!!!!!
    That illo. is striking BTW.

  12. I decided to wait until the morning to see how it all turned out, and so it was Tammy who told me when she dropped Lucas off at 6:30. I was like, “Are you SURE? Are you SURE?” She said yes, but I still had to go check for myself. It is a good day.

  13. Feels like a breath of fresh air!! I am quite anxious to see how things change and hope this unites us as we haven’t been as a nation in such a long, long time. I was, however, struck with the references to voting rights with no mention of the fact that women, too, only achieved this right in the last century. I’ll be doubly pleased when we can also say that GENDER is no longer an issue!
    Go Rock Obomo!!!

  14. I am 68 years old and this is one of my happiest days ever. I wanted this so bad and prayed my very hardest ever. All the way till I went to bed last night. I watched it and fell asleep without turning off the tv, but woke up with a start at 4:00 to hear Obama talking and learning that he had won. I couldn’t go back to sleep again. I was too excited and I was crying. It is a new day for all of us and we are whole.

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  16. Well, I pretty much cried like a baby when the West Coast polls closed and the network “calls” started tumbling like dominoes. 36 years as a voter, ten Presidential elections of having my bleeding heart broken or merely Band-Aided, and this was the first one I felt deep in my soul. It really, really matters.

    As illustration junkies, y’all might enjoy this cartoon on Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

  17. I woke up this morning, and for the first time in many years felt truly optimistic. I knew I was stressed out about the election, and that I was angry about the previous administration’s incompetence, but I had no idea to what degree.
    This feeling of optimism….it’s a powerful emotion.
    What a great day!

  18. I’ve been goofy-smiling and happy-dancing all day. I still can’t believe it.

    Also, we’re witnessing two historical firsts in one day here: an African-American president, and my mom commented on the blog. I may have to declare a national holiday.

  19. To me, almost more amazing than the fact that he is African American is that the fact that we elected someone truly thoughtful — unafraid of complexity, seriousness, transparency, deep communication. Say it ain’t so, Ms. Palin, but I do believe we’re evolving!!!

  20. WOOT! WOOT! I have been smiling all day long, and filled with so much JOY!

    Your fellow American in hope and joy,

  21. What a great picture! It was a very exciting event for us non-USians too, everyone back home and at work were so pleased that the US elected someone with such a great vision and who inspires so many people.

  22. Great poster! And wooooo hooooooooo!!!!

  23. Jules,

    So happy to see you are a fellow Obama fan! (after all, Kentucky is an awfully red state!) I am ecstatic that he won! I have to figure out what to do with myself now that I dont have to check the polls every ten minutes. maybe I’ll start a blog? 🙂


  24. Make that Tennessee (got confused because of our “lexington’ mix-up way back)

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