Peace Out

h1 May 18th, 2009 by jules

Speaking for myself only here, I’ll be on a blog vacation all week. (There is some kind of name for this, but I always screw it up: “blogvation” or some such thing? I’ll hit it old-skool and just say: Jules won’t be posting this week, yo.)

Don’t miss, in the meantime, the Summer Blog Blast Tour 2009. The master schedule is here at Chasing Ray. You’re in good hands with all those bloggers, I tell you what.

I hope everyone has a happy and prolific (but only if you want it to be) week. Curtsey. Peace sign. Tip o’ the hat. I’ll see you on Sunday when 7-Imp goes a-kickin’.

3 comments to “Peace Out”

  1. Blacation? :o)

  2. “Media Fast”

  3. That’s fitting. I think I’ll start taking Media Fasts every now and then, whether I leave home or not.

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