7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #128: Featuring Eisha’s Birthday!

h1 August 16th, 2009 by jules

Happy Sunday, everyone! Those are coffee bean cupcakes that I’m cyber-giving to Eisha today, because Monday is her birthday! I got her blessing to take over today’s post and celebrate it one day early with our kicker-friends. She graciously agreed to type her kicks in the comments later, like everyone else, so that I CAN EMBARRASS HER on her birthday. Mwahaha. You know we do this every year, and I don’t know about Eisha, but I actually find it challenging each year to find new and creative ways to humiliate her. So . . .

. . . This year I enlisted the help of her mother—oh, yes I did—who doesn’t live far from me. That Janice. She’s a sneaky one, my partner-in-crime. She scrounged up some photos of Eisha, and I chose these two. This one here is fitting: See? She’s all decked out as the Mad Hatter for a dance recital in which she participated in high school.

At the bottom of the post is one of her baby pictures I could. not. resist. I mean, look at her. Punkin head.

So, even though I’m going to devote this post to Eisha and forego my own kicks this week, I hope you all will leave your kicks. Please do. We enjoy reading them weekly. And you can also help me wish Eisha a very happy birthday!

Here are my wishes. I’m yelling this and cheering seven different ways: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EISHA!

. . . I hope your birthday is very fun. Thank you for being the one friend I can say the craziest things in the world to, including trying out my favorite new swear words on you, and you won’t think I’m truly batty or truly sick. At least if you do, you don’t say so outloud. Thanks for being that friend who laughs at the same goofy-ass nonsense I laugh at. Thanks for listening, thanks for giving me personal book recommendations all the time, thanks for being my new-music link, and thanks for being my friend for EIGHTEEN YEARS now. Yes, eighteen. I said, eighteen. Really. One-eight.

And if you hate me for sharing these pics, you can get me back next May. Gulp.

I hope you indulge yourself today and do any and everything that makes you feel truly blissful. Woo! Wait. I mean, tomorrow. Well, both. Aw, just celebrate all week.

Okay, about kicks for any new folks: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is our weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you.

What are YOUR kicks this week? And, again . . .


50 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #128: Featuring Eisha’s Birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday Eisha! And thanks to Jules for digging up these excellent bits of ancient-history-cuteness.

    My kicks…early this week! That’s what I get for staying up WAY too late.

    1) Two. Our son officially hit the terrible twos, and we celebrated being nearly out of the baby stage forever.
    2) Rain. We live in a freakin’ desert, and our summer has been hot and dry since mid-May. Which is sorta good, since it’s summer and all, except between water shortages and forest fires, it was getting a bit old. We got a long, hard, soaker rain yesterday that has everyone breathing easier (literally).
    3) Fruit. Cherries and peaches have been amazing, and because of a glut of cherries, we got to pick 50 pounds free from our neighbour’s orchard. Yum.
    4) Friends. Close friends of ours who moved away in December (boo!) are back here for a week of vacation (yay!).
    5) Vacation. I didn’t take enough of it this summer, but I’ve got most of this week off and the weather forecast looks great.
    6) Naps. I took one today — wonderful.
    7) Fish ‘n chips. We’re regulars at a cute hole-in-the-wall in our little town, and tonight was not a night for cooking at home. So unhealthy, but so awesome.

  2. *squeals with delight*

    How can I stand the utter Eisha cuteness here? The Mad Hatter and a little bunny suit? PERFECT!! LOVE the pics. Eeeeee!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EISHA! *licking cupcake frosting* Sorry, can’t help myself. I send you seven hundred wishes for good health, happiness, much laughter, and success in any way you want to define it! Plus, no cilantro.

    Glad you got some much needed rain, Jeremy. And yum on the fish and chips, fruit, and enjoy your vacation!

    Here are some insomniac kicks (it’s 4:30 a.m. here):

    1. Rereading Wind in the Willows.
    2. Big, juicy, lucious, sweet and sinful dark cherries.
    3. Woodstock special on VH1. Can’t believe it’s been 40 years!
    4. We got tickets to go to Hawaii this fall!
    5. Had lunch with a writer friend. So nice to catch up over yummy asian sesame chicken salad.
    6. Neil Gaiman reading his poem, “Instructions,” which I saw on Kelly Fineman’s blog. It’s going to be a picture book next year! Yay! LOVE his British accent.
    7. Friendships of 18 years. Eisha and Jules, Jules and Eisha. We love 7-Imp! ♥

    Happy Sunday, everyone. 🙂

  3. [speechless]

  4. Okay, no, seriously. I have no words. NO WORDS. You… and my MOM… I can’t… that’s… did I really wear those earrings to DANCE in?

    Jules, you kill me with awesomeness. I thought my early presents from you were hilarious, but no, you’ve outdone yourself here. Thank you so much for being MY friend of 18 (really?!?) years. I don’t deserve you.

    And just wait until May.

  5. Happy birthday, Eisha! Kicks 1-7 this week are, in order, your birthday, your birthday, your birthday, your birthday, your birthday, your birthday and, let’s see, your birthday!

    The next seven include:

    8. I can see October from here
    9. The wonderful reception that Liz Scanlon and Marla Frazee’s ALL THE WORLD has been receiving
    10. Watching my 5 y.o. swim with the big kids
    11. Watching my 10 y.o. be one of the aforementioned big kids
    12. An offer on a new book!
    13. Awesome manuscript critiques from my awesome Austin author friends
    14. Twilight on Sometimes Island, by Li’l Cap’n Travis

  6. Happy Birthday, Eisha! I say don’t just celebrate tomorrow, and today, and all week, but take the month.
    1. eighteen year friendships. hurray!
    2. Reading above, I’m thinking I should be glad I don’t have insomnia. Even if it does lead to Wind in the Willows. Jama, no more chocolate cupcakes. More sleepytime chamomile and mint.
    3. Family (ish.. technically no blood relations, but these were who I grew up with and who lasted) barbecue yesterday, when sun shone in Mass, a rare thing this summer.
    4. breakfasting on lemon cake leftover from barbecue — I did leave them most, really!
    5. Am reading and loving your recommendation of famously long-loaned Green Stars by Charlotte Matthews. Almost each poem a poignant story of childhood. I’m happy.
    6. Reading — shooting back a recommendation — The Beginnings of the Fields, poems by Angela Shaw.
    7. A trip to see my daughter tomorrow, her summer internship almost over, and just before her college classes start back up.

  7. Happy Birthday Eisha! You have a fabulous friend in Jules. Jules, love the pics. Thank Eisha’s mom for helping. And those cupcakes…yum!
    Yay for cherries Jama and Jeremy…a bit sad as they are almost at the end of their run in OR.
    Congrats on the book offer, Chris.
    I will need to find a copy of Green Stars, Jeannine.
    My kicks…
    1. Seeing Orcas on the ferry home from Victoria last Monday.
    2. My coughing fits grow less with each day. Thnk goodness.
    3. The dahlias are prolific in their blooming this year.
    4. Little tomatoes on my plants finally.
    5. The M.C. Esher exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.
    6. Tea atPoint Ellice House in Victoria…the tour of the house is told from the pint of view of the servants.
    7. Going to a photography class on the secrets of using Picasa today.
    Have a great week.

  8. And I need to add the food and tea at Point Ellice House was incredibly good.

  9. EISHA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish you lots of good food, good music, good books, good movies, and good company for your birthday. :o) *hug*

    Jules, thank you so much for posting those awesome pictures of Eisha.

    Jeremy, 50 pounds of cherries… for free?! That is awesome.

    Jama, woohoo for going to Hawaii in the fall! And hey, no fair, you got cherries too.

    Chris, sounds like you had a truly kickin’ week. Congratulations on the offer!

    Jeannine, the family barbecue and breakfast of leftovers sounds lovely and yummy.

    Jone, I am glad to hear your coughing fit is going away. And aww! re: the orcas.


    1. EISHA. Who is so pretty, intelligent, fun, and friendly.

    2. My cousins Sarah (15), Franky (14), JP (13), and Paul (12) were visiting from the US and we got to hang out on Thursday. The last time I saw them they were just babies and toddlers!

    3. They are such good kids. And they are so smart and cute too. They love books and they kept asking me, “Have you read _____? Have you read _____?!” Their eyes lit up and they were excited when we were talking about books.

    4. Paul asked about an author I was interviewing and I said that he probably wouldn’t know her work since she wrote picture books (and he’s already a really cool 12-year-old). But Paul surprised me by saying, “I can still read picture books. Tell me about the author. Tell me about the book.”

    5. They had to fly back to the US Saturday morning, but Friday night we were on the phone from 10:30 PM to 3 AM. I talked to all of them but I talked to Franky the most. I heard “Tell me about one more book. Tell me about one more book!” about a dozen times that night. Best. Phone conversation. Ever.

    6. Update from my brothers JP and Brian who are in Korea to compete in The World Taekwondo Hanmadang 2009: GOLD!!!!!!!

    7. My mom and dad are in town!

  10. Tarie, Fabulous new about your brothers…will they go the gold in the next summer Olympics?

  11. Heh.
    Ooh, Eisha, she got you good. Happy Birthday, chica.

  12. Jone, JP and Brian’s specialty is taekwondo forms, which is known as “poomsae.” It currently isn’t an event in the Olympics, but the World Taekwondo Federation is trying to get it into the Olympics. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  13. Happy Birthday Eisha! Hope it’s fantastic!

    Kicks from the week. Hmm. Why can’t I remember? All right working backwards…

    1. A good night’s sleep – finally.
    2. A swim in the pool.
    3. A successful car wash fundraiser – less successful in the money made than it the lessons learned by the girls putting it together and that it’s done. ;^)
    4. A deep conversation with a friend who needed it.
    5. A fun day on Lake Anna, boating, swimming, and tubing.
    6. A summer visit to an amusement park/ water park where it wasn’t as hot as it was supposed to be.
    7. A job well-done.

  14. EISHA! I’m torn between wishing you a happy birthday and, well, I keep scrolling back to check out those pix. Which probably sounds creepy. But they really are great photos, and thanks to your mom for conspiring with your friend of !* (that’s “18” with the Shift key held typographic-errorly down, but I like the way it looks) years!

    Just out of curiosity, what sort of dance routine would this recital have included? I’m glad you mentioned the hoop earrings, because, like, yeah — if OSHA investigated dance recitals that would’ve been a page-one violation right there.


    Jeremy, I noticed a couple weeks ago that you’d returned from Hither and Yon but I kept forgetting to say welcome back. So… welcome back!

    jama: that Neil Gaiman “Instructions” reading was terrific. (If anyone else is looking for it, it’s here at YouTube as well as at Kelly Fineman’s blog.)

    Chris — good to see you here, and very happy to see (per Bartography) that The Day-Glo Brothers seems to be doing well. Congrats on the offer!

    Jeannine: I love family barbecues/gatherings, but family-ish ones, well, let’s just say I hope I’m never forced to make a choice. 🙂

    jone: LOVE M.C. Escher. (Which makes me wonder why 7-Imp hasn’t tried to snag him for a Pivot interview— er, well, yes, there is the small matter of, shall we say, posthumousness…) Very happy the coughing fits seem on their way out.

    Tarie: That’s a big Whoot! about the news from Korea! (And I love that bit of conversation with assertive and level-headed cousin Paul.)

    Some kicks from here:

    * The whole Jules-Eisha thing. Great women and great people separately and together.

    * Yorkie’s new x-treme haircut, which reveals for the first time that her legs are an elegant four or five inches in length vs. the two- to three-inch stubs we’d gotten used to. She now can be seen to run, not just to scurry.

    * Apparently, a lot of people had already seen the video (a couple years old now) of a winner of the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” (?!?) reality-TV show, doing a sort of thrown-sand-art thing set to music. I hadn’t, until the other day, and was immediately blown away. here‘s the video and some background about it.

    * A friend (re-)visiting Edinburgh mentioned in passing “the traditional Tyneside schoolchildren’s song Geordie’s Lost His Penker.” I’d never heard of it (not that I’ve heard of much of anything about Tyneside, including what or where it is); it turns out to be both less titillating and more charming and clever than many of the schoolchildren’s songs I do know. (Lyrics here.)

    * Thunderclouds. Saw one the other day I could swear was the state of Virginia.

    * Watching people play darts. Especially when the people are good friends, and roughly evenly inept and/or, uh, lubricated (but not too much so) with drink.

    * Very nearly making it out the door in time to finally see the new(ish) Harry Potter film.

  15. Thanks, everyone, for the sweet birthday wishes.

    Jeremy, 50 lbs of cherries?!? YUM. What will you do with them?

    jama, I saw Neil Gaiman read that poem at an author event, and it was awesome. I’m so glad to hear it’ll be a book! Sorry for the insomnia, sister-in-sleeplessness. But you can have all the cupcake frosting you want.

    Chris, YAY for October! I can’t wait for cooler temps. And yay for your book offer, too!

    Jeannine, lemon cake sounds like a lovely breakfast. And the family-ish BBQ sounds excellent too.

    jone, she really is quite a friend, isn’t she? I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and I can’t wait to see what photo-magic you learn today.

    Tarie, you sweetie! Thanks. And I love love LOVE that your cousins are so enthusiastic about books. And CONGRATS to the Taekwondo champs!

    tanita, oh yes she did.

    MotherReader, congrats to your girls. And yay for boating, and tubing, and water parks – such lovely summery kicks.

    JES, you’re right, 18 does look fun that way. I think I’m going to tell everyone that I’m turning #^ years old, too. And dude, you always share the best links. I’d love to hear that Geordie song for real.

  16. Eisha: a slightly different, longer version of the “Little Geordie” song is on YouTube, in which “penker” becomes “penka.” (Another regional variation, apparently, is “Little Geordie’s Lost His Liggie.” These people can’t seem to hang onto anything.)

    !* and #^ look like they should be emoticons, or Twitterisms or something.

    MotherReader: I love how that sort of deep conversation almost always turns out to be something that both people need, for different reasons.

  17. I just stumbled on your blog this morning, while combing the web for Octavian Nothing commentary, and have been sitting here for half an hour reading away – entry after entry, most all worthy of exclamation marks: You’re so smart! You’re so funny! You’re so bookmarked! Thank you!

  18. Today’s post is such a lovely tribute to friendship. Thanks for sharing that with all of us, Jules. I’m happy that you guys have been friends for 18 years. It seems right, somehow. And happy birthday tomorrow, Eisha!! Love the cupcakes.

    My kicks:

    1. Jules’ comments made me think of my own best friend, who I met back in 8th grade (which makes our friendship frighteningly longer than 18 years, but still amazing). Having long-time friends helps keep me grounded, I find, since they understand so well who I am. We’ll be seeing other long-time friends soon, too.
    2. I re-read one of my all-time favorite books this week (Return to Gone-Away) and that was like visiting an old friend, too (though in a different way).
    3. This afternoon we’re finally going to see the new Harry Potter movie.
    4. Next weekend we have friends coming out to go wine tasting with us (I’ll probably miss the Kicks, but I’ll drink a toast to all of you).
    5. Mheir decorated our house with way-fun tropical party decorations this weekend. He even bought tiki torches.
    6. Yesterday we went to this pediatric cancer benefit, and while we were there we got a picture taken of Mheir (who is a doctor) with the guy who plays Dr. Kelso from Scrubs. The real doctor, pretend doctor thing was pretty fun. (I don’t have the picture yet to share, but someone is supposed to send it).
    7. I was reminded of the power of having a strong social network this week when I needed recommendations for TV shows to watch while riding my exercise bike (non-episodic, long plot threads, fast-paced, etc.). I got tons of great suggestions on Facebook and Twitter, and now my Netflix queue is full. And … it’s time to go ride that bike.

    Happy Sunday, all!!

  19. Thanks for partying with us, you all.

    Jeremy, so glad you get to see those friends again. Speaking of getting out of the baby stage, we now no longer have children in diapers. When I put the stinky ol’ diaper pail away, it was almost bittersweet. Of course, my husband has always said he wants a HUGE family, but our budget begs to differ.

    Jama, I’m so happy to know “Instructions” will be a pb next year. Wonder who’s going to illustrate…And Hawaii! Woo!

    Chris, as for #8: I freakin’ love October. I always want to slow it down. As for #9, I KNOW! And guess what? Liz and Marlee will be visiting here soon-ish. As for #12, congratulations! As for #14, what’s that?

    Jeannine, wow, you’re reading Green Stars. Excellent! And thanks for the recommendation in return. Have fun visiting your daughter!

    Jone, looks like your ferry ride to Victoria led to all kinds of great things. Wish I could have gone. M.C. Escher exihibit: Color me jealous. Have fun at your photography class today.

    Tarie, could your kicks get any better? Congrats to your brothers! That is fabulous. Yay for your cousins, particularly Paul for knowing picture books aren’t just for wee ones. And your parents visiting: Have a great time!

    And, yeah, why isn’t poomsae in the Olympics?

    Hi, Tanita!

    Yo, MotherReader. Good week you had there. I miss tubing.

    John, why does Yorkie X-Treme Haircuts sound like a new reality show? Glad you can see all of her now. …I love that video. It would have made my kicks this week, if I had kicked. I still am amazed there’s a “Ukraine’s Got Talent,” but then…am I really?

    Alison, aw, thanks so much! You should start kickin’ with us in the future.

    Jen, have fun at the wine-tasting with good friends. We’ll miss you next week. Did you pick a new show to watch? I am intrigued by this “Mad Men” phenomenon and want to add it to the queueueueueueue.

  20. Wow! Cake and children’s books…my two favourite things.

  21. Jules, poomsae didn’t get organized and popular until a couple of years ago. It will probably end up in the Olympics – the question is when? I hope in time for my brothers to compete in the Olympics!!!!!!! They aren’t getting any younger. LOL.

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EISHA!!! August birthdays are very cool (see Kick #1). Have a wonderful day.

    Jules – thanks for posting those awesome pics of Eisha. And thanks to Eisha’s mom too.

    Jeremy – fish and chips. Yum!

    Jama – Hawaii!!! I’m insanely jealous.

    Tarie – congrats to your brothers and how wonderful to share a love of books with your teenage and pre-teen cousins.

    JES – Tyneside is in the very far north of England and has one of the strongest accents in the UK outside of Scotland.

    My kicks this week:

    1 – Cy turned 5!!! He opened his presents in about 5 nanoseconds and loved every one. The green cake went over a treat too.
    2 – Nick and Norah.
    3 – Emma Bridgewater pottery.
    4 – Oilcloth tablecloths.
    5 – Hanging out with old friends, namely Starbuck, Apollo, Helo, Sharon and Chief Tyrol. Yep, we are rewatching Battlestar Galactica from the very beginning and hope to make it past Season 2.5 this time.
    6 – Having a supportive boss who understands when you need to take time off to look after sick kids.
    7 – Chatting with my niece in London via Facebook about absolutely nothing.

    Have a great kicky week!

  23. Just popping in to say Happy Birthday, Eisha! Wishing you a kick-filled birthday week.

  24. Happy birthday eve, Eisha! I hope that you have a fantastic birthday, filled with family, friends, and fun.

    Way to rock the Mad Hatter en pointe! I am very impressed. Wow.

    Aw, bunny.

    Jeremy: May the twos be not-so-terrible soon. Enjoy your visits and your vacation.

    jama: Say hello to Badger, Otter, Mole, Ratty, Toad, and company for me. I have a great deal of love for Neil Gaiman’s Instructions.

    Chris: Congrats on the new book offer!

    Jeannine: Family is what (and who) you make it. You don’t have to be blood-related to be considered family. Have fun visiting with your daughter.

    jone: *waving to orcas* Feel better. Enjoy the art and nature.

    Tarie: Congratulations to your brothers! WOWZA! Glad that you got to hang out with your cousins, and now with your parents.

    MotherReader: Hurrah for sleep, for a successful fundraiser, for summer visits – for the fact that I could make your kicks alliterative!

    JES: Run, Yorkie, run!

    Alison: Hi there! Welcome to Sundays at 7-Imp.

    Jen Robinson: How does the book hold up to your memory of it? Yay for friends, and hurrah for the benefit. (You could give them little speech bubbles: “I’m a doctor.” + “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”)

    James: Welcome aboard as well!

    Zoe: Nick and Norah book or film? Happy belated birthday to Cy! Glad that you have an understanding boss. Hope everyone is feeling better now.

    My kicks for the past week:
    1) Open call on Wednesday for a big musical
    2) Open call on Saturday for another big musical
    3) Effort – Although I didn’t get either show, I tried, and that is what really counts. You never know if you don’t try.
    4) Rehearsals
    5) Updates
    6) Broccoli
    7) Static

  25. Hi All,

    Sorry for the late kicks, but this was/is a crazy week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EISHA! I love birthdays, so I will celebrate on your behalf for the rest of today, and possibly all week. Love the photos of you that Jules posted – I will NOT be giving you my mother’s phone number, Jules!

    Some quick kicks:

    1) Getting an email from a client letting me know how “impressed” she is with my work product. It’s rare to get compliments in this business, so that meant a lot.
    2) Watching two good movies this week – “Julie & Julia” at the theater (you and Julia Child almost have the same B-day, Eisha) and “The Red Shoes” on DVD (a beautiful film about the ballet from 1948). Two thumbs up for both.
    3) Discovering a new “old” band from the 1960’s – Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll. Here’s a fun video:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpizS9h-1Xk Very psychedelic.
    4) Visiting with my parents yesterday and getting a big box of delicious peaches from them, fresh off the tree from the Central Valley of California where I grew up. Very tasty.
    5) Finding an original Winsor McCay full page comic strip from the early 1900’s which I will be framing for my office.

    Have a great B-day week, Eisha! Hope everyone has a kick-filled week!

  26. Jules, I decided to watch Intelligence next. It’s excellent – just what I was looking for. Then I have Battlestar Gallactica next in the queue – a friend said that it has long plot threads, great writing, and lots of tension, which all sounds perfect for what I’m looking for. Have not seen Mad Men yet…

    LW, kudos to you for making the effort. The big stuff is coming for you, I can feel it. And yes, Return to Gone-Away totally held up. I’ve read it many times over the years, so my love of the book is cumulative over all of those experiences. I’m actually writing about that (books as old friends) for Booklights tomorrow.

  27. Little Willow – Both!!! We watched “Nick and Norah” a few weeks ago and I loved it. Made me want to be 18 all over again. I knew I had to read the book, and when I did, I fell in love with both of them even more, especially Norah.

  28. Happy birthday, Eisha! I love you as The Mad Hatter and the rabbit. You should consider wearing costumes more often.

    Oh boy those cupcakes look gooooood.

    Some kicky things I’ve seen and read this past week:
    1. Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords. Yay, funny!
    2. Julie and Julia. Yay, food!
    3. District 9. Yay, aliens and metaphors!
    4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Yay, rereading! (Serious BOO, UMBRIDGE, though. I do hate that woman.)
    5. Otis by Loren Long. Yay, ARCs!

    I only have five as there are only many hours in the day for me to read/watch things. In the in between times, I’ve been negotiating and planning a couple teaching gigs for the fall and winter that I’m excited about and grateful to be able to do.

  29. Happiest Birthday Wishes, Eisha!!!

    First let me say, you were ADORABLE!! Cuteness!! Jules is a beautiful friend for celebrating you, and your mother is a hoot. I wish I could have met her when she came to Ithaca in June!

    I will be celebrating with you tomorrow in spirit. It is officially, “Eisha” day!! I am so sad that I won’t be able to bring you in a truly decadent treat like I used to, but I will put a little something in the mail 😉 Charlie Brown and I send our biggest hugs and happiest wishes for a fabulous year to come. I miss you bunches. No one even comes close to you here.

    #1 kick: So I have been reading the Janet Evanovich mystery series, and they are LOL hillarious. Now that I do not have a t.v., I am trucking through them.

    #2: The movie, “Miss Potter”. I think you and Jules would like this if you have not already seen it. I cried throughout the movie, but it was really well done. Any time there is an English accent involved, I am a puddle of butter!

    #3: My sister sent me three boxes of rubber stamps. I am having a blast. Actually I am not all that creative, but these are too much fun.

    #4: My crossword puzzles. I love them. When I finish my head hurts like crazy, but they are a challenge. I have to keep those little gray cells working.

    #5: Charlie Brown. My little cocker spaniel keeps me laughing and is always looking for another hug. What a sweetie pie.

    #6: Picnics! I have been taking picnics and loving them. The sunshine, blue sky, and flowers keep my spirits soaring. If only those bees would leave my tofu alone. I did not know they liked tofu!

    #7: Eisha and all my friends at Cornell. I am so thankful for you all. I miss you sooooo much, but whenever I get down, I think of you and laugh. You are the BEST!!

    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! Hugs, E

  30. Jill, I’d arm-wrestle you for an original Winsor McCay!

  31. Jill: Peaches are yummy. The Red Shoes is a memorable story, and the colours in the film are striking, aren’t they? Congratulations on receiving the compliment on your work!

    Jen Robinson: Looking forward to your column. Thank you. Don’t I wish.

    Zoe: I liked the movie more than the film. I felt as though the film, while entertaining, was about other people, that the characters on screen were not the same N&N I’d gotten to know.

    adrienne: Crossed fingers for you! I hope that the work works out as you hope.

    Eileen: Crafty fun on all counts!

  32. JES – I will try to take a photo and email it to you. It is black and white, however, but still amazing. He was THE master cartoonist in my book.

    Little Willow – Somehow I knew that you would have seen The Red Shoes. The colors are striking, and the dancing was beautiful. I won’t give away the story to others, but I enjoyed all of it. And I love your kick #3, and thank you for the reminder about the importance of effort.

  33. Hi, James! Me, too.

    Tarie, me, too! (Again)

    Zoe, I’ve got one of those great Emma Bridgewater mugs, the one Jama told me about that says …well, this one. Best. Mug. Ever.

    Happy birthday (again) to Cy! Woo!

    Hi, Susan!

    Little Willow, I can say, without a doubt, that I think this is the first time broccoli’s showed up as a kick. What is static about? Also: Word to what Jen said about you.

    Jill, kick #5=pretty great. And Central Valley peaches: Eat one for me. Congrats on that well-deserved (I have no doubt) compliment on your work.

    Jen, haven’t even heard of Intelligence, but I can vouch—quite enthusiastically—for Battlestar. Just finished the whole series. Sniff, sniff.

    Adrienne, one more reminder that I need to see Flight of the Conchords already. Congrats on more workshopping. You know I want someone in middle TN to ask you to come speak.

    Eileen, I’ve gotta see Miss Potter already, too.

  34. Jill: Have you read the original story of The Red Shoes? If not, do. Thanks!

    Jules: I got a 2 pound bag of fresh broccoli for 99 cents. YUMMY! As per the other, that’s something in my brain that will be revealed to the world someday (I hope!)

  35. JES, once again you come through with the link. But was it just me, or were all those lovely scenic photos at odds with the silly song?

    Alison – you’re so sweet!

    Jen, you are so right – old friends are what it’s all about. Do keep us filled in on your new favorite shows.

    Howdy, James!

    Zoe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cy!! 5 is a great age. Glad he had such a good time. Also glad you have a sympathetic boss. The husband and I still have the last season of BSG to get through once he gets back in the country – can’t wait.

    Thanks, Susan! Pop in any time!

    Little Willow, no one can EVER say that you don’t try. And it certainly seems to work pretty often, seeing as you’re always in at least one show every week. Yay for broccoli! But… static? I echo Jules’s query.

    Jill, I didn’t realize that about Julia Child. Cool! But I LOVED The Red Shoes – and haven’t seen it in years. I should see it again – thanks for reminding me. And congrats for getting props at work – that is always such a nice thing. And OH!!! That video is freaky awesome. What a great version of that song. Thanks!

    adrienne, YAY for such a good media-filled week! And thanks again for the awesome Star Wars postcards. You could probably rock a costume, too, you know. Just sayin’.

    Eileen!!! HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!!! It just so happens I put a little something in the mail for you yesterday, too! But sadly, it’s not delicious, because I do not have your talent in that arena. And I totally hear you on the English accents, sister. I watched Lost in Austen today – you might like that too. I miss you like crazy cakes!

    Continued and enthusiastic thanks for all the birthday wishes. Ya’ll are the best.

  36. Okay, first off, those pictures are incredible. I want to eat up little bunny-eared Eisha.

    1. I’m going to steal Jill’s, and say Central Valley fruit. I have a huge basket of nectarines on the counter and I don’t even know what to do with them. Thank you, Modesto, for your agriculture.
    2. Cross-continent Jane Austen tea parties, shirtless/soaking wet Mr. Darcy.
    3. The in-laws drove J & I out to IKEA in Sacramento and helped us transport scads of furniture, including bookshelves.
    4. My books are unpacked! They’ve been in boxes since April, I think. What did I do without them?
    5. I just got a call from a friend who has both 1) a possible job for me, and 2) a tiny kiln I can have for free.
    6. How I Met Your Mother, season 2. Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segal, Alyson Hannigan. Need I say more?
    7. My husband’s best friend and my best friend started dating in December, and now that we’re in California, we actually get to witness how cute they are. So. disgustingly. cute. It’s awesome.


    Jules, those pics are fabulous!

    Three cheers for 18 year friendships! The two of you rock!

    Eisha hope your birthday celebration lasts all month!

    My one big kick today is conquering my fear of the dark, at least a little bit. Me and my hiking buddy Liza went spelunking today at the Ape Caves at Mt St Helens. We were both just a wee bit terrified in the beginning, and almost tunred around, but we stuck it out and made it through the difficult lava tube in 2 hours, and were pretty stoked for the rest of the day.

    Hope everyone has an awesome and demon conquering week!

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  39. Little Willow: I’ve commented before on your, er, comments. But I have to add that your masterful, weekly gift for terse, enigmatic Kicks has no peer. Sometimes, reading them is like getting one of those word-verification/captcha prompts: my brain struggles to fill in the gaps, sometimes forcing them into a little imaginary narrative. Rehearsals Updates Broccoli Static indeed. I’m guessing you’re involved in a play about a fictitious meeting between Luther Burbank or George Washington Carver and Nikola Tesla.

    Eisha: That YouTube version of the song was, yeah, a bit schizoid. My original intent was to grab a simple MP3 somewhere, but a quick look at my legal-download sources failed me. (The only thing I could find to DL was the lost-his-liggie version. Which would have been completely unacceptable.)

    Jules, again, a great thing to dedicate your kicks to Eisha. I did miss seeing what your week was like, though!

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EISHA!!!!! Hope you have a grand day! Thanks for the photos of Eisha in her earlier years, Jules.


    Mike and I arrived on Westport Island in Maine late Friday afternoon–loaded down with all our provisions: delicous foods we had prepared in advance, lots of wine, fixings for Mojitos…

    On Saturday, we were joined by two of our closest friends and my daughter and her fiance. (I’ve known my friend Ginny since first grade. She was my partner in all kinds of silly escapades throughout elementary and high school. She’s the only other woman I know who is as crazy as I am. We spend a lot of time laughing when we’re together.) My daughter has a wacky sense of humor too. We all had a grand time eating, talking, joking, sitting down by the water, and putting together a 1,000 piece dolphin-shaped puzzle.

    Mike and I were sorry our guests had to leave early evening yesterday–but two more friends will join us tomorrow. And the weather has been beautiful!

    Mike will bike and kayak. I hope to get some reading and writing done.

    I love Maine!

  41. rm, slithering through Mt. St. Helens’ lava tubes sounds *so* hardcore.

    adrienne, I laughed at your BOO for Umbridge…but wasn’t the actor who played her in the movie incredible? Scene-stealer.

    Little Willow, the twos really aren’t so terrible. Like Jules says, leaving the diapers behind will be dreamy, and soon. Sorry you didn’t get those musical parts…three’s a charm?

    Zoe, I’ve never seen BGalactica…perhaps it’s time?

    Jules, we had already gotten rid of the diaper pails and all that unpleasant paraphernalia after Ella…that’s why it was extra hard to accumulate it again. Not long now before it’s gone again…

    Eisha, those 50 pounds of cherries lasted about three days. Lots eaten fresh, 16 quarts canned, and the rest pitted and frozen for winter smoothies and crisps. We’re picking another big batch today!

    Jone, all your kicks were awesome, but I was particularly jealous that you got to see Orcas in the wild.

    Jama, enjoy Hawaii…should be epic!

  42. And, of course, even more birthday happiness to Eisha as well! Now… about those delicious cupcakes…

  43. Happy birthday, Eisha! If you’re looking for some revenge next May, give me a shout. I have my high school photo albums around here somewhere…look out, Jules! 🙂

  44. Happy Birthday Eisha! ADORABLE Mad Hatter picture.

  45. LW, I wish I liked broccoli. It’s good for a person.

    Dana, congrats on being unpacked. That’s the fun part. Well, sorta.

    RM, congrats! The closest I’ve come to that is watching the “caves” portion of Planet Earth the other day with my girls, but your kick is so much more fun.

    John, I’d say my two biggest kicks were 1) the first day of kindergarten for the oldest and 2) watching Frost/Nixon, as it was surprisingly compelling and—not-so surprisingly—had great acting.

    Elaine, ah. It sounds perfectly lovely. All of it.

    Jeremy, Battlestar is a fine, fine television show.

    Betsy, I want one of those cupcakes, too. Wish they were not cyber. Doh.

    Tracy: Uh-oh.

    Hi, Boni! Thanks for partying with us.

  46. Wow, I’m not going to get through so many lists tonight. But Happy Birthday Eisha! Um, let’s pretend I deliberately came over here a day late so as to wish you happy returns on your actual birthday. I hope you’re having a fun day that will involve nice food and cake at some point. Jules, you did a superb job with the photos, they’re both delightful.

  47. Dana, that long-distance Austen tea party worked way better than I thought it would. Still miss having you here though. But YAY for Ikea bookshelves! Good luck on the job!

    rm, that sounds like an incredible adventure. Also, I want more conversations that involve the word “spelunking.”

    Elaine, I want to be on that island too! Sounds like you’re having a blast. Your kicks always make me think: that girl really knows how to LIVE.

    Thanks, Fuse!

    Tracy, you are so on. Send me whatever you got – I’ve only got nine months to come up with something suitably embarrassing.

    Thanks, Boni!

    Emmaco, I completely believe you. And oh yes, there was yummy food!

  48. Jill: Today, I read the first book in the Rumblewick series for kids (very cute story and sketches) so I looked up the illustrator, Sarah Warburton, and found this page – See the gallery on the left? Click on the first thumbnail in the right-hand column, and you’ll see the Red Shoes!

    eisha: Hey hey, birthday girl! Thank you. Trying. Trying. Trying.

    Dana: Good luck with the job lead! I hope that pans out for you. Enjoy the books, the phone calls, and the connections.

    rm preston: Way to take that fear head-on!

    JES: Thank you. Nikola Tesla wants you to read Force Majeure by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski.

    Elaine: Have fun! Congrats on putting together that puzzle.

    Jeremy: Crossed fingers.

    Jules: I just ate the last of the broccoli. I made pasta primavera for dinner. 🙂

  49. Happy birthday, Eisha–just a few days late! Uh, can you tell I’m a bit behind on my reading, as usual? Hopefully you’re celebrating all week, as ordered by Jules, and won’t even notice this is late. Except that I’ve now told you twice. Ignore that part.

    What adorable pix! (Jules, you are indeed a sneaky one.)

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