Knoxville Children’s-Lit Conference. You Know
You Want to Come. Insert Hypno-Spiral Here.

h1 March 9th, 2011 by jules

Okay, I’ll insert a real hypno-spiral to urge you to come…

A quick reminder to those in the Southeast (or even those farther away who are willing to hop on one of those zippy-quick jet plane dealios) that there’s still time to register for The University of Tennessee’s Center for Children’s and Young Adult Literature’s one-day children’s lit conference on Saturday, April 2nd. Below is a poster for the event with all the info you need (click to enlarge), or you can go here to read more. I’ll be there, as I’ll have the honor of introducing Richard Michelson. And I will want to meet you—yes, you—if you just come along for the fun. (Right, I may not know you, but it’s a safe bet that if you read 7-Imp, you and I share an interest in children’s lit, and we can meet and gab. I’m thinkin’ serial killers aren’t making a habit of coming here for Sunday kicks, so sure, let’s chat it up.)

Jack Gantos, Rich Michelson, Steven Withrow: A good time will be had, as evidenced below. Plus, words cannot adequately express what good, smart people run the Center for Children’s and Young Adult Literature and public library over there in Knoxville. See you there, I hope.

And see you tomorrow here at 7-Imp to meet Etienne Delessert, if you’re so inclined. Until then…

(Click to enlarge poster.)

5 comments to “Knoxville Children’s-Lit Conference. You Know
You Want to Come. Insert Hypno-Spiral Here.”

  1. I’m not a serial killer. Don’t let my lamentable recent absence from Sunday Kicks persuade you that I might have become one.

    This does sound like a kickin’ good conference! I don’t suppose you’ll be live-blogging it???

  2. Can’t wait! This is going to be fun.

  3. It is not lamentable, my friend. You’re always here in spirit.

    I’ve been feeling spread-so-thin lately, John, that I think live-blogging might actually make my head literally explode into seven different directions, and then there’d be this mess to clean up. Causing a mess at this conference with these nice people would be lamentable, indeed, especially a mess of brain matter. (Ew?)

    Anywhoozles. I think I’ll sit back and enjoy it. My apologies to anyone who had live-blogging notions in their head.

  4. Looking forward to meeting you in person, Steven!

  5. OK. You convinced me. I will be there. And since you aren’t live blogging, I will try to talk really really really loud.

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