7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #203: Featuring Kathryn Otoshi

h1 January 23rd, 2011 by jules

I’m happy to shine the spotlight today on Shen’s Books, a publisher of, as their site states, “multicultural children’s literature that emphasizes cultural diversity and tolerance, with a focus on introducing children to the cultures of Asia.” Last April, they released Susan Lendroth’s Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat, illustrated by Kathryn Otoshi. It just so happens that I got a review copy of the book last year right after having stumbled and stuttered over my own words after my daughters had seen a Maneki Neko (or Welcoming Cat or Lucky Cat) in a little shop and asked me about them. I knew nothing about the story behind them, but then Susan’s book showed up to save the day.

The book tells the Japanese legend of the beckoning cat, the story behind why the cat with the raised paw is considered a symbol of good luck in many Asian countries and how it is that the little sculptures came to be sold across Japan and overseas, “thousands of cats waving on thousands of shop counters.” I won’t give away the entire story, should you want to read a copy yourselves, but the story opens with a poor monk and a cat he decides to take in for his own, which he names Tama: “And so their friendship began in a little village in old Japan. Kotoku Monastery was small and poor. Its monk was small and poor, and so too was his cat, Tama. Together, they lived a peaceful life.” A huge storm passes through the monk’s village, bringing a noble samurai to the monastery, and thus begins the legend of the beckoning cat, as Tama manages to save his life. But, again, I won’t tell the whole story here. The kidlitosphere’s own Jen Robinson gave this one a thumbs-up in November of last year, and Terry Hong of BookDragon (from the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program) wrote back in August, “illustrator Kathryn Otoshi definitely has a playful spirit about her work. Tama is one bedraggled cat, but he’s definitely got some charm. Check him out chasing moths, his limbs totally splayed out in energetic joy; he’s a stark but comical contrast to the serenely still monk facing the full moon.” Indeed. And the night-time spreads are particularly eye-catching, given the cool color palette Otoshi put to use (lots of blues and purples of the menacing storm, contrasted nicely with the pinks and reds that come in the peace afterwards).

Here are a couple more spreads from the book. Enjoy.

“A noble samurai riding home that day was caught in the same storm. Armor proved no match for the deluge, and the road before him disappeared in the gloom…”
(Click to enlarge.)

MANEKI NEKO: THE TALE OF THE BECKONING CAT. Copyright © 2010 Susan Lendroth. Illustration © 2010 Kathryn Otoshi. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Shen’s Books, Walnut Creek, CA.

As a reminder, 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1. This fabulous tiny desk concert with Ballake Sissoko on kora and Vincent Segal on cello, which can improve the quality of your day.

2. This poem of a song. That song alone—and the blogger’s words about it—are leaning me heavily toward Purchasing the Entire CD Already. It helps that lots of my friends with great taste in music rave about the CD. Also what helps: The inclusion of Gillian Welch.

3. Hey now, I know you got soul. (Sorry, this is turning into kicks all about music, but if you click the play button next to “MP3” at that link, you will be rewarded and will find yourself up and dancing ’round the room. But not till you turn it up LOUD.)

4.I finally got They Might Be Giants’ Here Comes Science for my girls. I was reminded of the fact that I didn’t own it yet when a new friend, also a parent, was telling me this opening track from the CD made him cry (from happiness, that is):

And the CD is just as good as I’d hoped.

5. Good children’s music like that, which doesn’t treat children like little idiots.

Speaking of children’s music, if I were a public children’s librarian, I think I’d have to place a moratorium on daily renditions of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” I understand it’s a staple for toddlers, not to mention a really attention-grabbing song for that age. I don’t intend here to be snarky and surly just for the fun of it, but I do feel for my own children’s librarians, seeing them have to sing it so often. I would at least have to have several cups of coffee, most likely with a dash of Bailey’s, before having to smile so big and sing that particular song with genuine enthusiasm. Even then, I might be singing it through gritted teeth and a slightly clenched jaw. Actually, while we’re on the subject, this song, from a previous They Might Be Giants children’s CD, has always single-handedly made me want to get a public librarian position, just so I can open story times with it. Don’t you think it’s a lovely, spirited alternative to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”? This is the first time I’ve seen the video, by the way, and I’m laughing at the foot-stomping bunnies:

I guess “If You’re Happy and You Know It” would be a gentler way to open story time. Ah well. I digress anyway.

6. This wonderful video at The Guardian about author and illustrator Judith Kerr, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and her new “jolly” book about widowhood.

7. The January 2011 issue of The Bluegrass Special is up!

Since the issue includes a tribute to director Blake Edwards, I’ll close with this video, also included in this month’s read. And tell me, what are YOUR kicks this week?

NOTE: Thanks to John for pointing this out to me. You can’t beat that, my friends. Neko Case AND an auction that benefits a literacy group AND one bad-ass car.

ANOTHER NOTE, this one for fans of author and illustrator Thacher Hurd (ART DOG!) — Thacher has a new middle-grade novel coming out. He’s made a book trailer for it:

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  1. […] Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast » Blog Archive » 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #203: Featuring Kathry… blaine.org/sevenimpossiblethings/?p=2068 – view page – cached I’m happy to shine the spotlight today on Shen’s Books, a publisher of, as their site states, “multicultural children’s literature that emphasizes cultural diversity and tolerance, with a focus on introducing children to the cultures of Asia.” Last April, they released Susan Lendroth’s Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat, illustrated by Kathryn Otoshi. It just so happens that I… Read moreI’m happy to shine the spotlight today on Shen’s Books, a publisher of, as their site states, “multicultural children’s literature that emphasizes cultural diversity and tolerance, with a focus on introducing children to the cultures of Asia.” Last April, they released Susan Lendroth’s Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat, illustrated by Kathryn Otoshi. It just so happens that I got a review copy of the book last year right after having stumbled and stuttered over my own words after my daughters had seen a Maneki Neko (or Welcoming Cat or Lucky Cat) in a little shop and asked me about them. I knew nothing about the story behind them, but then Susan’s book showed up to save the day. View page […]

  2. Shen’s was the first publisher I worked with – they’re a great house! I look forward to seeing this one. 🙂 e

  3. Hello, my beautiful people!

    Lots of Welcoming Cats in the Philippines. =D

    Wow, Jules. Lots of great videos and music from you. Thank you! I vote that “Clap Your Hands” replace “If You’re Happy and You Know It” foreverrrrrrr.

    My kicks:

    1. Permanent kick: My brothers JP and Brian.

    2. Permanent kick: My baby niece Kezhia, who I miss so much my heart aches.

    3. Being myself.

    4. Healing.

    5. Progress with my thesis. (Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can break down my topic for you guys.)

    6. A new dance game my brothers and I bought for our Wii. I think it’s called The Michael Jackson Experience. Learning all those famous dance moves!

    7. There was a gathering of Filipino book bloggers and a Filipino book club yesterday to discuss our best and worst reads for 2010.

  4. Sweet! We are reading Koko Nishizuka’s book, The Beckoning Cat for the Washington Reader AWards in our state. How fun to have one to compare.
    Jules, I love the songfest of kicks this week. Will listen when Chuck gets up.
    Tarie, hope you are feeling better and I wnat to know your best and worst reads of 2010.
    My kicks:
    1.Right now, typing is a challenge becaus a new family member is in my lap, Buster. He’s an 11 week silver dapple doxie. His previous owner couldn’t care for him.
    2. Last night we had dinner at my daughter’s and it was a great time with grandgirl.
    3. Finding out there was a budgeting error in the library budget in my favor. Woot!
    4.Sunny weather.
    5. How our library group is once again banding together to find library cuts and this time it’s the whole progam, We’re a fierce group.
    6.The seond grader who told me his smile was on vacation when asked where it was.
    7.The full wolf moon.
    Have a great week.

  5. Hi, Elizabeth. Yes, they do good stuff.

    Tarie, good to have support on my If You’re Happy and You Know It / Clap Your Hands mission. I hope you stomped your feet when you watched that. Continued good luck with the thesis. And, oooh, kick #7 sounds fun! Also, I like the idea of Permanent Kicks. But I’m sorry you miss your beautiful niece so much.

    Jone, seven cheers for fierce librarians. And BUSTER! Aw, send a pic! And that poet of a second grader? Jump back.

  6. Oh, how I wish I could have worked with Blake Edwards! He directed some of my favorite actors, such as Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn.

    jules: I just requested your spotlighted title from my library. That cat is too cute!

    This is a fly-by posting as I’m on the way to the set. 🙂

    Kicks from last Sunday through today:
    1) Filming webseries #1
    2) Filming webseries #2
    3) Offered the role from audition A
    4) Offered the role from audition B
    5) Callback for the role from audition C
    6) Being the Little Red Hen, getting things done
    7) Now off to an indie film!

    Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

  7. Little Willow, I thought of you when I saw this book.

    Congrats on landing the roles — and the callback, too. Break a leg, as always. Also, I assume you’re viewing the indie film, not in it! Though one never knows….

  8. Jules, there’s pics on FB of Buster.

  9. The Beckoning Cat! I’ve never even heard of that (duh, sheltered life here), and now I’m wondering if all the dozens of cats I’ve had were frantically semaphoring messages to me the whole time and I never knew it. (No wonder they seemed to hold me in such contempt.) Looks like a great book, love the color pallette, and that spread featuring the storm reminded me a lot of a big scene in Hayao Miyazaki’s animated feature Ponyo, from a couple years ago.

    (Sadly, however, even mentioning that movie just then has released a new earworm — the “Ponyo-Ponyo-Ponyo, tiny little fishy” song… [shakes head to clear it, fails, but finds relief in TMBG’s “Clap Your Hands!” so thanks for that!])

    Jules, when you’re done working on your (current) book and are thinking you need a break from kidlit, however briefly — this will probably come sometime after your own littluns have progressed into past kid-dom — you really need to think about a second blog (a “small auxiliary blog,” as Dave Barry might say), this one about music. Maybe co-hosted (again) by Eisha, with Jill doing the live-music concert reports. You are such a great introducer of new sounds — and reminder of old sounds, refreshed!

    Tarie, just picturing you and your martial-arts brothers doing the MJ moves made me grin. 🙂

    Jone: thank you for introducing me to the term “full wolf moon”! (A post at this blog lists it with other similar terms, like “full worm moon” — a little less, uh, euphonious maybe. It also says that for a full wolf moon, pagans “recommend smudging some sage on your body.” Hmm.)

    Little Willow: I think it’s time for Jules to ban you from further contributions to Kicks Sundays until you start including hyperlinks to some of the stuff you’re kicking about. (There’s probably some sort of latter-day theatrical-world “oh no, that would jinx it” tradition, I suppose you’ll protest.)

    Having said that, hurrah for that schedule!

    Kicks from here…

    1. This video clip (to which Jules and others alerted me), of a Brian Williams interview with my blogging friend who was wounded at Tucson a couple weeks ago. It’s a foretaste of a full interview on Dateline tonight.

    2. Firming up plans for a “sibling reunion,” just the four of us, in SC over St. Pat’s weekend.

    3. Funny funny OMG freaking hilarious post — a childhood memory — at the reliably funny Hyperbole and a Half blog.

    4. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. (Not the first time I’ve kicked that, I think, and probably not the last.)

    5. Just discovered another (!) improvement on my daily cinnamon-raisin bagel habit, although not one I’d want to do every day, two words: peach butter.

    6. Yesterday we got one of those little boxes that let you stream movies — FOR NOTHING — from your Netflix account. There’s a BIG downside to this, alas, although Netflix and box manufacturer are supposedly working on a fix: no, N-O, closed captions. Grrrrrrrr. But I’m trying to keep a happy face about the thing in general, which is, well, an amazing little wonder. And for the time being I can remove a whole bunch of subtitled foreign films from my queueueueueue, because the subtitles (which are “built into” the video) ARE included, so I can watch them whenever I want.

    7. I’ve also kicked about my Kindle before, and probably not for the last time. But I have to admit that I’m enjoying it anew this week.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  10. P.S. Jules, I’m loving that one music blog (Fuel/Friends) you linked to. One of her earliest posts, back in 2005, was about “classic handclap songs.” It’s here, title — HA — “Let’s spread the clap.”

  11. Hi All,

    Love the beckoning cat post, Jules. I will ask my (okay, Bob’s) kittens today if they have heard of such a cat. And thanks for the great music — Bobby Byrd is one of my brother’s faves, being a huge funk fan. That’s one cool cat.

    Elizabeth, hi!
    Tarie, glad you’re feeling better. Such sweet kicks about your brothers and little Kazhia.
    Jone, how great of you to adopt Buster. He sounds adorable.
    LW, “I’m on my way to the set” is something I would love to be able to say. Break a leg.
    JES, I love the small auxiliary blog idea! If Jules is agreeable, I will gladly accept the position of live-music concert reporter (see my kick #2). And Hyperbole and a Half is one of my favorite blogs — always hilarious. Oh, and I was just talking with Jules about the Netflix box-thingy, and must acquire one.

    My kicks:
    1) Getting a very funny phone call from three of my closest friends who were out celebrating the birthday of my college roommate in New Orleans. I miss them a lot.
    2) Seeing the band “Guster” at the famous Fillmore in S.F. with my boyfriend on Sat. night. Happy music that had the sold-out crowd in a frenzy (including me). I’m not good at embedding these things, but here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0TQVbiWeEs
    3) Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Whew!
    4) Cool news from a very deserving friend.
    5) Walks in the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately.
    6) Sunday morning coffee and croissants.
    7) My new theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuRuwR2JSXI
    8) An instructional video about the dangers of texting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg11glsBW4Y&feature=player_embedded#!

    Have a great week!

  12. P.S. I have no idea how my numeral 8 got replaced with a happy face, but it’s actually kind of appropriate for that video.

  13. Wow, I feel thoroughly schooled and improved this Sunday morning:
    – Like JES, I’ve inadvertently snubbed beckoning cats. (lovely book)
    – Never heard anyone from Mali (or anywhere else) play the kora.
    – Didn’t know the word ‘panoply’. (good word & quite a soulful hymn)
    And LOVE the Science is Real vid. Thanks, Jules!

    What an impressive array, wait… a ‘panoply’ of fun kicks today:
    MJ dance games, wolf (worm, beaver, corn) moons, auditions landed and roles played, that poor besieged Benny-deer, spreading the clap and fierce book-reading theme songs. Ha-ha-ha! Thanks all.

    My kicks this week:
    1. Juicer/blender recipe try-outs continue. Today: popovers (dee-lish) and a greenish antioxidant juice with ginger (yucky). Live and learn.

    2. I heard some kid throw off the term “the zombie apocalypse” like I would refer to a “nuclear holocaust”. I asked my son about it. He said since virus-plagued zombies are the doom-of-choice in so many books/movies – that concept is now part of our popular lexicon. Oh.

    3. My cat Zeek, a silver Bengal who “talks” to us on a regular basis. Never fails to say a polite mew-thanks when I let him in. Loudly chastises his humans for any lapses in care or attention with such attitude that guests laugh out loud. He sleeps in the nook of my knees and rides the blanket swells when I turn side to side. A good cat.

    4. If you loved the surreal locations in the movie “The Fall” as I did, this blogger has delved into DVD commentary and google earth and pinpointed most of them. SEE: http://thefall-locations.blogspot.com/

    5. A kid-lit obligation fulfilled, whew. And in the process I learned a lot.

    6. Figuring out new functions on the cell phone I’ve had for 3 years. (!)

    7. So happy to see you, Jules, standing up to an annoying standard. I’m a longtime conscientious objector of Barney’s I-love-you/me song.

    Have a fortuitous week everyone! (I wave here, like beckoning cat.)

  14. I am still so disorganised in this new life of boarding and looking for new houses, but I have ten minutes till I go to work, so I cheered up the morning with your lovely kicks! Will swing by for the music this arvy.

    Jone, a budget error in your favour is the best thing to hear about for a library!

    JES, peach butter?! Sounds so good! I spotted passionfruit butter at the shop yesterday so that is next on my list.

    Denise, Zeek sounds like a perfect cat!

    Not that I need much cheering up:
    1. the sun is shining, and is meant to be for a few more days! Not generally an unusual occurance in Brisbane, but certainly is at the moment!
    2. Off to a first aid curse for work for two days, and then we have a public holiday – it’s like a holiday week! And first aid useful of course 🙂
    3. picnic yesterday in a rainforest near Brisbane. So nice to see so many trees in one spot.
    4. looking at houses is actually quite fun, I like seeing how people decorate different places. Now to convince our favourite house owners to sell their house cheaply!

    Eek, must dash!

  15. Tarie: Please hug a welcoming cat for me. Glad that you are healing, and that you are you. Good luck with your thesis!

    Jonie: Welcome, Buster! Thank you so much for taking the dapple doxie doggie into your home. Crossed fingers for the library funding.

    jules: Thank you for associating me with cat books, and thank you for the supportive words. I was in a film today. Woot!

    JES: Ah, but what if they don’t have links and aren’t online? Happy times (well in advance) for the forthcoming reunion! Have you seen the episode of Frasier in which Simon Moon (brilliantly portrayed by Anthony LaPaglia, who rightfully earned an Emmy for the role) mistakes Frasier’s expensive face cream for a fruit spread and eats it on an English muffin? Hilarious.

    Jill: Thanks! I love saying it.

    Denise: I keep hearing about the healing properties of ginger. I should look into that. Hug Zeek the feline for me, please, and engage him in conversation. Best zombie novel: SOULLESS by Christopher Golden Best zombie anthology: The New Dead (Note: It was published in the UK under the simple title of ZOMBIE).

    emmaco: Enjoy the lovely weather. May you have ample sunscreen and water.

  16. John, I would love to auxiliary-blog about music with Eisha and Jill. Talk about an overcrowded blog scene, but still…it’d be a blast. …And thanks for the link on Benny. The illustration where they all respond to cake make me snort-laugh. And, man oh man, am I happy you directed me to the hand-clap songs. Thanks! Another good hand-clap song: Delta Spirit’s “People C’mon.”

    Jill, thanks for the video. HA. And the texter, too. I had read about that but hadn’t watched it yet. Lord. Kick #1 sounds pretty great.

    Oh, and I see how your happy face showed up. If you type an “8” with a parenthesis thingy next to it, it thinks you’re trying to do an sunglasses-emoticon. How funny.

    Denise, thanks for that link re The Fall. Score. Can’t wait to go explore! And conscientious objectors unite. Let us know how your new recipes are. And how do you do popovers in a juicer/blender?

    Emmaco: “Arvy”! It’s new to me! So is passionfruit butter, but I’ll look it up. …I was wondering for a bit what a “first aid curse” was till I realized it was a typo. But a fun one, indeed, and I think it should be its own phrase. I just thought: Oh, it’s something new I’m learning from Emmaco and must look up. Enjoy your down time this week! Oh, and your last kick made me think of this: My sister became a realtor and was saying that people selling houses must declutter and depersonalize. I get the former, but the latter? Depersonalize? Really? TOO HARD. And, shoot, if someone personalizes their house well, I would think it would help it sell? But what do I know.

  17. Little Willow: Frasier. What a funny show.

  18. Here are two of Jill’s shared videos embedded, which makes it a bit easier to see. (The first one is “disabled by request,” Jill.)

  19. Jules, I’m with you on “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” It’s too much pressure. However, from my French camp gig, I learned “Si Tu Aime Le Soleil,” which loosely translates to, “If You Really Like the Sun.” It’s fitting for Seattle. Last week, we sang, “If you really like the snow” (clap your hands, tap your knees, shout hurrah, do all three).

    However, you will not find “Eensy Weensy Spider,” “Wheels on the Bus” or “Old MacDonald” in my storytimes. I figure that there’s no shortage of those renditions elsewhere.

    1. A friend brought over flash-frozen tuna for sushi today. The sushi rocked. She’s bringing over more for the future.

    2. I decided to go on the treadmill today for an intensive workout. I ended up having to run for a few minutes in order to tire myself out after 70 minutes. Some days, I just want to feel completely worked out.

    3. I wore my “Joan Holloway in 2011” dress last night for a belated 10th anniversary dinner.

    4. After a week of my husband being gone in Canada, I am so glad he’s home. Actually, I was looking forward to him being home before he even left.

    5. I feel pretty good these days…

    6. …And my daughter’s singing in Seattle Girls’ Choir.

    7. The family gets to go to Florida this June for a wedding in the Keys. I’ve never been! I’m grateful to my aunt, who is making this trip possible.

    Happy week, everyone!

  20. Farida, I LOVE THAT. “If You Really Like the Sun”! I mean, I love that a whole freakin’ lot. That is way, way, way better.

    I know what you mean about feeling completely worked out. Sometimes, if I get on my exercise bike, I can tell when I didn’t really give it my all. (I’d much rather walk outside, but if I have no childcare, I resort to the dastardly indoor bike that goes nowhere.)

    Glad your husband’s home safe and sound.

    Go, Joan Holloway.

  21. Well Jules I would say the most important simple thing one can do when selling a house is to CLEAN THE BATHROOM, some of them I’ve been scared to step into. But de-personalise? I agree, that sounds strange! My favourite house the couple had left a recipe book open in the kitchen, and had novels everywhere.

    Passionfruit butter is like lemon butter I think – basically passionfruit, butter and sugar. Yum.

  22. emmaco — Good luck house hunting!

    Jules — my guys just blended the popover batter to the very smooth consistency it needs to be (I guess) then popped them in the oven like normal.

    Oh, hey, The Fall locations link is missing the first “h” I think.

    Little Willow — Thanks for the Zombie leads. We started watching “The Walking Dead” series. Not bad! Pretty movie-like for television (and unashamedly gory.)

    Jill — I saw an interview with the dunked texter… Geez, she was totally unable to laugh at herself. MAD. And the mall security guard got fired for sharing… So, I guess inicident also doubles as “the dangers of youtubing”. Ha.

  23. Jill, Jules, J-named people: Oh my goodness. That is going to be stuck in my head all day now. Love it. I’m readin’ a BOOK!

  24. i always love watching Audrey singing… wasnt she the loveliest?

  25. Happy kicks- a day late!

    Its always so fun to come and ready everyone’s kicks, even if I am late to the party this week…..

    Love the color palette in the spreads.

    My quick kicks:
    1) Took a canine/feline CPR & first aid class yesterday – so am now officially trained in this!
    2) Indoor soccer with the co-ed team after class – a close game, then beer and football watching – perfect Sunday!
    3) Watched a lawyer I know and admire argue a case before our state court of appeals last week – we both worked on it together at the trial level, so this was a big thrill.
    4) Finished Mockingjay this weekend.
    5) A friend’s baby shower on Saturday made even more fun by making a new friend. (Who even came and played soccer Sunday!)
    6) Making plans for a beach vacation in February.
    7) My little Ariel kitty sleeping in the dog bed, she’s really taken it over.
    Have a great week! I will come back and check out all the music links all week!

    Oh, and JES, did you read the “Jesus was a Kenny Loggins fan” Hyperbole and a Half? That one had me falling out of my chair at work it was so damn funny!

  26. Beach! February! Perfect.

    Oh, and kitties!

    Canine/feline CPR. Wow. I need to renew my human CPR.

  27. It’s a holiday and school vacation today, Monday; I’ll sneak in a few day-late kicks!
    1. despite a scary, windy drive out to Amherst to the chapel-like Eric Carle Museum I visited the Etienne Delessert illustration show. Stunning paintings. A generous show even if the work itself has a certain opulent astringency.
    2. Meet-up and lunch with old friend and running partner who lives nearby. Whenever I go to The Carle, we hook up.
    3. My junket continued West, in spite of the wind to the Normal Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA to attend an exhibit and presentation by Elwood Smith. Elwood is one of the most humane, humorous, generous illustrators on the planet and at almost 70 he is going gangbusters and accelerating in his creativity. A Kick and an Inspiration to be sure!
    4. Seeing colleagues there especially Hal Mayforth, Victor Juhasz, Steven Guarnaccia and Nora Krug.
    5. The Rockwell also has mounted a stunning exhibit of Jerry Pinkney’s work. It was a real survey and a master class of figurative illustration (with a few lions and mice thrown in!)
    6. Hal Mayforth live cd’s of his band The Heckhounds accompanying me all the way back to Boston. (Thanks for the nice present Hal!)
    7. And, the rising full moon that played peek-a-boo as the turnpike twisted and turned East to home and family.

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