So, Sue Me: I Cheated and Did Twelve

h1 October 25th, 2010 by jules

Just a quick note to say that I’m over at author/illustrator Sergio Ruzzier’s picture book blog, Hey, Rabbit!, this morning with my top-ten favorite picture books. Sergio has asked folks to weigh in—everyone from authors, illustrators, bloggers, librarians, art directors, agents, and more—and I love this new series of his.

For a picture-book lover like me, this project was nearly impossible. The book pictured here would be one over which I SMACKED MY HEAD last night for failing to include. Ten is just so hard. But it was a fun challenge, nonetheless.

Don’t miss the previous lists over at Hey, Rabbit! — from author/illustrator Matthew Cordell (yay for Leaves!), author Marc Tyler Nobleman (yay for Ferdinand!), and author Emily Jenkins (yay for Amy Schwartz!).

And Sergio’s only just begun…Thanks to Mr. Ruzzier for having me.

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  1. Sergio is GREAT! I took a continuing ed class with him at SVA a few years back. He was a great teacher and a great inspiration – sounds like he’s still doing fun and inspirational things… I would expect nothing less. 🙂

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