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BWAH-HA-HA-HAH!!!! You didn’t think I’d do it this year, did you? Seeing as I’m all retired from 7-Imp. Well, you thought wrong, birthday girl. Check it:


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  1. ::loud, inappropriate laughter::
    Jules, be careful to whom you give access to your blog!
    You guys seriously crack me up. This is like the John & Hank vlog, with added ho-baggery.

    Happy birthday, Jules! I hope you have a splendidly ho-esque day. (Whore-iffic?)

  2. Ha! Happy birthday Jules! 🙂 e

  3. Happy Birthday, Jules! Great singing, Eisha 🙂 The candles are cool.

  4. SPEECHLESS. love the candles. want that waffle. but more so the coffee. with Bailey’s.

    this is a true surprise, the way you all retired-like snuck in.

    tanita, i love the word “whore-iffic.” thank you.

    eisha, it’s my turn now. mwhaha. the “mwa” in there is for the birthday wishes, like MWA BIG KISS THANK YOU. the “ha” is that i’m gonna write a NEW song about what a skank you are, and it’s gonna buuuuurn. like your gonorrhea.

    (sorry. couldn’t resist. i’m losing SOOOOO MANY blog readers today. oh well.)

  5. Waffles! Eisha! Flaming colored candles! Monroe-esque singing! Dang. Hope the rest of your day is equally as awesome. Happy Birthday, Jules!

  6. Ho ho ! Two of my favorite ho’s. 🙂

    HB, Jules! Share your waffle. Eisha, does the Kennedy family know about you? 😀

  7. Hee hee! Wonderful 🙂

    and happy happy birthday, Jules!

  8. Ha ha — his is hilarious! I wouldn’t be surprised to find the whole thing written up in Weekly World News or the Globe or some such, y’know, like Ex-Blogger Returns, Defaces Former Site with Disappointingly PG-Rated Video. With the clear implication that the remaining real blogger might have been just a tad bit remiss in not changing the locks.

    (For those who may not know the Marilyn Monroe reference, and maybe for those who know it all too well, there’s this.)

    Have a happy, Jules!

  9. That’s adorable! How sweet are you, eisha?

    Enjoy the virtual waffles and wishes, jules!

  10. Thanks, you guys. I apologize again for all the suckiness – that is just one big blooper reel up there. But see, I ate the waffle right after filming so I couldn’t do it over.

    Oh, did I mention? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES. i hope you get a day off from turning tricks down by the adult book store to celebrate.

  11. That might be just a little bit too awesome.

    Happy Birthday to the Queen Imp.

  12. Best. Friend. Ever.

    Twat did you say, Eisha? I cunt hear you.


  13. Tarie, AW SNAP!

  14. Oh, and thanks, everyone!

  15. That was skankalicious, and sluttily awesome! That totally beats the pole dancing video I was going to send you (they wouldn’t let me film while I was working. SO uptight.).

    Ho to the B-day, Jules!

  16. Jill, HA, too!

    I just love you all.

  17. That video is delightful! What a treat — and it’s not even my birthday.

    I hope your day has been terrific, Jules! Many happy returns.

  18. TARIE! OH NO YOU DIDN’T! You just became my hero.

  19. Happy Birthday, Jules! This has to be the coolest present you received.

    And it was great to see you, Eisha! Loved the singing, and the fact you ate the waffles before you could do a re-take. I wouldn’t have been able to leave them for 4.41 minutes so can’t blame you.

  20. Happy Birthday, Julie!

    Eisha, awesome.

  21. Happy birthday, Jules!

    eisha, That was just fantastic. And if it were me, I probably would have started right in eating the waffle *before* I was done filming, so I have to commend your restraint.

  22. Happy birthday Jules! And many happy returns of the day!

  23. Damn! That was awesome Eisha!

    How soon will the Ho-Down video correspondence become a regular feature at 7Imp?

    Happy One Day Late Birthday wishes Jules! Hope your day was wonderful, and celebration continues through the weekend!

  24. I’m shocked. Truly shocked. Right after I watched the video, I fainted from shock. I had to be revived with Bailey’s, and even then, that was not enough, and I needed more Bailey’s. Really Jules and Eisha, you both need a spanking.

  25. Funniest. Birthday. Video. Ever. Seriously, that had me in fits of laughter, especially the text at the end. Hey, maybe the two of you are really from the UK because we totally insult each other as a sign of affection there. Really.

    True story: whilst very drunk in an Irish pub in Knoxville, my British friends and I taught some innocent American students how to swear, like properly cuss. So the next time we walked in, one of those very same Americans shouted at us, in the middle of the crowded pub, “Hey there you c***ts!!” (I’m not as brave as Tarie to write it out) and her boyfriend followed with “It’s okay, they’re our friends!” How embarrassing.

  26. Zoe: I LOVE this story.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and for the birthday wishes, especially Miss Curmudgeonly. (I know her secret identity.)

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