Additions to 7-Imp’s Mad Tea-Party Collection!

h1 May 4th, 2009 by jules

This post is a Part Two, if you will, of yesterday’s post, in which the art work of graphic novelist Eric Wight was featured. Eric very graciously created a Mad Tea-Party image just for 7-Imp, and it’s here to the left. Don’t you just love it — and Alice’s face? I didn’t put it in yesterday’s post for different reasons, mostly because I knew I wanted to post about it today. But, as mentioned yesterday, it is already up at the site — in the header of this page. Go have a look and see how fabulous it is! That page, based on the size of our blog’s email in-box, gets a lot of traffic, so we hope lots of folks will see it.

You may remember that 7-Imp is collecting various Mad Tea-Party images to include in the headers of our site’s pages (though we committed to always leaving the classic Tenniel image on the main, or “home,” page of the site.) We also recently acquired illustrator Helen Oxenbury’s version of Lewis Carroll’s Mad Tea-Party, and it has also been added to the header of another page of our site, the “Note for Publishers & Authors” page. It looks like this below, but you can also see it here.

Thanks to Candlewick for giving me permission to use that when I went begging at their cyber-door. Eisha and I both love Helen Oxenbury’s art somethin’ fierce.

So, those are our two new Mad Tea-Party acquisitions! Many thanks to Eric, in particular, for creating original art just for our site.

These new Mad Tea-Party images—Eric’s and Helen’s—join the rest of the 7-Imp family of Mad Tea-Parties, as shown here:

Created just for 7-Imp in January 2009 by cartoonist Ray Friesen. (That’s even us, sitting at the end of the table there, partaking in the party.)
It’s at this page of the site.

Argentinian illustrator Fernando Falcone’s “A Mad-Tea Party,” 2006. Not created specifically for 7-Imp, but Fernando gave us permission to include it at our blog for forever and ever amen. It’s at this page of the site.

Created just for 7-Imp in July 2007 by illustrator Frank Dormer.
It’s at this page of the site.

And, yes, we plan to fill all the headers one day with different Mad Tea-Parties. Thanks again to Eric and Candlewick, and repeat thanks to all the illustrators who had already helped populate our site with their own Mad Tea-Party visions.

If you missed the post about Eric’s work yesterday, go take a look. Fun stuff.

6 comments to “Additions to 7-Imp’s Mad Tea-Party Collection!”

  1. Holy moley… You’ll soon need to think about one of those little bloggy widgets which randomly loads a different tea-party image on a page every time it’s loaded.

    …’course, then you’d need to be sure they were all proportioned about the same…

    [leaves home desk to get ready for work, his head already crammed tight with tech thanks to this post] 🙂

  2. Wow – yesterday’s post was gobsmackingly art-enriching and I love seeing all of your headers in a line. Nice!

    I love the eyes in Eric Wright’s sketches. Somehow it’s very reminiscent of childhood comic books for me. (Go, Speed Racer!)

  3. *total swoon*

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  5. Joins Jama in swooning.

  6. So pretty. So tasty.

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