7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #141: Featuring Rob Dunlavey

h1 November 15th, 2009 by jules

Welcome to 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks, a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you.

This is an oil pastel and ink painting from the sketchbook of illustrator Rob Dunlavey. I really like that. How about you?

Rob has done editorial illustrations of many kinds and is an aspiring children’s book illustrator. The art at his site drew my eye, and I asked him to stop by today and talk about his work a little and share some art. If you like what you see, don’t miss his site, which includes all kinds of sketchbook images and paintings and his educational, editorial, and advertising work. His children’s book illustrations are here.

Rob: I’ve done editorial illustration most of my career (since 1986). This is probably a throwback to youth and high school days, where I was inspired by political cartoons, comic books, Thomas Nast, and MAD Magazine. I started drawing in pen and ink and did a lot of work for school newspapers and even into college. The odd thing is that I detoured and got a BA and an MFA in Fine Art. I spent years learning printmaking, how to paint (more or less), and make sculpture. When I moved to Boston in 1985, I started developing an editorial portfolio and soon was doing work for The Boston Globe and The Christian Science Monitor. Later on, I developed a more graphic style, using watercolor, and I started getting published in magazines. I got a computer in the late ’80s and started working digitally. Some of the digital work was for computer games and educational software. I also do a lot of digital editorial work, but the last few years have seen a slow-down for me in that market. Here are a few examples that have a whimsical quality. Usually they are about something kind of inscrutable or boring, about banking or fire sprinklers!

“Local Lore” for Adirondack Life Magazine

“Squirrelz” for The Los Angeles Times

“The Barracuda” for a poem by Jack Prelutsky

Throughout all this time, I’ve kept sketchbooks going. Seriously. Every day, somehow. And I think it was after my kids were born, the habit became really important to my sanity and sense of who I was as an artist. A lot of good stuff has come out of them. None of it has been too commercially successful, but it’s work that I really value, because it is all mine. In the last year, this sketchbook habit has spawned work that looks seriously like it might interest publishers of children’s books. So, that’s where I’ve enthusiastically turned my boat.

“Owl & Tern on a Late-Night Errand”

I didn’t have an exact story in mind for Owl and Tern. It is a series of paintings and drawings of these two characters, who have a close relationship. I’m really trying to explore my reality through picture-making. I have written a story and broken it down into a book dummy, but it needs a lot of work before it flows properly and the right mood is apparent. It seems to resist me, possibly because the reality it’s inspired by is still somewhat tangled.

“Owl, Tern, and the Bear Crossing the Ocean” — personal sketchbook painting

“Owl, Tern, and the Bear on the Island” — personal sketchbook painting

“Owl and Tern Sharing an Endearment”

I’ve started to work with a more disciplined children’s book focus and have written a few additional stories as vehicles for my art. This is a story about a fellow who loses his hat and grows a heart. I’ve also been focussing on Andersen’s “Thumbelina” and other fairy tales. {Ed. Note: See here.}

I have found a big gap between illustration and fine art. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, but it was always more academic before. Now I grapple with it every day. Every moment I put my brush to the paper. Is this Art or Illustration? It’s nuts! In illustration, the text comes first. In fine art, viewers assemble their own text after the art is experienced. I guess the best of both worlds is when art and text are equally engaged in conveying what needs to be said. This is what appeals top me about making children’s books. Plus, I get to draw castles, birds, cats, bears, dragons, and princesses (rather than fire sprinklers and dollar signs)!

At the same time that this children’s book work is developing, another related series of images is poring out of my sketchbooks: Crystal Cities.

Flickr thumbnails for January 2009

From various 2009 sketchbooks.
Media: marker, ink, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, etc.

I’ll be showing some of this work when I go to Paris in a few weeks. I’m going for two reasons: I’ll attend the Paris Children’s Book Fair in order to learn about this major European market, get acquainted with some French illustrators (hopefully), and also show my portfolio to publishers. In and around Paris, there are scores of children’s book publishers. The second reason for going is to install a small show of my work. I’m inviting all those Parisian art directors, too! The exhibit is at The American Library in Paris through the month of December. I’ve made some special works for the show that take the Crystal Cities idea into three dimensions. Like this:

* * * * * * *

Oh! I want to be at the American Library in Paris in December for the Paris Children’s Book Fair! Rob, have fun, learn a lot, and take pictures for us. Best of luck in your career, too, and stop by again some time.

Boring But Necessary Copyright Info: All images are used with permission of Rob Dunlavey © 2009. All rights reserved and all that.

* * * Jules’ kicks * * *

Hi, dear readers! As you’re reading this on Sunday, I’ll be around. But, as I type this, it’s late Friday night, and I’m getting ready to head out for half the weekend to a memorial service for a college friend who passed away recently. (I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago.) It will be bittersweet — a sad occasion, but I’ll be able to give big hugs-around-the-neck to some old college friends who probably need hugs right now. So, I’m sorry this is brief, but consider my seven kicks this week to be wrapped up into one overarching one: You all, who come to visit every Sunday, and who leave me your happy kicks, which I’ll probably really want to hear on Sunday. And art like Rob’s, too. (I love the phrase “sharing an endearment” and the mysterious, growing story wrapped around it.)

So, let’s hear it. What are YOUR kicks this week?

28 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #141: Featuring Rob Dunlavey”

  1. Rob: Cool variety of art – Thanks for sharing! I especially like Local Lore.

    Jules: Sending strength to your friends and classmates.

    My kicks for the past week, in chronological order:
    1) DH audition
    2) Submission sealed and sent
    3) Nice messages confirming nos
    4) Offered a role in a new indie TV series (production is supposed to start next year)
    5) Voiceover audition (waiting, hoping)
    6) Saturday’s random TV audition
    7) Filming a short film today!

  2. Sorry to hear that, Jules. Virtual hugs being sent your way right now.

    Rob’s art is rockin’…especially the second and third ones. Wow, so nifty. His site is great too…so much inspiration.

    Quick kicks:
    1) Pedaling…seven weeks without riding my bike was painful. Getting back on it was bliss.
    2) Caramel popcorn with almonds and pecans…my mom brought a giant tub of it over tonight. It’s almost evil.
    3) Backhand of God from Crannog Ales…an amazing organic stout now on tap at a new local pub. I was there twice this week with friends…
    4) Whoo whoo…owls hooting outside the window.
    5) Dell customer service…seriously. My laptop was at death’s door last week and I was dreading the nightmare of trying to get it fixed. One 3-minute live chat and they had parts sent out within a day — the day after, they sent someone to my house in the middle of nowhere to replace all the main parts in the laptop. Astounding.
    6) Tegan and Sara…cool new album in heavy rotation, and I managed to get the LAST two tickets to their show here in January.
    7) Ice…twice this week I found new ice in the wild to geek out on with my camera.

    Have a great week, everyone.

  3. Little Willow, I didn’t see yours in time to include this in my comment. I love how you just fit a quick short film into your *day*…most of us won’t be in a film in our lifetimes.

  4. Little Willow, congrats on the TV role. It sounds intriguing. Will it run here in the States? …Crossing fingers for you for #5. And have fun today!

    Jeremy, I loved your last comment over at Yuyi’s interview. That really does make total sense. I keep meaning to say that.

    Have you linked to your new ice photos? I’ll have to go check your site.

    I love to hear owls — but never do around here. Have you and your kids read Jane Yolen’s Owl Moon? So. perfect.

    Please drink a Backhand of God for me. By the way, that’s my new favorite name of a drink EVER.

  5. Jules, so sorry to hear about the loss of your college friend.

    Rob, I enjoyed looking at your portfolios. Love your Crystal Cities montage and the three-dimensional pieces.


    1. I had lunch on Monday with some of my former teaching colleagues who are also retired. Always have fun and lots of laughs with them.

    2. I had dinner on Tuesday with a friend I only have the opportunity to see a few times a year. My monkfish with wild mushroom risotto was divine.

    3. It’s official now–so I can announce it: I’m an incoming member of the NCTE Poetry Committee. I’m going down to Philadelphia later this week for the NCTE Annual Convention. I’ll be meeting with present and incoming members of the Poetry Committee. I’ll also be attending the Poetry Party for Lee Bennett Hopkins–who is the 2009 recipient of the NCTE Poetry Award.

    Poets who will be leading the celebration for Lee: Janet Wong, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, J. Patrick Lewis, Walter Dean Myers, Jane Yolen, and Georgia Heard. WOW! And Sylvia Vardell will also be there.

    If you’re interested, you can find out who the other incoming members of the Poetry Committee are here:

  6. Thanks for featuring Rob’s art today — I am especially fond of the bears and the hats.

    Sorry again about your friend, Jules. Good that you’ll be able to reconnect with your other college friends and console each other.

    Jeremy, I was happy to hear you got great service from Dell (it’s not what most people say). I think it really depends on who you get on the phone. I’ve had some excruciating 3-hour phone sessions.

    LW, congrats on the TV role!! Good luck in your other auditions. I’m still anxiously waiting to see you on TV someday soon :).

    I have a rather bittersweet kick today that’s overshadowing everything else. On Thursday, I learned that my aunt (and godmother), who’s been suffering from dementia for a couple of years, fell at home and hit her head. She’s in the hospital, still unconscious, and not expected to regain consciousness (she’s bleeding from her brain). So we’re just waiting to hear. But — when we visited Hawaii last month, we got to see her one last time. She didn’t know me, but seemed happy in her own little world. I’m so grateful I saw her, and that my last memory will be of her smiling.

  7. Elaine, you and I were posting at the same time. Congratulations on your good news! Have a fabulous time at the convention. Can’t wait to hear your report.

  8. The artwork is cool but “Squirrelz” is kind of creepy.
    Jules, hugs to you and your friends on this bittersweet weekend. May the memories of your firend stay strong.
    LW. congrats on the TV role. Please keep us posted.
    Jeremy, where is there ice already?
    Elaine, congrats on your new role.
    Jama, I am sorry to hear about your aunt but happy you got to see her recently.
    I am kind of at a loss for kicks this week…Oh, I know, my niece who traveled to NJ with me called. She is expecting in June. I suspected it when I was back there.
    I also got nice feedback on my photogrpahy cards and actually sold some jewelry on Thursday.
    Have a great week.

  9. ELAINE! Congratulations! Well-deserved honor for you. How very, very exciting. I can’t wait to hear more about it in the coming year. I’m doing seven cheers for you!

    Jama, I’m so sorry to hear that about your aunt and godmother. That’s gotta be hard. I’m glad you got to see her so recently, though. Big, strong hugs to you. Wish I could give them in person. And bring you hot tea.

    Jone, I think having several of us alum back in one spot is exactly what Kathy would have wanted. …Congrats to your niece, Jone! Does she know yet if it will be a boy or girl?

  10. Ooh, those Crystal Cities remind me of paper dolls and Russian houses. Love those!

  11. Good morning, everybody!

    Rob Dunlavey’s stuff is incredibly wide-ranging. From his site (and his comments above) he’s still feeling very tentative about kids’ illustration. I look forward to the day when he take an assertive plunge into it… And at the same time, I’d hate to be the first story he selects, because he is gonna drill that thing. 🙂

    Glad you picked up on his Mad Hatter’s Store, Jules (last illustration above before the Crystal Cities series). Was just about to heave a disappointed sigh and point it out to you myself. Heh. (Also, speaking of his range, if you follow a link from his site to his blog, you’ll find an eye-boggling 2010 calendar-in-a-poster which he made for his show at the American Library in Paris. (And why is my head suddenly ringing with Gershwin?!?))

    The Thumbelina image seems nicely James Stevenson-ish, no?

    So sorry about your friend, Jules. As you say, the right word is probably “bittersweet.” (I always liked that both halves of that word refer to catch-in-the-throat emotions.) Thinking of you.

    LW: Not to be dense or anything, but a “random TV auction” is an auction that takes place on camera, right? not like a an evening of people trying to outbid one another on old Philcos, Zeniths, and Motorolas? (For your sake I kinda hope it’s the former. But I imagine the latter would have a certain entertaining charm of its own.)

    Jeremy: I *love* dark ales. From the Crannóg Ales site, I see that the Back Hand of God used to be known as Black Wolfhound; it’s hard to say which name would appeal to me more if I saw a bottle on a shelf (even if it IS “draught-only” — argh, guess I’ll never see it in FL!).


    * “In the battle of computer software and programmers, the programmers always win.”

    * I mentioned a week or two ago the early-90s miniseries of Stephen King’s The Stand. We now owe Blockbuster roughly three new-car payments in late fees, but we finally finished it. I’d remembered it was good, but not how good.

    * Feeling sort of off-kilter, out-of-sorts, creaky, and old on a mid-week night off; falling asleep on the sofa; and — the kick-y part of it — waking up at some ungodly hour with a wee little full-grown dog completely zonked out, immobilized by sleep, between your ankles.

    * A still-new friend sharing a confidence and seeking advice on a thorny issue that’s got nothing to do with one’s own areas of expertise. I know I’ve done the same thing before; it just never stops amazing me how much plain old quality advice seems to carry simply because it comes from the mouth of a friend.

    * YouTube. No particular video this week. Just YouTube in general.

    * And speaking of non-specific kick-y things, since Jeremy’s already gotten me thinking about this, how about a toast to the sense of taste?

    * Willie Nelson and The Wheel on Austin City Limits. (Technically I should save this till next week, since the show came on here at midnight last night. Still feels more like a Saturday-night than a Sunday-morning thing, though, and the hell with clock and calendar.)

  12. Hi everyone,

    I hope Rob has a great time in Paris — I especially like his Crystal Cities. How exciting for him!

    Jules, hugs to you for the sad weekend, but I’m glad you got to see old friends and support each other.
    LW, sounds like you had another amazing week! I also would love to see you on television some day. Thanks again for giving a plug to Project Second Chance for me — I haven’t heard any numbers yet, but hope they did well.
    Jeremy, I agree with Jules about the Backhand of God being the best drink name ever, and think it would go well with the caramel popcorn.
    Elaine, congratulations on the NCTE Poetry Committee membership, and how very cool to spend time with such amazing people. Have fun!
    Jama, so very sorry to hear about your aunt. Hugs to you and good thoughts.
    Jone, exciting about your niece expecting and that you sold some jewelry!

    My short kicks:
    1) Listening to the amazing radio interview with Sam Phillips on Friday.
    2) Good phone conversations with great friends.
    3) Walks on the gorgeous nature trail behind my house — the fall foliage just knocks my eyes out.
    4) Squirrels (I may be in the minority here, but I love them).
    5) Coconut chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

    Have a happy week!

  13. JES, sorry — we passed each other in cyberspace (did you see me waving?). I absolutely love your posts, especially this weekend. You really know how to “see” things in life that pass most people by. Thanks for the Willie Nelson link — I know someone who loves him (I like him also) and his new CD will help solve my holiday shopping dilemma for her.

    If you don’t mind, I am adding “JES and his posts” as my belated kick #6.

  14. Elaine: Monkfish and wild mushroom risotto: mmmmm. Now you’re giving me second thoughts about the day’s plan for grilled salmon…

    Jama: Very sorry to hear about your aunt. I think I remember your kicking about that earlier visit, and remember how rare and sweet the experience sounded. That must indeed take some of the sting out.

    Jone: “Squirrelz” really stuck in my head. That furry guy was a heck of a lot more combative-looking than the twitchy neurotic ones on our lawn. Great news about your upcoming great-aunthood: an opportunity to spoil another whole generation!

    Jill: Yes, I thought that was you. Wasn’t sure though if you were waving hello, or just, y’know, flapping — didn’t want to draw attention to you in what might have been a private moment of some weird sort. Ha!

    Thank you very much for the compliment about my kicks. OTOH, I am about to squander all that good will by pointing out to you, Jules, and — I’m sorry — even Jeremy, that the ale in question is not called Backhand of God. No, it’s two words (well, four, but you know what I mean): Back Hand of God. (The one-word version brew is produced at the height of summer, is light and airy, and hits the back of your throat with an audible thwok. :))

  15. I hope you and your friends were able to comfort each other, Jules.

    Little Willow, you sound busy as usual. Congrats on the TV role!

    Jeremy, that popcorn sounds delicious! Though I can’t imagine eating much of it in one sitting.

    congrats, Elaine!

    I’m glad you got to visit your aunt, Jama.

    Jill, it seems like there are babies everywhere at the moment! Lovely news for your niece.

    YouTube in general is definitely worthy of a kick, JES.

    Jill I love squirrels, too! Even the grey ones here which have kicked out most of the native reds still make me laugh.

    1. The most popular Christmas present that we bought our families last year (or perhaps indeed any year) was a calendar made up of photos we’ve taken of our local area and travels in the UK/Europe. They all adore it and talk about the photo each month. So today we sat down and organised another one for next year – and it looks great!
    2. We also picked up a few small things to send back for Christmas/January birthday presents while at the shops yesterday. Seem a bit early for Christmas to me but there’s the whole posting thing to be done.
    3. The reason I was booking trains last week was because we’re going skiing for the first time in February next year. One of the things I was worried about was the cost of clothes we’d need. But we’ve found somewhere to rent pants and jackets and then yesterday we got thermal underwear, long warm socks and waterproof gloves for 70% off!
    4. I made beetroot soup this week. Glorious colour! And I managed to not stain my clothes while making it.
    5. Long chats with family members this morning
    6. I finally dug out the bulbs I’d stashed behind the couch from last year and planted them, along with a very restrained amount of new bulbs. It’s later than usual (I am an old hand at this bulb thing third time around) but it’s been so mild that I don’t think it will matter.
    7. A walk in the autumn twilight was a good end to the weekend.

  16. I love Owl and Tern.

    Jules, I hope the funeral was a time of comfort and connecting. Life is just so hard sometimes.

    Little Willow, WOO to auditions and work! I hope we get to hear more about the TV series.

    Jama, Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your aunt, but glad you got that memory.

    JES, I think a toast to the sense of taste is exactly the thing for this crowd. We’re always Kicking about food.

    My Kicks:
    1. I am finally ahead of things with the prep work for my online course. WHEW!
    2. On Friday, a friend who lives out of state and I decided to plan a quick weekend trip to NYC to see the Tim Burton retrospective at the MoMA next month. I am so excited!
    3. Also, we’ll be staying at the Library Hotel.
    4. We ran a couple really fun programs this week. I made a game to go with our Colors storytime on Tuesday that the kids really enjoyed.
    5. Yesterday, we went to see the gingerbread house exhibition at the George Eastman House. That’s one of my favorite holiday traditions.
    6. It’s been really weirdly warm here, like 50 and 60 degrees all week. That’s warmer than it was through most of October.

    Now, I’m off to do more writing!

  17. You all make Sundays exponentially better on a regular basis. I’ll be back a bit later to run my mouth in response to your great kicks. I’ve been doing some writing myself, like Adrienne. Like ALL-DAY, deadline-y type writing, checking in to read invigorating kicks the whole time, but (due to the writing) my eyes. are. crossing.

    More later…

  18. Hi All,

    I adore the Owl, Tern and Bear sketches, as well as the Crystal Cities work.

    Jules, sending hugs and good thoughts to you and your classmates. I hope the memorial allowed you all to celebrate your friend.

    Little Willow, I think you must be the hardest working actor in CA. Keeping fingers crossed on the auditions and possible new projects.

    Jeremy, I love Tegan and Sara and will need to look for that new album.

    Can I say how incredibly jealous I am that Elaine will be at NCTE for all the poetry goodness? Boy do I wish I could be in Philly this week.

    Jama, thinking of you and your aunt as well. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

    Jone, isn’t the anticipation of a new family member just wonderful? Congrats to your niece.

    JES, love the story of waking up with a dog on your ankles. It happens to me often, and it always makes me smile.

    Jill, I’m with you on the squirrels! I love their antics.

    Emmaco – Christmas? I haven’t even begun to think about this yet, though I do buy gifts year-round. The real trick now will be finding them.

    Adrienne – Rochester weather? What can I say? It’s a mystery. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying some unseasonably good days.

    Okay, last week I mentioned I wasn’t feeling very kicky because I was so focused on the 6 month anniversary of my dad’s death. However, some great things happened despite my dark mood, so now that I have a little distance I want to share.

    1. Met and had dinner with the intrepid Jane Yolen on Nov. 2nd. She was, in a word, lovely. AND, once I reintroduced myself as Miss Rumphius, I got a big hug. Our first topic of conversation? Eisha’s leaving Seven Imp. And I’m not the one who brought it up.

    2. Jane gave a wonderful lecture on the writing of poetry and after signing for a long line of folks, signed two books for me.

    3. The Miss Rumphius Effect had a third birthday celebration while I was out of town. Many wonderful folks stopped by to offer congratulations and words of support. It was lovely to come home to.

    4. Son’s school pictures came home this week and they’re really cute. Can I say that about a third-grader? Last year his eyes were closed. Okay, in this day and age (digital photography people!), how can these companies justify pictures like this? Why can’t they check the images before they send the kids on their way? Okay, rant over.

    5. Read five books while I was away last week, including FEED, GRENDEL, LIPS TOUCH, STITCHES, and ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS!

    6. Cybils books are coming in and I’m having fun reading poetry, though I’ll say it again, I miss nonfiction picture books!

    7. There are only three weeks left in the semester! This is a bittersweet kick. I have two great classes and only three days left with each. I am going to miss them, but I think we’ve all learned a lot from each other.

    That’s it! Hope everyone has a great week.

  19. Tanita, yup. Aren’t they great?

    John, hadn’t even noticed that calendar at his site. So great! And I also hadn’t made the James Stevenson connection, but I see it.

    I love love love a toast to the sense of taste, and my husband loves Willie Nelson, so I’ll have to follow that link later. And show him.

    And, no, you weren’t “squandering your good will” by pointing out the space in “Back Hand of God.” You’re talking to two (me and Jill, that is) Serious Grammar and Punctuation Geeks. I still think the thwok one is funnier.

    Jill, I can say I’ve never had coconut chocolate cheesecake, but I’d be VERY interested in trying it. I also like good phone conversations with good friends. WSEH. (Get that acronym?)

    Emmaco, rich kicks, as always. Do you know that “twilight” is one of my favorite words. Should someone throw the Pivot at me RIGHT now, I’d have to say that. I also love “Twilight” as covered live by Shawn Colvin. (At least I think it’s a cover. Too brain-dead now to remember who originally wrote it. Dylan? Oh, I’m probably way off.)

    Skiing sounds so much fun, Emmaco!

    Adrienne! The Tim! Burton! Retrospective! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Tricia, I missed your blog’s birthday. Doh! Happy birthday! …Kick #1 is wild….I love ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS…(and I will always always love FEED). Glad you had a better week, Tricia.

  20. Jeremy: The day that I am a full-time steadily working well-respected, well-known actress, I’ll be happy. I want to be involved in something (film/TV/stage) all of the time. Hello to the questioning owls! Enjoy the ice. 🙂

    Jules: How are you doing? Kept sending you vibes today – hope you could feel them. RE: TV show: I hope so, but I don’t know yet. I think it’s wholly independent, like one of the shows I shot last month, so we’ll see.

    Elaine: Congratulations on the committee membership! You must be over the moon! Wild mushroom risotto sounds tasty. (You may keep the monkfish.) I’m glad that you had fun at foodtimes.

    Jama: I am so sorry to hear of her accident. Sending your family strength. I’m glad that you saw her last month. As for seeing me on TV: Here’s hoping.

    Jone and Jill: Thank you. Thank all of you, really. This is one of the few places I talk about it, and it’s nice of you all to indulge me in my ramblings.

    Jone: Congratulations to your niece and her family!

    Jill: I love squirrels! I was glad to help.

    JES: Pets are great at healing what ails you. Hee hee – ‘Twas an audition, not an auction, though I have played an auctioneer on stage, for what it’s worth.

    emmaco: Danke. The calendar sounds very cool. I love personalized stuff like that. Have fun with it! What a lovely day for a walk.

    adrienne: I wish I were able to attend the programs at your workplace. It always sounds like you and the patrons have so much fun. Have fun at the Burton event. A friend of mine would curl up in your suitcase if you’d let her tag along. I haven’t heard back from the new TV series just yet. I’m being patient and hopeful.

    Tricia: Thanks for that. I wish. I think others have that title, but I’m certainly trying. I am glad that light shone on your week, what with your memorable dinner, your books, your family, and more. Happy blogiversary.

  21. I am so very tired that I can barely keep my eyes open to write this. It just doesn’t seem possible. However, I wanted to check in just to wave and send all of you my greetings.

  22. Farida: Hope all is well, Farida, and that you get a full night’s sleep.

  23. Waving back, Farida.

    Little Willow, this is one of the few places you talk about your auditions and your work? I’m honored.

  24. Oh my! Where to begin here??
    You all seem like such a close knit and supportive group and I feel a little shy at stealing a bit of your attention. But thank you for that attention and your perceptive and generous comments. And thanks to Jules and Seven Imps for seeking me out and offering me the opportunity to share my illustrations and my journey with you.
    “Aspiring children’s book illustrator?” Yes! With all my heart and two left feet to boot!
    “Tentative?” …probably (wringing hands). Like many of you perhaps, I keep plugging away following some butterfly until it clicks.
    Someone made a comment about the squirrel being “creepy”: That was a full page illustration for the LA Times about a suburban politically-correct Dad who found himself longing for a rifle when the local villainous squirrels started chewing everything including the high voltage wiring in his house. The squirrel is supposed to be a “badass!” If you’re curious about the development of the illustration, I wrote about it on my blog.

    Finally, I am offering a free 2010 calendar poster.
    It looks like this.
    Email me if you’d like one.
    Thanks again.

  25. You find the best stuff, Jules. You ought to be an art rep or some such…

  26. Jone, you asked where I was finding ice already — we had a little cold snap, so there were some icicles along one of the local creeks.

    John, I stand corrected. I wonder what the difference between a Backhand and a Back Hand might be…from God?

    Emmaco, your beetroot soup sounds divine. We bought a PILE of beets from our favourite fruit stand before they closed, so I’ll have to try to get a recipe for that…

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