Poetry Friday: A School Library Is…

h1 February 5th, 2010 by jules

It’s always a good Poetry Friday when J. Patrick Lewis stops by.

Many elementary schools this time of year are celebrating the 100th day of school. Yup, we’ve been counting out one hundred Cheerios and one hundred M&Ms with our kindergartener here in the Danielson home. Pat shares this new poem with us this morning, which celebrates school libraries on the 100th day of the school year. “I was thinking,” he told me, “that this might be a good time to recognize the most important room in every elementary school.”

Thanks, Pat. This one’s fun.

“A School Library Is”
(as told in book titles with a twist)

A Child’s Garden of Voices
The Dewey Day
Picka Picka Bloom Room
The Habbit
Boyful Joise
Make Hay for Booklings
Feast o’ the Fun and Best Until June
The House at Ooh Corner
Amazing Space
Mall of the Wild
Where the Read Fun Grows
Vowl Boon
The Higher Tower of Lucky
The Blizzard of Ahhs

[Actual book titles above, in reverse: sesreV fo nedraG s’dlihC A; yaD ywonS A; mooB mooB akcihC akcihC; tibboH ehT; esioN lufyoJ; sgnilkcuD rof yaW ekaM; !kerhS; nooM eht ‘o tseW dna nuS eht ‘o tsaE; renroC hooP ta esuoH ehT; ecarG gnizamA; dliW eht fo llaC; idieH; sworG nreF deR eht erehW; nooM lwO; ykcuL fo rewoP rehgiH ehT; zO fo draziW ehT]

The Poetry Friday round-up is being hosted by Great Kid Books today. Enjoy!

7 comments to “Poetry Friday: A School Library Is…”

  1. What fun! 100 cheers for Pat!

    Oh, and what about counting out 100 cupcakes? :9

  2. This is way too much fun! Thanks. 100 days, hard to believe.

  3. “Picka Picka Bloom Room” is my fave.

  4. That is one super fun poem!

  5. Pat’s up to his usual fun! My favorite: The Blizzard of Ahhs. That’s how I feel when I’m in a library….

  6. Thanks for sharing that very punny poem!

  7. My favorite is Where the Read Fun Grows!

    Happy 100th day to all! We (sadly) no longer keep up the count in our upper grades, but when the little ones start wearing 100th day crowns and taking 100 steps around the school, we sigh with 10 year-old nostalgia for the good ol’ days in the primary grades!!!

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