7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #150: Featuring Geneviève Côté

h1 January 17th, 2010 by jules

Good morning to all…Notice this week’s number? 150, dear friends. 150 times, listing both our big and small gratefuls — and me being lucky enough to be graced by your collective classy presence for 150 weeks.

Do you like that opening spread? I very much do. Lately here at 7-Imp, I’ve shone the spotlight on some international author/illustrators (Roberto Innocenti, Dorothée de Monfreid, Sebastian Meschenmoser), which I always enjoy doing for many reasons, and today I’m happy to show some art from Canadian illustrator Geneviève Côté, whose books I’ve reviewed previously here at 7-Imp.

I follow Geneviève’s work with interest: I like her loose lines, the vibe to her work that seems both fragile and free-spirited, and her expressive characters. There is a lot going on in her art, yet she manages to make it look effortless. In her latest title, featured here today, Me and You (Kids Can Press, August 2009), she shows us an instance of when Cute Fluffy Bunnies Are Okay In Fact They’re More Than Welcomed.

This is a simple tale that goes a lot like this:

On and on they go. Someone, please direct them to the self-help aisle: They obviously think the grass is greener on the other side. Their imaginations go wild—the rabbit wishing for short and stubby ears and the pig wishing for long and floppy ones, while they adorn their heads with socks, etc. and on and on they go, altering their appearances—and before we know it, they both declare they each look…well, funny. “You look like ME!” they each say to the other, finally telling each other, “I like it better when you are you!” It’s an imaginative and sweet tale, not too heavy-handed in its lesson-learnedness.

Writes Kirkus,

The spare text is complemented by nuanced, mixed-media illustrations in a soft palette set against a white backdrop, while the loose, energetic lines enact the antics. The banter of the first-person dialogue is childlike and exuberant and will have kids smiling while subtly reinforcing individuality. Simply charming.

Preschoolers will delight in its rampant silliness, too.

Looking forward to what Côté brings us next, as always…

{Selection from Me and You by Geneviève Côté reprinted by permission of Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto. Text copyright © 2009 Geneviève Côté. Illustrations copyright © 2009 Geneviève Côté.}

As a reminder, 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

The news has been very sad this week. I have often wished this week that my lifestyle were such that I could drop everything and go really help in Haiti. As in, hands-on. Physically there and making a difference. (Translated: I can’t just ditch my kids. You know?) I think this is a good week for doing our best to accentuate The Good Things:

1). A pesky new virus attacked my computer this week, but the kick is that my very smart tech-y husband found it and deleted it and got my computer all straightened out.

I smell a rat, baby.2). I took a bookstore gift card I was given for Christmas to splurge on the original and authorized volume of the complete Beatrix Potter tales and have been reading them with my girls this week. We just got to The Tale of Mr. Tod, which Potter wrote at the point in her career in which she claimed to be tired of writing “goody goody books about nice people”: “I have made many books about well-behaved people,” the story opens. “Now, for a change, I am going to make a story about two disagreeable people…” I love that.

3). A lovely, thoughtful gift from illustrator Pamela Zagarenski.

4). All the Caldecott buzz. Part of me wishes I had time to do my own 7-Imp predictions, but then the other part of me is happy to leave it to those smart folks instead.

5). An illustrator telling me that she teaches a book illustration class at a college of art and that she suggests 7-Imp on the first day “as a great resource…They really enjoy reading about all the illustrators, and it inspires them all term!” Whoa. Just whoa. That is really nice to hear. As in, tremendously.

6). NEW MUSIC COMING SOON FROM PATTY GRIFFIN. I’m YELLING THIS in all my excitement. Imagine me doing those spirit fingers like a cheerleader, too. She’s staggeringly talented and one of my favorites. Check it out. If the tunes are still there on Sunday, when this posts, and you immediately go listen to “I Smell a Rat” (turn it up, too, man), you’ll be rewarded. Pinky promise.

7). Introducing my five-year-old to the song “It Had to Be You.” (I can’t remember how that came up, but we’ve had fun dancing around, pretending we’re talented enough to be in a musical. Or maybe I should speak for myself. Shut up. You don’t do that?) So, for your listening pleasure, here’s Sinatra:

* * * * * * *

What are YOUR kicks this week?

29 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #150: Featuring Geneviève Côté”

  1. Oh I love the sound of Me and You but it’s not in our library system, nor on Amazon.co.uk…. BUT like you, holding on to the good things we too have done lots of dancing this week. My youngest insists on spreading one of her quilts on the floor to make a special dancing space – it’s very cute. I’ve also received my first ever books from a publisher to review – the start of a whole new chapter for me.

  2. I quite like those happy illustrations from Geneviève Côté! :o)

    Jules, your kick #5 is awesome awesome awesome, but not surprising. 7-Imp is sooo inspiring.

    And whoa, you weren’t exaggerating about “I Smell a Rat.” Thanks!

    Zoe, hurray for the start of a whole new chapter! * celebrates with Zoe * =D

    I am grateful for:

    1. hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants

    2. possibilities

    3. planning

    4. friends

    5. my work being understood and appreciated

    6. reading books

    7. sleep

  3. Me and You looks charming. I like your description of her art as “fragile and free spirited.” Spot on. Your #5 kick is totally awesome, and as Tarie said, not surprising. 7-Imp is THE single best resource for children’s illustration on the web. Love the image of you and Piper dancing to “It Had to be You.” Maybe it should be changed a little to: “It had to be me and you”?

    It’s been a sad week, incomprehensible and overwhelmingly tragic. I’m sure everyone is doubly grateful for everything we usually take for granted, as I am.

  4. How have I managed to miss Me & You so far? The Austin library system has TWENTY copies in circulation — they obviously know something I don’t, or that I didn’t until now. So, thanks for clueing me in, Jules.

    My kicks (besides the one I expect to get from reading Me & You in its entirety):

    1) I got to spend most of the past week in New York, which meant I got to…

    2) Visit Books of Wonder for the first time, and…

    3) Go to Kidlit Drink Night, and…

    4) Meet with the illustrators of two of my books, and…

    5) Goof around with Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich (8th Grade Superzero) and Audrey Vernick (Is Your Buffalo Ready For Kindergarten?), and …

    6) Do some research for my next book at the NYPL, at the Columbia University Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and all over the subway system, and…

    7) Eat well enough to make up for all the sleep I didn’t get.

  5. I particularly love that rabbit painting himself pink.

    Jules, Just reading about that virus made me nervous. Yikes, but why do people do malicious things like that?

    My grandmother used to sing “It Had to Be You” to me all the time when I was wee. 🙂 And OF COURSE we all dance around our homes pretending we are talented enough to be in musicals. Who doesn’t? Please.

    This was a challenging week. A couple of my friends are going through things that it seems to me they just shouldn’t have to. But the week wasn’t all bad:

    1. I went out to see a movie with my BFF–a documentary called Crude that was kind of depressing, but, still interesting.
    2. I made a nice, big pot of macaroni and cheese early in the week. It was a good week for comfort food.
    3. Last week, I got some fun purple carrots in my CSA box. They were a novelty and quite yummy–like normal carrots with a little twist. Maybe a little sweeter?
    4. In spite of a busy week, I still got to the gym three times.
    5. I’m reading and really enjoying The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.
    6. The evaluations from my online class have started rolling in, and they’ve been very positive. There’s always some things for me to learn, but I definitely can see that the students went through the kind of journey I hoped they would when I set up the class, which was, after all, a lot of work. So that is very rewarding.
    7. I have a really nice week planned this week–lots of time with family and friends. That will be good.

  6. Me and You, so cute! I love the whimsical illustrations.
    Jules, I can’t agree more about how the events of Haiti make me wish I could go and help. I so love the original B.Potter books.
    I have had laryngitis and a cold all week. Luckily I was in meetings for part of the time and on Friday, had to resort to showing videos to the children.
    Chuck and I saw Avatar in 3D yesterday. Amazing. I finished reading Love, Aubrey. Could not put it down.
    I am so grateful for family and friends and a place every week tostop in and talk about those kicks.

  7. Hi, Zoe. I visited your blog and love the hands-on ideas you pair up with children’s books. This might be a good week for banging out frustrations on pots and pans à la Quentin Blake.

    Tarie, so glad someone else went to listen to Ms. Griffin. Did you dance around to “I Smell a Rat”? Hope so. …Good kicks, even laid out in Little-Willow-style. One day, I’m gonna try that, too.

    Thanks for the nice compliment on 7-Imp, Jama…Yes, incomprehensibly tragic news this week. I try to read the news and then I almost can’t take it.

    Chris, New York! Sounds fun. Which illustrators did you meet? Did you get to meet Tony?

    Adrienne, CONGRATS on the good course evals! Loud is my woot for you. I’m not surprised, though.

    Also, the folks who are bored AND greedy enough to create viruses and wreak havoc have crossed my mind this week, too. Why? Why? Why? I have several friends who got struck this week.

    I do know one person who probably doesn’t dance around in her home, pretending she’s in musicals: Little Willow. Seeing as how she actually does it in real life.

    And know what? I want to make macaroni and cheese this week, too. You’ve planted the idea in my head, and there’s no going back. The gouda kind.

    Jone, boo to laryngitis. Hope you get to feeling better this week. My wee’est had a high fever yesterday, and now it’s just gone. And she’s fine. I’m grateful.

  8. Hi Kickers, Imps, illustrator Genevieve Cote, and the beautifully illustrated foxes, bunnies, and piggies! This is a fly-by posting because I have to go to the set right now – I’m shooting a music video today! I’m a tapping flapper. 🙂 I will be back with a proper list of kicks later.

    Yesterday was amazing. We shot the webseries in one day. Everyone and everything was great. Truly. Truly a wonderful experience. I was happy!

  9. Little Willow, whom I crossed in cyberspace:

    I want to be a tapping flapper today! Man, you’re gonna have fun. Have a great time, break a leg, and thanks for thinking to stop by and say hi to us.

  10. Fun story idea for Me and You. And I love the expressions on the rabbit’s and pig’s faces, especially in that last spread you showed. (I can’t quite make it out, but the little frog at the bottom right seems to be looking on in something like baffled consternation, and no wonder.)

    I especially love one little touch that made me think, “Y’know, JES, if you ever in your life imagined you could illustrate anything, you may as well give up the fantasy right now!” Namely, the fact that the rabbit and pig clearly have two different styles of painting and use two different media. (Speaking of which, how did the Kirkus reviewer know these are “mixed-media illustrations”? Maybe that phrase means something besides what I thought.)

    And you just gotta love someone with a name like “Geneviève Côté.”

    Jules, I’m with you about the news this week. Just staggering (as with Tarie’s reports from the Phillipines a few months back). But I do love how technology has made it SO much easier to be “there” and helping out from a distance. (Last status report I saw said that the Red Cross’s text-message donation system had raised over $11 million, and Yclef Jean’s another several million on top of that.) And it is a good week to accentuate the positive.

    Funny, about Mr. Tod, that Potter talks of her animal characters as people. Did she always do that?

    Killer music in your kicks today, Jules. (Though I haven’t yet been able to listen to “I Smell a Rat,” your taste in music is so reliably good that I know it’s kickin’ without even hearing it. :)) (I even tried to buy the track on Amazon — but you can buy it only with the whole album… which won’t be released for another 9 days: argh!)

    Good to see Chris Barton in the Kicks stream today. He just posted a great story on his blog, about his younger son’s most recent reaction to the success of The Day-Glo Brothers.

    Adrienne, I’m sure you’ve mentioned this at some point, but what online class are you teaching?

    Little Willow: “Tapping flapper”! Please tell me this had something to do with the Roaring ’20s. (Well, wait — doesn’t Jules sometimes refer to her past as an interpreter for the dead as “flapping”? I guess that’d be a close second.)

    Some kicks from here:

    * Cold weather: as I understand it, we just got through a record-(tying?) 13 days on which the temperature dropped below freezing. (The record was set in ’93, when I moved here to N. Florida, but my memory of that time is clouded by all the anxieties associated with overturning everyday life.) And the skies were blue on every one of them. We could have really used this streak a month ago, for the holidays — instead of the warm rain and clouds we got — but I won’t quibble.

    * Inglourious Basterds: Not entirely what I expected (I’d tried hard not to read too many reviews of it; didn’t want to spoil it for me). But I liked the execution of what I’d expected, and was delighted with the surprises. I have to admit to appreciating Brad Pitt more over time; I really like the way he has stubbornly refused to go the Golden-Boy route in selecting roles.

    * From the sublime to the ridiculous: The Hangover was a LOT funnier (and just generally enjoyable) than I thought it’d be.

    * Not related to movies, really, and kick-y in a very thought-provoking way without being “fun”: this post, “Nil by mouth,” by Roger Ebert. You probably know that he’d been seriously ill in recent years (thyroid cancer, I think), and that he seems to have gotten through it, finally. But you may not know that he probably will never speak again, after various surgeries — and also that he can’t eat or drink orally anymore. His post is about the losses (and some gains) he’s experienced as a result of the latter. What I “like” best? His missing the experience of eating with other people, and talking over the meal — and his observation that blogging is his substitute for dining with others.

    * The way our dog likes to sleep in on cold mornings. She still gets out of bed to greet me, tail a-wag, but as soon as I turn to go to the kitchen she’s back and curled up asleep again.

    * The whole NBC-Leno-Conan thing is ridiculously annoying. But a lot of the commentary has been funny, especially the entire Jimmy Kimmel show on which he performed entirely as if he were Leno. (And Chevy Chase appeared, briefly, pretending to be Conan O’Brien.)

    * …and, also in the vein of weird TV, there was the 62-year-old guy who “auditioned” on American Idol (whose upper age limit is supposedly 28). He just really, really wanted to put an important issue out there, in his self-written song, “Pants on the Ground.” The song has been such a hit that even Neil Young has interpreted it. *laughing* (Oh, and btw, the original performance is on that page, too.)

  11. Jules, Gouda. Mmmm.

    Little Willow, A tapping flapper! How fun!

    JES, I’ve been teaching a class on homeschooling to other librarians, about homeschooling itself and also how to work with homeschoolers and build library services for them. I do a lot of teaching/talking on this topic, but this is the first time I’ve been able to do a multi-week course. I really, really enjoyed it.

    Also, my favorite part in Inglourious Basterds is when Brad Pitt’s character attempts to speak Italian. I about died laughing the first time I saw it.

  12. John, I checked the CIP page in the book, and indeed, it says “mixed media.” Perhaps the canvasses (sp??) in the story are collage?

    Good question about Beatrix Potter. Now I wanna know.

    I saw that story from Chris earlier. Very funny!

    John, I laughed outloud: You typed “interpreter for the dead.” Now, I do this all the time. ALL THE TIME. And I stop and laugh at myself, too. I love that I could have a career in facilitating communication for zombies. (I used to know someone who told me that once—and for yeeeeeeeeeeears—she thought it was “interpreter for the dead,” and she was always confused as to why it was “dead.” No kidding. As in, she wanted to study it and once wrote an entire paper on how in her future career she wanted to be an interpreter for the dead. Meaning: The entire time she was THINKING “deaf” and wanted to study American Sign Language — but kept typing “dead.” Whoa. No comment.)

    I very much liked Inglourious Basterds. And, hey, we saw The Hangover this week, too. Funny. We still need to watch the outtakes.

    Now, I kept seeing on Facebook this “pants on the ground” stuff (Facebook, as a friend of mine put it, seems to be one huge inside joke anymore), but I was lost. Now I’m found. Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh.

    The whole Conan-Leno thing IS ridiculous, yes, as in there are bigger things to worry about in this world. But I also find it annoying, given that Leno and NBC have kicked Conan to the curb and it’s just not right and I also find Leno so decidedly unfunny, yet Conan sometimes leaves me in tears from laughing. I’m Team Coco here. I feel for him.

    Thanks for the Ebert link. I had no idea about that.

  13. p.s. Adrienne, we totally have put the gouda/mozzarella/cheddar mac and cheese on our menu for tonight. It’s all your doing. I’m going to add a small salad on the side to convince myself I’m being healthy.

  14. Oh, and John, yes, I sometimes call what I used to do “hand-flapping.”

    I’m really done now.

  15. Jules: “interpreter for the dead” — that has GOT to be one of my favorite typos ever… thank you so much for not “fixing” it! 🙂

    (It’s like whoever designed the QWERTY keyboard was determined to confuse people, by putting the D and F keys right next to each other that way.)

  16. I can’t believe this is the 150th kicks session, Jules. Amazing!! I don’t know how you do it. And I agree with Jama. You have a real knack for describing art. I liked “loose lines, the vibe to her work…”. And Adrienne – I might have to make mac and cheese this week, too. Mmmm… My kicks:

    1. Just had an amazing few days with visiting friends. Highlights included:
    2. dinner at our favorite German restaurant;
    3. an afternoon playing games and watching movies, complete with margaritas and many forms of cheese;
    4. late-night chocolate peanut butter fondue (on a different day); and
    5. talking, talking, talking, with people we’ve known forever, and with whom we’ve shared many of our best times.
    6. In other news, I’m enjoying reading the Cybils finalists in MG Fantasy & Science Fiction. Especially … no, I won’t say. But they’re all excellent.
    7. Mheir is off tomorrow, and we’re planning on extending what’s already been a lovely weekend (though bound to do some work, too – that’s just the way it is these days).

    Sending everyone peaceful thoughts.

  17. John, I know about this frustrating letter placement all too well. I typed many papers in my undergrad career—and even some in my grad career—on interpreting and ASL, and let me just say that “interpreter for the dead” is always what comes off my fingers first. But, really, when those zombies come, I’ll have good job security.

    Do you know that one of my many useless, lame talents is that I can sing the alphabet as it appears on the keyboard? Maybe I should you-tube myself doing it, with my girls on percussion.

    JEN! Margaritas, cheese, CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER FONDUE. Will you adopt me?

    Hubba whoa, seriously, what a good week you had. The best part is the talking-with-good-friends part.

    Have a good day off tomorrow!

  18. P.P.S. Bonus kick: a new search engine for phrases appearing in TV episodes and movies.

    Now *I’m* done!

  19. Hello All,

    Such wonderful kicks today, and a much needed read given all that’s happened in the world this week. Here are my kicks.
    1. The semester has begun and the students are back. I have three really wonderful groups, and a few crazy students who are taking back-to-back classes with me on Monday evenings. That’s 6 hours of me!
    2. I’ve been working on my plans for April (hey, it’s not as far off as you think!) and have already lined up Hope Anita Smith, Nikki Grimes, Kathi Appelt (did you know she writes poetry?), Michael J. Rosen and others! It’s going to be a heck of a poetry party.
    3. I’m having a lot of fun working on an article for the June issue (science theme) of BookLinks.
    4. Took William out for a yummy brunch and a movie today. It was a great way to spend a rainy day

    That’s all I have for now. I hope everyone has a good week.

  20. Wow! 150 episodes. Congrats, Jules! That is an amazing streak!

    Given how late I am to the weekly party, I’m thinking I should swap out the baked red potatoes for some awesome mac and cheese! Definitely a day for comfort food after watching such shocking images all week!

    The pig and bunny are SO cute! Genevieve’s bunny reminds me of another cutie, but I can’t seem to put my finger on who.

    Jules – you weren’t sneakin’ in some When Harry Met Sally were you? Frank’s voice is just velvet.

    Congrats Zoe on the new chapter.

    Tricia – I’d love to sit in on six hours of *you* I might even write poetry!

    As for kicks, …
    1. Sunshine and 45 degrees on Thursday and Friday.
    2. Great ideas and new contributors for Share a Story.
    3. Getting to *meet* Dawn Morris (Moms Inspire Learning) on the phone!
    4. Watching Catherine swim … poetry in motion (if I do say so myself).
    5. Going to a UVA basketball game with my Sweetie – who goes NUTS for college b’ball.
    6. Peyton winning.
    7. A long family walk on the horse trail.

  21. Thanks for the wonderful Geneviève Côté post and congratulations on your 150th!

    My kicks this week:
    1. Learning the sister of my daughter’s good friend was safe in Haiti where she was on a study tour; she is now back in the states. Coupled with this I have been gratified by the outpouring of support, the relief efforts WILL start to be organized and meaningful on the ground (she says with great hope!).
    2. Spending my birthday Wednesday with my grandson, having dinner with his parents—and my daughter cooked the delicious dinner!
    3. Mr. Manning and his Colts WON!
    4. Attending the wedding of my daugher’s best friend.
    5. Final execution of the lease for RIF’s office space as of May 1, 2010!
    6. Lemon pie baked for me by a senior management team member at RIF for my birthday before I left DC…lemon pie is what I always shared with my grandfather whose birthday was three days after mine.
    7. As a former child and family counselor I so appreciated THE SOLOIST which I read this week.

    Have a great week all!

  22. Love Cote’s illustrations of the rabbit and the pig!

    7-Imp is definitely a great resource for those of us who love picture books!

    Jen, I wish we had a good German restaurant around here.

    Jone, I hope you get well soon.

    Tricia, you’re way ahead of me with plans for April. But…I have an excuse: I have a wedding to help plan. My daughter is getting married in July.


    1. Grace Lin had a dessert party for folks attending ALA in Boston on Friday night. I had an opportunity to chat with librarians, editors, and some children’s authors and illustrators–including Scott Magoon, Leo Landry, Anna Alter, and Mary Newell DePalma.

    2. My husband and I had a lovely brunch with Grace Lin and her fiance today.

    3. I got together with my friend Brad at a book store later this afternoon…to talk about poetry and life. Brad is a teacher and fellow poetry writer. I met him at the First Favorite Poem Summer Institute for Teachers in 2001.

    4. I AM finally over my respiratory infection. I can breathe normally once again…after more than three months of feeling breathless every time I climbed the stairs…or did a little work around the house.

  23. Well, John, neat! I did a quick search on the word “inconceivable!”…and sure enough, The Princess Bride was the first result.

    Tricia, I wanna see your Booklinks article! Will you remind us about it later? And *I’d* spend six hours of class with you. Shoot, those students are just smart to do so.

    Terry, why yes, I pulled out the soundtrack to When Harry Met Sally and listened to it all week, and now I want to see the movie again…Sounds like you had a good week.

    Carol, it doesn’t get any better than kick #1. Good news. And ooo! ooo! May’s going to be exciting for RIF!

    Elaine, what a good week you had, too, and so glad you’re finally feeling better!

  24. Soooo excited to hear about Patty Griffin’s latest. I saw her in NY many years ago at Irving Plaza with Lucinda Williams. THAT was a show. Thank you for this blog. It is inspiring and a great thing to look forward to after putting the kids to bed 🙂

  25. Thanks, Bethanie!

    I like to rub in how often I’ve seen Patty Griffin live. You could ask Eisha (former 7-Imp co-blogger) for proof. Mwahaha. She’s gonna punch me one day maybe. Seriously, I’ve seen her more than I’ve seen anyone else live. She’s phenomenal in concert, huh?

  26. Jules: Kudos for being a resource, and so resourceful. Enjoy sharing Beatrix Potter with the little ones. Did I tell you that the play I did this past week was related to Sinatra, or was that a huge coincidence? Yes, you should YouTube the Qwerty song!

    I’ve read quite a few novels about interpreters for the dead, come to think of it – all of those stories that have characters with visions and whatnot. 😉

    Zoe: Hello to your dancing munchkin and her dancing space. That’s fantastic. Have fun reviewing the book.

    Tarie: Thumbs-up for your one-word kicks especially.

    Chris: Sounds like a fun, goofy, good week.

    Jone: I hope that you feel better soon! Such things are never fun. Take it easy and rest up.

    Tricia: I hope that you and your students enjoy the studies and the long sessions. Stay dry!

    Terry: Sunshine sounds good. 45 degrees sounds cold.

    Rasco: Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear that her friend is safe and sound and back now.

    Elaine: I am thrilled to hear that you are feeling fully well once more. Oh, that’s wonderful.

    Hi Bethanie!

    Adrienne: Sending good vibes to your friends. Mmm to the macaroni and cheese. I’ve never seen purple carrots! I’m so glad that the responses from your students have been positive.

    Jules, Adrienne, JES: Thanks for the flapper happies. The shoot went well yesterday. The segment of video I was in showcased all different styles of dances, going from one person or duo doing one style to another person or partners doing another style, with cool transitions between styles, all in one continuous shot. I tapped after the belly dancer and before the house dancers.

    I had an audition for a commercial this morning. Cross your fingers!

  27. Little Willow, thanks for coming back! I hope you get the commercial! Crossing fingers for you…

  28. Jules: I had to catch up with the Kickers! 🙂 Thank you. I’m hoping hoping hoping…

  29. “fragile” and “free-spirited” – those words are perfect to describe Cote’s work. I am a big fan of hers. So subtle and delicate and whimsical, I think. Yay Canada!

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