Quick Note About
National Handlebar Moustache Appreciation Day

h1 April 2nd, 2011 by jules

Thanks to all of you who played along at this post. Looks like folks were timid about choosing winning captions, so I’ll (somehow) do that soon and post winners early next week. Pinky promise. This weekend is all filled up, but I shall do it soon. (Generally disorganized here. Forgive me?)

Thanks again to those who played. And, if anyone still wants to contribute, go crazy.

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National Handlebar Moustache Appreciation Day”

  1. As I typed over at the moustache post, I just decided to vote myself, since folks didn’t come back to vote (which I probably didn’t make clear enough….um, sorry again that I’m generally disorganized)…

    I like the humor and economy of Shannon Stanton’s picks. For Dan’s: “Girl de Maupassant.” And for Ward’s: “Must dash!” (Someone else typed “I must dash,” but Shannon did it first.) Hers are actually my top favorites for both captions.

    Thank you all for playing. I hope no one is incredibly miffed at losing. It’s all fun and games till someone is incredibly miffed….and…uh….I’m tired. I’m going now.

    Thanks, Shannon, and thanks, everyone. I’ll be in touch, Shannon, about your winning books.

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