7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #160: Featuring Red Nose Studio

h1 March 28th, 2010 by jules

“The Break of Dawn was a happy little tugboat. Her captain and crew was Cap’m Duffy St. Pierre, a crusty old sailor. Together they tugged the Garbage Barge
down the East Coast of America…”

(Click to enlarge spread.)

Here Comes the Garbage Barge (Schwartz & Wade Books, February 2010) is one of the most striking picture books I’ve seen this year. I’m rather ashamed to say I had the chance to interview both the author, Johah Winter (who wrote, amongst other great titles, this fabulous book), and Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio, who created the art for the book, but I’ve had so much on my plate lately that I had to turn down that opportunity. This PAINS me. And I really hope that I can chat with them at a later date. At the very least, I have two spreads from the book to show you today.

“Garbage,”this book opens. “Big, heaping, stinking mounds of garbage. Big bags of garbage on the sidewalk. Garbage trucks overflowing with garbage. Landfills reaching up to the heavens with more and more garbage, garbage, GARBAGE! Did you know that the average American makes about four pounds of garbage every day?” Well, before everyone recycled, in the town of Islip, New York, the average person made seven pounds of garbage. They had, to be precise about it, 3,168 tons of garbage and nowhere to put it. “Enter the Garbage Barge!” As Kristi Jemtegaard points out in the Washington Post, this picture book is a bit of a hybrid: A cautionary tale and a fable (though the story’s based on real events from 1987), which “has its plasticized tongue planted firmly in its polymer cheek.”

Gino Stroffolino, “this guy in the garbage business,” came up with the plan to have the barge carry the Long Island garbage down to North Carolina. Mr. Stroffolino’s friend in North Carolina, Joey LaMotta, tells him everything is arranged. “You bring me dat garbage—I’ll take care of it,” the plan being that some poor farmers would be paid to take the trash and bury it. On March 22, 1987, the plucky tugboat, the Break of Dawn, led by Cap’m Duffy, begins its long journey south, only to be greeted with “{i}n our beautiful harbor?…What the hairy heck? That ain’t right! Call the law!”

And on it goes. They try Tony Cafone in New Orleans (“We’ve got enough of our own trash…Call the coast guard!”); John Smith down in Mexico (“¡Váyase!” yells the Mexican Navy and their very big guns when the barge arrives); Rico D’Amico near Mexico (“‘KUNGO!” they shouted, Winter adding “{r}oughly translated, that means “Fuhgeddaboudit!”); and so on. “Six weeks had passed since the Garbage Barge had set out, and the garbage was getting REALLY FUNKY. Nobody wanted it.” Finally, the ever-patient Cap’m Duffy radios Mr. Stroffoloni to quit already. He’s had enough. He’s told to take the trash back to Long Island and stop along Texas (with its angry cowboys) and Florida (with its angry grandparents, even if they are floating in duck-shaped rubber tubes at the shore) along the way. No takers. Even the Statue of Liberty, once Cap’m Duffy arrives back home, is holding her nose. The Garbage Barge is met with protest. Finally, the good news, straight from Gino Stroffolino himself: “Here’s da deal: Brooklyn’s gonna take dat garbage and burn it. A judge told ’em dey had to. See, dey got dis ‘incinerator.” Brooklyn to the rescue.

“The mayor could see the Garbage Barge way off on the horizon. News of the wandering garbage had already reached him. ‘We’ve got enough of our own trash,’ he told his staff. ‘Call the coast guard!'”
(Click to enlarge spread.)

Two reasons I love this book. Well, three: It’s well-written. The obvious moral, yelled loudly on the endpages with the book’s aforementioned tongue in its aforementioned cheek, “DON’T MAKE SO MUCH GARBAGE!!!” And the art from Chris Sickels, the creative force behind Red Nose Studio. As the back of the book’s dust jacket lays out for readers (pretty cool, though I guess library users will be unable to read it), he first sketched out the entire book in pencil; then sculpted the heads with polymer clay and baked them in his kitchen oven; hand-painted the faces and built the bodies out of wire and foam; tailored and sewed the clothing onto each one; created five interchangeable heads for Cap’m Duffy’s one body; made the tugboat from the trash in his studio (perfect); built the barge from odd pieces of cardboard and wood, adding garbage from the street; constructed the sets and painted the backdrops; and then, of course, took photographs of each scene.


As the Publishers Weekly review puts it, the message is the medium in this truly funky-weird picture book. I love funky-weird. They didn’t call it that. I did. And oh yeah: We all need to make less trash. Can’t tell today’s children that enough. Why not tell ’em with this eye-popping and very fun book?

p.s. Check out Red Nose Studio’s great blog.

HERE COMES THE GARBAGE BARGE by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Red Nose Studio © 2010. Spreads used with permission of Schwartz & Wade Books, New York, NY.

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As a reminder, 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New folks are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1). Eisha! She’s in town! We had dinner! We had wine! We had tiramisu! We listened to the Pixies very loudly in my car on the way to the restaurant!

We drew this at our table at dinner. Long story, but our waiter promised he would hang it up in the back:

2). Even though she doesn’t know who I am anymore, getting some brief alone time and silence with my 98-year-old grandmother this week. And holding her beautiful hands while she sat there and napped.


4). Well, why we’re on the subject of re-discovering kick-ass older CDs, there’s this song from Gillian Welch and David Rawlings (from this CD) that I love so much and reacquainted myself with this week (due to my husband leaving the CD sitting out). Also I love the small orbits David Rawlings makes with his body when he plays live:

5). Though it’s hard to top this older tune-age, clearly I need some new music in my life. Wait: There’s Patty Griffin’s new CD, which also rather made my week. Though Patty has said herself she’s got her own internal struggles with religion, she released a gospel CD. BUT OF COURSE. This is Ms. Griffin we’re talking ’bout. She can belt it out like nobody’s business. What a work of art this performance is. Also: I want that dress.

What with that kind of music and “Graceland,” I’ve been dancing a lot this week.

6). A lovely gift of a lovely book from a lovely friend.

7). Spring. And Spring Break with my kindergartener, though on Day One of said break, you would have thought she and her sister were the world’s most pathetic, deprived kids with absolutely no toys to play with and absolutely no imagination with which to pass the time. I got a sense of what summer might be like. Hoo boy.

Two Super Cool & Super Keen Notes:

1). The International Board on Books for Young People has just announced that Author David Almond (UK) and Illustrator Jutta Bauer (Germany) are the winners of the 2010 Hans Christian Andersen Award. Here’s more info.

Speaking of David Almond, check out what is soon to be released (April) from Candlewick:

When David Almond and Polly Dunbar team up, I’m happy. I’ve got an early copy and just started reading it.

2). Look at what good taste President Obama has in children’s lit.

Last, but not least:


I got Farida’s permission to announce this, and she said it was fine, especially if I were bombastic about it. Bombastic I can handle. May Farida have a birthday as beautiful as she is.

30 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #160: Featuring Red Nose Studio”

  1. 1) Anytime Jonah Winter has a new book, that’s kick #1.
    2) I did a school visit here in Austin that went so well I got to go back a few days later and sign some additional books.
    3) Independent booksellers are saying some really nice things about Shark Vs. Train.
    4) The Texas Library Association conference is now just a couple of weeks away.
    5) Both my sons lost teeth this week. Due to natural causes.
    6) Hammock weather.
    7) Hard to think of #7 now that we’ve got hammock weather.

  2. Happy Sunday!

    Love the name, “Red Nose Studio.” 🙂 The Garbage Barge book does indeed look funky weird. I’m intrigued — and reminded of LG Burns’ Tracking Trash. Very important subject indeed.

    So glad you spent time with your grandmother, Jules. And you saw Eisha (Pirate Barbies, the two of ya)! Oh, the Almond/Dunbar book looks so good!

    Happy Birthday, Farida!!

    A few kicks:

    Participating in the 2010 Library Loving Blog Challenge. It was nice to hear from so many local library patrons.

    Bluebirds have returned to our yard!

    My dad said he wants to come all the way to VA just to try some of the cupcakes I’ve been blogging about :).

    Yummy Japanese food last night. Tempura!

    Best news of all, my niece finally got into Punahou (Obama’s alma mater)! She’d been on the waiting list for a couple of years, hoping and hoping.

    Happy Almost April!

  3. Love funky weird. What a fun book, I can see the readers who love the books I Stink and and I’m Dirty loving this book as well. Can you imagine how tedious creating the pics are? Bravo, Red Nose Studio.
    Jules, how fun to have Eisha in town. Looks like dinner was a blast!
    Chris, not quite hammock weather inthe PNW so I am a tad bit jealous.
    Jama, I want cupcakes too! Love the library blog challenge so great to see the love of public libraries.
    Happy Birthday, Farida…hope it’s wonderful.

    My kicks:
    Spring break this week.

    Oregon coast here we come.

    Time to plant seeds.

    National Poetry Month starts this week.

    Have a great week.

  4. PS. Had a wonderful visit from Barbara Jones, ALA, head of Office of Intellectual Freedom. She was out for the PLA conference in Portland and visited three of our schools.
    Talked with some of my fifth graders about their understanding of privacy issues on social networking sites. The ALA wants to target this issue with privacy week. Very impromptu, I could not have planned this any better. My fifth graders are wise beyond years.

  5. Thank you for the bombastic birthday wishes! Today is the feast day of St. Alkelda, by the way.

    My kicks:
    1. Adrienne is coming to town today, hooray, hooray.
    2. The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, by Carl Sagan
    3. My husband is getting the taxes done. As part of our oral prenup, I do the monthly bills and he does the yearly taxes.
    4. Yesterday, a friend took my daughter to play with her daughter for a couple of hours while we cleaned up the house.
    5. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with illustrations collected by Cooper Edens (thank you, Jules!)
    6. Sleep.
    7. Coffee

  6. 1. Reading aloud BUBBLE TROUBLE by Margaret Mahy and Polly Dunbar — tongue-twisting fun!
    2. Volunteering at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital Radiothon in Providence.
    3. Watching the latest cut of LIBRARY OF THE EARLY MIND — we’re almost done: http://childrenslitproject.wordpress.com/
    4. Visiting my best friend, Jason, and his wife in their new house.
    5. Recording new episodes of THE FEATHER OF MEMORY with my brother, Matt:
    6. Walking in March snow (just a dusting) and spring sun.
    7. Listening to Ray Bradbury’s THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES.

  7. Chris, of course booksellers are saying nice things about your great book. I’m not surprised. Love kick #5. I think my six-year-old might lose teeth when she’s, say, 15. (It took her a while to get them in the first place.) Jealous of your hammock.

    Jama, hmm. I guess I can be a pirate barbie. Sure. But not sure I have the chest for it. You know those little plastic swords that go in your lemons in your drinks at some restaurants? I told the waiter my daughters use those as swords for their Barbies and that it was fine with me. Better than the Barbies just standing around being pretty and doing nothing. He laughed. Then, Eisha drew Pirate Barbie. We couldn’t draw the parrot. Neither one of us. He promised to hang it up in the back. Did you know at the Macaroni Grill, if they like your table art, they’ll hang it up? (Isn’t the Macaroni Grill a chain, which is why I point this out…) I DID NOT KNOW THIS TILL NOW. From now on, I’m going to try to create masterpieces at the table with those crayons.

    CONGRATS TO YOUR NIECE! Also, it being almost April means we’ll get wonderful treats at your blog soon. Kick #8!

    Jone, happy Spring Break, and have a blast. Good to hear the students enjoyed Barbara’s visit and learned something.

    Farida, hope you and Adrienne have a lovely time today. Color me jealous — but happy that you get to see one another. And I hope that you get a good tax return (or that you get one. In our household, we don’t really even get a return anymore.) Enjoy that coffee. I need to go make some myself.

    Steven, Bubble Trouble is, indeed, a great picture book. Love Polly Dunbar. Congrats on kick #3. Cannot WAIT to see the film (documentary, right?) as a whole. Thanks for the link.

  8. Even though I wrote of the good news about my nephew and the celebration we had for him at 7-Imp last Sunday, I was still extremely worried about something: Someone else very near and dear to me had to have a biopsy. Waiting seven days to find out whether or not the person had cancer was excruciating. Fortunately, the doctor had good news for all our family and good friends last Monday!!!!!!!!!

    That was one great kick!

  9. Hi, everybody —

    Wow, does that look like a cool book or what??? I encourage anyone else who thought so to visit the Red Nose blog which Jules linked to — at least to view the “making-of” book trailer on YouTube.

    (And the studio’s also done a great project for a vineyard — a series of 13 wine-bottle labels which tell a story, the history behind the winery’s name: Blasted Church. The caption which hooked me: Their plan called for a blast of explosives inside the church, in order to “loosen the nails.”)

    Jules, how great that you and Eisha got to spend some time together — especially creating a new, er, superhero? fantasy figure? Whatever. Hope you considered how she might deliver a good “Arrrgh!” (Although I notice that the two of you may also have been talking shop.)

    Excellent tune-age this week, as always. I am so NOT surprised that you managed to turn the heads of the Bluegrass Special folks!

    Happy birthday, Farida! (Jules’s obsessive marquee-tagging always makes me think of one of those airplanes flying overhead at a beach or outdoor event, trailing an advertising banner.)

    Chris: LOVED the “really nice things” in your kick #3!

    Oh, Jama, I have not had tempura in years. Used to get it all the time whenever we had Japanese food, but then my resistance to sushi finally collapsed. I so have to revisit that. Thanks for the reminder!

    Jone, hope the trip to the coast turns out to be exactly what you need.

    “St. Alkelda”? Farida, you do know I had to look her up, didn’t you? What a mysterious personage. Do love that she’s the patron saint of a church in North Yorkshire, though, in a town/village with the name “Giggleswick.”


    1. The Missus had some minor surgical snippage this week that was, indeed, minor. She was apprehensive as heck about it — not the best-case (and most common) scenario, but all the horror stories about anesthetic, and Unexpected Things, and so on. In truth, I was at least as apprehensive, although I put on what I think was a convincing pantomime otherwise. No problems. In fact, I barely had time to sit down in the waiting room before the nurse came in to tell me she was being wheeled out of the OR.

    2. A few days ago was Ada Lovelace Day: “an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.” Although I found out about it too late to participate with a blog entry of my own, I found the number and breadth of posts fascinating (and overwhelming). Especially appreciated (somewhat in a “Yikes!” sense) this post about Einstein’s first wife, Mileva Maric.

    3. We got satellite TV installed this week. The first thing I watched which I couldn’t have seen before was a documentary about Bonnaroo 2004 (that’s your influence, Ms. Danielson). Also have spent many fascinated minutes since learning to do things like programming the DVR over the Internet.

    4. Started pulling together our tax-time data. Dreadful task, but it makes me feel like a virtuous citizen.

    5. Beautiful dog-walking days. True: on the visit to the park, I could have done without the snuffling around in the algae muck at the edge of the pond. (Er, The Pooch, not me.) But we think the dog’s original owners just didn’t walk her very much — amazing how much pleasure she takes from just sniffing the wind. (Probably a useful lesson for her humans, that.)

    6. Figured out a really HARD problem in my story’s plot, one which has lingered since the first draft almost 20 years ago and was driving me nuts. But I think this will work now!

    7. The song “Ashokan Farewell.”

    Have a kickin’ week, everybody!

  10. Jules, I especially love your first and second kicks. =D And thanks for your Two Super Cool & Super Keen Notes.

    Happy Birthday, Farida!!!

    Chris, hammock weather sounds so so lovely.

    Jama, congratulations to your niece!

    Jone, have a great spring break!

    Steven, thanks for the reminder to read Bubble Trouble. Good thing it’s available here in the Philippines.

    Elaine, so glad your loved one is well!

    JES, so glad your wife is well too! Have some tempura to celebrate!

    Finally, after so many un-kicky weeks, I have some kicks to share:

    1. My brother Brian passed the board exam for landscape architects.

    2. I watched all the episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s a great animated series, now one of my favorites.

    3. I had fun getting a manicure with a friend. (Hot pink nails!)

    4. I went on a little shopping spree at Etude House, a Korean cosmetics store that just opened here.

    5. I bought new shoes too. Hurray for retail therapy!!!

    6. The fashion/style blogs The Sartorialist and Sea of Shoes. Fun!

    7. I received a picture book (Abdullah and His Grandfather) from the Middle East and I can’t wait to start reading it.

  11. Here Comes the Garbage Barge looks pretty glorious. Just saying the title is fun. Happy birthday, Farida! Chris, did you say hammock? We are still donning fleece in Massachusetts, though we’re cheered by yellow and red tips on various bushes and trees. Jama, many congratulations and cupcakes to your niece! Jone, enjoy spring break, shore, and seed-planting. Jules, so great about seeing Eisha and your grandmother with beautiful hands. Elaine, yay for the good news and breathing again after seven days of breath-holding. And John, I’m glad for no Unexpected Things and plot revelations! Tarie, how great you had a fun and color-filled week following unkicky ones.

    1. We’re reading Secret Garden this week in my children’s lit course. When I planned the curriculum, I wasn’t even thinking about spring, but it’s good timing to read about green gauze veils.

    2. A second student confessed to me the course made her think she wants to go into the children’s lit field.

    3. My twenty-one year old daughter started working for a home based business selling organic cotton baby clothes. Emily called me on Friday and said, “My boss left for a while and here I was with my laptop with their lab-mix dog at my feet, and I thought: I’ve become my mom!”

    4. Forsythia are trying.

    5. Saw Antonia Frasconi woodblock show at the Carle yesterday. You’ve got to love a guy who’s been making art for 77 years and made first edition books for his boys.

    6. Graceland: thank you for reminding me, Jules. I’m hauling that out today.

    7. Laptop and dog at my feet.

  12. Elaine, fabulous news. Really wonderful. What a relief for you all!

    John, I hadn’t even seen that video. As usual, you’ve got my back — without even meaning to. I’ll embed it here for folks who might want to see it:

    I also saw those wine-bottle labels and loved them. Good stuff.

    Oh, and no, Eisha and I hardly talked shopped. That piece of paper you see there, which promotes that book, was sent to me in the form of a pad of paper by a publisher. My four-year-old had ripped off a piece and made a quick drawing for me to give to Eisha!

    So glad The Missus is okay. It must have been hard to maintain the pantomime face. I’m patting you on the back.

    And did I ever tell you the story of my four-year-old’s name and how, in MY head, the name came from this novel — but in my husband’s head, I found out much later, it came from Ada Lovelace? Sort of in honor of her. But I think I’ve mentioned that before, so sorry if I’m being redundant. …Thanks for the Mileva link. Will be reading that later.

    I’ve never been to Bonnaroo, and I’m so, so close to it.

    Tarie, sorry you’ve had un-kicky weeks but good to see you here. Congrats to your brother! I wonder if Sara Lewis Holmes and Adrienne Furness know about Sea of Shoes.

    Jeannine, first of all, I’m reading your book now, and it is just sweeping me off my feet. Secondly, your kick #2 makes me happy. And when you say “the Carle,” do you mean the picture book museum? O how I wish I lived close enough to that to be able to say that. Never been there. Enjoy the laptop and dog at your feet, Jeannine, and I hope you dance around to Graceland.

  13. Oh, Jules, I adore Graceland. The Graceland concert remains one of my all-time favorite concert experiences (which I think would be true even if we hadn’t gone to it right when Mheir and I were just starting to date). So glad you got to spend time with Eisha, too. So recharging, to spend time a BFF. Happy Birthday to Farida!

    1. One of our oldest friends was in town this week, and we got to spend some quality time with him (and with another local friend one night).
    2. We took our friend to one of our favorite restaurants (Los Gatos Brewing Company), where we had a truly great waitress. Isn’t it nice when your local haunts don’t let you down, when you’re sharing them with others?
    3. Mheir had Friday off, and my day was pretty quiet, so we had a three-day weekend (not that we weren’t working at the kitchen table for big chunks of time, but it at least felt weekend-like).
    4. I’ve been in a pretty good groove with both reading books and writing reviews, after a bit of drought, which feels good.
    5. The baby is kicking away, making her presence known, which is always reassuring.
    6. We had spring weather for most of the week. Or summer weather. It’s hard to tell here… I do miss forsythia (we had a huge bush in our backyard when we lived in Boston).
    7. And my alma mater (Duke) is doing well in March Madness so far, after several early exits in recent years. Fingers crossed for this afternoon.

    Happy Sunday, all!

  14. Hi All,

    Rushing through my kicks because a friend of mine is coming over to FINALLY do some jewelry-making with me. I hope it ends up looking like jewelry when I’m done.

    Happy Birthday, Farida! Enjoy your big day.

    Jules, glad that you got to visit with Eisha and get Pirate Barbie immortalized in the restaurant (it really should be put where everyone could see it, rather than in the back, don’t you think?). I love restaurants with crayons. And your kick No. 2 was really lovely.

    My kicks:

    1) Celebrating my 6th anniversary with my boyfriend Bob on Friday night in San Francisco.
    2) Going to the Sacramento Antiquarian Book Fair yesterday and getting to see so many beautiful books. Just about my favorite thing to do in the world.
    3) Talking to such nice book sellers who have become good friends.
    4) Finding out that a friend of mine from college is coming to California in May, and we will get to visit for a full day while she’s here.
    5) Good listeners (a rare breed these days).
    6) Charles Mingus’ “Haitian Fight Song”. You can hear it here (nothing to see, however): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIf3a9FUJj4
    7) Spring rain.

    Have a lovely week, everyone!

  15. Jen, it makes me so happy to know the baby is kickin’ and making her presence known. Have you settled on a name? You don’t have to tell us your choice; just curious. Sounds like you had both a productive yet peaceful week.

    Jill, have fun making your jewelry, and I’m glad to hear the book fair went well. Happy anniversary, too! Thanks for the Mingus. I’m listening now.

  16. Happy birthday, Farida! 🙂

    Quick fly-by posting from me again:

    1) Health
    2) Callback (fingers remain crossed in hopes that they’ll contact me again!)
    3) Trust
    4) Taking new headshots
    5) Walking
    6) Speaking up
    7) Striving for peace and balance

  17. Little Willow, crossing fingers for you, too. As always.

  18. Late kicks today, so I’ll keep them short.

    Happy Birthday Farida!

    Yay Jules for lunch with Eisha. I also love your Graceland kick – I love that cd too, and so did my Dad, so whenever I hear any of the songs, it always brings up good memories of him.

    Chris – very jealous of your hammock weather, as we are cold and rainy right now.

    Jone – have a fabulous time at the coast!

    Jama – congrats to your niece!

    Elaine – yay for more good news!

    John – so happy everything went well for your wife.

    Tarie – that manicure sounds fun and relaxing. Congrats to your brother.

    Jeannine – laptop and dog are two of my favorite combinations! Hope it was a lovely day.

    Jill – happy anniversary, and hope the jewelry making went well!

    LW – good thoughts as usual!

    My kicks this week:
    1. A mention and a link from http://mightygirl.com/2010/03/25/mighty-you-your-mighty-lists-part-4/ this week – very fun!
    2. Accidentally discovering a poem by Hone Tuwhare,a New Zealand poet, that was just lovely. (Its called “Rain”.)
    3. A weekend away in Bend, OR with a good girlfriend.
    4. 6 miles hike yesterday along the Deschutes River.
    5. A burger and a beer at the Deschutes Brewery after the 6 mile hike.
    6. An evening spent with an old friend from high school and undergrad, and her parents and their friend. Talk about a room FULL of storytellers! We laughed and laughed all night, they took us out dancing, and proceeded to completely dance our butts off – and her Dad is almost 80!
    7. Coming home again – especially to the pups. Its nice to get away, sometimes if only for the sweetness of coming home those furballs of love.

    Have a great week!

  19. JES: Yes, she is a mysterious personage indeed! Apocryphal, even. I used the name Alkelda for a character I played as a one time guest-gamer in a Star Wars RPG years ago, and then kept it for my moniker. I hope to visit Giggleswick on my hoped-for grand tour of England in two years.

  20. Hi Jules,

    We do have a name (though I’m not ready to put it out there on the web). We actually had a weird thing several years ago where Mheir and I each independently came up with a girl’s name that we thought would be good, if were to ever have a daughter. And it was the same name. So when we found out that the baby was a girl, we thought “well, of course. We already have the name”. Thanks for the good wishes. We’re doing well!

  21. When I was a little girl I had a shiny cotton candy pink, hardcover book, with cardboard pages. It was “Cinderella”, it wasn’t painted, or drawn but all done with puppets, posed and photographed. I was enchanted with this book and own it to this day. It’s pages are falling apart and it looks quite tattered but it never ceases to cast it’s spell on me when I crack it open. I think it is the reason I decided to be an illustrator myself.

    While the subject matter of “Here Comes the Garbage Barge”, seems quite different, I feel the same spell being cast over me in viewing it’s pages. I am impressed by the materials chosen and by how alive the story feels with color and a sense of movement. I know there will be many excited children pouring over it’s magical pages.

    Best of luck to “Red Nose Studios” and Jonah Winter!

  22. Gosh these kicks come round so quickly.
    1. Having a relaxed evening with my friend watching LOST whilst eating chocolate cornflake cripy things.
    2. The possibility of getting some more work experience at a publishing house.
    3.Being asked to set up a reading night at the bookstore i work at.
    4. Accumulating a lot of chocolate for this weekend (Easter)
    5. Finally seeing Alice at the cinema. I didn’t think it was wonderful but I just had to smile when Alice said ‘Six impossible things before breakfast’
    6. Receiving proofs in the post- I jump at the postman.
    7. Going to visit the rabbits at the local pet shop. I do this quite a lot and fall in love every time.

    Incidentally I’m just about to start a moon/space feature on my blog reviewing books related to this theme and the ‘…climbed into the moon’ is one of them. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  23. RM, I’ll read your play one day. And you’ve met Henry Rollins? Do tell. You had one good week, now didn’t you?

    Jen, great story. That’s how it was with our second daughter’s name. Can’t wait to see pics of your wee one!

    Liz, isn’t it amazing to think about the impact of one book on a child?

    Lucy, I still haven’t seen Alice. Glad that line is in the film. Your week was full of chocolate; as I’m fighting a stomach bug now, I’m not jumping up and down about that, but I would normally. Let me know when you post about the book!

  24. Jules – It was actually a rough week, but the week’s end more than made up for it! Henry Rollins (sigh) is a big crush of mine, met him twice when I lived in L.A., the first time via Hubert Selby Jr. Dreamy. Well, as dreamy as a tattooed former punk rocker can be. : )

  25. Oh Jules I hope you feel better in time for easter weekend. Stomach bugs are the worst. I would say ‘at least you had time to read’ but when you’re ill you want to do nothing.
    Will be sure to let you know about post. I’m falling behind on it all.

  26. Thanks, sweet Lucy. I’m all better now!

    RM, I hope this week’s NOT NOT NOT been rough for you.

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