Society of Illustrators’ 2011 Original Art Award

h1 August 9th, 2011 by jules

The winners of the Society of Illustrators’ 2011 Original Art award have been officially announced at the Society’s site. Here’s the low-down.

Fun. I’ve said it before, but it was wonderful to have been asked to be a part of that jury. Now I’m thinking I should see if I can snag the artist holding the Gold Medal in her hands for a Q&A, don’t you?

My blogging pace is slow this week. I’ve got a manuscript deadline of my own to wrap up. Dangling citations (as in, I have a lot of them to wrap up before the weekend) is how I just put it to a friend and then realized that’d be a great band name. The Dangling Citations! I call it! (Also: Cowbell! I get to play cowbell. Called it.)

But I hope to be back Thursday. Until then, enjoy the cover of the Gold Medal winner, and please head on over to their site to see the Silver Medal winners, as well as more information in general:

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  1. Marvelous news!

  2. WOOO! I only just saw this, and I’m cheering for you again.

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