Seriously. This Book Has So Many Good Passages I Keep Copying and Underlining That My Hand May Fall Off.

h1 May 3rd, 2011 by jules

Well, now. So happy to have just stumbled upon this book trailer. I’m reading this now, am nearing the end, and keep putting off the last chapter, as I simply do not want it to end. No, sirree. Too good. Can’t say goodbye.

And this would be how you make a good book trailer, too, I have to say:

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  1. This looks wonderful! And the title alone is enough to get me reading more. Can’t wait to pick up a copy!

  2. This book has been sitting on my nightstand for two weeks now. After watching this trailer it’s time for me to pick it up. I’m so glad you decided to share this with us.

  3. As someone gearing up to make my own book trailer, it is encouraging to see how effective you can be just working with the original art. Also the title, the title …

  4. I know exactly what that blog post title means. I came across several such nuggets of wisdom hidden in those pages. 🙂

  5. I think the power of black and white is way underestimated.

  6. I’m eagerly, & now even moreso, awaiting the May 10 release. It may be the first book to win a fairly major award prepub (was online only), but I wanted a hardcopy. Exciting phenomenon, tho.

  7. I want to read this novel simply because of the way it was written.

  8. Just catching up here on my Seven Imps…
    And of course you noticed that the illustrations for this book are by the mysterious and poetic ! What a great match!

  9. Ahem, that would be Ana Juan:
    (the html in the above comment got stripped out I guess)

  10. […] And here is a little treat for those of you who are intrigued.  Below I’ve posted a book trailer for The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making that I found on the delightful children’s literature blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. […]

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