Stepping Away from the Breakfast Table for
Just a Tiny Bit AND the Boston Globe-
Horn Book Awards Announcement is Up!

h1 June 13th, 2011 by jules

I may have mentioned seven skerjillion times or so here at 7-Imp that I like sun images. Here’s my favorite stamp. I really own … let’s see … one stamp. Yup. That one. Because a sun stamp is all a person really needs. My daughters’ burgeoning collection of dinosaur stamps disagrees with me. RAAOOOORRR! they tell me and threaten to stampede, but I still say a sun is better any day.

Another reason I’m posting a lovely sun today is to inform 7-Imp readers that I’m taking several days off to go soak in some sun rays of my own. (I’m embarking on what I like to call my “redneck staycation,” but I won’t bore you with details.) Part of my goal, though it is a local staycation of sorts, is to stay away from work email and blog email and typing and Facetwitter and this, that, and the other. Think I can do it? I think so. But wish me luck anyway (because I really just like talking to many of you who live far away).

I’ve got some fun and talented visitors to 7-Imp waiting in the cyber-wings. And I’ll be back on Friday. See you then.

In the meantime, check out the winners of the 2011 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards! (Seven cheers for ANNA HIBISCUS, which I’m yelling in excitement!) Such good choices, and I’m particularly happy to see Salley Mavor win for Picture Book! (Here’s my December 2010 interview with her for fellow fans to read and enjoy.)

Have a sunny, most excellent week, all.

6 comments to “Stepping Away from the Breakfast Table for
Just a Tiny Bit AND the Boston Globe-
Horn Book Awards Announcement is Up!”

  1. Have a wonderful, sunny time!

  2. Thank you for the BGH Book Awards link!

    And happy vacation!!!!!!! =D

  3. Yay to some time off, Jules! Enjoy, enjoy.

  4. You may enjoy this sun image from my end papers.

    I too LOVE sunny smiles!

  5. You gave us our souvenir before you went on vacation instead of after!

  6. I’m a sun fan, too! I’m also partial to the moon and the stars. I meant to post in kicks, by the way, but I got distracted by my MOM. 🙂

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