My New Writing Gig

h1 March 11th, 2011 by jules

{Quick Early Morning Update: Looks like my first column is already up. It’s here.}

I wasn’t sure when Kirkus was going to announce this, but it’s clearly already up at their site, so I’ll share it here as well:

I’ll be writing weekly columns over at Kirkus Reviews — for the new Kirkus Book Blogger Network, that is. My columns will be all about children’s lit and a lot like what I do here at 7-Imp, but just … well, more economically-worded. (Yes, here I can jibber-jabber to my heart’s content, but I’ll have actual word limits there, which is always a good exercise for me.)

I’m very excited. Incidentally, this doesn’t mean an end to 7-Imp or any such thing. Just a different venue for me, I suppose. Come join me? Here’s the info all about the gig and my fellow bloggers in many categories. I’ll give a hoot and a holler (that’s a technical term, if you live in the South) when my first column goes up.

I’m excited. Nervous. Excited. And nervous.

(And That Picture over there? Gah. Clearly, I had to take a picture of myself with a cell phone camera. I’m RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE, aren’t I? I should have just gone ahead and thrown in a “mwah!” in a speech balloon, since my noggin is just so THERE. Also, the sci-fi/fantasy blogger added “he also likes bagels” at the end of his bio. I like him already. I should have said something about coffee. I want a do-over.)

See you over at Kirkus, too, I hope. If you’re so inclined to stop by, that is. I will make note here of columns that are published over there, and it should be weekly.

And, because I am certain I don’t say it enough, thanks for visiting 7-Imp, for joining me in the conversation about children’s lit. You folks are my people.

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  1. Congratulations! Look forward to tuning in to your new station!

  2. ::happy dance::

    So proud of this. And I must say, Kirkus is pretty darned savvy. I know more people blogging for them than I thought – including the SFF guy!! So, they took the cream of the crop – you, and Leila and Trish and Sarah from SB’s. Yay for them! I hope it’s lots of fun!

  3. Congratulations! 🙂 e

  4. Jul-ie! Jul-ie! Rah, rah, rah!

    I’m happy for you to have a much-deserved opportunity, and I’m happy for me that I’ll have another place to talk books with you. Congratulations!

  5. Very exciting news!

  6. Yay! More words and wisdom from you is great news!

  7. Is that a little bursting-at-the-seams calendar I see over there on the wall? Why yes. Yes it is. 🙂

    Congratulations, Jules — so happy to see you Making Your Mark!

  8. Congratulations!!!

  9. Congratulations, Jules!

  10. Congratulations! And *thank you* for starting so many wonderful conversations. Even if I, uh, don’t chime in here that often.

  11. Congratulations!! I’m very happy for you!!

  12. Bravo and big congratulations.

  13. Wow, someone I know and love at Kirkus. Who’d a thunk it! Congrats. Joy. Happy dance..


  14. Jules!

    Just read about this and headed straight to 7-Imp to see if you blogged about it too! So PSYCHED for you! You fanschy!


  15. Hooray, congrats!! I echo Adrienne’s sentiments. And, if by “jibber jabbering” you mean lavishing us here with your insights and well-informed charm, yes, *please* keep doing so to your heart’s content.

  16. Sounds good. There are a wealth of fantastic children’s books. Just a challenge finding the really good ones.

  17. congrat!

  18. Evidently, Kirkus knows the people who know about children’s literature. Congratulations!

  19. Congrats on the gig. I just found you, and I’m excited to see your reviews.

  20. Congrats, Julie! This is wonderful for both you and them!

  21. Hooray for you, Jules! I’m sure you’ll continue to do terrific work!

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