The Tables Were Turned …

h1 May 30th, 2011 by jules

… and I was actually the interviewee yesterday over at Aaron Mead’s blog, Children’s Books and Reviews. Aaron has conducted many wonderful blogger interviews of late (which I used to do back in the day with my former blog partner-in-crime — I miss those interviews and hope to pick them back up one day). Really, you must go explore Aaron’s informative interviews; at the very least you will get a kick out of Travis Jonker’s snowbank story.

Anyway, my Q & A is here. On and on I yammer about 7-Imp, but here’s the most important part in which I get to thank the kidlitosphere:

Mothering is a large part of why I started blogging. I had gone from full-time work to full-time stay-at-home motherhood (my choice). I found it challenging to spend my days with humans incapable of abstract thought, as much as I adored them, after having spent my days discussing books with teachers and other librarians. Blogging was a way to keep my brain active—and to keep myself involved in children’s lit. I suddenly had some new colleagues, if you will—other bloggers from all around the country, who also loved discussing children’s lit. I still feel like I owe those other bloggers a whole heapin’ lot. As in, seriously, I’m tearing up now. I thank them for re-engaging me in those discussions during an isolating time.

Yes, sometimes you have to make your own colleagues, and I still feel a debt of gratitude to my blogger friends, way too many to name.

In the question from which that response comes, Aaron had asked me about my own children and their reading. In their honor (since they’re both obsessive cat-lovers) and since it hurts the very hemispheres of my brain to post here at 7-Imp without images, I include in this post (top) an image from Italian author/illustrator Caterina Zandonella, who goes by “Cat Zaza” (briefly featured here at 7-Imp in March). When I saw this, I fell for it and secured her permission to post it here.

Many thanks to Aaron for the interview.

And Happy Memorial Day to one and all. I join others in giving thanks to those who have served.

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  1. Thanks again for the interview Jules. You were a great interviewee; much fun!

  2. Proud to be your colleague. 🙂

    Yay for cats! Great name, Cat Zaza.

  3. Great interview! And thanks for the shout-out.

  4. Great interview – good to see the tables turned! And I LOVE the cat illo.

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