What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week
(Plus What I Did Last Week)

h1 May 20th, 2011 by jules

Over at Kirkus this week, I’m covering one of those straight up, just-the-facts-please-and-thank-you-very-much informational titles, and it’s all about world religions (DK Publishing’s What Do You Believe?). The link is here this morning, and I discuss why I think it’s a good, and even (dare I say?) important, book for children today.

Also over there today is the Qrank quiz I wrote about Amelia Earhart, all based on Candace Fleming’s biography of her. Think you know a lot about Amelia? Try my quiz. Woo and hoo! That was fun to write.

Last week, I had a quiz about the Great Depression, based on last week’s column, a review of Andrea Davis Pinkney’s new middle-grade novel, Bird in a Box, illustrated by Sean Qualls. Those quizzes, though…wow. They are there one day and then—POOF!—gone. (That is a note to those of you wanting to take the Amelia quiz, too.) I didn’t even get to road-test that one myself, as I was out of town for work that day. But the column—my thoughts on the book—remains, and if you missed it last week, it’s here. Pretty soon, I’m hoping, I can show you here at 7-Imp some of Sean Qualls’s interior images from this novel. More to come on that later. But, for now, enjoy the cover art below.

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(Plus What I Did Last Week)”

  1. What Do You Believe looks like a good one for the library. Thanks for drawing my attention to it!

  2. Oh, we LOVE Sean Qualls’s work! This is excellent! Thanks for writing about it!

  3. Gorgeous jacket!

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