Terrible Yellow Envy

h1 September 16th, 2009 by jules

You all know I’ve mentioned Terrible Yellow Eyes (TYE) here before, right? It is the brainchild of Cory Godbey, and it is the spot in cyberspace where various artists are contributing their own works created as a tribute to Where the Wild Things Are.

I featured one of Bill Carman’s contributions to TYE a while back. Turns out he’s contributed another piece, which I secured permission to share today.

And, if you live in the L.A. area, note that Gallery Nucleus will be having a Terrible Yellow Eyes exhibition (with Cory as guest curator) from September 19 to October 6. Here’s all the info on that.

How much do I wish I could go to that? A lot. Think the exhibit will make its way to little ‘ol Smyrna, Tennessee? Doubt it. (Hence, my post title.) But those of you in L.A. can go and report back. Yes? Yes!

Here is Bill’s new piece, all framed for you:

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  1. Wow! It would be nice if the show made its way to the Eric Carle Museum. Someone put in a word. . .


  2. Wow, great idea Jane. I’ll send an email to Corey.


  3. i am in love.

  4. I sooo wanna go to this. Darn and toot.

  5. Gorgeous. Unfortunately I can’t see that exhibit, but anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area can go see the real Sendak show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum! Whee!

  6. Apparently the show was a great success. There are photos at Gallery Nucleus site and at the original terribleyelloweyes site. All the pieces from the exhibit are also posted at the Nucleus site.

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