What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Eric Carle

h1 October 21st, 2011 by jules

This morning over at Kirkus, I write about Susan Campbell Bartoletti’s Naamah and the Ark at Night, with illustrations from Holly Meade. The link is here.

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In last week’s column, I wrote about Eric Carle’s newest picture book, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, released by Philomel this month. (Pictured above is one of the book’s best moments.) But since I start to get twitchy if I don’t show you some art from the picture books about which I write, this morning I share some spreads below. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

THE ARTIST WHO PAINTED A BLUE HORSE. Copyright © 2011 by Eric Carle. Published by Philomel Books, New York. Images reproduced with permission of the publisher.

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2 comments to “What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Eric Carle”

  1. Love that polka-dot donkey so much! Makes me want a fistful of gumdrops, jelly beans . . . Thanks for a colorful boost to my afternoon!

  2. reminds me of a “failed” assignment to paint a tree. the teacher expected a green tree, but i’d given her a tree with leaves of purple, orange, yellow and red. oh the joys of an artist.

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