My List ‘O’ Random Things
I Keep Meaning to Post About

h1 December 6th, 2009 by jules

First things first: This item above—a watercolor by Sendak of a Wild Thing Balloon for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, dated 1998—will be for sale at the Bloomsbury Auctions in New York on December 9. This would be the moment in time in which I wished that a) I lived in New York, at least for the length of time during which this auction takes place and b) I was filthy rich. Here’s more information. (There are also two pencil sketches and one more watercolor study of the balloon. See here. Swoon.)

This preliminary jacket design below for William Steig’s Shrek! will also be auctioned off, along with lots of other great stuff, so go see.

Okay, as for my List ‘O’ Random Things…

  1. You’ve seen Tarie’s new blog, right? Wonderful.
  2. The Poetry Seven are at it again. This time with villanelles. Good stuff.
  3. Author/illustrator Sergio Ruzzier has a new blog, Hey, Rabbit! I’m very glad he makes picture books, but then I’ve said that before.
  4. Have you all seen Lit Drift yet? It’s a new blog, resource, and community for young adults dedicated to the art and craft of fiction in the twenty-first century. Even more good stuff.
  5. Did you all see this over at Just One More Book? (I’m a bit late in getting to it.) That right there is thoughtful is what it is, and Andrea is a very deserving recipient of such thoughtfulness, too. There’s also this, which I contributed to. (You’d think I would have used my full name, but I just said “Jules,” so it’s hard to hear me.) Anyway, I continue to wish Andrea the very best and lots of lots of strength in fighting this cancer.
  6. A Story Before Bed is a new service for parents away on business, distant grandparents, military parents stationed far from home, or anyone separated from an important child in their life, and it was launched by Jackson Fish Market, a small Seattle software startup. Military parents can sign up for their special mailing list, offering free and discounted recordings. Neat, huh?
  7. Art in All of Us promotes tolerance and cultural exchange by helping children from around the world speak to each other through art. Learn more here!

BONUS: I know I said a couple weeks ago that I wish I had a Farida’s Dolls Fund. See why? Check out the latest, Jack Frost and Mrs. Thaw. SQUEEEEEE! Can you even stand how beautiful they are?

Okay, I got that out of my system.

P.S. Check out Farida’s new promotional video for her storytelling.

* * * * * * *

P.S. Images posted with permission of Bloomsbury, as well as Farida!

3 comments to “My List ‘O’ Random Things
I Keep Meaning to Post About”

  1. Thanks for all these links, Jules, and for including my new blog!! :o)

    Is it just me, or does Jack Frost look hawt?

  2. Tarie: HA! Maybe if he were in a film adaptation, Orlando Bloom could play him.

  3. Tarie: You made me laugh out loud. It’s a good thing I wasn’t chewing.

    Jules: Thank you for posting about my dolls and video.

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