Well Now. That Was a Fun Morning.

h1 January 23rd, 2012 by jules

Congratulations to all of today’s ALA Youth Media Award winners. Many of the winners have stopped by to visit 7-Imp this year, which you can find in the archives. (I’m sorry that I am not including a comprehensive listing here, but I’m working on an interview for tomorrow. I thought I’d have it done by now, but I had to sit down with my girls and re-read many of the winning books with them. Which was fun.)

For now, though, a short and sweet post: I just realized that when Chris Raschka visited in 2009, he shared an early image from A Ball for Daisy, which picked up today’s Caldecott Award. Here it is. You can click on it to embiggen it. Enjoy!

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Image re-posted from this earlier interview.

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  1. I was attempting to ignore my kids to watch the ALAs this morning, and by the time the awards were all announced I had a pile of books beside me. My 2-year-old had been paying attention and bringing me the award winners when he heard them announced.

  2. Amy, that is great! I love asking my girls every year what should win. The science-loving seven-year-old always picks Steve Jenkins. (She’s a big fan.) This year they picked I Want My Hat Back, but I showed them all the winners, and they were happy about them all. I can tell every time we read Raschka’s book that my seven-year-old gets a tight throat when we get to the part about the dog’s sadness over his loss. What a great book.

  3. Congrats to all of the nominees and honorees!

  4. Jules, I just have to say thanks for all the juicy titles and drool-worthy artwork and fabulous interviews you give us here. I have my own very-little children’s lit blog and I’m stunned, actually, by how much you get done here! Good gravy! Anyway, I’m so often helped by suggestions you have here and needed to say it: Thank you!

  5. Oh thanks, Jill. How kind. Happy blogging to you.

    Hi, Little Willow!

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