Happy Thanksgiving . . .

h1 November 25th, 2008 by jules

. . . dysfunctional-family style! This Thanksgiving art work is from illustrator Sophie Blackall (interviewed back here in August). I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get to know the story of that family. (To see a bigger and animated version with a holiday greeting, go to Sophie’s site. And thanks to her for allowing us to share this here as well.)

We at 7-Imp wish everyone a wonderful holiday, as folks are probably travelling today or getting ready to travel or greeting family or thawing their turkeys or tofurkeys or what-have-you.

Here’s to what we in our household anyway call “our gratefuls” (my girls say their “gratefuls” every night before a meal). I hope there are many gratefuls in your life this year. Eisha and I are thankful for our readers, all the willing folks who subject themselves to interviews, all the great books and art we’ve seen thus far this year, all the kicks our readers have come to share, all the illustrators who share their art with us, all our kidlitosphere peeps, and oh-so much more. And, of course, I’m super-nerdy grateful for Eisha’s friendship. (See the above post for her Seoul report!)

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope to see you on Poetry Friday of this week — if I’m not too stuffed with nine kinds of pie to come and share a poem or two.

XO to all . . .

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  1. I’m making CARROT PIE! I figured it was easier to make all nine kinds if you got a run up on all the root veg.
    Happy Happy! You guys are two of my thankfuls!

  2. CARROT PIE? ! ? ! Where do you find these recipes?

    You’re one of our gratefuls, too, TadMack.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Impish folks! (That includes your families and critters. *grin*)

  4. You, too, LW. Thanks for always being a big ‘ol ray of sunshine in this world.

    Okay, really getting to work now….

  5. Carrot pie? My first impulse is kind of a no, but then… Is it anything like carrot cake? ‘Cause that would be a big YES, I’ll have a slice, please.

    Happy Thankful Grateful Day.

  6. Happy Turkey Day to both of you!! Big ditto to your gratefulness for the kidlitosphere and all the wonderful people in it.

    That is a fabulous yet disturbing illustration. 😀

  7. What a hilarious picture. Reminds me of The Royal Tenenbaums.

    Your girls saying their gratefuls. What a sweet image. I’m going to hold that in my head for the times when I forget to say mine.

    I’m grateful for the warm circle of light that is the Kidlitosphere.

  8. Sara: Royal Tenenbaums — yes! I kept trying to compare them to the Addams Family but that wasn’t quite right. You nailed it!

    Thanks for the link back to Sophie Blackall’s August interview, Jules — saved me the trouble of hunting for it to again marvel over those crrrrrraaaazy little creature-doll-type thingums included in her interview.

    I’ve been on the Web since before it really started popping; and since then, until a few months ago I skulked about strictly in its technical and political (and techno-political) corners. Since spring, though, I’ve been spending waaaay more time on lit/writing-related sites. And I am SO thankful for the nice, incredibly nice people I’ve met online in that time. 7-Imp is like the avatar… or wait, no, the exemplar… Templar? (you guys don’t wear armor, do you?)… well, you know what I mean.

    Thanks to both of you and to all the unknown familiar names (TadMack, Sara, Little Willow, aikelda, etc, etc,) for the grounding force you generate everywhere here, week after week.

  9. Thank you, JES! Flattered to be in such kind company.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Jules and Eisha, and other Kidlitosphere friends. I’ve been quite a bit behind on my blog reading lately (6 days off from reading = 1000 unread posts in Google Reader, no joke), so I especially appreciate this chance to check in.

    Happy Holiday!!

  11. Here’s to great food, fun company, and interesting conversation! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  12. Thanks for the gift of this image – and the reminder that it’s not quite “thanksgiving” without some familial misgivings…

    Happy Holiday!


  13. I wrote about being thankful as well today. (But I did not have a great illustration).

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, jules and eisha and all my friends in the kidlitosphere. I’m thankful to be part of such a great bunch of people. Thanks for the reminder to remember my gratefuls, and I do have much to be grateful for. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, whether traveling or staying home.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving, Jules and Eisha! I wish you two and Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast many blessings. :o)

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to 7 Imps and everyone who stops by every week.

    I am very thankful to be able to join in a weekly celebration of kicks/blessings/happy events with all of you. Happy happy turkey day to you and yours!

  17. (Eisha: Carrot pie …trust me. If you can eat sweet potato and pumpkin, you can eat carrot.

    There’s coconut milk involved… and the recipe is fully experimental…)

    JES: *Really* flattered. You are so kind.

  18. Just gobbling on by to add my Turkey Day good wishes to my favorite Imps!!

    Thanks for all you do; Jes is right. You’re the templar, the shield, the exemplar, the touchstone, the soup of all soups!

    You are hereby entitled to consume at least 7 pieces of each of those 9 kinds of pie :).

  19. I’m thankful for my blogging partner, Franki, and the way we take turns leading and following each other into new territory! And of course I’m thankful for everyone in the Kidlitosphere, because what would our blog be without our community of blogs and bloggers?!?!

  20. happy thanksgiving! I’m thankful that I’m not making 9 kinds of pie (only one, actually). And that there will be room in the oven (I think) for everything. And, of course, for the fabulousness that is the kidlitosphere.

  21. Sorta reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine. Y’know?
    You guys are one of my gratefuls, to be sure. Happy happy…

  22. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I like the illustration. And thank you JES, for your kind words.

    –Farida (formerly “Alkelda”)

  23. I’m thankful for the two of you, too, and this lovely community of folks who visit and comment on 7-Imp.

    Blackall’s illustration kind of reminds me of my own family. We are not picturesque.

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