What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week
(Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Lauren Tobia)

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This morning at Kirkus, I take a look at a handful of new picture book titles that are wordless or Mostly Wordless. If you’re so inclined, you can head over there for the low-down. Here’s the link. Next Friday here at 7-Imp, I’ll have art to show from all of those titles.

If you missed last week’s column, I discussed the wonderful-in-many-directions Anna Hibiscus chapter book series from Kane Miller, written by Nigerian storyteller Atinuke and illustrated by British artist Lauren Tobia. Here is that link. Below, I have some of the interior illustrations from the titles to share here at 7-Imp. The color illustration opening this post is from the upcoming Anna Hibiscus’ Song, which is going to be the first picture book about the unforgettable Anna. A little web sleuthing on my part also revealed to me this gorgeous illustration (at Lauren’s site).

Evidently, Kane Miller will also be launching another series by Atinuke next season, No. 1 Car Spotter, featuring Oluwalase Babatunde Benson, a slightly older child than Anna Hibiscus (and a boy), living in a contemporary African village. (Here’s a bit more info, since they were released by Walker Books in the UK last year.)

More of Lauren’s artwork (from the Anna Hibiscus chapter book series) is below. Enjoy.

“The next day, a letter came. A letter from Auntie Comfort! ‘Praise God!’ said Grandfather when he had read it. ‘Comfort will visit us at last!’ … Aunties and uncles and cousins jumped up and down, smiling and clapping and shouting,
‘Comfort is coming! Auntie Comfort is coming!'”

From Book 1, Anna Hibiscus (2010).

“Grandmother rubbed thick grease in Anna’s hair to soften it. She wet it to loosen the knots. She spent a long time softly, softly loosening the knots with her gentle fingers. Then she had to pull and tug and yank with the comb, but Anna did not complain. She was grateful to Grandmother for helping her. Some of the knots were so tight that Grandmother had to cut them out with scissors. Tears rolled down Anna’s face as she she saw her beautiful hair fall to the ground. But she did not shout.”
From Book 2, Hooray for Anna Hibiscus! (2010).

“Anna sat still, staring at the feather. Then she smiled her biggest smile and shouted, ‘Everybody! Come and look at this!'”
From Book 3, Good Luck, Anna Hibiscus! (March 2011).

“Canada is full of ice and snow. Ice is cold. Snow is cold. Especially when I fell all the way into it. But Canada is COZY too. Cozy means warm and safe and happy. Granny Canada’s kitchen is cozy. Good dogs like Qimmiq are cozy.”
From Book 4, Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! (March 2011).

* * * * * * *

All books published by Kane Miller Press (First American Editions). Text © Atinuke and illustrations © Lauren Tobia 2010 and 2011. (First published by Walker Books Ltd., London.) Images used with permission of Kane Miller.

4 comments to “What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week
(Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Lauren Tobia)”

  1. That singing line has to be the best line, ever.

  2. I enjoyed your Kirkus post about wordless picture books. Some of my favorite wordless books are:
    10 MINUTES TO BEDTIME by Peggy Rathmann
    GOOD NIGHT, GORILLA by Peggy Rathmann
    A BOY, A DOG, AND A FROG by Mercer Mayer
    POLO: THE RUNAWAY BOOK by Régis Faller

    And I like the new book WHERE’S WALRUS? by Stephen Savage

  3. Love love LOVE all the Polo books. Just perfect.

    Haven’t seen Where’s Walrus? Will have to look. Thanks!

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