The Peace That Was Meant to Be

h1 December 21st, 2009 by jules

I’m saying adieu for the week to 7-Imp. I’ll be back on Sunday for a) some kicks and b) some illustrations from one of my top-five favorite picture books of 2009. So, to sign off for the week and wish you all happy holidays, I’ve got some brightly-colored spreads from one of David Díaz’s illustrated titles from ’09, Let There Be Peace on Earth: And Let It Begin with Me (Tricycle Press; September 2009), a picture book adaptation of Jill Jackson’s and Sy Miller’s popular 1955 ballad. (The book, incidentally, comes with a twelve-song CD of various folks who have recorded the song over the years, a fun fact for you fans of the ballad.)

Happy holidays to all. Here’s to the notion of taking each moment and living it in peace, as Jackson and Miller wrote about…See you on Sunday, I hope!

{Here are two more of Díaz’s radiant, joy-filled spreads. Click to enlarge, if you’re so inclined. Enjoy.}

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LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH: AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME. Text copyright © 1955 by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller. Illustrations copyright © 2009 by David Díaz. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Tricycle Press, Berkeley, California.

5 comments to “The Peace That Was Meant to Be”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful, colorful celebration of peace on earth!
    Jules, enjoy the holidays.

  2. Have a great holiday! Beautiful spreads. Thanks, and Peace to all :).

  3. I absolutely love how many songs I learned as a kid get turned into picture books!!! (Leading me to believe that a.) I was either raised by hippies [yes] or b.) that pretty much there’s a song for everything, and I know practically all of them [again, yes].

    I really, REALLY like this. And just want you to know? My mother has totally STOLEN my Sean Qualls book. We are SO having a Christmas throw-down over her penchant for stealing my picture books. It’s war ’round here.

  4. Merry Christmas, Jules! Lovely art is such a nice way to celebrate, as is rereading David Sedaris’s Holidays On Ice for the five hundredth time, which I did yesterday. Just saying.

    Tanita, I am not sure that you’ve internalized this particular song, what with your talk of Christmas throw-downs. Of course, at this point, in my family, we are all trash-talking about who is going to whup who on Christmas at Guitar Hero. Ah, holidays.

  5. Jules,

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! I’m sure you’ll have a grand holiday with those two beautiful young daughters of yours.

    Thanks for highlighting these gorgeous illustrations done by David Diaz.

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