“I want to make children’s books
as sexy as the newest pair of sneakers.”

h1 March 6th, 2012 by jules

I’m away this week, speaking at this workshop in Pennsylvania, but here’s a quick post to mention two quick things…

Pictured above is illustrator R. Gregory Christie. That image comes from my 2009 breakfast interview with him. Greg has a wonderful and worthwhile new idea for which he needs financial backing from those so inclined to provide some support. Here’s all the information you need to know (don’t miss the video linked there at the top), but bottom line is that Greg has a children’s and young teens’ bookstore (in a mall) in Decatur, Georgia, that “needs a new look.” He writes at that link:

The store will feature my published children’s books and sell handmade products at a reasonable price. Additionally the mall’s management is fine with me bringing in creative friends to do weekend long intensive workshops. It would be a fulfillment of a dream to teach the community to stop buying back their own culture from corporations. Most of the expensive items they wait in a line for, can easily be made or personalized with their own creativity. I miss the days when kids would buy a brand, then paint it, tear it, sew it and redesign it in to their own expression.

Workshops teaching book-binding, painting, t-shirt production, silk screening, even computer and cell phone cover design painting will be offered. I will have something to teach any aspiring art student or curious craft enthusiast.

Whether or not you can financially support the endeavor, please spread the word (especially to those in the Georgia area).

Secondly, you can bet I’ve got my face in this book this week, both at the airport and when I’m not speaking or listening to others speak at the workshop. Anyone else read this yet? I’ve just started it — and am enjoying it.

Till next time …

4 comments to ““I want to make children’s books
as sexy as the newest pair of sneakers.””

  1. I love this idea. Jinx (through Rachel) forwarded me the link to this through kickstarter. Great idea. I’m headed down to Alabama Booksmith to pick up my copy…it’s in!
    Thanks Jules.

  2. Excellent on all counts!

    Hope you like the book. I’m still reading. Good stuff.

  3. Wow, u have a cool blog! just found u via Leyeum Pham. Thanks for giving Greg props to, he has helped me a lot in my development as an illustrator!

  4. After reading your post and PW’s article…I’m now a backer of Greg’s project too and helping to spread the word. All the best to bookstore makeovers!! Smiles!!

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